Apna Time Bhi Aayega 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 15th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Veer says for Rani’s mehndi. Ramo comes. He says what? Rani hugs him. Veer says you came at the right time. Ramo says what’s going on? Veer says you didn’t see your daughter’s wedding, you will see it today. Dadi says we couldn’t see their wedding so he’s doing all of this for us. He got this saree for Rani. She looks so pretty. Veer plays drums, he sings the song mohabbatain. Rani recalls all that happened. Everyone looks at Veer. Kiara says if Rani sa sees Veer like this she will kill me. Ramo says you have made my daughter’s happiness yours, thank you so much. He hugs Veer and says thank you so much. Always stay happy. Veer says you are giving blessings to the wrong. I am not your SIL anymore. He is, Birju. Everyone is shocked. Ramo says what are you saying? Veer says I know it’s shocking but it’s the truth. He deserves your blessings. Birju says are you out of your mind? Dadi says what is he saying? She faints. Rani makes him sit.

Ramo says have we made a mistake? I am so sorry. Veer says why are you being upset when Rani is happy? Give them blessings and get them married. Ramo says what are you saying? Veer says I am saying what Rani did. Vikram says I am ashamed of you. Can’t you see their faces? Don’t you have any mercy. Rani loves you so much, how can you even think that. I am disgusted by your thoughts. Veer says do you think this makes me happy? only I know the pain in my heart. But no matter how much sad we get, it won’t change the truth. Dadi cries and says I wanted to see my daughter getting married before I die what has happened.. She can’t breathe.

Veer comes to her. Rani says to stay away. I told you not to do all this.. Why did you do all this? Don’t touch my dadi. You’re nothing to us. Vikram gives her water. Veer still gives her first aid. Ramo gets a call from Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari says the fate has brought me to your Baliya again. We are staying at Nathu lodges. Won’t you come to meet? He says yes. She says only you have to come. He leaves while everyone is busy with dadi.

Scene 2
Ramo comes to Rajeshwari’s lodges. He says sorry the door was open so I came in. She says my doors are always open for loyal people. But perhaps you have forgotten you were a servant in our house. Ramo says what is Veer saying? It will be a huge problem. She says there is a problem. Look at my food, there’s dust on it. The dirt of your village. Clean it. He’s shocked. Rajeshwari says first clean my foot, then your tears. Ramo brings water and cleans her feet. Rajeshwari says for a few days I will stay here, come to clean. You know I don’t trust anyone. We have paid you and your family for 20 years. Will you pay back the favor? Ramo says in his heart I can spend the entire life under your feet just save my daughter’s marriage.

Scene 3
Veer brings dadi inside. Rani massages her head. Veer says let her rest. She will be okay if she sleeps. Birju says Rani, Ramo kaka has gone somewhere. I couldn’t find him anywhere. Rani says to Veer are you happy now? Did you take your revenge. He says I only said the truth. You’re behind all this. Rani says my dadi is in this condition because of you. You are responsible for all this. Veer says if you didn’t do all that in Goa, this won’t have happened in Baliya. Birju gets angry. Vikram takes him outside. Rani takes Veer with her. She says come with me. Kiara goes after them. rani says why did you do the drama in front of dadi? He says I did what I had? Rani says you are done right? Leave then. Get out of my life, my house, and my village. My dadi is sick and my dad is lost. Everything is ruined. He says why would I listen to you. Should I forgive you for this filth? You did sin and you had to pay it back with these consequences. Rani says before I forget everything and cross a limit, go from here. I don’t have the capacity to tolerate your hatred. The pace you to my life with, leave with the same pace.

Episode ends.

Precap-Vikram checks the papers and says the person you bought this land from, his sister never signed the NOC, it wasn’t sold with her consent. She’s asking for her right. Rani says this land is mine and Ramo store will be made here. Vikram says you can’t. It is one of the ways to stop the construction. Such cases stay pending for years. You end up giving it up.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Please be posting the upcoming story fast and regularly….

  2. Please be posting the upcoming story fast and regularly….

  3. Ohhh mannnn!!!!…. Is this the same veer who was so sensitive towards people…. How the hell can he do this… He didn’t care about rani’s family and their emotions…. I just truly felt like thrashing veer till death… But i m just so happy that rani bashed him in the end and asked him to leave because that’s what he deserves… I am truly really done with this veer now… I just hope that he leaves forever!!….. Nd what shit was that that song… I was just laughing hearing that song and seeing him play the dhol… Has he just lost it…. Although i know he will not go and would find some stupid reason to stay but he has just lost all the respect i had for him..
    And then that ranisa… She is such a witch… I just hate ranisa and veer..

    1. I couldn’t even watch him play and sing it was just so ridiculous🙄🙄

    2. I hope that Rani’s dadi is okay😰 At this point I just want Veer gone, I’m glad that Rani said what she had to, he’s so dumb and delusional that he’s not seeing their reactions to his allegations it’s literally written on their faces that he’s talking a load of crap and plus the pain is evident on Rani’s face as well.But no, whatever Rani sa says is truth😒 I want Ramo to just walk out of there and leave that Rani sa, she would only manipulate him plus he shouldn’t have to answer to her. Rani sa will get what’s coming to her, I agree with the person who said that Jai should marry Nandini and lose all their properties and leave their family broke maybe then they’ll learn.

    3. (Posted my main comment as one of my replies by accident sorry) this is my reply to your comment👇
      Ikr! what did they do to our sweet, genuine and sensitive Veer😔😔 I don’t know if it’s the writters or Rani sa or what. But they totally just stripped Veer, one of the strongest characters of his humanity, love and his goodness that made us respect and root for him in the first place.
      I really had hope that him seeing dadi in that condition would have snapped him out of it, but I was dead wrong.

  4. Omg…I didn’t like today’s episode at all. What the hell is wrong with veer??? Why he wants to treat dadi after hurting her? He is acting like Ranisa…who thinks she’s goddess!! Ranisa is the real snake…why is she even staying there? Take ur so use less son veer n dumb kiara n leave the village. Yesss, Rani did right…Veer should just leave and be Ranisa’s puppet all his life. I feel really bad for Ramo…the way he’s being treated by Ranisa. I hope jai marries the dumb bandhani n someone take all the property n lose it in gambling…which brings ranisa on the road. ..than she will realise her worth. On the other hand rani should be a successful engineer n strong personnel

    1. He did the same with Rani, hurt her and then want to treat her🙄 he still loves her but is hurting her, for what? Veer is being dumb and arrogant I thought she was going to finally slap him but telling him to go is fine still. Maybe if Rani slaps him he might come out of his delusion? Because he is literally the only one there, he is completely lost🤦🏻‍♀️ oh Veer🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  5. I didn’t like the episode..Veer is going to make a big mistake for hurting Rani and her family but let’s see what happens..I am a little scared for her tho I hope they do reunite soon. Ranisa is in Baliya too 😑

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