Apna Time Bhi Aayega 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Jai hits Veer

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Scene 1
Veer says for what you want, Rani’s health is important. Jai says my men will come to pick you. Ramo says was Rani crying? Was she okay? Sanjay comes in. He says you all hid this from me? Where is Rani? Rajmata says we didn’t want to worry you. He says Rajawat house’s DIL is missing. The entire city should look for her. Sanjay says Ramo I know your pain. I promise you nothing will happen to Rani. I will talk to the police. Veer says I am going to see Rani. Please don’t involve anyone at this point. It can risk Rani’s life. Veer says I will bring Rani at all costs. Vikram says I will come with you. Veer says no I have to go alone and save Rani. If a lot of us go he will be alert. Sanjay says be careful. Veer leaves.

Scene 2
Birju asks Ramo to sit. Veer comes to the place Jai asked him to come. He says I will reach to you Rani. He recalls Jai torturing Rani. Veer says I am coming to get you out of this pain and torture. Jai’s men put a cloth on Veer’s face and tie his hands.

Nandini calls Jai. She says Veer is coming there. Nothing should happen to him. Jai says I am doing all this for Rani sa. Nandini says I didn’t want to involve in all this. He says I need 5 lacs. Please.. This kidnapping has cost me a lot. All of this expense is going to bring Rani sa back. Nandini says where will I bring that amount from? He says don’t worry I will return it in a week. Nandini says okay. He says love you, you’re great. Rani sa will come home soon. Nandini says 5 lacs, where will I get that from. I have to arrange it. Jai took this risk for me. 5 lacs.. how..

Kiara comes in. She says hi Nandini. How is everything in the house now? Did you guys find Rani? Nandini says Veer is trying. She says in heart Kiara can help me.

Scene 3
Veer comes to a deserted place. Rani is tied there. Rani says Veer.. Veer says Rani.. Veer sees Rani in that condition and gets teary. Veer says what has happened. Please don’t give up. I am here. I will get you out of here. Rani says you will fix everything if you are okay. He says you still worry about me? I am not okay seeing you like this. The goon says do your work and leave. You don’t have time. Veer makes Ran sit. Veer says I got your injection. She says you are treating, you will get me discharged as well. Veer says I won’t let anything happen to you. That’s my promise. The goon says are you done? Get out now.

Veer shoves the goon. Jai is seeing all of this on the footage. Veer throttles him and he falls. jai says I was worried because of this. Veer hits the goons. Veer releases Rani. He says I told you I will get you out. Rani says I knew it. Veer takes the cloth off her face. Someone hits him on the head and he faints. It’s Jai.. Rani screams Veer.. He falls down.

Scene 4
Veer opens his eyes. His hands are also tied. Rani is hanging. Veer says Rani.. Jai says keep standing. You can’t keep mistakes and think I will forgive you. Veer says punish me not Rani. Jai says you are being punished when I give her pain. He loads his gun. Veer says please don’t harm her. I beg you. You can hit me. Jai says I should have known you will try something. You have only 12 hours are left to save Rani sa. Looks impossible. So I should kill her right now. Rani says save me. Veer says please no. I will get Rani sa out. He shoots Rani.. Veer wakes up screaming. He says Rani.. He shot Rani. Vikram says nothing happened. Sanjay says you are home. Nandini gives him water. Vikram says you were found on the road. Rajmata says how is Rani? Birju says is she okay? Veer says she’s stronger than me. She believes I will get her out. I touched her and spoke to her. I couldn’t get her out. Veer breaks the glass. His hand bleeds. Nandini says what did you do. Sanjay says you can’t give up like this. Rani has faith in you. Veer says I am unable to do anything. Veer says I couldn’t be a good son or father. Nandini is angry. Jai comes in. Nandini says in heart you have trapped me Jai, I will never forgive you. You have crossed all limits by hitting Veer.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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