Apna Time Bhi Aayega 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Kiara finds her bag in Champa’s room

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Scene 1
Everyone is worried. Rajeshwari says Veer you said everything is in your control. Vijay handled for one day. How long can I stay hidden here? What if the police find out? Veer says who could that person be? Rajeshwari says his mission is something else. If he wanted me out, Rani would be here. Nandini says in heart my whole family is worried and I can’t even do anything. Sanjay says Veer won’t get you in trouble but Rani’s life is in danger. Rajeshwari says I am not mad at Veer, just my fate. If Rani ran from there why isn’t she home yet? Veer says exactly. She would at least have called. I don’t get it. Vikram says yes, she can’t be so careless. Rajmata says what do you mean? Vikram says they might have lied. Rajmata says her life is still in danger? She cries. Kumud says Rajmata drink water, please. Rajmata says Rani was so excited about the pooja yesterday. She was fasting for you Veer. Kumud says she was choosing her dress as well. Nothing will happen to her.

Scene 2
Rani is tied in the shed. She says water.. The goon says shut up. Rani recalls about her fast. She recalls asking Rajmata about the fast and pooja. Rajmata told her that women go to the lake with an idol. Rani said I will wear my favorite lehnga. Rani says in heart I have to get out of here. Who is this person? And why did he lie that I ran? Jai comes in. He says I will take revenge of all my insults. He recalls how he was insulted by everyone. Jai says no one will come for your help. Rani says water.. He says let me make you drink. He drops the water in front of her and says this is just the beginning.

Scene 3
Veer recalls when he met Rani for the first time. He says I never thought I would have this relationship with you. He looks at her picture and recalls their moments together. Veer says with you I learned to live my life. I will bring you home. Please take care of yourself. You know I am in pain, please come back. Kiara comes there. Kiara says Veer are you okay? He says yes. She gives him water. She says leaving food and water can’t bring Rani back. You’re not a kid. How will you bring her back if you’re not well. Veer takes the glass but it spills. Kiara says let me call Champa.

She comes to the servant quarter and says these servants only time pass. Kiara sees a bag under Champa’s bed. She recalls Nandini asked her for money. Nandini said I want it for the charity. Kiara says I gave money to Nandini in this bag. What is it doing here? Kiara comes to Nandini with the bag. She says you lied to me? You could tell me the truth. I found this bag in Champa’s room. Nandini says what? Champa’s room? Kiara says no more lies. Tell me what’s happening. Nandini says I think there’s a misunderstanding. Let me check. She leaves. Kiara says Nandini is hiding something from everyone.

Scene 3
Jai says to rani your turn now. Rani says let me go. Veer will give you whatever you want. He comes close to her. Rani says don’t come near me. He says let’s play a game. You have to follow my voice. If you catch me, you will be released. Let’s start. Rani says leave my hand. They make her go round. Rani falls here and there. They laugh at her. Rani says I have to get out of here.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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