Apna Time Bhi Aayega 26th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani and Veer stuck in temple

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 26th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Rani says I am here for proof. He says I am here to take my revenge. Not to help you. Veer starts his pooja. Rani tries to run. Jai shoves her. She falls down. Rani picks trishul. Rani says let me go or I will kill you. Jai shoves her again. Rani is injured. Veer sits down for pooja. Pandit ji asks him to take the thaal to the backside of the temple.

Jai is hitting Rani. Rani says let me go. He says you will see what I do. He grasps Rani’s hand. Jai sees Veer coming. He hides behind the door. Rani is inside. Jai sees Veer going there. Veer goes in. He sees Rani. He’s shocked. Veer says what are you doing here? He sees her dupatta on floor. rani is crying. Veer gives it to her. rani stands up. Jai locks the door. Jai says in this temple an unmarried girl can’t come and she will be seen with a man.

Veer says how can you enter this temple? This is a sin for them. Rani says you shouldn’t be talking about sins. Your punishment isn’t washed away with pooja. Veer says shut up. You have to go from here right now.

Jai says to Pandit ji the rules of this temple are violated. I heard a lot but you’re doing thing. He says don’t say a word about our temple. We will burn you. Jai says I am only speaking truth. There’s a girl in this temple with a man. They pick trishuls. Pandit ji walks towards the room. Jai laughs.

Scene 2
Rajmata says the pooja must have ended by now. Vikram says those people are very dangerous. They will kill people if one mistake is done. Rajeshwari says shut up. His hand touches thaal. It all falls down. pandit ji says this isn’t good. Something bad is going to happen.

Veer tries to open the door but it’s locked. Rani and Ver are shocked. Rani says it’s all your fault. He says it will be a big problem if someone sees you. Pandit ji opens the door. They are shocked to see Veer and Rani there. veer says it’s nothing like what you think. Pandit ji says is this girl married or not? Rani says no. Pandit ji looks at her in anger. He says you have made our temple impure. You both will pay for this sin with your blood. Veer says we respect you. Please let us go. She doesn’t know anything. He says enough. You both have broken our rules. Rani says I didn’t know. I am new here. He says you will omly be punished. Veer says let her go please. They all shout hit them. All people gather outside. Veer says please let us go. Please. Jai smirks. Veer gets a call from Sanjay. He says Veer pick up the phone.

Veer picks the call. Sanjay says Veer? Pandit ji throws his phone and says you won’t talk to anyone. Sanjay says someone was shouting. That place isn’t safe. Rajeshwari says call Vijay.

Veer stands in front of Rani. They drag both of them out.

Episode ends.

PRecap-People hit Rani. Veer tries to protect her. Veer fills her hairline.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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