Apna Time Bhi Aayega 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update: Veer kicks Jai out of the house


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Scene 1
Veer says keep your focus. You will take your babu ji back and will become a good engineer. All the best.

Rajeshwari says beautiful princess Kiara is going to be a part of or family. Cheers. Rani comes to Jai and spills a drink on him. rani says sorry.. Let me clean it. They come to room. Jai says naughty girl, you had all your focus on me. She says yes I did, see this parking slip. I got this slip. Now I want your statement. He says come with me I will tell you everything. Veer Jai and Rani going to the room. He says come in. Trust me. Jai locks the door. He shoves her on bed and says after I tell you truth, you won’t be able to get in front of me. Do you even know who I am? I am a prince. He comes close to her. Rani is scared. Jai says yes I was there. What can you do? Rani tries to hit him. He twists her hand. Jai says give me the slip. Rani bits his hand. Rani says don’t think I am an idiot. I have all the proofs. I will take you to jail. He slaps Rani and says how dare you. He shoves Rani on the sofa. Veer comes in and shouts Jai Singh.. Jai says please listen. Rani hides behind Veer. Veer slap Jai. Jai says I will be your sister’s husband. Veer says you’ll be nothing. How dare you do this to a girl.

Veer brings Jai to the hall. He says how dare you? He keeps hitting Jai. Sanjay says what are you doing? Jai says I will be your BIL. Veer says you’re only an animal. All your respect is gone. Jai says she’s a servant. Veer says she’s a human and you are an animal. Only a real man knows how to respect a woman. Veer keeps hitting him. Sanjay and Nandani try to stop him. Rajehwari says stop it. What drama is this Veer? He is our to be son in law. Are you in your senses? You are hitting him like a roadside beggar. Jai says he’s a roadside animal. I respect you a lot, please don’t stop me today. Please move aside. Veer hits him more. Veer says tell everyone or should I? Rajeshwari says he’s Nandani’s to be husband. We are going to have a relationship with him. Veer says we won’t have any relationship. Veer says a characterless man like him can never be a part of our family. He can not be good for any woman let alone my sister.

Veer shoves Jai and says leave right now. Jai looks at Rani? Veer says why are you staring at her? Will you harm her or threaten her? Go from here before I don’t leave you walking. He shoves Jai on the door. Sanjay says if my son said something, he did. If he asked you to get out, get out before I also join him. Sanjay says I am so proud of you. You did the right thing by kicking out a characterless man like him. Rajeshwari, he doesn’t deserve to be with our daughter. Sanjay says to everyone this is our personal matter, it shouldn’t be public. Thank you for coming. All guests leave. Rajeshwari gives a look to rani and goes upstairs. She looks at Veer.

Scene 2
At night, Rani comes to Veer’s room. Veer says you? Rani says I don’t know how to say it. I wrote it on the paper. He reads it, you what have you written? Rani says I don’t write english well. He says you read it then. Rani reads Dr doctor, my wish is to get babu ji back to home. And open his store. So but here, I work here. I thought you were rude and scary in the beginning. But babu ji liked you always. He always said you’re a good. I miss him. Rani sa helped him. She gave me job. I took this job because she helped babu. I want to become an engineer. But babu ji is in jail again. She cries. Rani says but you rude man, you helped me. You encouraged me. You gave me napkin to wipe my tears. Veerys miles. Rani says you saved me from the Raja. You only helped me always. You’re a good and amazing man. Just like my dad. Thank you, Rani. Veer smiles. Veer gives her a napkin. He says thank you Rani. This was very unique way of expressing feelings. Rani wipes her tears and returns the napkin. Veer smiles. She leaves.

Episode ends.

Precap-Rani says to Veer didn’t you feel any shame in getting my babu ji trapped in your sin? Pandits in temple say this unmarried girl has made a sin by coming here. Veer fills her hairline and says she’s my wife now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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