Archi love story!! Part 28

After Aryan leaves,

Sanchi to herself- I know Aryan you are very angry. But,but you have to listen to me. If you are stubborn then I am more stubborn than you. And no matter how I will confess my feelings and then we will reconcile no matter what it takes. I will make you believe on me,my love.
A drop of tear fells from her eyes ?.

On the other ✋,
Robin and Micheal was savouring the foods.
Micheal-yummmm…….. aunty the foods are muah? I am love’in it!
Robin-yeah aunty specially this pea halwa and this kachori. It’s yummy!
Maasa laughs.
Neeti-well this halwa and kachori is made by viren Uncle,Sanchi jiji’s papa.
Robin-really ur dad Cooks so well?
Sanchi-yeah not only this you come with me to my home my papa will make more yummy dishes.
Micheal- sure we will come! We are here for many days so, we will absolutely go.
Aryan(slowly to Mich and Rob)-u don’t need to be so nice to her.
Robin-what Aryan? You have enmity with her not us.
Micheal-yeah her dad makes so yummy dishes.
Robin-and Aryan she is sooooo beautiful and sweet. Her smile! Hay!
Micheal and Aryan looks and Robin in anger.
Micheal-Robin at least spare her. You start flirting anywhere.
Robin gives idiot Wala smile ☺ showing his 32 teeths.
Aeyan and Micheal gave a seriously?????? Look?
Sanchi- well I have one more thing for you guys.
Robin and Micheal-What???
Sanchi- ta-da! Rasmalai!!
Robin-wow! It looks yummy.
Sanchi-taste it!

Robin and Micheal taste it.
Micheal-yumm!!!!It’s too good.
Robin-aryan you also taste it.
Neeti-this is bhaisa’s fav sweet.
Micheal-yeah your mouth Aryan!
Aryan does so.
Micheal feed him.
Micheal-yeah I am sure you dad made it too.
Sanchi-no actually I made it.
Aryan-stop lying you can’t make food.
Bhabisa-devarsa stop being so rude. Sanchi has made it.byou are forgetting 3 years has passed and in these 3 years Sanchi has learnt to make all ur favourite dishes. Her rasmalai and kheer is most yummy!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aryan gives whatever look?.

After having snacks it was already ? Sanchi returs her home and all in their respective rooms.
Micheal and Robin were Chilling in aryan’s room.they were playing video games.
Aryan co!Es in his room and sat in his bed. He was damn tired.
Aryan-giys pls continue your game tomorrow. I am sleepy I need to sleep.
Micheal- shut up ayan! We are at a very crucial time of the game. Don’t disturb.
Aryan-aree you guys can play it tomorrow.
Robin-no Aryan! Pls let us play.
Aryan-as you wish but pls finish the game quick.
Micheal and Robin- hmmmmmmm…………

After 30 mins,
Aryan-what is this guys? It’s half an hour pla now at least stop it!
Robin-just 2 mins.
Aryan-that’s what you have been saying since long. Now stop it!
Micheal- pls wait.
Aryan- no wait vait go means go!
Robin- what is this Aryan? We are here from so far only only for you and you are behaving with su like this.
Micheal-yeah we didn’t verr expected from you that you will behave with is like this?
Both were speaking in dramatic way.
Aryan-hogeya? Is it done?
Michel- what?
Aryan-both of yours emotional drama. Because if you are done you can get out!
Both makes a dull face.
Aruan-get out!
Both goes.
At mittal house,
Tanu aND Pooja comes to Sanchi.
Samchi like always was looking outside from her window looking at?
Tanu and Pooja keeps their hand in Sanchi’s shoulder
Sanchi-bhabi , tanu!
Tanu-jiji you didn’t tell about Aryan ji.
Sanchi-he is fine but very angry with me.
Tanu-jiji don’t sad.
Sanchi-I am not.
Pooja-so,did you think anything to convince him.
Sanchi-yeah I have a plan.
Tanua md pooja-what?
Sanchi narrates her plan to them in silence.(Kal pata chalega what’s plan?)
Pooja-that’s a great plan.
Tanu-ya jiji it’s superb.
Sanchi-hope it works.
Pooja and tanu-it will.
Sanchi smiles ?

Precap:plan execute. Nahi bataungi what’s the plan??

  1. Fenil

    Gore chhore is dramebaaz

    1. Christie123

      Mera ff hei so,dramebaaz toh Hogan?

  2. OMG!!! This is truly awesome episode… You are truly a great writer yar. I have been following all your episodes and they are really too too awesome. I can’t wait for the upcoming episodes. I am truly excited for archi’s love story……

    1. Christie123

      Thank you Priya. This is really encouraging. And part 29 will be posted a little late as I am busy with studies yet will try to post soon and seriously it’s a lot of praises for me.

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