Archi love story!! Part 22 (Maha episode)

Hi guys,it’s MEHER ??. So,as I told you today it will be a Maha episode.
So, the Maha episode begins,

At ? in mittal ?,
Chandra was massaging Sanchi’s hair.
Sanchi-you know bua ji your hair massage is the best and I really needed it.
Chandra- of course you will need it,you had such a big and tiring journey.
Sanchi-you know buaji you are the best. You understand my emotions without asking.
Chandra-no! My lado is the beat who gives me so much respect,and listens to all my word and love me like my own daughter.
Sanchi-come on buaji! Today you said it but from tomorrow in fact from this moment you won’t say it again you are not like my mother you are my mother and I am your daughter.
Chandra hugs Sanchi.
Tanu(from behind)-wow! And who am I? I think you all brought me from a nearby station.
Sanchi-I think bua ji it’s time to tell tanu the truth.
Sanchi-yes tanu the truth. You aren’t buaji’s real daughter you were bought from a dust bin.
Chandra laughs ?.
Tanu-jiji! You re too much.
Chandra-now come to us.
Tanu goes and hugs Sanchi and jiji.
Sanchi-accha buaji now I am going. I am sure bhaiya must be working I will go md check on him.
Sanchi was going to vaibhav’s room just then she sees vaibav seating at the sofa and working in the laptop.
Sanchi-just as I thought.
She goes slowly to vaibhav nas snatches his laptop.

Vaibhav-Sanchi! What are you doing?
Sanchi-simple bhaiya snatching your laptop.
Vaibhav-but can I ask why?
Sanchi-sure bhaiya. But can I ask what are you doing so late in night.
Vaibhav- actually there is a very important work Sanchi and I need to complete that.
Sanchi-no bhaiya no work.
Vaibhav-but why?
Sanchi-bcoz it’s late you can do this later.
Vaibhav-Sanchi no!
He takes the laptop from Sanchi’s ✋.
Vaibhav-now let me do my work.
She again snatch the laptop.
Sanchi-bhaiya! Pls for me.
Vaibhav- no!
Sanchi-pls! (Making a puppy face)
Sanchi hugs vaibhav.

Next day, at sethiya Bhavan,
Babàsa calls every one.” Aryan, sushant, phabhant,maasa, mansoor, nishant, Sarita where are you all come soon”. Said babasa.
Everyone comes.
Dadisa-what happened chora? Why are you calling everyone?
Babasa-wait maasa let everyone come.
Everyone comes.
Neelima-yes jethji you called us.
Babàsa-yes neelima. I just wanted to inform you all I had received a call from virendra ji. Today there is party in their house for Sanchi’s deal. So,we all are going there.
Neelima- wow! Party! It would be fun. I will have to choose my sari and make up too.
Prabhant-wah! You are very eager to go to the party.
Neeti-really tausa? It would be a blast!

In ?,At sethiya Bhavan,
Everyone one was getting ready. Babasa was waiting for them.mansoor comes to babasa.
Mansoor-wah dekha sa, today also I am looking the best.
Dadisa-what? You and looking the best. Stop dreaming. Bcoz like always today also I am looking equally young and beautiful.
Mansoor laughs ??
Dadisa-hey why are you laughing?
Mansoor- actually maasa I think you should be taken to eyes doctor. Your eyes are damaged that’s why you are seeing yourself young inspite of being so old.
Dadisa-hey chora! Shut up! I am not old you are old.
Babasa- enough !enough! Both of you are looking nice ok?
Babasa-not but! And where are you all.
Prabhant- we are here bhaisa. Sorry actually neelima got late.
Neelima-what? I am telling you bhaisa your brother got late not me.
Prabhant-don’t lie.
Neelima- I am not lying you are lying.
Sarita-ok ok fine. Don’t quarrel now. We are already late. Where is aryan?
Aryan-I am here maasa.
Aryan’s suit-click here
Bhabisa-wah devarsa you are lookung vey hamdsome.
Aryan-thanks bhabisa.
Babasa-let’s go.

Meanwhile in mittal ?,
All were welcoming the guest.
Tanu-but all guest have arrived. Where is Aryan ji and his family?
Vaibhav- they must be stuck in traffic.
Viten-yeah vaibhav is right.
Chandra-see we are talking about them and they arrived.
They goes and welcome them.
Sarita-namaste kusum ji, virendra ji,Chandra ji.
Virendra-pls come inside.
Tanu- wow! Priyanka bhabisa you are looking beautiful!
Bhabisa-thanks. Anyways what is Sanchi?
Aryan-yeah we can’t see her.
Vaibhav-actually sanchi is getting ready.she must be coming.
Neeti-look behind bhaisa.
They look behind. Sanchi comes downstairs wearing a beautiful red ?With messy bun and stunning make up.
Sanchi’s ?-click here
Bhabisa- WOW!!!!! Sanchii is looking gorgeous!!Her dress is superb and make up just awesome!! R8 devarsa? Devarsa?
She looks at Aryan and sees Aryan is looking at Sanchi and his mouth is open. She shows it to neeti, nishant,bhaisa ,tanu and vaibhav. All laughs seeing Aryan.
Bhaisa-what idea?
Tanu(very loudly)- wow! Jij is looking so stunning. See here,every boy is just starting jij like they all are in love with jij and will propose her.

Listening this Aryan screems “NOO”
Tanu and all laughs ?.Aryan sees them and understand that this was their ploy.Aryan angrily looks at them.Everyome stops laughing. Viren ,kusum,Chandra goes to Sanchi. Sanchi hugs them.
Chandra-my lado is looking beautiful! May no one cast an evil eye on her.
Saying this she puts black mark behind her ?.
Viren-really today my princess is looking like an apsara.
Sanchi Thanks them. Just then Mr.zain and Mr. Been arrives. Sanchi sees them and goes to them.
Chandra also accompany her.
Sanchi-hi ! Mr.zain! Hello Mr.been.
Mr.Zain and been-hello!
Chandra-pls come.
Chandra calls a waiter and asks him to take care of them.
Viren-ladies and jentleman! Can I have your attention pls?
Kusum-hi guys! At first thanks you so much for your lovely presence in our party.
Viren-today we are very proud of our daughter. And this party is only for her.
Kusum-today this Party is arranged for an good news.
Viren-my princess always had a dream to be an international designer and she really worked hard for it And now very soon this dream will be fulfilled.
Kusum-Sanchi has cracked a very big international deal. And this party is for this joy. And today I can say very proudly that I am very fortunate to have a daughter like Sanchi.So,guys let’s have a round of applause for our princess very soon to be international designer Sanchi mittal.
Viren goes and brings Sanchi to the stage.
Viren- so,guys let’s have it for my princess!
Everyone claps. Aryan was very Happy.

The party was going on full swingly.Just then bhabisa nad tanu goes to the stage.
Bhabisa-hi guys! Can we have your attention?
Tanu-this is tanu mittal
Bhabisa-and Priyanka sethiya.
Tanu-so,guys as we all know this party is for the happiness for my jiji’s success. So,guys let’s make this party more interesting.
Bhabisa-yes guys. So as you can see in my hand there is bowl. In these bowl there are some chits. In these chits there are the names of the ladies of mittal’s ad sethiya’s.
Tanu-the game is very simple.all the men’s of mittal’s and sethiya’s will line in a line here . We will go to the men’s with the bowl. They have to pick a chit from it.
Bhabisa- and then they get they will have to dance with her. So,we request all the men’s to make a line.
Before they make the line ,bhaisa, neeti, Nishant and vaibhav come to them.
Neeti-bhabisa you did some arrangements na by that Aryan bhaisa only get Sanchi jiji’s nAme.
Bhabisa-yes neeti you don’t worry
Bhaisa-but how are you both going to do that?
Tanu-you guys don’tworry about that we will take care.
Vaibhav-fine. Now go quickly.
The man makes the line.
Tanu goes and first forward the bowl to babasa.
Babsa takes a chit. It had kusum’s name.
Babasa-kusum ji.
Tanu-that means you have to dance with mamiji.
Tanu-no excuse.
Bhabisa-ok so next..

Next was bhaisa….
Bhabisa gave a chit to bhaisa. It was Sarita.
Bhaisa-maasa ?
They gave the chits to everyone. The couple was something like this.
3.tanu, nishant.
4.neeti, mansoor.
5.kakisa,kakusa(they are fortunate?)
6.vaibhav, bhabisa.
Only Aryan and Sanchi were left so, they made their pair.
8.aryan, Sanchi.
The first performance was of kusum, babasa.
They dance in gallan gudiya.they had a rocking dance.
Then bhaisa and maasa dance emotionally in chunar. Everyone one was very emotional by their dance.???
Then fading away the senti environment,tanu and nishant dance in aashique surrender. They rocked? the dance floor by their dance.
After that bringing an mischief environment kakisa and kakusa dance in “didi tera devar deewana.”
Amd then comes comes neeti,mansoor. They dance in kaala chashma.
And then comes the most rocking pair viren and dadisa. And this rocking pair dance in the rocking song tamma tamma.
And then vaibhav and bhabisa dance in Dil dhadakne do.

After the dance,
Bhabisa , tanu,neeti goes to the dj.
Bhabisa-dj wale babu now play a very romantic song.
Tanu-but in fact I suggest you to play baarish or main phirbhi tumko chahunga from half girlfriend.
Neeti- I think you should play baarish.
DJ?-ok ma’am.
Tanu-so guys now only pair is left so,let’s have a round of applause for Aryan ji and my jiji.
All claps.
Aryan asks for Sanchi’s hand.samchi gives.
Baarish plays.
Sanchi keeps her in hand in aryan’s shoulder and Aryan in Sanchi’s waist.
Chehre mein tere
Khud ko main dhoondhun
Aankhon ke darmiyaan
Tu ab hai iss tAryan spins Sanchi.
Khwabon ko bhi jagah na mile
They both wre very closely….
Yeh mausam ki baarish
Yeh baarish ka paani
Yeh paani ki boondein
Tujhe hi toh dhoondhe
Yeh milne ki khwahish
Yeh khwahish puraani
Ho poori tujhi se
Meri yeh kahaani
Aryan spins Sanchi and do an lift..
They both were lost in each other. And dancing. Finally the songs end.

Ho poori tujhi se
Meri yeh kahaani

Tanu-wow! What a dance!
Bhabisa- yes! Devarsa you Rocked it!
Samchi and aryan-thanks.
Finally the party was ended.
All the sethiya members had gone. Only Aryan was left.
Sanchi and Aryan were roaming and talking in the garden.
The cool Breeze was comforting them.
Sanchi’s hair was coming on her face again and again. She was again and again fixing them.
This time Aryan fixed Sanchi’s hair. They both were lost in each other.
Aryan-pls don’t say anything.
They were lost in each other.
Aryan-Sanchi I love you! I love you more than any thing in this world. You are my life. Ipthe more I see you ,my love increases. Pls Sanchi say that you love me. Pls marry me and be mine.
Sanchi-Aryan I love you but…
Sanchi-but as a friend.i always thought u as my best friend. And I don’t want to lose my friend. And I know you will understand this Aryan.
Aryan was left shaken. He was very shocked without saying anything he was going. Sanchi stops him holding his ✋. Aryan let go off Sanchi’s ✋.
Aryan-pls Sanchi! U broke my trust. U broke it.
Sanchi-Aryan! Pls..
Aryan-don’t say anything.
He left from here. Sanchi tries to stop him but he doesn’t.
Sanchi was broken and crying sitting in the garden.
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  3. great episode but feeling bad for aryan
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