An Apology (One Shot) ~ Ria

An Apology
One Shot

Love is something which helps you find your own true self. It is a bond which helps two people, completely or partially different from each other, to come close and become one soul from two bodies. They become one soul and fight against the world together. It is about caring for the other person. It is about believing and confiding in the other person. It is the ultimate bond which may not have any relation of blood, but it is a connection of two hearts.

“How are you, Kunj? I know you must not be keeping well without me. I know you still love me like before and will continue to do so. Believe me, even I love you like before, but some relations of love aren’t meant to be complete just as ours.

Do you remember, you never wanted me to feel embarrassed in front of anyone? You would never let anyone talk a word against me. I felt proud to have a husband like you and even now I’m proud that I spent five years of my life with the best person of this world. I am sorry Kunj for leaving you when everything was setting normal in our lives. I know Usha maa never accepted our marriage and you were never bothered about it, but I really wondered what was it that I didn’t have and she wished that missing quality of mine in your wife. You’ve told me many times not to worry about her as she didn’t mean anything to us, but it wasn’t so easy. I wanted to lead a life along with you, but that doesn’t mean that I would exclude everyone else. You know me, I always wanted to lead a happy and contended life with you and both our families.

Kunj, you’ve always considered maa and papa as your own parents and I’m really grateful to you for everything that you’ve given me till date. I was the one who wanted separation and not you. You never ran away from your responsibilities. Inspite of all the difficulties between us you’ve always sent me the things I required for leading my life alone so that no one could point out on your Twinkle. But Kunj even I didn’t want anyone to point out on you.

Kunj, I was three months pregnant when we parted our ways and I was suffering from ananemia. I decided to stay away from you until everything sets fine, but you were always right beside me, caring for me, loving me. I would always tend to forget about the promises I made to myself for our baby. I decided to move away from you and promised to come back to you when everything would be fine, after my delivery.

But I think our love wasn’t meant to be completed in this birth Kunj.

~ Your wifey, your Twinkle”

“How are you, Twinkle? I know you must not be fine without me right beside you. I know you’ve always loved me and will always continue to do so no matter what. I know the separation you’ve asked for has some reason behind which is unknown to me, but believe me, despite everything I can’t imagine that you told me, we’ve nothing left in our relation. I was hurt, Twinkle.

You know, you’ve been the only one who has understood me, cared for me, loved me and stayed beside me for all these past years. Maa was never beside me after you came in my life because she couldn’t accept you and I couldn’t accept her demand of leaving you.

After you asked me for the application of a separation, I became an alcoholic. I thought it was my only support which could possibly bring me out of this dark phase of my life without you. I expected you to come back, but it has been a long time now Twinkle that I’ve been waiting for you. Don’t worry, I’m still not tired of waiting for you but, alcohol is an addiction which can destroy your life. Doctor told me that I would be able to live only for two or three weeks more as my liver has become dysfunctional because of excess alcohol consumption.

Twinkle, believe me, I never wanted to leave your side, but our love isn’t meant to be completed in this birth.

~ Your Kunj”

I finished reading both the letters as a drop of tear rolled down my cheeks and fell on the letter. It absorbed the water just as Kunj and Twinkle absorbed their problems all to themselves. I felt bad for the two of them. They struggled for their love, but they couldn’t make it up together.

I remembered the long forbidden deaths the two of them had. Twinkle had slipped down the stairs and because of blood loss, she lost her life being an anaemic patient. Kunj died because of his dysfunctional liver and his neglect towards his illness.

I removed my glasses and wiped the tears off my face. I remembered what Twinkle had told me while breathing her last breath. `Mahi, hand this to Kunj` was all she had mouthed before her eyes looked at me expressionless. I took a sealed letter out of her palm and was looking at her painfully. I rushed to Kunj’s house immediately to inform him about Twinkle’s death, but who knew that their destiny had met at the same end.

Their hearts were beating for each other and had stopped beating at the same time. They were meant to be together. May be not in this world, but in some other world. Thier love for each other was eternal and even if not in this world, then it would be completed in their next birth or another unknown world.

I placed the letters back on the table and stood up. I walked towards the cupboard to get ready for the day while the two sealed letters laid there with a rose on top of them. `AN APOLOGY` were the only words scribbled next to the seal on both the letters.

• • • • •

Hello, everyone! So, how was this? This was the one shot I had told you all about. How was it? I guess it wasn’t up to the mark. Apology for that. Well, do drop down your thoughts below. I’d be eagerly waiting to hear them out. Suggestions and criticisms are always welcome, but no abusive language.

THE CAPTIVES – FIVE SHOTS shall be posted soon. Do stay tuned.

Loads of love,

  1. Yashasvi

    Ria it was soooo awesome yrrrrr….. Who said its not up to the mark…… It was sooo emotional…… I have tears in my eyes yrrr…..
    U nailed it dear…. Reallly it was shoooo awesome

    Keep smiling n stay blessed
    Love uh….
    Yashu !!!!!!;

    1. Ria

      Hey Yashu,
      Thank you so much dear! I’m glad you liked it. ?

      Loads of love?

  2. Angel20

    This was so sad! I really loved it very much! Both the apologies! Seriously loved it! Will be waiting for the captives and yes post some more os’s like this. 🙂

    With Love

    1. Ria

      Hey Maria,
      Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it. Well, I’ll be updating THE CAPTIVES soon, but about OSs, I can’t be promising for another one right now.

      Loads of love?

  3. Adya

    THAT was really beautifully presented …
    That was one of the most emotional Os till now…loved it…..
    The apologies were written so beautifully …
    U rock….
    Do write more..
    Waiting for your ff
    Love u

    1. Ria

      Hey Adya,
      Thank you so much dear!! I’m glad you liked this. Well, won’t be promising for another OS at the moment, but I’ll update THE CAPTIVES soon. Stay tuned.

      Loads of love?

  4. ?? rula diya yr tumne……. well well well….. this was awesomeeeeeeee……..
    Though this os was very emotional yet it was brilliant…….. i luvd it…….??
    The concept of apology….. i guess it was awesome……

    1. Ria

      Hey Manvi,
      Firstly, I’m so sorry darling for making you cry. I didn’t imagine people to cry over this.?

      Secondly, thank you for this beautiful comment dear! I’m glad you liked this.

      Loads of love?

  5. Hey idiot,
    This was so sad! But I loved it. So finally, you wrote an OS with a tragic ending ? The letters of apology were just so painful to read! I seriously was taken aback. Anyway, will be waiting for “The Captives” to be up soon!

    Also, thanks for letting me know about this!

    Love you! ?

    1. Ria

      Hey Stupid,
      Thank you so much pretty!! I’m glad you liked this. Yes, finally I wrote a tragic one, but this one made me sad.? THE CAPTIVES shall be updated soon. Stay tuned.

      Loads of love?

      ~ Your idiot

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional sad os….loved it….

    1. Ria

      Thank you so much Purnima!! I’m glad you liked it.?

  7. Chiku

    U made me cry woaaaah its just mind blowing. Really u r an amazing writer. I dont have much to say but plzzzz I request u give me some tips for writing plzzzz??????????I need it. Loved it sweetheart
    Love u?

    1. Ria

      Hey Chiku,
      Firstly, I’m sorry for making you cry. I’m really very sorry.

      Secondly, thanks for this beautiful comment. I’m glad you liked it. Also, why do you need tips huh? You write better than me. I should be the one asking you for help.?

      Loads of love?

  8. Sohi

    Sooo emotional you’re very good writer plz keep writing

    1. Ria

      Hey Sohi,
      Thank you so much dear!! I’m glad you liked it.?

  9. ???…
    loved it…
    after long tym i m here…
    n u made me cry…???
    its superb pack wid emotions…
    love u….???

    1. Ria

      Hey Sujina,
      Seriously. Long long time. I had been wondering for quite a while and thinking that you’d gone missing, but now you’re back. Hopefully?

      Well, sorry for making you cry. Also, thank you so much for this precious comment. I’m glad you liked it.

      Loads of love?

  10. Ria it’s awesome amazing beyond words I was lost in it it is super per emotional tha I had tears in my eyes it was so loving
    Just loved it to core n live u dear

    1. Ria

      Hey Ramya,
      Thank you so much dear!! I’m glad you liked it. Also, sorry for making you cry.?

      Loads of love?

  11. Malhotrarochika

    Hey!!! Di who said it is bad …it was just mindblowing yrrr…..i became teary eyed while reading this….this was super se bhi upar wala os..??? u nailed it.?
    Be happy always!

    1. Ria

      Hey Rochika,
      Thank you so much dear! I’m glad you liked this. Also, sorry for making you cry..?

  12. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Ria,
    This was so emotional and pure…The beauty of words was enough to describe the emotions. You really are an amazing writer, and dare you say you are not because those who are not good of writers never write such stupendous things! Keep rocking….Keep writing………

    Loads and loads of love and support ♡♡

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

    1. Ria

      Heya Zuha,
      Okay, first of all don’t threaten me. See, I am not that good of a writer either. Okay, let’s just not talk about this.

      Well, thank you so much for your support and love. I’m glad you liked this one shot. Also, I’ve submitted the Raglak OS today. It’ll be up in the morning. Stay tuned.

      Loads of love?

  13. Ashu

    Cutie pie!
    The nxt tym u say u write bad… I’m gng to kill you! Do you get that? Remember this is gng to be my last warning!

    Anyways u were right, when u told me its going to be emotional… Beautifully written!
    Loved it?
    And Love you too❤

    1. Ria

      Heya di,
      Firstly, you’ll kill your long lost, innocent and chota sa sister?? I will keep on telling my writings are bad to see how you kill me over the internet??

      Okay, thank you so much for this beautiful comment. Did you keep some tissues handy? I hope you did. I’m glad you liked this.

      Loads of love?

  14. dreamer...arundhati

    Ria…. Im Speechless….. It was exotic… Out of the box…. It directly pierced my heart…. Lovely one dear

    1. Ria

      Thank you so much Arundhati!! I’m glad you liked this.?

  15. Sara28

    Aww RIa, TU is so bad. It posted your article only after I had fallen asleep and I’ve been waiting for it for the whole day. Congratulations, you were able to move me and I must tell you, that story touched my heart. Even though I knew about this OS from before, I was still surprised. This was a totally different concept. It’s really amazing how you made two letters tell such a powerful and heart touching story. I loved it!

    1. Ria

      Hey Sara,
      Yay!! I’m so happy that you actually felt the emotions I tried portraying through the letters even though I thought it wasn’t up to the mark.

      Aww.. It’s okay. Now, that you’ve read the OS, TU shouldn’t be bad anymore. Plus, I also should’ve submitted a bit earlier for it to get uploaded earlier.

      Well, thank you so much for this precious comment though. I’m glad you liked it.

      Loads of love?

  16. Heya ria
    Very bad haan muje rula diya…why did you write such a emotional and heart breaking OS…I legit cried a lot…

    Though it’s emotional it’s still amazing and unique…only in ur mind like this interesting and unique ideas will come my phenomenal writer…u made ur readers cry by writing emotional OS so u have to pay for our tears by writing one more OS with happy ending ???? Start thinking plot OK ?

    XOXO ❤❤

    1. Ria

      Heya di,
      Thank you so much for this beautiful comment. Sorry for making you cry. I didn’t really expect you all to feel the emotions portrayed in this OS because I didn’t feel so.

      Also, I won’t be promising about a new OS right now. I already have so many things pending to be updated so, I first gotta complete them.

      Loads of love?

  17. Aanya_pandey

    That ws really really awesome OS yrr

    1. Ria

      Thank you so much Aanya!! I’m glad you liked the OS.?

  18. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….ria so emotional it was….superb piece of writing….

    1. Ria

      Thank you so much Rashi!! I’m glad you liked it.?

  19. Hey Ria di!
    Firstly, thank you sooo much for the link! I’m glad I was fortunate enough to read this or else I’d have been really disappointed of missing such a wonderful creation. So, yes, this was fabulous. Frankly, the fact that this was quite of a tragic story didn’t really bother me much, you know. Infact, I think it has taught all of us a wonderful lesson- Sometimes, staying with your loved ones in not all. At times, knowing that they care for you is just what it takes to breath. I really loved this!
    Honestly, all this while I’d been reading this, I kept on wondering how wonderful it would be if our Dev Dixit too would mind considering going against his Mother, for once atleast! How terrific would it be then, wouldn’t it???????
    Well, now that I know that you’ve been keeping terribly busy these days, I definitely won’t force you into posting something really very quick, but yes, all I’d say is whenever you do write any OS on any , please do send me the link. May it be DevAkshi as well, please do let me know since o wouldn’t be surprised if I’d skip that as well, due to my hectic schedule these days. Eagerly waiting for the next mind blowing work of yours!
    Tons and tons of love to you!?????

    1. Ria

      Hey Anshi,
      Thank you so much baby!! I’m glad you liked this. Well, the lesson you learnt was something I never thought of, but sensibly it’s usually our loved ones’ care which makes us breathe and live our life to the fullest.

      Gosh!! KRPKAB has been seriously dragging over the track of Ishwari’s possessiveness. I’m just bored of it. I stopped watching the show for the time being.

      Well, I’ve submitted an OS on Raglak today morning. So, hope it’d be uploaded by the morning. I’ll surely send you the link when it’s posted.

      Loads of love?

  20. Twinjfan.tamanna

    wowww… I loved it ria… it was an emotional os… the way u described love was beautiful…

    love you

    1. Ria

      Hey Tamanna,
      Thank you so much dear!! I’m glad you liked this.

      Loads of love?

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