Ardeep: Atheet Ka Bhoot (14~Fb#4: Meeting Virat)

Tara continued walking further in the lake and the water of the lake kept touching her feet multiple times as many waves kept coming and going. ‘No matter how many times you touch my feet, I won’t forgive you, never ever!’ she said and kept walking further when she felt two arms hug her from behind. She touched those arms and her hands were entwined with those hands and a soft kiss was planted on her cheek. ‘Virat?’ she said without looking back but just then she felt the hold on her hands were lost all of a sudden saddening her.

Mainu ishq tera lae dooba
Haan ishq tera lae dooba (x2)

(T: Viraaatttt!
She screamed and more tears fell down from her eyes as she turned back to see no one.
T: if you can’t take me with you, then also don’t irritate me like this! I know I have kept you craving for my love your whole life but whatever I m doing right now is also happening for you! You touch me then you disappear all of a sudden, you hate me right? Me too, I also hate you, I don’t even love Mayank now that’s why I m going to suicide! Listen to one thing clearly, I m not going to stop!
And she walked even more further waiting for him to come again and she wanted his touch on her hands to be there forever)

Aisa kyun hota hai
Tere jaane ke baad
Lagta hai haathon mein
Reh gaye tere haath

(She stared at her hands which still felt his touch)
Tu shaamil hai mere
Hansne mein, rone mein
Hai kya koyi kami
Mere paagal hone mein

(She smiled thinking about him and that she will also be with him soon)

Mainu ishq tera le dooba
Haan ishq tera le dooba (x2)

Said a voice from a distance and she turned gasping in shock and now the waves were touching her till her mid thighs, as she saw the person, she smiled.
T: Virat! You came? I love you but you’re no more so I also want to die, please let me go.

She turned back and walked a little more further.

V: I love u Tara! I love you! Now please come back!

T: no, I won’t, you will again go

V: I won’t

T: so then save me if you can.

She walked a little more and he ran towards her and picked her in his arms walking away from the waves. )

Har dafa wahi
Jaadu hota hai tu jo mile
Ho… sab sanwar jaata hai
Yaara andar mere…

(She held his face and got lost in his eyes, the same eyes in which she wanted to drown when he was alive and to see those eyes daily, she became ready to die.

As they were fully out, he kept her down and was really angry.

V: what the hell Tara! How dare you!
T: how dare you go away? Why the hell did you save me?
V: because I love you damn it and don’t you dare do this again, if you want to meet me again then you can come here again.
T: really? OK angry young man now stop getting angry, else I will tickle you.
She started tickling him.
V: I don’t feel tickles, ha ha ha!
T: no you’ll feel it.
V: ghosts doesn’t feel tickles, but humans do.

He tickled her and she laughed loudly and her laughter filled the breezy atmosphere of the beach.)
Ik lamhe mein kitni
Yaadein ban jaati hain
Main itna hansti hoon
Aankhen bhar aati hai

Mainu ishq tera le dooba
Haan ishq tera le dooba (x2)

(T: OK OK stop, I said stop, I will again go ha
She said and was about to go but he pulled her away and she looked back at him.
V: you look beautiful, like an angel.
T: my angel is you.
V: so this angel will never leave you.
T: promise?
V: promise, pinky promise.

He wrapped his pinky around hers)

Fursatein kahaan
Aankhon ko hai meri aaj kal
Ho… dekhne mein tujhe
Saara din jaaye nikal

(T: I want the time to stop right here, why can’t we live together?
V: don’t worry, God haven’t forgiven me yet because I took my own life and my time was far but till your time comes, my time will also be near, then we can go together, but my body was found, and burnt too, now promise you won’t ever suicide and sadden God like I did? Not even for once you remembered your child?
T: promise I won’t
V: so you talk to me through these stars, I m there, bye
T: bye

He kissed her for the one last time and she closed her eyes feeling the moment, she felt her tears wiped away and hands in his hold but then the touch slowly disappeared but still her eyes were closed and she smiled)

Aur phir aahista se
Jab chhu ke tu nikle
Teri aanch mein dil mera
Dheeme dheeme pighle

Mainu ishq tera lae dooba
Haan ishq tera lae dooba (x2)

(She realized he wasn’t there anymore and looked at the waves cryingly and then at the stars, she gave a flying kiss and walked away slowly)

As she reached her previous house, she knocked the door of the house and Sushma answered the door. She was startled by the sudden hug.

‘Mumma I finally met him and I m more than happy today, now don’t worry about me, I will be a happy girl now,’ she said and kissed her mother’s cheeks. ‘Thank God, Niku has been very sad, go meet him as well,’ Sushma said and she ran to his room. She saw him talking to Alisha and she smiled. She signed her to be quiet and went towards him and hugged him from behind. ‘Koochikoo, my Niku, I came,’ she said and kissed his cheek. ‘Bua, you too came, I love you both,’ he said kissing them both.

‘Aww cutie pie,’ Tara said kissing him back. Alisha signed her on why she’s so happy and Tara asked her to wait. ‘Niku baby you should sleep,’ she said and he laid to sleep, she covered him with a blanket and the duo waited for him to sleep. Finally he had slept. ‘I met him today,’ Tara told her. ‘Wow, very good, why are you drenched?’ Alisha asked and she looked down. ‘When you told me to go to the same place where he committed suicide, I went there and wanted to drown myself in the waves which took him away.’

‘So looks like you went much further till he came, thank God he stopped you, don’t do it again,’ Alisha said. ‘I won’t, OK I m going now, your little version might be waiting, I m so stupid, I just thought about myself, not even for once I thought about my baby,’ Tara said. ‘Don’t stress yourself, the ones who get separated like this meet each other again even if it’s in afterlife,’ Alisha said and hugged her. ‘Go. Be happy in your life,’ she said and disappeared.

Then she again appeared in Mayank’s room and saw him asleep. He was in such an uncomfortable position so she kept his head on the pillow correctly and covered him with the duvet and kissed his forehead. ‘Mayank, don’t worry, I know you miss me a lot, but I promise we will be together soon,’ she said and took his hand and wrote, ‘I love you baby, HUMESHA.’ Then she went to Deepta who was sleeping in her room in a sitting position. Alisha smiled. ‘Like father, like daughter,’ she said and took her in her arms making her lay on bed properly.

Tara came after sometime and saw Alisha next to her and smiled. Next morning, Mayank woke up and went to washroom and was about to open the tap when he saw the words written on his hand and smiled. ‘I love you too,’ he said kissing the words. Some months passed by. Mayank was in Alisha’s room, he was looking at all her photos. ‘I requested you to take me with you but never thought what will happen of my daughter and Tara,’ he said and felt a hand on his shoulder. ‘Everything will be good,’ said the voice and looked back to see Alisha.

Mayank was driving back to home picking Deepta from school and suddenly a truck came from opposite side and clashed with their car and the duo got injured and saw a bright light before their eyes before passing out. Mayank and Deepta were shocked to see themselves standing before the car and didn’t felt any pain at all. ‘Papa, how all this happened?’ she asked. ‘Even I m thinking the same,’ he said and looked inside the car only to see their own dead bodies in a wounded state. They got totally shocked.

‘We are dead,’ he told her. ‘But mumma will be waiting for us,’ she said. ‘She will also come with us,’ he said and his gaze went on Alisha standing beside Deepta. ‘Alisha, now we will be together, finally,’ he said and Deepta moved her hand out of his grip. ‘What? You don’t love my mother? I hate you papa! I hate you!’ she said and ran away saddening Mayank. ‘She too wants to go with her mom, don’t worry, she will understand,’ Alisha said and they shared a hug. ‘Let’s go Mayank, our time has come,’ she said holding his hand reaching for the first step towards the sky.

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