Apart from me! #riansh # ShotStory! part -1

Apart from me!?





“Mere saath mt rho…. Smjhti kyu nhi, please jao ????? “A girl shouted with tears in her eyes.


” Apne aaap ko smjhao…. Zindagi mei hmesha ek opportunity nhi milti…. Aur bhi cheeze…” Shouted her sister-in-law, back at her.


“Nhiii…. He will hate me… In fact he does… He was forced, I was forced…. It was just a forced Marriage….. ” The girl shouted , trying to vent out herself ,her emotions ,in front of her sister-in-law, Ishani; who was trying to make her understand importance of a topic.


” Ek baar smjho… Apne aap ko smjhao… He is a ruthless for World…not for you! Ek chance dene ki khosish kro… “İshani spoke in a calm voice,.


” Hmesha mai heei kyu? Pichle 1 saal se mai heei kyu? Because I am a girl??because I am married to him ?? because I am his wife or should I say forced wife?

It’s not always a duty of a girl in her relationship to make efforts even husbands can make too and I am trying….I am making……I am try my level best for each and every step ! “Said the girl, ridhima….. With tears departing from her doe-shaped eyes.


” Hmesha mai heei kyu? ” She whinned in a painful voice.


” you are coming in the pressure of dadi’ words and doing all this.

Just try to mend the relationship with Your own heart’s agreement and he will surely come back for you.

You know him from 4 or 6 months..and you both haven’t even exchanged a word politely .

You know for 6 months, right?

But his family knows him from years and we know w…. ” she choked on her own words or can say she couldn’t express her innerself in words!



Ridhima who was listening to her keenly, with a sad and sulked face and tears still flowing through her eyes.

Now thousand questions arised in her minds, and her confusion was clearly expressed through her eyes, which was noticed by ishani.


She ignored and chose to move out, leaving a broken and confuses ridhima, more dejected.





This was just a  prologue, guys!

It came randomly!


What happens ,when ridhima misunderstood vansh ‘se ignorance towards her,toward his family as his attitude, as his will?

When she wants to free her herself from all relationships, but ishani tries to make her understand her brother’s situation, but her own words gets silent and deny to come out!




That’s all!

It a short story!

May be of 5 shots…




Readers waiting for my FF?


First chappy after – 25+ comments and 75+ votes.



Do leave your comments, I know this one was short! Will post normal length wala next time!

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