Archi love story!! Part 15

After the party neeti ,nishant,tanu was insisting to have ice cream so, Aryan,Sanchi, bhaisa, bhabisa decided to go to a long drive with tanu nishant and neeti. All of them decided to go on a long drive by open jeep. Bhaisa, bhabisa, neeti nishant and tanu sat in the back of the jeep. Only the driver saet and the seat beside it was remaining. Aryan and Sanchi together was about to seat in the driver seat.
Aryan- kya karrehiho?
Sanchi-what kya karrehiho? Drive mein karungi.
Aryan- no drive mein karunga. And pls yeh car nahi hei. It’s a open jeep.
Sanchi-oh! Really yeh open jeep hei. Mujhe toh pata hi nahi tha.
Aryan-very bad joke.
Sanchi- thanks. Anyways give me the keys.
Aryan- no. Gadi mein chalaonga.
Sanchi- no mein chalaongi. Chabi do.
Aryan- nahi dunga. Agar le sakti ho toh lelo.
Aryan starts running and Sanchi was chasing her. Sanchi wasn’t able to catch him. But at last they both were tired.

Aryan gets an idea.
Aryan- I have an idea.
Sanchi- what idea?
Aryan- toss.let’s toss the one who win will drive the jeep. Bolo mazoor hei?
Sanchi- manzoor hei.
Aryan- OK. So if head comes I lose you win and if tail comes you win I lose.
Aryan those the coin. Head comes.
Sanchi- yay! I win.
She takes the keys and was about to go but stops and turn.
Sanchi- wait. Wait a minute. If head comes you lose I win and if tail comes I win you lose. They both means the same. In win in both of them. It’s cheating.
Aryan- yeh cheating nahi hei.
Sanchi- aryan yeah cheating hi hei.
Aryan- no.
Sanchi- kaise?
Aryan- kisi mahan admi ne kaha hei agar ek jhoot se apno ki hotope muskurahat aye toh wo jhoot, jhoot nahi hota.
Sanchi- mahan admi?? Kon hei wo mahan admi?
Aryan- woh mein tumhe aur kabhi batonga. Ab chalo varna tanu neeti hamare sar kha jayengi.
Sanchi- haan chalo.

The both get into the jeep. Sanchi was driving the jeep. There was cool breeze. All were enjoying the weather and the moment. Sancho’s hair was flying in the air. She was looking very beautiful. Aryan was mesmerized by her beauty. He was just looking sanchi affectionately. The moment was very nice. Just then they reach a ice cream parlor. All of them order their favourite ice cream. Bhaisa and bhabisa was feeding ice cream to each other and tanu, neeti, nishant was laughing, joking and eating ice cream. On the other side Aryan and Sanchi wear having ice cream and chitchat with each other. They are talking about their life, dreams etc. While talking ice cream was smeared on Sanchi’s face. Aryan was laughing seeing that.
Sanchi- kha hua tum haskyun reheho?
Aryan- tum.
Sanchi- mein kya?
Aryan- tumhare face par ice cream laggeya hei.
Sanchi- What?kahapar?
Aryan- wahapar. (Indicating the place)
Sanchi tried her best but she wasn’t able to clean her face.
Aryan- may I?
Sanchi- OK.

Aryan wipes the place where the ice cream was smeared. Sanchi looks at aryan affectionately.
After they finished their ice cream they were returning HOME. Bit another jeep came in front of them. There were 7 boys in the jeep. Sanchi gets of the car and starts screaming.
Sanchi- how dare you? Is this a way to drive a jeep and why aren’tyou letting us to go?

The leader of the boys name was kundan.
Kundan-hamare marzi.
Sanchi- what do u mean by hamare marzi. Yeh tumhare papa ki road so get away from here.
Kundan-wah! Yaha par kya San larko he chudiya pehni huyi hei? Gadi bhi larki chalarehihe bat bhi who karrehihe. Larkiya that mein acchi lagti gadi chalate huyi nahi.
Sanchi- mujhe ghin arehihe tumhari soch pe. Larkiya surf that pe nahi bshar bhi kam karti hei. Mein ek fashion designer hoon. Aj tak na mere papa ne mujhe kabhibhi nahi roka.
Aryan-and excuse me tum hotte kon ho yeah decide karne me liye ki ham kya karenge?
Sanchi- yes aur ek bat ham Larkiya tum larko we lakh guns acchi hei. Aur tumhe bohot shokh hena logoki rasta rokne mein toh mein Sanchi mittal tumhe challenge deti hoon. Race and show me by winning.
Kundan- lagtahe tum logoko apno insult karne ka bohot shokh hei. Aur AGR ham jeet jaye toh?
Sanchi- waise who nobat toh ayega nahi kyun ki puri duniya ko pata hei jeetna sanchi mittal ki adat hei aur harna meine kabhi Sikha hi nahi. Phirbhi tumhe puch ha hei . agar tum jeet geye toh mein WO karungi Jo tum kahoge.
Kundan-fine if we win tumhe mere sath date pe jaana hoga.
Tanu laughs and says”this is called day dreaming kyunki na tum jeetoge aur na yeah hoga.”
Sanchi-aur agar him jeete toh tumhe ham San se hat jorkar mafi mangni paregi. OK?

Precap:you all know

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