Apna Time Bhi Aayega 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani comes to the temple

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Scene 1
Rani says Veer is the real culprit. Rajeshwari says how dare you? Rani says he accepted. Rajeshwari says we have done so much favors on you people and you keep finding trash to throw on us. Right now.. Rani says I am leaving. We don’t have money like you but we are respected as well. You aren’t seeing our father like a human. Rajeshwari says I got him a lawyer. Rani says I will get this news out. You can’t fire me, I am resigning. I will get Veer behind the bars and get my dad out. Rani leaves.

Rani comes near the temple. She walks thinking about things. Veer also comes there. Rani recalls what happened. Rani and Pinku are walking on the road. She cries. A prick nibs Rani’s foot. She sees Ramo saying you have to walk past all these pricks. Pinku says don’t cry. Rani keeps walking. Rani sees Ramo again. HE says your time will come. Rani says babu ji.. She runs to him and falls down. She imagines Ramo again and he asks her to get up.

Jai calls Rani. He says if you want to know what the entire truth is meet me at Suhagan ka teela temple. She says who are you? He says I will tell you when I meet you. Rani says I will come. Rani says to Pinku I will drop you at kaki’s place and I have to go somewhere. Jai says you took my respect, I will take your dignity. From this maid to Veer, everyone will pay.

Scene 3
Rajeshwari says to Kumud you know this thaal is going to the temple. They’re so strict. Go and get this ready. Veer says it’s all okay. Relax please. she says I can’t be. Veer says Rani’s chapter is over. Rajeshwari says really? He says yes trust me. Rajeshwari says trust binds a family. You stood for your family. I will be thankful to you. The wedding is at 8. Come back after pooja. Keep this dagger, it will help you. She does his arti. Rajeshwari says beta.. Veer stops. Rajeshwari says I will wait for you. Rajmata and Sanjay are shocked. Sanjay says I am happy but very confsued. Why this sudden change?

Scene 4
A girl and guy come to the temple. She walks in. A pandit shouts stop your steps. A guy says we don’t need your permission. He slaps the guy and says get out. Veer comes there. Veer comes there for pooja. Pandit ji says do you have all the things for pooja? Veer says yes. Rani comes there. Jai says are you there? She says yes. Rani enters the temple. She hides and tries to go in. Jai comes there in shawl. Rani says you.. He comes close to her. Rani says you can’t come near me. He says your dad saw me with a girl. I had to do something to him. He could tell Rani sa. She got pregnant and I went to the hospital to threaten her. I gave ward boy money to keep silent. I am here to take my revenge.

Episode ends.

Precap-Pandit says this girl is unmarried. How can she enter here. They take to punish her. Veer fills her hairline. He says she’s my wife now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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