Apna Time Bhi Aayega 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Birju hears Kiara bossing around Rani

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Scene 1
Rani says this paste has blessings from the land of the village and my love.. Veer looks at her. Rani says I have to go. Veer says remember you told me your dad would only come home for a month and you used to wait for a year for that month. When you weren’t here, I felt the same. Every day was a year. Rani looks at him smiles. Veer says why are you looking at me like that? Rani says nothing. There’s a pot of water in the kitchen. It is so good. Veer says Birju told me. He was really worried about you. You should call and speak to him. rani says yes he cares a lot for me. Let me speak to the family as well. Veer says they will get worried knwoing about Kiara. Rani says let me do my work. Veer says you won’t do anything. Otherwise, I won’t let you put this paste on me. Birju calls. Rani says it’s Birju.

Rani says who are you Birju? I was just talking about you. He says why didn’t youc all? You don’t care about me at all. I was so worried. I prayed a lot for you. Thank God you’re back. rani says Veer and Vikram were worried too. I am back. Veer is here to take care of me don’t worry. He says I know he will always take care of you. Rani says how is Ramo? Birju says he’s better but sleeping. Rani says let him sleep. I will tell him. Kiara comes in and says Rani get me juice. rani says what? She says Rani clean my room. rani says I will clean in 10 minutes. Kiara says who can clean in 10 minutes? Why didn’t you do it? Where will I rest? Vikram says you can rest in my room. Kiara says she can’t do anything. Birju hears it. Veer says why are you shouting? Kiara says she didn’t do her work. Go and bring the juice. Veer and I will go out. Veer says why will she make juice for you? Kiara says what do you mean? She’s the maid. Vikram says he means Jai is the cook. Kiara says he’s out, she can make it. veer says can’t you wait? Rani says it’s okay I will make it in the mixer. Don’t worry. I will clean your room too. Vikram says Kiara you rest till then. Birju recalls what Jai said.

Scene 2
Rani cleans the room. Rani presses Kiara’s dress. Veer comes. Rani says it’s okay I will do it, I am learning. Veer says you don’t have to. Rani says Kiara is your friend. We can do work for our people. Time changes. You should go and rest. For some days, I can’t stand with you. Kiara won’t like it. Veer says you’re right you can’t stand with me. it’s for a few days only but I can stand with you. I am your husband. I have promised to be with you in everything. Let’s iron the clothes. Veer irons the dresses. Their theme son plays. Rani plays her hand next to the iron. Veer comes running there. He says Rani are you okay? Did you burn.. Rani says no. She checks the dress but it’s burned. Rani says oh God. What did I do? Kiara will be so mad. Veer says calm down. I will get the same dress. Kiara won’t know. Rani says she will. Veer says she won’t. Don’t worry. Jai hears it.

Scene 3
Birju says what is going on there? Only Veer can tell me now. But he is very clever as well.
Jai says to Champa take this dress to the right place.

Kiara says to Rani show me my clothes. Kaira says these are yours only. Let me place them in the closet. That dress isn’t there but Kiara doesn’t realize. Kiara says good job. Kiara says open the window. Veer can’t sleep. Vikram teases him. Vikram says it’s love that isn’t letting you sleep. rani says why am I so alone without Veer? My heart is so heavy. I have to confess this time.

Episode ends.

Precap-Kiara says Rani what is this? your 10 years of salary can’t afford this dress. Because of this maid my dress is ruined. Birju comes there. He says Veer? You said you will take care of Rani. This is how you take care of your wife? Kiara says what is he saying? Are you married to her?

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