Apna Time Bhi Aayega 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani abducted

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Scene 1
Rajeshwari says get out. Rajmata says she just started. Rajehswari says we have to be strict with these people. Kiara are you okay? She says Veer take her upstairs. Discuss about your future. You will be married in a week. He says sure. Rajeshwari gets a call. She says deal? Don’t dare to blackmail me. The man says I will come in front of you and show you who I am. Veer says all okay? You look stressed. Rajeshwari says go sit with Kiara. He says since Ramo.. Rajeshwari says he was a servant. He did a crime and he went to jail. Leave me alone. Her dad comes and says Veer, Kiara is waiting for you. He leaves.

He says Rajeshwari you can talk to him like a mother. She says he’s not my son. I have two kids Nanadani and Vikram. You consider him son. He’s a mistake. He says what do you want? She says self respect that you took from me back them. I won’t let anyone take the rest of it. I won’t call a compromise turned into blood. This isn’t the first time. Stop fooling yourself. She leaves.

Scene 2
Pinku comes to Veer says doctor sir please help. Rani is missing. Rajeshwari says what do you mean? Champa says she doesn’t like working. She must have hid somewhere. Rajeshwari’s husband says we should do something about it. Pinku says Rani sa please help. She says get away from me. Rajeshwari says Shanti ask your son to take him to the police station. Veer says they might need help, I will go with them.

Scene 3
Rani is in a dark place. She says where am I? Pinku tells Ramo. He says how did this happen? Why didn’t you take care? He says I know you’re a kid too. I asked her to go back. She wanted to take me back. He cries and says where is my daughter.

Rani is tied. She cries and says where am I? Is there someone here? Vijay says don’t worry Ramo kaka. We will get her out. Ramo says I am helpless here. I can’t even help her. She’s from a village. She doesn’t understand things here. Where is she stuck. Pinku cries. Ramo says what happened? Shanti says actually.. Pinku says she found out all mistakes in the calculation of the house. Rani sa fired everyone. Inspector says if village people mess with city people, they will take revenge. Vijay says Hari. Ramo says who? Pinku says he came at your place. He stole Rani sa’s watch. Rani exposed him. Vijay says he was out on bail. He must be trying to take revenge. Ramo faints. Vijay says Ramo kaka.. Pinku cries.

Scene 4
Shanti says to Pinku don’t cry. Vijay will find Rani and Ramo will be fine as well. Veer says what happened to Ramo? Shanti says he fainted when he got to know that Rani is missing. Pinku gets in his feet and says please help me. Veer calls Vijay? Vijay says we have called the doctor. Can’t file a report before 24 hours. Our officers are looking everywhere. Veer says take him to the hospital I am coming. Rajeshwari says you’re not going anywhere. Veer says but Ramo kaka.. She says his name Ramo. He isn’t your relative. Why are you being attached to him. You are talking as if he’s your uncle. He says I was thinking.. Rajeshwari says there are a lot donation hospitals. He says but it’s our social responsibility. She says it’s police’s responsibility. You do your thing. Kiara is home. Spend time with her. That girl will come back on her own. Veer says but.. Rajeshwari says this is an order. He leaves.

Rani cries and says get me out here. Ramo dreams of Rani being injured in childhood. Ramo says please let me go. My Rani is in trouble. Vijay says you can’t go. Ramo says Vijay let me go. My daughter is in trouble. I will kill Hari. I am sure he’s the one He was trapping my daughter. I can’t sit here. Inspector says what if she had an affair and she ran? Ramo says shut up. My daughter is my pride. Vijay says shut up, let me talk. Ramo says Vijay my daughter isn’t like that. We have to find her. Vijay says everything has to go through the procedure. Ramo snatches Vijay’s gun. Vijay says you’re not doing right. Ramo says I have to save her.

Precap-Ramo comes to the house with police putting gun on a policeman. Veer leaves the house. Ramo puts gun on police. Veer gets a call someone says we have order to shoot Ramo if doesn’t surender. Veer comes where Rani is kept. Two thugs are there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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