Ardeep horror ff: Atheet Ka Bhoot (16~Tara Is Dead)

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Virat, Tara and Deepta went and sat inside the boat and he held the canoes making it go forward. ‘If anyone looks at us right now, they won’t see us but you,’ Virat told Tara. ‘I don’t care if anyone calls me mad, I was born mad, didn’t Alisha ever told you?’ Tara asked laughingly. ‘Lol, please don’t call yourself mad, you’re not mad, you’re magical, that’s why you have brought magic to me in my afterlife, you gave me happiness which I didn’t got in my whole life,’ he replied. ‘And I am the only one responsible for it.’

‘No you’re not, we weren’t meant to be together at that time,’ he said. ‘You make me feel alive, you make me feel good, and I love you to the moon and back,’ she said and laid her head on his shoulder. He continued to canoe the boat and he smiled as she smiled at him.

Paaniyon Mein
Chal Rahi Hain
Kashtiyan Bhi
Jal Rahi Hain
Hum Kinaaray
Par Nahin Hain
Ho. (Hmmm)

Paaniyon Mein
Chal Rahi Hain
Kashtiyan Bhi
Jal Rahi Hain
Hum Kinaaray
Par Nahin Hain Ho.
Zindagi Ki Mehrbani
Hai Mohabbat Ki Kahani
Aansoun Main Pal Rahi Hai

Ho Ho Ho

(Hmmm) (Hmmm) (Hmmm) (Hmmm)
Jo Kabhi Miltay Nahin Hain
Mil Bhi Jaatay Hain Kahin Par
Na Milain To Ghum Nahin Hai Ho. (Hmmm)
Duur Hotay Ja Rahay Hain
Yeh Kinaaray Woh Kinaaray
Na Tumhaaray Na Humaaray
Ho. Ho.Ho.Ho. Ho.Ho.Ho. Ho.Ho.Ho.Ho. (Hmmm) (Hmmm) (Hmmm) (Hmmm) Ho.

Paaniyon Mein
Chal Rahi Hain
Kashtiyan Bhi
Jal Rahi Hain
Hum Kinaaray
Par Nahin Hain
Ho. Ho.Ho.Ho. Ho.Ho.Ho. Ho.Ho.Ho.Ho. (Hmmm) Ho.Ho.Ho. (Hmmm) Ho.Ho.Ho. (Hmmm) Ho.Ho.Ho.Ho. (Hmmm)

Zindagi Ki Mehrbani (Hmmm)
Hai Mohabbat Ki Kahani (Hmmm) Aansoun Main Pal Rahi Hai (Hmmm) Ho. (Hmmm)

Ho.Ho.Ho. (Hmmm) Ho.Ho.Ho. (Hmmm) Ho.Ho.Ho. (Hmmm) Ho.Ho.Ho.Ho. Ho.Ho.Ho. Ho.Ho.Ho. Ho.Ho.Ho.Ho.

In heaven, Alisha and Mayank were in a room that had a comfy bed, the room had no roof, stars could easily be seen and thick blanket of clouds covered the sky. Slow breeze accompanied their thoughts. ‘Mayank, I so love these stars, I started loving them just when I died because then only I could meet my dad, you know when papa died na, I used to hate these stars, but when these stars made me meet my dad, I started loving them once again, and see, you and me are also one of them now.’

Alisha smiled. Her face was white from the moonlight. ‘But I don’t like these stars much. Because of them only I am far from my parents, but now worries, as you said, they will come here, my favorite star is sitting next to me,’ he said and kissed her cheek. Tara, Virat and Deepta were still in the boat. ‘I want to have a dip in this lake,’ Tara said. ‘Why? Want to suicide?’ he asked. ‘No, just feeling to swim, I m not going alone, you both are also there na, please na,’ she said insisting them.

‘No,’ Virat refused. ‘OK I will go by myself,’ she said and stood up holding the side of the boat and stood on the edge which turned it upside down sinking the trio in the deep water. Virat held Deepta’s hand stopping her from drifting apart and held Tara’s hand as well who was drowning. None of them knew the water’s color was green on that side in which they were sinking. It wouldn’t affect Virat or Deepta but it would affect Tara as she was alive and crocodiles reside in green water. Tara screamed as she felt being pulled downwards.

Her grip loosened on Virat’s hand. ‘Tara!’ he screamed not knowing the crocodile had held her feet. She kept on screaming. Her grip totally left his hand and she sunk deeper and deeper in the dark sea. They swam towards her trying to free her but crocodile kept on taking her further and pulled her inside its mouth completely, she had also become one of them, living dead. Virat and Deepta screamed seeing her eaten. They got out of the sea by floating. They saw Tara standing near the waves. They went to her and pulled her in a hug.

‘Mad girl, you’re really mad, and now you’re also dead, you wanted to have a dip, right? Done with the dip? You got dipped in crocodile’s mouth, idiot!’ Virat said angrily and she laughed. ‘Its good, the hungry crocodile is no more hungry and I am also no more alive, that means I can be with you both now, everything happens for good, just hoping for the right time so that we can go together to God,’ Tara said and they broke the hug. ‘God said that we will not go by the stairs but the sunlight,’ Deepta said.

‘Great, now there’s no pain, no sadness,’ Tara said and the trio had a hug once again. Kaushalya and Gautam were shocked to see that Tara was nowhere to be seen. ‘Where did she go? Oh God,’ Kaushalya said worriedly. ‘She told me that she goes to the sea to meet Virat, and she can see little Alisha too, lets go to the lake,’ he said and they went. Niku and others came to their house to talk to them but they too had gone. They saw them going and followed them. ‘Mumma, believe me, I saw Deepta that day.’

‘Beta please, let’s see where they are going,’ Ritu said. After a long drive, they came to the lake. They all were shocked to see Virat with Tara and Deepta. They all went to them and hugged them. ‘Aunty, now I am also dead, I was eaten by a crocodile,’ Tara said laughingly. ‘Now what do we do? How will we live?’ Kaushalya said. ‘We wait for our death, they’re stuck here, and we can’t even do last rites of Tara,’ Ritu said sadly. They hugged them for the last time and went cryingly. ‘The next morning will take us away forever,’ Tara said and the trio disappeared into thin air.

Next morning, as the sun shone bright, the trio stood on the spot where there was very bright light, Tara held Virat’s hand and kept her arm around Deepta, they became smaller in size going up towards the sky. As they were on their destination, they saw a small gate which they touched together and their clothes were automatically turned white making them look like angels. They were greeted with flower rain and sweet fragrance. They were welcomed by warm hugs. You might’ve heard that when you’re born, the people who reside in sky i.e, dead ones or unborns, cry for us, and those who live on earth, get happy to receive us but when we die, the people on earth cry and the people in sky smile.

Finally the small family was together, after many years, it was the time of rebirth of only Mayank and Alisha, everything was same but different names were given to them and their meeting was different too. Alisha didn’t got a twin in her rebirth, but got Deepta as her daughter and then Tara returned once again to be with her child in the same house but got to meet her after much period of wait.

End of flashbacks.

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    Exited for next part

  3. Superb ??? post next one soon

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    horror ffs are a new concept..mind blowing …ishq mein marjawan is one of my faves !! great update !!

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