Apna Time Bhi Aayega 20th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Everyone finds out the truth

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 20th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
The lawyer says something to Vijaya. She says just check the papers, I will decide if I want to buy or not. The lawyer says papers are fine. Rani says it will be the best deal for you. Vijaya says give me the pen. Rani says yes sign it. The mahorat is running out. Kamlesh comes in and spills water. Vijaya stands up. He says sorry. He replaces the paper. Rani says Vijaya ji calm down. We have to show Rajeshwari and her kids their worth. Vijaya says you are right. She’s about to sign. Rajeshwari comes and says so this is what you think of us? Veer and Vikram are with her. Vijaya stops. Rani is shocked.

Vijaya says she’s right. Rani says Rani sa. Rajeshwari says thank God our eyes opened and we saw your reality. Vijaya says you are right. This is your worth. It makes me so happy to see you like this. Rajeshwari says I am not talking to you. Rani says you’re getting me wrong. Vijaya says she only helped me, rest is my game. Rajeshwari says she broke our trust. Vijaya says trust? How is she related to you that you’re getting so emotional? Rajeshwari says she’s our unfortunate fate. Kajri puts a flame in fire alarm. It blares, everyone runs out.

Veer looks at Rani. Rani says in heart you know I will never break your trust. Veer says in heart why Rani? She says for family. Kajri says let’s go. Everyone runs out.

Scene 2
Rani comes home. She says I know you all have questions. I didn’t do anything wrong. I can explain. Rajeshwari says that’s what we are waiting to hear. Sit and tell us why you fooled us. Rani says no you are getting me wrong. Rajeshwair says you showed people like you don’t deserve love and trust. Rajmata says Rani I always trusted and loved you against Rajeshwari. What you did isn’t right. You shook hands with that Vijaya? You went against us? She took everything from us. She took Veer’s hospital. Rani says let me explain, please. Vikram says bhabhi sa I always trusted you but you went to that Vijaya? Rajeshwari says she only cared about money. As long as we had everything you were doing drama and now you’re doing the same for that Vijaya? She betrayed us in a moment for money. rani says please Rani sa. Let me explain. If I were doing all this for money I won’t come here to answer anyone. I will explain everything, I need to talk to Veer.

Rajeshwari says if there is one tear in my son’s eyes, you will suffer a lot. Mausa ji says let hr explain once. She isn’t wrong. Rajeshwari says you must be with her in this plan too right. She’s your type too right. You broke our trust. I don’t know where Veer is. He must be so hurt. Rani says heart where are you Veer? Won’t you question me like everyone? Rani calls Veer. She wonders where could he be.

Scene 3
Jai checks his wallet and says where is my money? Nandini, Champa.. Where are you both? He sees the closet is open. He finds money in Nandini’s closet. Jai says Nandini.. She comes and says why are you shouting? He says, you thief. Where is my money? You stole it from my wallet. Nandini says why would I steal. Champa looks in and says this will be fun. Jai says I found this in your closet. Are you sending this to your parents? She says I wish I could help them. I can’t even go and tell them that I made a mistake by marrying you. He says there’s Champa on one side and there’s you thief. He leaves. Champa laughs.

Scene 4
Rani calls Veer. He is hitting a stone with a hammer. Rani says what are you doing? Won’t you talk to me? Please ask me everything I will tell you everything. Please listen.. He stops. Rani says this won’t let your anger out. Question me, I will tell you everyting. He says what should I ask? You will say you did all of this for me and my family? Rani says I will tell you everything. I was gonna tell you. He says when? When everything was over? What a plan. Do what you want. I should punish myself instead. Rani says you’re getting me wrong. He says it’s my mistake. There’s something left in my love. You hid everything from me. I told you I will be with you. Rani cries and says please stop. Veer leaves. Rani cries.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Hiii . Thanks atiba for early uploading.. shit shit veer is angry from rani every one is angry you can see zee 5 youtube channel for precap. Worried for rani . Vijya will found out the truth or not. I saw vivaan ‘s vlog in which rani and veer are in rajawat house . Nobody else was there. U think rani will tell veer truth and he will help her . Rani was sitting in sooraj’s vlog may be for rest . @khushi fan fiction ha tons of romance and veer should be this type of husband in serial also. I read the fan fiction yesterday and liked it a lot . What about vijya . Will she know the truth about rani . She askeed in episode what who os she . Rajeshwari entered at a wrong time . Kajri saved the truth. Vikram also did not trust rani . Feeling sad for her . Anyhow she should convince veer . Let it be let me watch on tv and comment later .. bye 👋 👋 👋 👋

    1. I saw the vlog, I think Veer was there too

  3. Oh no 😶😶 Veer was very angry 🥺 the last scene after reading it made me cry🥺 but wandering if Rani will do something to make it up to him and convince him? 🤔 and this RaniSa 🙂 I have no words for her 🙂 How did Vijaya not find out the truth about Rani? I just hope Rani manages to pacify Veer in one way or another. Haven’t watched it yet so will comment more later

  4. Today’s episode is so emotional.Feeling bad for rani😟.She always thinks good about her husband and family.But nobody understand her.This Ranisa will never change.She always used to misunderstand Rani.But I didn’t expect from Veer that he will doubt on Rani😔.And what had happened to Vikram he always takes side of his bhabhi sa but now why he don’t trust her?
    Anyways I will watch the episode on TV and the precap too.

  5. Today’s epi was sad 😞 felt bad for Rani but didn’t expect this from Vikram and Rajmata, should have known better

    1. Exactly! I knew even if everyone, including Veer was against Rani, Vikram and Rajmata always took her side,because they always trusted her. I kept thinking this was a dream or they were pretending, but it’s sadly a reality😔😔😔

    2. PS welcome and hello @Khushboo!🥳🥳

  6. Hi everyone! I won’t be commenting for a while as I have a work to catch up on and I have to catch up on the episodes since I missed some😭 Today’s episode is our worse fears come to life, I felt even more sad as I kept reading the update💔🥺 but I know things will get better once Rani gets the chance to explain things to everyone🙏🏻 Hopefully as I catch up on everything, I’ll be free to comment more😊
    I was reading the comments from the last update, I thought I was the odd one out and everyone else was from India🤣 I felt so bad😆 since everyone is sharing I’ll let you guys know I live in South America😁 they show indian serials here, it’s kinda part of the culture we grew up with, I got curious and found Zee5 online and that’s how I found out about other serials and ATBA, which lead me to you lovely people here!❤🥰

    1. Elena

      Hello @A and everyone! 🌺 It’s so amazing that we are all so far from each other, but here we have kind company and common interest! 🤝 I’m from Russia, specifically from the shores of the White Sea, it’s so far away 🙄 And it’s cold ☺️
      The episode today is very emotional, there are many options for how everything will be resolved 🤔

  7. Hi @A…goodluck with ur studies , god bless u🙏🙏. I hope today’s episode is just a dream please let it be a dream!! Everyone should know how rani is…she will never do anything against her family!! As for veer I understand him he’s feeling bad bcs rani hid this from him bcs he said he’s always with her.

  8. Hello @A take your time and then watch the episode🙂.You are not odd one because everyone here are Americans except I and @Pari..we both are from India.I think that Americans can’t watch Indian serials..But I was wrong😂..lol.
    Rani is a brave girl.She will definitely find a way to prove herself that she was right.

  9. Love today one I pray she and veer settle really feeling for rain thanks for the update . I would love to make new friends here and know them too 😘😘

    1. Welcome aboard @first lady!!

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