Apna Time Bhi Aayega 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer makes Rajeshwari run from jail

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Scene 1
Birju snatches Vijay’s gun and says if this is the way to get Rani out so let it be. I will take Rani sa out of this is the way to save Rani. Veer says what are you doing? I also want to save Rani. But this isn’t the right away. Birju says I am not scared. Veer says then shoot me. Can Rani see you in jail? At least think about her. Birju sits down crying and says how do I bring her back then. Veer says there’s a way but I need your help Vijay.

Rajmata is upset. She recalls when Rani got pickle for her. Sanjay says we have to be strong. Rajmata says troubles aren’t ending. This house is empty without Rani and Rajeshwari. I hope they come back home soon. She cries. V
Veer says we have only 8 hours left. We can’t make any mistakes. I am telling you your rules. He tells the plan to Vikram and Birju. Kiara comes and says I want to help you Veer. Veer says thank you but I can’t involve anyone. Please stay away from all this. This is my plan and I will execute it. Vijay is with us. Veer said to Vijay you have to make Rajeshwari run from the jail. Vijay says we can’t do that. Veer said please, for one day to save Rani. I will bring Rajeshwari to jail myself back in a day. Ramo says this is very dangerous. Are you sure? Veer says Rani is also in danger. Let’s go.

Vikram says to Kiara what do you want? Acting to be nice in front of Veer? She sys I was trying to help Veer. He says you don’t care about Rani you just want to get points in Veer’s eyes. Why do you come between them? They love each other. Better stay away from Veer. You won’t get anything. Kiara says you will never know how it feels when your love is one-sided. I don’t care if you don’t understand. Vikram says in heart why do I feel bad? Kiara says anyway, good luck for your plan. She leaves.

Scene 2
Veer comes to the jail disguised as a turban man. The constable says where are you going? He says came in Rakesh’s place to deliver tea. Birju comes there as a cleaner. He says there are so many mosquitoes. Vijay says I have called the fumigation team. Vikram comes in a PPE. He spreads smoke. Everyone starts coughing. All women scream we can’t breathe. They start fainting. Veer and Vijay try to open the gate. They pick Rajeshwari. Alarms blare. Veer and Vikram run out with her.

Scene 3
Rani tries to get up. She releases her hands and tries to run. The goon says where are you going.. Rani hits him on the head.

Rajmata hugs Rajeshwari and says thank God you’re back. No one was happy in this house without you. Nandini says I will always listen to you. Don’t ever leave me again. Sanjay says I am happy to see you but this isn’t right. Vijay says I handled everything. Rajeshwari says you ruined. What is this way? She says to Veer I thought you’re mature. I told you not to do a mistake in a hurry. And Vijay, you didn’t know your duty as a police officer? How could you be such an idiot? How many years would be added to my prison now? Veer says please listen.. Rajeshwari says your explanation can’t justify this. Vijay says we didn’t have any other way to save Rani from that kidnapper. Rajeshwari says what? Where is Rani? Veer tells her everything. Rajeshwari is shocked. Rajeshwari says who would do this? But do you know how many troubles would come to us if someone finds out. Vijay says don’t worry. I gave a statement that you’re kidnapped not fled. Someone wants to harm you. But I can’t handle it for long, we have to save Rani. Veer says thank you Vjiay. Veer says I didn’t want to create any troubles for you. Sanjay says Rajeshwari you go and rest for now.

Scene 4
Jai calls Veer. Veer says I had been waiting for your call. I released Rani sa. Now leave Rani. He says your wife ran. Veer says what? I know this is your new drama. He hangs up.

Jai looks at Rani. The goon says why did you lie? She’s with us. Vijay comes. He says what did the kidnapper say? Veer says Rani ran from there. Vijay says what will we do now? This has become more complicated.

Episode ends.

Precap: Veer talks to Rani’s photo. He tells her to come back, every moment is difficult for him without her. Rani asks the kidnapper for water. He’s on phone and talks about a fasting tomorrow. Rani thinks it’s her first fasting after marriage.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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