Apna Time Bhi Aayega 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer couldn’t find Rani

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Scene 1
Rajmata stops Kiara. Kiara says oh God, she found out as well. Rajmata says when Jai’s parents came you also helped us. Kiara says this is, my family, as well. I will help you with anything.
Rajeshwari comes to Nandini and says I want to talk. Nandini says mom.. Rajeshwari says how could you stoop so low. Nandini says I made a mistake. Rajeshwari says you didn’t care about this family? Nandini says I wasn’t part of this plan. He told me after all this happened. Rajeshwari says why didn’t you say when you found out. Rani’s life was in danger and now Veer is risking his life as well. So much is at stake. But I won’t tolerate this again. You stole for Jai before. I can’t forgive you now. Nandini says I am saying sorry. Everyone is being mad at me. No one asked me what’s the reason. Rajeshwari says there can be no reason behind a wrong thing. This can be very costly because I did the same mistake and I still tolerating it. It can ruin everything for you. She leaves.

Scene 2
Veer says what is happening there. I have to go there. Jai says what you are doing with me isn’t wrong. I was only helping Rajeshwari and Nandini. Veer says don’t dare to take their name. Jai says Rani was safe with me. But I have no hands in this. Birju shoves him and says you started it. Jai says you are wasting time with me. Veer hits him and says you gave Rani pain. You started all this. Birju says he has to stay alive till we find Rani. He stops Veer.

Scene 3
Rajmata says I have never done this but for my family, I had to do this. Kiara says what? Rajmata says you’re my last hope. Kiara says this is very risky. Rajmata says you know Nandini is already in trouble. Please help me. Kiara agrees.

Rajeshwari calls Veer. He says how are you? She says how can I be okay when I know you and rani aren’t. I got to know everything. Jai blackmailed you. All of this is wrong. I will surrender. It is my own choice, I am against what he did. Promise me you will bring Rani home. If anything happens to her because of me I won’t be able to tolerate that. Veer says I will get Rani home and I will get you home as well.

Scene 4
Rajmata comes to the university with Kiara. She says meet my DIL, Rani Veer. Kiara is dressed as Rani. She says in heart I have to become the person I had been hating for so long. Only for you Veer. The principal says we spoke to Veer. He said she couldn’t come today. Rajmata says yeah we got her free. Kiara signs the forms. The teacher sees her and says this is Kiara Ragwanshi. I follow her on social media. The principal says Rajmata ji what is all this? How can you lie? Already your family is defamed and now this? We can cancel Rani’s admission on this. If she doesn’t have time to sign one form how can we make her our student? How will she become an engineer? Cancel her admission. Rajmata says you can’t punish her for her mistake. The principal says we can’t tolerate this. Rajmata says she can’t come. She is in big trouble. See her background, she is a bright student. We can only help her. I only wanted to help her. The principal says we are sorry we couldn’t understand. If you’re helping her, so can we. She can come when she is out of her trouble, and sign her papers. We won’t cancel her admission.

Scene 5
The kidnapper says now I will get money too and Jai will get punished. Veer hits Jai. He ties him to the car bonnet. Jai says please let me go. Veer says Rani was also crying like this. Vikram comes with money. Veer calls the kidnapper and says I am coming. Vikram says I will also come. Veer says I can’t let you go alone. Veer says I can’t risk your life. He leaves.

Sanjay recalls what Vikram said. Nandini comes to him and says papa I made a huge mistake. Please forgive me. I wasn’t part of Jai’s plan. I know I was wrong but.. Sanjay says I let your mistake go last time but what you did with Rani isn’t right. Nandini says I did this for mom. He says this only got her in more trouble.

Scene 6
Veer comes to the shed. He says where is Rani? They check the money. He says I made a mistake by asking such less amount. Veer says where is Rani? He hears a police siren. They run. Only one goon is left. VEer says why did you come with the police Vikram. Vijay says we had to protect you. Veer says Rani is lost again. Only one goon is left. Veer hits him and says where is Rani? Veer sits down crying. The goon says I will take her so far you will have to agree to my demands.

Episode ends.

Precap-The kidnapper calls Veer and says if you want to save Rani come to Goa. He says your husband loves you a lot but he can’t reach here. Rani cries.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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