Apna Time Bhi Aayega 16th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Rani wins kite competition

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Scene 1
Rajmata asks Rani to sit there. Vikram says so many preps? She says this is rani’s first Makarsakranti in this house. She asks Rani and Veer to touch it. Rajmata says there’s khidchid in food. Vikram says can we cook something good? Sanjay says this is what we eat on makarsakranti. Veer and Rani touch the thaal together. Vikram says to Rani I heard you’re good with kites. Rani says I will win for sure. She says Nandnini didi you come to my team. Nandini says I am in your team. Veer says I am not a child. I won’t do all this. He leaves. He collides with Rani.

Veer sees Rajmata screaming. Veer says Rani sa are you okay? She says I don’t know how long will I stay anymore. Ver says don’t say that. Rajmata says if you celebrate this day I will have good memories to take with me. Veer says I know you’re doing this to make me emotional. I am a doctor. She says then say yes to flying kites and celebrating the first even after our wedding. Veer nods.

Veer comes to the terrace. Everyone is playing with kites. Vikram says our bro is so boring. Rani says he would fight with the kite as well. Nandini says he’s in the compeititon. See there, Veer is flying his kite. Nandini says let’s make teams. Pinku says I will be in my sister’s team. Vikram says Nandini and I are one team. Rajmata says so Veer is in Rani’s team. Veer says no I won’t be in a team with her. She always messes up things. Kiara comes and says I will be in Veer’s team. She says I am sorry Veer. I did what Padmini mausi asked. Veer says you are not a child. Don’t blame her. Rajeshwari says what happened wasn’t wrong but what you’re doing is also wrong. She’s a guest here. Nandini says I will play in bhabhi sa’s team. Vikram says I am also in Rani’s team. The competition starts.

The match starts. Rani’s kite gets tangled with Rani. Nandini says we will win for sure. They all cheer Rani. Kiara pretends to fall on Veer. She says I am so sorry. Rani wins. She dances around. Veer says your hand is bleeding. It’s cut by the thread. Are you happy now? I know you will do something wrong so I got first aid kid. She says you lost. Don’t do this drama. He says I was distracted because of Kiara. Veer says I could win. Rajmata says you should give her a chance Rajeshwari. She win your heart.

Episode ends.

Precap-Rani says if I don’t submit the form today my dream of becoming an engineer would be over. Rajeshwari says to Veer you have to take Rani back to her village and leave her there forever. Veer says but that’s wrong. She says enough.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Veer should move out with Rani and Pinku, Rajeshwari doesn’t value them

  2. I really hope he will bring her back. Otherwise, he will lack character to me.

  3. Shouldn’t rajmata take all the decisions being the eldest than ranisaa??

  4. Shahnoor

    Is there any fanfiction on apna time v aayega plz tell me someone

  5. I think Raj mata should be the one giving out orders since she is the oldest

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