Apna Time Bhi Aayega 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Ramo gets arrested

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 22nd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ramo says you came here on your own? She says I won’t leave you alone. I will always come back to you.

Nandani says presenting Kiara bhabhi with handsome Veer. Kiara’s mom gives diamond watch to Rajeshwari. Varun gives dessert to Nandani. She says you’re amazing Varun. Vikram says ever make desserts for us as well? He says sure sir. Nandani says why do you tease him? He says you do all this to get desserts from him. What if he falls for you and your mom would say theya re servants. They can never be equal to us.

Ramo’s son meets him as well. He gives him samosas. He makes Rani eat as well. Rani is in tears. He says don’t cry. Rajeshwari gets angry. She says I am crying because it’s too spicy. Her brother makes fun of her. Ramo gives her water. She says I didn’t mind. I came running to you and I don’t know how I sat on that sofa. Are these people crazy? They float sofas? Ram says they have big things. Rani says here are you shop’s papers. He’s shocked. Rani says you should rest now. You will sit on your store now. He cries. He says how did you do this? Rani says I got your ticket. Let’s go. He says Rani sa won’t let me go. Her work won’t be done without me.

Veer asks Rajeshwari are you happy? She says yes. This will bring us great business. I am worried for Vikram. She stops Vikram and says maintain your standard. We can’t look like servant. Ramo says I will come to the village after Veer’s wedding is done. Rani says no, I will take you with me in 2 days. We have to file the papers in the court. I will talk to Rani sa myself if he doesn’t. He says okay I will talk to Rani sa. She dances and says thank you. I am so happy.

Scene 2
Veer looks at Kiara and recalls Rajeshwari said this will profit their business. Tinku says I thought I would also party here. She says come I will make you dance with them. Veer says the most beautiful day of my life will be when you call me your son and hug me. I feel alone in crowd.

Rani and Tinku dance in rain on dhatink nach. Veer walks in rain. He collides with rani. Rani slips. He picks Rani. Her foot is sprained. He says I will fix it don’t do drama. She says are you always this scary? He says no, he twists her foot and she gets better. she says it was your mistake. He says you speak so much. Rani says truth always gets out. He says this city isn’t for you. She says I know and I will take my dad from here as well.

Scene 3
Ramo says to Rajeshwari, I have to leave in 4 days. She says a wedding is going on in our house. We have done so much for you and your family. We groomed you. And you are leaving on such an important day so I am insulted in front of everyone? He says this house’s respect is my respect as well. But I have a family. My daughter loves me. I will go for 4 days and come back when paper work is done. My daughter took loan for this shop. I will come back once the deal is done. I will serve you until you find someone better. I will have to go for my Rani. Rajeshwari okay leaving for that Rani. You can go tomorrow forever. Don’t do favor on me. He says what? She says I said it.

Everyone is on the dinner table. Rani sees all servants eating leftovers. Tinku says does babu ji eat this as well? SHe says he never drank unboiled water. Tinku says this is so boring. Varun prepares pakoras for the chefs. Rani and Tinku eat as well. Kiara’s mom says you did amazing decor. She says we invited an event planner from bollywood. A servant says these people spend so much on crazy things. Kiara’s dad says your house is so clean. She says I want things perfect. Varun asks dadi what happened on your foot? She says it burned while cooking. We give blood for these rich people and they don’t care about us.

Scene 4
Rani waits for Ramo. He comes in. Rani says you came. Let’s go now. He falls. A policeman hit him. Rani says what did you do? He’s my dad. He says this man is a criminal. He was drunk and driving. He drove over 4 people and three died. Rani is shocked.

Precap-Rajeshwari says servants are replaceable. I don’t care if he’s arrested. Who will take Ramo’s place?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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