Archi love story!! PROMO

So,guys mehru is back with an,at first a greeting from meher to u all. You all will be happy to know very soon Aryan and Sanchi will be together though it may take some time but why fikar when meher is here? So,let’s stop my bakabak and let’s start bcoz once I start talking I won’t stop so,,, shuru hojatehei,,,,,
Seems like a party is going on. Aryan and Sanchi are in terrace of an hotel ?.
Sanchi- why are you doing this Aryan? Pls believe me I love you!
Aryan-enough Sanchi just stop it u have already broke my trust once now I can’t believe u!
Sanchi- how will you believe me Aryan I am ready to do anything. Will you believe me when I will give my life.
Aryan looks away from Sanchi and say.
Aryan-give your life then maybe I can believe you.
Aryan was about to go when Sanchi calls Aryan.
Sanchi was standing at the finish of the hotel ?.
Sanchi-you told me na that you will believe me if I give my life so,I am ready to do that as well. I going Aryan! Bye.
Sanchi is about to jump…….
Ek dijabst mor pe ake khari hogeyi hei Sanchi aur Aryan ki zindagi. Kya mor legi inki zindagi to know keep reading “Archi love story” with me you all’s ladli mehku.???

  1. Shrutikapoor

    Surely I will read…
    Very interesting I think it will be like edkv

    1. Christie123

      Parna toh padega Varna mein chodungi nahi and ya edkv meine toh socha hi nahi . I think edkv meine bhi kuch Aisa hua tha but uski bad bhi k twist nahi this agar mein itne twist dungi toh mein mar jaugi

  2. Fenil

    Hehehe..mehku ji aap mahan ho.
    Hum zaroor aayenge aapke saath Archi ki love story ko ek naya roop dene.

    1. Christie123

      Hehehehe ? Bhai woh you pata hei ki mein mahan hoon

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