Apna Time Bhi Aayega 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer and Kiara to get married tomorrow

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Scene 1
Rajeshwari calls everyone. Veer says Rani sa why did you call us all together? She says it’s a big announcement. The date you all had been waiting for is tomorrow. Kiara and Veer will get married tomorrow. Everyone is shocked. Vikram says but.. Kiara says wow I am getting married tomorrow. Thank you Rani sa. Nandini let’s go finalize the dress. Everyone leaves. Veer says tomorrow? Rajeshwari says I have to work out the plan. Can’t waste the time anymore. Remember when you were marrying Kiara you left her hand and realized it was wrong. I am sure everything will be okay. Rani is shocked.

Veer keeps thinking about what Rajeshwari said. He’s on a call. Veer hangs up. Vikram comes to Veer. Vikram says you have the right to take your own decisions bro. You don’t have to make everyone happy. You have to make yourself happy don’t do all this. Veer says how do I explain what am I going through. Vikram says how can you let this happen? You did everything mom asked. You can’t take a stand for yourself? Veer says enough Vikram. Veer says in heart I am doing all of this for you. I know what are you going through. Veer caresses his face and goes to Rajeshwari.

Scene 2
Rani brings tea for Rani Rajeshwari says because of you I had to go to jail. You ruined my reputation in a day. You proved that you can never be Rajawat DIL. Rani says your green tea. Rajeshwari says is there honey in it? She says yes. Rani says I made his plan. I knew it won’t get to the wedding and Vikram or Kiara will realize before it goes to the mandap. I never thought.. Rajeshwari says you think as per the capacity of your mentality. You’re from a small town, so your thoughts are small. Rani says can we talk to Vikram? We can find another way. Rajeshwari says you made this plan, it gave me the strength to take this decision. I have to appreciate your plan. If you think this plan would succeed, I believe it too. Veer comes there. Rani says but I want to say.. Rajeshwari says I know you want my support. You have all my support in this plan. Tomorrow is very important for our plan. Nothing should go wrong. Rajeshwari leaves.

Veer says to Rani I hope things go as you planned. Otherwise, everything would be over. He leaves. Rani says I did this plan for Kiara and Vikram, why is it falling back on me? I hope everything goes well tomorrow.

Scene 3
Veer says I won’t go to the mandap. Rani says you won’t have to go. It will end before that. Please eat something. Veer says you this from me? You made Rani sa announce the date of the wedding tomorrow? Rani says I didn’t know. Veer says your plan is working. Now see Kiara and I are getting married tomorrow. What is left now? You decided everything. You made Rani sa part of your pan? You didn’t even consult with me. rani says let me speak. He says you have spoken enough. You never listen to anyone. Rani says nothing will go wrong. He says I can see that. All oh this is happening because of you. He leaves. Birju says he’s right. You are doing wrong, not him. He leaves as well. Rani says he didn’t even listen to me.

Scene 4
Kiara recalls Rajeshwari announcing the date. Kiara says why am I not happy? what I wanted is happening. What is this weird feeling. She thinks about the wedding with Vikram. Kiara falls.. Vikram holds her. He says are you okay? She says yes. Vikram sprains his foot. Kiara says are you okay? Show me. She asks Champa to bring fist aid kid. Champa says let me apply. Kiara says I would. She applies the cream to his foot. Vikram says thank you. Kira says I should thank you for always saving me and taking care of me. Rani looks at them and smiles. Vikram says you should rest. Tomorrow is a big day for you. Rani says say what’s in your heart. Kiara leaves. Vikram stops Kiara.. He says do you actually want to get married tomorrow? Kaira stops. Vikram says say it Kiara.. Rani says say it Kiara ji. This is the right time. Kiara says wedding.. Nandini says of course she wants to get married. Rani says why did she come. Nandini says Kiara likes Veer from childhood. She’s just nervous. Don’t tease her. She says Kiara, your bridal dress is here. Let’s go try it. She takes Kiara with her. Kiara looks at Vikram. Rani says thank you Mata Rani. I am sure now they love each other. It won’t come down to the wedding. Kiara and Vikram will unite tomorrow.

Episode ends.

Precap-Rajeshwari says before every wedding there are a lot of functions. I have planned a cocktail party tonight. Jai mixes something in Veer and Kiara’s drink. Rajeshwari says you will never understand my plan, Rani. She asks Jai to make sure Veer and Kiara go to the same room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Mann the precap is genuinely scaring me🥺….. But the best part of the episode was that kiara is realising her feelings for veer and i just hope that this drunken sequence doesn’t lead to something bad😫
    I m just tooo excited for the wedding day🤩

  2. Sorry *vikram*

  3. The precap scared me a little but I am glad Kiara is realising her feelings for Vikram ❤️Hopefully nothing will happen and I still think this is very unnecessary I hope after this Veer and Rani will be together only

  4. I agree with everyone who commented before, the precap is definitely scary. I don’t know where this might go,but I hope that nothing bad happens that could ruin both relationships. Hopefully this track will be finished soon and both couples will realise their love for each other, without too much damage being done that can’t be repaired.

  5. Ranisa should have been jail forever!!

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