Anything for ur love (part 2)

Hi ? guys I am back with another chappy..
If anyone missed the previous part here is the link?
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Guys am very sorry….u guys are thinking y sry know….u will get to know in the end ..
So lets start…

Sanky and lucky r going to mm in car…sanky is driving..and lucky is lost in his own world in hearing music in headphones…
San- Btw bhai wt type of a girl u want …
Not getting any response from lak he to him and see that he is lost in his world…he signs in disbelief…
Suddenly something hit his car….

Sanky (in mind)- who is that …who hot my car..
Then only he realizes tat he only dashed the other vehical
Sanky get down from the car and sees a beautiful angel ? like girl infront of him…he is lost in her beauty
And the girl is none other than swara….
Lucky too get down frm car …
And sees that sanky is admiring something…her then sees swara who is shouting on him ….but sanky is just staring her like idiot..lucky thinks something and smirks..he goes near sanky ..
Lucky- she is so beautiful sanky..
Sanky with out his knowledge says yes ..and then he realizes wt he said…and he stares at lucky..

San pov
Omg she is so beautiful..her eyes ?..her lips ?…i feel like i am attracted towards her..i think finally I the great sanskar Maheshwari..fell in love…i think this is only called as love at first sight..suddenly I heard that someone is shouting at me..omg my love is shouting at me…

Swara pov…
I was going to meet my old friends after a long time…i was so happy…and I was going on my fav pinky (scooty)
Suddenly a car hit my pinky….i fell on ground safely..nothing happened to me thank god..but then I saw my is tatally damaged
Oh my poor pinky….and I saw him…he just staring melile he wants to eat me…how dare he is to damage my pinky..and I started shouting at him..
Pov end

San- I am very sorry…miss beautiful
Swa- miss beautiful huh ?..,how dare u to hit my pinky?
San- pinky ? ?
Swa- pinky my scooty…u r blind..duffer ..donkey..
San(in mind)..ram ..ram..even my dad also didn’t scold me like this..
Swa- I want my pinky perfectly right now..
San – ok miss beautiful..
San called someone….within 5 min mechanic came and repaired it..
(guys don’t ask me how….an logic…it happens at times)
In the mean time san was just staring at her like an idiot
San -miss is ur pinky..
Swa- thank you…and don’t dare to call me miss beautiful okay..
and she immediately rushed…
San – u r only mine miss beautiful….
And san lak goes to mm

In mm
San & lak enters..
Dp- come in my sons ..i was waiting for u only…and shows some girls photos…

Sanky was not at all interested in it ( i think u guys know why)..
San- dad plz…..i am not interested…plz understand….when i love someone..i will only give her photo to u …u go and talk with their parents…
Actually i love my love but don’t know who’s is my love and where is my love now….and he rushes to his room leaving dp confused ?
Dp now turn towards lucky…
Dp – beta laksh..u see this pics
Lucky- woo…i got some urgent Call i think ..and say hello phone
Suddenly phone rings…
Dp glares at him
Lucky – ? …and rushes to his room

Here dp sits sadly thinking something
Kaka- sab I have an idea..
(guys this kaka works in mm from many he is head kaka…and dp gives lot of respect to him and his words..he usually gives advice’s)

Dp -what kaka
Kaka- u only select one girl from these pics…u only go to that girls house..and see that girl…later u inform ur sons abt this
Dp- nice idea kaka ..thanks
And Dp select one girl pic….

Soo..thats all for today guys…

I think u understand…why I said sorry…
There are no RagLak scene…very very sry for that…
I promise next chappy ..there will be Raglak scenes
I will give equal importance to swasan and raglak…

So guys what do u think about this chappy..
Who’s pic dp selected ?..
What happens to swasan and raglak love story?…

Sry for the mistakes..
Pardon me if I hurt anyone feelings..

Plz comment and let me know how the chappy is…

Bye ? guys…

Precap:- laksh on different avatar…villain intro…raglak meeting…and some twists.

  1. nice..loved swasan scenes?

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  7. Interesting episode and loved it. Eagerly waiting for Raglak meeting and please post next part ASAP ????

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  10. nice..loved swasan scenes..

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    Amazing…. Swasan scene is cute. Laksh n dp scene is funny!

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