Apna Time Bhi Aayega 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Jai gives wrong injection to Ranvijay

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Scene 1
Veer recalls what Rajeshwari said. Rani looks at him. Veer says I didn’t want to hurt her. what this family and Rani sa has done for me I can’t return it. I was an orphan. I can never return what she did. But I feel some connection with that man. I don’t know why. Rani holds his hand and says you did right. You helped someone. I want to tell you something. Rajmata comes there. She says I want your help. Can you come with me? Rani goes with her.

Rajmata says to Rani don’t do this. rani says he is broken. He’s the son of this house and yet called an orphan again and again. He has been kept away from his father. rajmata says don’t tell Veer. You swear on me. Please. I am stopping you for a reason. rani says what reason? Rajmata says I can’t tell you right now. You have to keep this secret if you want peace. For few days only. Swear on me you won’t tell anyone. Rani comes to Veer. He says is everything okay? Rani says yes. don’t feel bad. Everything will be okay with time. Rani wonders why is she being stopped like this.

Scene 2
Rajeshwari plays chess and recalls what Veer said. She calls Jai. Jai says was everything okay in the hospital? I couldn’t contact you. She says everything is at the brink of breaking. I want your help. She tells him the plan. Jai says I get it. Rajeshwari says I brought you up and gave you everything and you became loyal to that maid now. You will pay the price. Jai says Veer’s time to suffer will start tomorrow.

Scene 3
Ramo does arti. Rani calls him. Ramo says I was praying for you. rani says I wanted to ask something. Ramo says you sound worried. Rani says Veer’s.. I wanted to ask do you know Ranvijay? Ramo is shocked. He says who took this name? Rani says do you know him? He says Ranvijay is Rajmata’s elder son. Rani is shocked. Ramo says they all used to live happily together. He made a huge mistake and then everything changed. rajmata couldn’t defend him. But is everything okay? Why are you asking? Rani wonders what mistake did he do? Veer had to suffer so much. I have to find out.

Jai comes to the hospital with his warden. He says did you bring what I asked? He gives Jai an injection. Jai says I don’t know how you are but you won’t live for long now. He adds an injection in Ranvijay’s drip.

Scene 4
Everyone is at the dinner table. rajmata wonders why hasn’t Jai called. Veer gets a call from the hospital and says what? I am coming. Rani asks what happened? He says patient 217 isn’t okay. Rani goes with him. Rajeshwari smiles.

Veer checks him. He says his heartbeat is collapsing. Veer says what could be the reason? rani says in heart Veer got his dad after so many years. You can’t part them now. Please save him God. Rajeshwari sees the video and says this is just the beginning Veer. For Rani you questioned me. Time to remind you that you are nothing without me. Veer says we have to do surgery right now. We can’t take a risk. They prepare for it. Rani says you have to be strong. Have faith in yourself.

Veer is worried. Nandini comes there. She says bhai.. Veer says you here? She says I am sorry I didn’t know you had an important surgery going on. He says I hope it’s successful. She says it would be. Jaipur’s best doctor is doing it. Veer says are you still mad at me? She says no. I made kheer today. I brought it for you. He makes her eat it. Veer says it’s really good. Nandini says I am sorry for misbehaving with you. That’s why you didn’t come right? I know your value since I left that house. Please forgive me. Veer says you are my sister. You can say anything to me. Nandini says all the best for your surgery.

Digvijay and Rajmata come to hospital. They see Ranvijay is going for a surgery. Rajmata cries and says will my son be okay? Rani holds her. She looks for Veer. Veer prepares in his room. He’s tensed. Rani says everyone is waiting for you.

Jai says Rajeshwari Veer is going for surgery but he doesn’t know plan 2 has started. Rajeshwari says you can’t even guess what’s waiting for you in an hour Veer.

Episode ends.

Precap-Veer starts the surgery. His hands shake. Veer says to Digvijay he’s stable now. Veer says to Rani I feel weird. He’s kind of drunk. The media comes there and they make a huge issue that he did surgery while being drunk. His license must be canceled. Jai says Veer will never find out how it happened. What a master stroke.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Boring episode..I don’t know what this Rajmata is doing 🤷🏽‍♀️ What is so important that is causing her to hide the truth of her son from Veer, he deserves to know. I know Rani will find out and she has to tell Veer, it’s the only chance he got. I am hating this Jai and Rajeshwari, all the same winning again. Hope soon Ranvijai will be okay and he will be reunited with his son and bahu ❤️

    1. I know, why doesn’t Rajamata just tell the truth, I want this track to be over with. And I want Rani sa to regret every one of her actions, can’t wait until Jai turns on her and Nandini, they deserve pain and suffering because I’m tired of them only winning😑 I know Ranvijay would be okay though, he seems like a fighter to have survived all those years😏

    2. Anesha

      I just hope RV can be a strong character and not be like DV or even rajmata. Writers need to let someone else stand with ranveer other than vikram all the time, preferably an older head.

    3. Hopefully RV has a spine, I didn’t realize that it was just Rani, Veer and Vikram against the world. This made me appreciate their relationship more❤😭😭😭

    4. Anesha

      Yup it really has just been this trio fighting together🥺🥺

  2. Okay firstly,pardon my language but….WHAT THE HELL WAS THIS EPISODE…I’m speechless, the track is still dragging and why would Nandini help get Veer’s medical license revoked when she knows being a doctor means a lot to him, wow what she deserves everything Jai would do to her and Rani sa. That Rani sa deserves the worse what kind of woman is she? She would resort to potential murder? I knew Rajmata would resort to emotional blackmail really? But from what Ramo said Ranvijay might be a good man but what was the mistake he made? Was he wrongfully accused? Ramo never even mentioned who Ranvijay was married to🤦🏻‍♀️ they aren’t giving answers to the questions that this track raised, but are giving us drama that is not needed. Do the writters hate Veer why the need to constantly attack and persecute him? I’m tired, really I am😔😔 how will Veer get out of this one?

    1. The writers are drunk 😂😑

    2. Is this language enough… I have more swear words to say and that too for the writers…. Why the heck are they doing this😖😖…. Like unnecessary dragging…. Honestly i m not interested in even commenting about today’s episode…. Like the same stuff every single day😭…. I know i cannot give up on this show… But i would definitely give on this track now🤦‍♀️

    3. I don’t use swear words so this is the most I can use😂 but if you have more feel free to use it because this episode deserves it. I almost didn’t comment, I was just going to ask how everyone’s day was😂😂
      I would rejoice and have a party on this forum if Rajeshwari isn’t Veer’s real mom and she gets kicked off her high horse and Veer’s real mother takes the title of Rani sa and Ranvijay becomes the king of Jaipur😊😊

    4. Why you people never comment anything in Zee5 ATBA previews….. please do comment….if enlightened people like you join…then the fandom will reach greater heights…thank you

    5. Anesha

      Exactly what the hell was this!! Maybe he had an affair or something. Hence veer would be a rajawat but just not rani sa’s son. AND I WOULD BE TOTALLY FINE WITH THAT!! She deserves no one.

  3. Anesha

    Ok hi all😁
    I’ve come to rant today!!! Yes as someone said what the heck is wrong with rajmata?? Why is everyone using kasams to hide important things in this show😑 Again with the jai and nandini, flip man stop it!! Again they are using the use of drugs to ruin someone’s life. Rani sa, jai and nandini haven’t been caught when they first did it in Goa to kiara and veer now here they are again. Did nandini really has a part in this plan?? (Havent seen the epi yet only read this update) If so, disgusting. She deserves jai end of story.

    1. I was thinking from yesterday’s episode the writters took a hint and got rid of Jai and Nandini for a while but nope here they are again🙄
      They need to stop promoting drug use and drugging people it’s negative and not a good look especially how they are getting away with it, meaning there’s no consequences🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ yes I would think Nandini has a part in the plan remember she gave him kheer(haven’t watched the episode yet either and honestly not feeling to, but I will for trp) before the surgery and after the surgery he told Rani he wasn’t feeling well so that’s why she’s my number 1 suspect. I can’t wait until Jai turns on Rani sa and Nandini honestly, I will have a party here for that too😉🙃

    2. Anesha

      Oh shocks!! That makes sense, the kheer. Why do we keep seeing ppl we dont want to?!😭😭 I mean if they could make kiara disappear then they should make jai disappear too. He has been in the majority of episodes. He’s funny at times but time to give him a break now.

    3. Yes they need to do to Jai whatever they did to make Kiara disappear, he was funny that’s why I liked him as a villan but now they are giving him too much power and screen time🙄

    4. Veer had two things before the surgery… First he had the kheer made by nandini and second he had water too before leaving for operation theatre…. So either of the two were spiked…. I don’t feel that nandini could intentionally do that to veer ( maybe jay singh spiked it without her knowledge) but if she had done this intentionally than she deserves all sorts of tortures and pains jay would give her ahead….

    5. Thanks @Anushka but I read the apology she gave to Veer here and it sounds phony, plus she still seemed bitter about Veer defending Rani and taking her side, plus he wasn’t there for her ceremony. That’s a lot of reasons there alone for her to do that. But then again she’s dumb so Jai could have manipulated her🙄🙄

    6. Ya she could definitely do it..Anyday she is rajeshwari’s blood… These people are showing negative people all together….We would just die craving for some positive track in this show tbh..

  4. Anesha

    And here I was praying this ends by tomorrow. I feel like a fool. Srsly tho these writers are something else🙄🙄 Again no kivi!! This is a rani sa show. Best u just remove ranveer from the montage and put her. At least we could say they informed us of who’s really ruling the show. It’s speculated that the show will offair in September. I really don’t want to believe that as they havent hit tracks that they’ve supposed to. They’ve totally forgotten about vikram and kiara love story and they barely show any growth in ranveer love life😤😤 So are they gonna keep being dramatic until september and just give us 2-3 episodes of happy moments in the end. That makes no sense!!

    1. We might have to go through this crappy track until the end of this week. What?!?!?!?😱😱 I know Zee is bringing on a new show, but I truly hope ATBA doesn’t go off air, there’s so much storylines to explore still as you’ve said and plus Ranveer and Kivi too. The writters need to get their act together, this is a good show and I don’t know why the trp dropped int the 1st place and shows that don’t make sense, (well at least for me)have the highest trp🤦🏻‍♀️ let’s hope for the best.

    2. Those bhagya’s serials are creepy yet at top🤦‍♀️

    3. I didn’t want to say the names, but those serials in particular are very questionable with their plots. Drugging, someone almost getting raped(male character) multiple arrests, kidnappings all of which remain unsolved,multiple murder attempts and plots where accusations and mistakes are erased within the next few episodes. Plus villans get away with everything with no consequences whatsoever. If I didn’t know better I’d say that’s what life is like in India🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ why do they have high trp again? But I like the leads and characters,they seems like good people, but I feel bad that they have such horrible writters.

    4. Anesha

      I do watch kumkum and kundali but only for specific characters if they’re not in the episode I dont watch whereas with atba I watch everything. There are many factors I would say why there are at the top: they have very loyal fans that no matter what crap is shown (and trust me there’s alot😂😂) they still watch, they get the best time slots, heavily promoted (even other show leads have to promote them🙄🙄). These two shows have the worst storylines ever yet they are at the top which is unfair. But I guess that’s what ppl want to see.

    5. Anesha

      Also as much as I love vikram being there for ranveer and standing by them. He should also remember his life is in shambles too. Let someone else stand with them for now

    6. Hopefully when RV gets better he will get time to work on himself. But so far he is doing good compared to how he was at the start of the show and I’m proud of his growth.

    7. Anesha

      Same! He really has matured. Love when he puts rani sa in her place. Seems like the only person with some guts in that family

  5. Okay so I didn’t watch the episode today or read the written update yet but I read the title of the update which is disgusting so I think it’s not worth reading or watching rn. I’m soooooo angry with3the title itself so I’ll be back later

  6. I don’t think Nandini did anything..she would have been drunk as well because she had it. Jai put something in Veer’s water bottle so he drank it and only affected him. 😶

    1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh thanks @Khushi poor Veer😭😭😭😭😭

  7. I think this is the narrative- I could be wrong though

    Ranvijay raped Rajeshwari who was Digvijay’s wife. Digvijay and Rajmata disowned Ranvijay while Rajeshwari was admitted into a rehabilitation center where she gave birth to Veer- she was told he had died and Kumud was made to look after him by Digvijay who felt that Veer is too innocent to be brought up in an orphanage. Rajeshwari thought Digvijay was having an affair because he was always travelling, they had a huge fight and he admitted he was (which was a lie) and apologized- that’s the reason why Rajeshwari is so mean to him. Meanwhile, he was always with Veer and Kumud and when he felt it was the right time to bring him into the family, he brought Veer to the house.

    Let’s see if that was the secret they were all hiding😂

    1. Wow 😂😂😂😂 that’s a good theory tho but Rani sa seems a bit strong to be weakened let’s see tho your theory may turn out to be part true 🤔

    2. @Khushi, there has to be some truth in this theory,because it’s a good one.😏😏

    3. This is logical and well thought out👌🏻👌🏻 It kinda answers some questions…Where have you been all the time when we were dishing out theories @Hauwa???😂This is a good one you seem to have put a lot of thought into it, thanks for sharing it with us!

    4. Thanks😅 A little twist here and there and it seems like the theory is right afterall. Let’s wait and see how the drama unfolds

  8. I didn’t expect this from rajmata…why is she jeopardizing Ranveer relationship,,??? I hope rani finds a way to reveal the truth to veer somehow cuz he will be shattered that Rani knew this truth n didn’t tell him. I think nandani is a victim of jai just like veer. This evil Ranisha is doing too much now…hate her to the core!! Also I think there was a misunderstanding of whatever Ranvijay did or it was an unintentional mistake 🤔. I just don’t get it why they have to lie to hide a truth…which will create more problems than solving it. I hope Ramo will tell Rani what had happened in the past. Even if Rajeshwari was victimized, maybe in the past, that doesn’t mean she has to be mean to everyone!! She needs to shown her true place now. Maybe she became ranisa after rajmata as being the bahu..but now rani is the bahu so she should be Ranisa now. We need Padmini’s entry in the show now…maybe she can help rani to the truth. Ramo n Padmini are my only hope now. Also I hope Rajeshwari n jai e d up n rot in jail soon d chakki pissing nd pissing…lol

    1. They should rip off the band aid now and just tell the truth already, they are dragging this track😭😭 We need things to get moving and questions have to be answered😭 Rani sa will gget what she deserves don’t worry😉

  9. I know my fan fiction is due but I didn’t have time so I will write it tomorrow for sure

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