Archi love story!! Part 29

Hi guys meher is back.i know I am super late but ihad exams so was busy in studies. For compensate a surprise is awating for u guys in this epi so lets stop bakbak and start the epi and one more thing in previous epi,a silent reader priya had commented believe me priya I was overwhelmed by reading ur much praises for me!i didn’t expect so much praises thanks a lot priya for soo much respect and I really love when a silent reader comment…

Next day morning ?,
At sethiya Bhavan,at Micheal and Robin’s room,
Seems they are talking to someone on phone. The voice isn’t clear.
Micheal and robin-what?
The caller-yeah and pls bring him at the address . I will text you the address.
Robin-ok . That’s the least we can do.
Micheal-aryan we will try our best.
Aryan(from behind)-what will you try your best?
Micheal cuts the call.

They look behind and smiles like stupid ?
Robin-nothing. Nothing Aryan.
Aryan-but I heard you speaking.
Micheal-aryan….. we were just you know, just…..
Aryan-what are just you know tell after that.
They both were silent and was trying to think a idea.

Aryan- why are you guys silent? I am asking something. Answer me. What will u try your best? And whim were you to.
Robin-no one we were just pretending.
Aryan-pretending? Guys pls clear yourself.What pretending?
Micheal-uu-mmm-hhh-aaa….. idea!
Micheal-actually Aryan we were acting.

Robin-acting?(confusing look?)
Micheal-yeah acting.i think Robin now we have tell him the truth.
Micheal-yup truth. Actually aryan we,,,,we… we are a,,we are a …
Aryan-come on tell me.
Micheal-wow are a big fan of C.I.D

Robin-yesssz yessssss C.I.D.
Aryan-but how is this related to this?
Micheal-yeah Aryan actually yesterday night we had watched an episode of C.I.D where abhijeet and days tells ACP pradhyuman that they will try their best to find the criminal. So,after then we are just blabbering the dialogue.

Robin-wow yeah Aryan actually that’sthe fact. We really loved the dialogue and since than that dialogue is fitted in our brains.
Aryan-that’s strange ….bcause you guys never talked to me about C.I.D in these 3 years.
Micheal-come’n Aryan pls now don’t be jagga jasoos. Believe us.
Aryan-fine.anyways I had come here to call u both for breakfast I am going you guys Come soon.
Aryan was about to go when Micheal stops him”Aryan” said micheal.

Micheal(in mind)-no micheal you can’t say anything about this topic r8 now or else it will be hard to accomplish the mission. Aryan shouldn’tbe suspicious.
Micheal was brought to the earth again from his mind world when Aryan shakes him.
Aryan-Micheal where are you lost?You wanted to say something r8?, What’s thatt?
Micheal-no, nothing I just wanted to ask what’sin breakfast today? Actually I am very hungry.
Robin-me too.

Aryan-you guys are so foodie.
Robin-don’t you dare Aryan to cast an evil eye on our food and quickly say what’s today’s menu??
Aryan-come downstairs you guys will know yourself.i am going.
Robin-aree Aryan wait.

But Aryan doesn’t stop and goes from there.
Just then they receive an message from an unknown number which says” Café Milano in 12:30 pm”.
Robin-ok,this is the place.
Micheal replies “ok.we will bring him there after 2:30 hours. Be ready”.
Unknown number replies”thanks. You guys are helping me a lot.i will be ready”.

After 2:30 hours,

Micheal and Robin brings Aryan to a Cafe.the name of the café was was none other than “café milano”. Aryan was blindfolded.
Aryan-guys what are you doing? At least now remove this blindfold.
Robin-have patience Aryan. There is a saying r8?”sabhar ka fal Mitha hota hei”.
Aryan-fine but at least tell me where did you guys brought me?

Micheal- well… that’s a surprise and surprises are not meant to be,,just shut up!
Aryan-,that’snot fair guy’s.You Gus have blindfolded me and also not telling me where am I and after that you are telling me to shut up.
Robin-Aryan pls will u just shut up?
Micheal-and now if u even utter one more word I will stuff ur mouth with a cloth.
Aryan makes a puppy face….
On the other hand,
In mittal house,

Tanu was speaking to someone in phone….
Tanu- What?????? U are in India?Jaipur???? Why didn’t u inform us that u are coming??? Gosh I am soooooo happy. Everyone here specially mamaji will be soo happy.u could have told us u are coming we would come to pick u.
Unknown gal-enough enough u talk so much .i am at airport in the moment and waiting for cab.i have already booked the cab.
Tanu-cab???what’s the need of cab??i would sent car…
Unknown gal-tanu who is elder u or me????

Tanu-I know di u are elder than me obviously after all u are my elder sissy,my Tanya jiji….(yeah guyzi that’s buajis elder daughter or,tanu’s sis)
(The face was revealed and it was none otherer than vrushika mehta,ishana of ishqbaaz.i know fenu bhai u are vrushika mehta’s fan so, a small gift for u from ur mehku sis)
Tanya-So pls behave like my small sis not big sis.

Tanu-fine I am telling to mamaji and mumma that finally after 12 yearstheir tanya is coming back home…
Tanya-no no no no!!!!!!!!!!!! Are u mad Tanu?if I had to tell them then wouldn’t I do that before?
Tanu-but why why arent u letting me tell them?they will be damn happy!
TanYa-tanu did u ever heard about a word called surprise?Yaar tanu I want to surprise them I want to see their face when they see after ages… so,pls don’t spoil the fun.
Tanu-fine I am not telliing anyone but pls be here soon.

Tanya-yeah I am coming.the cab ha also arrived wiill be there in 30-40 mins if there is no traffic ….. bye!
Tanu-bye tanya jiji… waiting eagerly for u.
Meanwhile in café ,

Micheal and robin takes aryan inside the café.they remove the blind fold from aryan’s eyes.aryan opens his eyes but he wasn’t able TO SEE anything .the place was very dark. The lights were off.
Aryan-what the????? Why are the lights off? Guys where have u guys brought me?
Micheal-aryan u will get to know everyting soon.look there(indicating a place of the café)
Aryan looks there.suddenly the corner of the café was lighten. There was a puppet show…………
Precap:Surprise for aryan and Tanya’s entry in mittal house
Guys the epi ends here and the next epi in a week . I am going out of town for vacation. I will stay there for four days. So,will publish thie epi after coming from there till then goodbye…….

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