Apna Time Bhi Aayega 12th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer saves Rani from goons


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Scene 1
Veer says this thread doesn’t matter. Rnai says thread? The one you gave me all the promises with, you’re calling it a thread? You’re the one who created this distance between us. A woman’s heart knows what it means to her. Veer says stop your drama. This thread is made for real relationships, not dramas. You taught me that. Time to break it. Rani is shocked. I made you wear it I will break it. He pulls it Rani shouts enough. Dadi comes and says what’s happening here? Dadi says mangalsutra got stuck? Don’t make noises Rani. She says come I made khichdi. Veer goes out. Rani says what if dadi finds out? Should I tell dadi?

Vikran asks Kiara what is Veer talking about? What function? She says I don’t know. Ask your brother. Dadi says to veer tomorrow is the opening of Ramo’s store. She gets teary. Veer says why are you getting teary? She says seeing kids succeed makes you teary. Veer says don’t worry, I will get the store running. Rani says why would you do anything for our store? Veer says I have a relation with Ramo kaka as well before you came to our family. Rani says but he’s my father. No other relations matter. He says relations aren’t a competition. I have a right too even if less than you. Birju says I would hit him if Rani didn’t stop me. Kiara says now he will get the store set up? Dadi says how is that the way to talk? Veer says it’s okay dadi. We aren’t husband and wife.. Everyone is shocked. Dadi says what are you saying? He says I mean we are friends as well. Veer says in heart I can really tell her but I will surprise them all. Dadi says don’t mind what she said. Ramo is your dad too. Birju says it was Rani’s dream. Rani can do it alone she doesn’t need anyone. He should go back and treat his patients. Dadi says shit up. We are his family. Go and bring milk. I want to make kheer.

Scene 2
Kiara video calls Rajeshwari. She says everything is out of hands. Please do something. You should come. Kiara says first Veer wanted to get them married, now he’s saying he will open Ramo’s store. What kind of separation is this that he’s working on her dreams? I don’t get anything. Rajeshwari says we have to do something. Jai says I have a plan. I won’t disappoint you. Jai calls Mukhiya of Baliya. He says we want some things in baliya. Get Ramo’s store shut.

Scene 3
Rani prays and says I will make a temple in the shop. Rani gets a call. Rani says what are you saying? She runs out. Rani says to dadi some goons have come to our land. Rani comes there and says this is our land. What are you doing here? Get out. He says it’s Mukhiya’s order that there can be no shop here. There’s a hotel next to it. It will show of the area. Rani says I will speak to mukhiya. I have the papers. He says we are the law here. We won’t hear a woman talking back to us. Rani says I have made a lot of you shut up. He gets up and comes close to Rani. Veer comes and hurts him. He says a woman gave brith to you and you became this way? This land is theirs. Rani says we will kick you out of here. Veer says I am talking. They hit Veer. Veer falls down. Rani picks a brick and hits them. They shove her. Her hand bleeds. Veer says are you okay? He hits them. They grasp him. Rani says leave him. They shove her. Rani’s food bleeds. Veer hits them. Veer asks Rani are you okay? Rani looks at him. He says I did this for Ramo. Get up now. Rani says I don’t need your help. Veer picks her. Rani says leave me. He says I don’t have a choice. I know you will be someone else’s in a few days but I am a dcotor. Rani says get me down. He says I know you don’t need me but your bruise needs a doctor.

Scene 4
Birju and Vikram bring the stuff. Birju says after doing everything he’s making us serve him? Vikram says there’s some reason why he’s doing this? Once I find that I will fix it. Dadi comes worried. she says when you two left some goons took over the land. Rani went there. I tried to stop her but she didn’t listen. Veer also went there. Vikram says let’s go. But Veer coming in holding Rani.

Episode ends.

Precap-Veer gives a derss to Rani and says wear this. Birju will like it. Rani says to dadi actually Veer and I.. Veer comes there playing a drum. Veer says to Vikram get ready. He says for what? Veer says for Rani’s mehndi. Ramo comes and says what?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I don’t know why but i am again finding veer very cute😂…. This tashan between both veer and rani is so cute… And now this wedding drama🤦‍♀️…. This is just so illogical that these people don’t even care that sth like divorce exists😂… Like veer is getting rani married despite they are not even divorced… But honestly i m just loving this track because we are prepared for the worst i.e. birju and rani’s marriage which i know is too impossible to happen… So lets just enjoy this side of veer because i don’t know why but i m loving it( except for those rude and disrespectful comments he make to rani)..

    1. We definitely are prepared for the worse because things have gotten to the point where there is bad stuff happening at almost every turn, I’m unfazed by it now(except for Veer saying bad things to Rani though I’m shocked that he could say such things to someone he loves). Plus with Rani sa and Jai coming to the village I know things are definitely going to get worse😐
      I must admit that I have been seeing the sneaking puppy dog eyes and glances at Rani from him, although he tries to glare at her all the time and him getting close to her too 👀 he knows deep down that he is wrong. But yes he is a little cute a tiny tiny bit that is all he’s getting from me because I don’t like his behavior with Rani

  2. Haha I think Veer and Rani will get married again last minute when Veer remembers everything and runs to her to apologise. I love Rani and Veer’s tashan and this Birju is funny 😂 still Veer cares for Rani even tho he is mad for no reason

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