Ardeep horror ff: Atheet Ka Bhoot (18~Meeting Tara Once Again)

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“I am Tara and not Deepika, you’ve taken my place completely, what you thought that I have stopped loving Deep? First love never dies, yes I loved Virat but not more than Deep, you’ve even taken my daughter”, she said to me while I was on the edge of death, Tara was Deepika strangling me lifting me off the ground away from railing. In short, I was away from the floor too, I was in the air. “Leave me”, I cried gasping for air. “I..
I love you Tara, please leave her and Deepika, please, you don’t like Alisha but you do love Deepika right? Leave Deepika, please”, he said and suddenly I felt her grip loosen on me. “Deep, I will fall, she’s leaving me, her grip is loosening”, I said and Deepika fainted while I slipped from her hand but Deep held my wrist just in time keeping his other hand around my waist.

He pulled me up and hugged me. We parted away remembering about Deepika, there she was, knocked unconscious on the floor. “Deepu, baby”, I said tapping her cheeks to wake her. Deep lifted her and took her to bed. We both sat by her each side. “I am extremely sorry for not believing you, really sorry”, he said. “It’s ok, but if she comes again then? She tried to kill me, he can kill Deepika too”, I said worriedly. “She won’t come, I think we should always keep rudraksh mala around her neck, that way she won’t be able to come”, he suggested. “Good idea”, I said and he went to bring them. “Take it”, he said giving me one of them.

“Beautiful”, I said. “Yes wifey you are really beautiful”, he said and kissed my forehead. He wore it, I also wore it, and I tied the third one on Deepika’s hand. “I was talking about the rosary and not myself”, I said trying to control my laugh. “Now I can’t even praise my wifey”, he said pouting. “You are so cute”, I said. “Thank you flirty wifey, now sleep”, he said and I switched off the light and slept holding his hand over Deepika.

Next morning, Deepika had an headache and stayed at home, I asked her not to take off the mala, I made an excuse that its good to wear it. She agreed. Some days passed by, I was so scared I didn’t even passed by the locked doors, but now I had to do so, for my daughter. I went to my and Tara’s previous room and unlocked it, I ran my hand on the wall to search for switchboard, I know this house is mine since ages, but come on, it was long ago when I was a regular visitor of this room. Finally I found the switchboard and switched on the light.

I looked around the room. It was really pretty, I died in this room on my bed with my little girl in arms. The portraits looked a little rusty as it had been years since they were there. I stared at everything and felt nostalgic, this room had many memories, both good and bad. Wait, what about those voices I heard that day if Tara didn’t kill me? Was it all a lie? Why I heard them? I closed my eyes getting angry over my sister for the first time. ‘Tara! Tara! Come out, right now! What do you think of yourself? You will try to snatch my child and Deep from me? I was good in my previous birth with you but not anymore. I said come out!’ I said getting angry and waited for sometime, she came.

No, she wasn’t in front of me but I think someone passed by the room, I ran to the entrance but there was no one out there. I heard the library door open and close. ‘Today you will have to answer my every question Tara,’ I muttered under my breathe and went to library and opened it entering inside. Once again, I was greeted with a soft music, the music I and Tara used to love a lot, it was very good music. Somehow, it attracted me.

I started walking towards the music, I reached the source of the music and it was piano. There she was, standing with her back towards me, playing the music fondly. This time, I didn’t tap her shoulder, I knew she will scare me like before, so I stood behind her for sometime waiting for her to turn but when she didn’t, I stood beside her and played along with her, when she sensed me, she kept her ice cold arm around me, I did the same knowing that for now she might be reliving the past and won’t harm me.

In fact, I was also doing the same, reliving the past as I played the piano, well whoever said that twins can’t live without each other, it is right. All of a sudden, she turned to me and smiled taking me in an embrace. For the first time, I didn’t felt that warmth I used to feel when I hugged her. But I hugged her back anyways, all of a sudden I felt uneasy in her arms and broke the hug looking away. ‘If you have so much love for me my dear sister, why you tried killing me?’ I asked still looking away.

‘Mood swing,’ she replied and I smirked. ‘Why? Did a ghost got pregnant for the first time in history?’ I asked and thought I was provoking the monster inside her but she chuckled instead. ‘Oh come on. Ghosts also have their own mood, don’t they?’ she asked and I sighed. ‘Cut the crap, if Virat gets to know your monstrous act, he will hate you my dear,’ I told her looking at her angrily. ‘Oh please why will he come? He’s up in the sky in a place called heaven,’ she said and I laughed. ‘No he’s not, Deepika saw him today only,’ I told her smirking at her.

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  1. Asusual awesome ?? waiting for the meeting of Virat and Tara TC bye

  2. Priyu

    Now tara will be in trouble if virat gets to know. Tara is too much. What does she want by troubling them. Donno why.

  3. Ardeep

    Loved it I hope virat gets to know

  4. Elina

    oh the episode was really fantastic.. loved it
    hope you update the next one soon

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