Anupama 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Nandini Proposes Samar

Anupama 4th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vanraj stops car on the way to grandma’s house. Baa asks if car broke down. Bapuji asks why would he stop car then. Anu walks out and asks what happened. Vanraj says tyre got punctured, not to worry as he has a spare tyre and will change it in 10 minutes. Anu sees dhaba in front and says let us have tea, its even his tea time. He says good idea, Baa and Bapuji can relax for sometime. She says they will call even Sweety. Samar at home plans to do something special for Nandini. Baa gets out of car and says they will get late in lieu of tea. Bapuji that is a part of enjoyment during traveling. Vanraj says Baa says Bapuji pays attention to his news paper and not her. Mamaji says that’s because news paper doesn’t speak. Vanraj says Baa can have a date with chaiwala. Anu reminisces traveling with Vanraj to naani’s house and requesting to stop the car for tea and he rudely saying he will get late as he has presentation with Kavya in the evening. She says surri. He angrily corrects it. Out of flashback, Vanraj says today climiate is very good and he will buy her a tea.

Kinjal calls Samar and hearing him cooking says she and mummy cooked food already for him. He says he knows, but he is trying to utilize the opportunity. She asks if he is planning a date with Nandini. He says yes and says even she can go on a date with Toshu and come home late, but before parents return. She agrees and voice messages Toshu. Kavya hearing her conversation says she can go early as she will manage. Samar excitedly opens door thinking Nandini came, but seeing delivery boy jokes with him and closes door. Delivery boy rings bell repeatedly for money and returning change. Samar gets very angry and opens door scolding when he calms down seeing Nandini holding a dish. She says LOL. He says lots of looking lovely. She says she knows and walks in.

Vanraj changes tyre and seeing Anu watching him asks to go and sit. She says her guru Kinjal suggested her to learn even fixing tyre and minor repairs along with driving, she will go if he minds. He says she can stay here and says she drivds car well. She reminisces him shouting at her for learning driving earlier. He says just like cooking cannot be learnt by just watching, even tyre cannot changed by just watching.

Nandini taunts Samar that Pooja must be hot and she is sure she is nothing in front of her. He says she is more hotter. She feeds him cake and says its very tasty. She asks if he lies to Pooja like her. She plays music and dances around him on Taal Se Taal Mila.. song. Samar watches her mesmerized with her beauty and act. She slips engrapsed in dance and he holds her.

Anu helps Vanraj fix tyre. Vanraj says she doesn’t go to gym, then how can be so strong. She says she is doing household chores since years. Their hands collide while fixing nuts. He cleans grease on her chin. Ye Moh Moh Ke plays in the background. They enjoy each other’s company. Baa thinks she never saw them happy together so much and prays god to always keep their happiness and togetherness forever.

Kavya returns home early thinking of working from home and submitting report to Kinjal tomorrow morning. She hears door bell and opens door. A stalker speaks and says he came to check a next flat on rent and questions her about it and building. She says he should check with building secretary. He asks for water. She gets him water while he stares at her body while she moves and thanks her for water. She angrily shuts door.
Angry Nandini asks Samar/Sami if Pooja can dance better than her. He hugs her and says no girl in the world can dance better than her and after his mummy, only Nandini can dance well and nobody can be like her, his name is Samr and not Sami. She smiles. He says I LOL you. She says I love you so much. He gets happy hearing that. She says she shouldn’t have told this. He says good she spoke her heart out. She says tried to stop herself and her heart not to love or express it, but she did as she feared of losing him after she heard about Pooja from him. They both tightly hug each other and say LOL.

Anu sits under a flower tree and gets happy when flowers fall on her. Dil Ne Kaha Chupke Se…song plays in the background. Vanraj smiles seeing her happy. She gets alert seeing him. He asks her to sit and says she was getting happy seeing flowers falling on her; its easy to be happy, but they make it difficult. She says women know to be happy in every small moment. He hopes even men can learn to be happy with simple reasons. She says he can call Kavya from his phone. He says its okay as he will call her later if its urgent. On the other side, Kavya opens door hearing door bell and stands shocked seeing someone.

Precap: Vanraj gets angry seeing Samar and Nandini’s romance and says Samar misused privacy and if elders had not returned, he would have romanced Nandini whole night. Samar says he is insulting his love with these words. Vanraj says their relationship/alliance can never happen, so this topic and relationships right there.

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  1. Please post the update quickly

  2. LOL, Vanraj doesn’t want to call Kavya his samdhan. Vanraj and Anupama’s moments is so annoying like they are getting a divorce but the writers are portraying like they are falling in love with each other. Is Kavya trying to use her stalker to make Vanraj jealous. This story is just scattered in different pieces, I wonder how the writers will bring it together.

  3. !!NO!!NO!!NO!!

    Its true, Samar shouldn’t take advantage of his privacy to romance a girl in his house behind elders’ back, that too at night time. Vanraj is correct that he would’ve romanced Nandini whole night if they didn’t return. This act of Samar and Nandini isn’t really appropriate. How can they misuse their privacy to get intimate with each other while the other family members aren’t even aware that they’ve something going on (except Anupama). I know it’s love and all but they should have some values, respect, and limits. Not to start romancing anywhere they get opportunity. I guess soon they’ll show Nandini’s pregnancy and everyone would be forced to let her marry Samar. I really hate it how every 2nd show is promoting pregnancy before marriage and justifying it with true love, etc. But whatever, I again repeat that they shouldn’t be romancing with each other, alone at night time, behind the family’s back and they would even hide it later.

    1. Actually your prediction is wrong as nandini cannot conceive a child or get pregnant because of the past accident which the makers will be show casting in future according to the latest updates.
      And your 1 and last point is right that the latter shouldn’t be romancing alone at night and vanraj point of view is also right but he should let them marry as they love each other.

    2. !!NO!!NO!!NO!!

      Yeah, he should let them marry as they’re in love. But again they will stretch this issue, cause unnecessary drama, sufferings and sacrifices, everyone will oppose the relationship etc… when they are finally married, no one will accept Nandini and they’ll hate her etc boring drama, as usual. And ohh! This is a new update for me. I didn’t know about Nandini’s pregnancy issues. But what’s new in this? It happens in every serial that the poor girl can’t become a mother, and frustrated, the family throws her out. LOL Typical same track.

  4. anu is liking vanraj a lot now

  5. Shaheera Khan

    samar is too young to get married and to understand the seirioseness of being married and i was thinking about Anupama who pushed her son to enjoy the freedom ,what are they showing without finishing your education its neccery to get married same as Toshu. and now samar i amsorry but his own mother have been pushing him towards Nandani while you know the girl lives on her own why she always was sending his son there.

    1. Yes, you’re very right! He’s only 22, much too young to start a talk of “rishta” with Nandini. He isn’t even properly educated till now, let alone settled well! Okay, dancing is his passion I know, but atleast build a proper permanent career in that field, before asking some girl to come, romance and marry you. He has just got his first earning that doesn’t mean he’s independent yet. No, he’s still dependent on his parents. And I think that show makers are doing wrong by promoting such type of closeness between Samar-Nandini where the boy isn’t settled, isn’t mature and the girl lives alone, and they take advantage of their privacy to start romancing anywhere, without thinking. As someone said above, no one is even aware of their relation and closeness till now, and they start romancing with each other alone in the house at night time, misusing family’s absence. This behavior can’t be appropriate. Samar will call it Love but honestly, that doesn’t justify. In Toshu’s case, it was better cause everyone knew about them, they are elder and more mature, and both have families too, no one living alone. Also they both were on the verge of completing their education.
      Yes, Anupama did very wrong to send her son to romance a girl living alone. She acts very wise but this act of her isn’t right. On the pretext of love, and Samar’s happiness, she wants him to get “too” close to Nandini for their comfort.

  6. When Vanraj scolded them why did this Nandini make a sad face like that? Why they do not understand that they’re wrong in doing such acts at night time. And what is this Samar- aapne mere pyaar ki insult kar di ye keh kar. Bro Samar, you think that love means spending a night together with a girl behind your parents’ back? How foolish. And am sure that this Anupama will still support her dear son, Nandini and their so called love. Why no one sees the wrong in their acts? Ye dono bas raat ke samay hero heroine banke taiyaar ho gye, God jaane kya kya karne…of course kuchh plan tha inka otherwise iss tarah coat-pent aur gown pehenke aur ghar decorate karke kyu aajate. Romance toh bina in sab chizo ke bhi kar skte the. uff it’s so so wrong.

  7. Good

  8. Shaheera Khan

    would anu allow her daughter the same

    1. *vanraj’s pov too and he ‘IS RIGHT’.

    2. sorry i meant this reply (correction) for my own comment below but by mistake it got posted in yours. anyway i agree with what you are saying

  9. Vanraj is not to blame. no father will tolerate such nonsense from his son and girlfriend. if they love each other that does not mean they will cross the limits. they are too immature and young to do that before marriage. please, samar and nandini’s behavior is intolerable and disgusting. we should understand vanraj’s pov too and he’s not right. i hope anupama does not support samar nandini this time. when she supports them in wrong thing it encourages them more and they take a step forward in relationship which is not appropriate behavior. samar has no job or studies at all. whole day he can think and romance nandini only? how stupid. at least he can help his father or mother but no whole day he will sit idle or plan surprises for his gf. so irritating. i do not like samar now.

    1. vanraj’s pov too and he ‘IS RIGHT’

  10. Hellooo,for goodness sake,what are you guys saying?? Do you know that an apple fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree??? Did vanraj not romance kavya in that same house which led to Anu catching them unaware??? And now he dares to tell Samar that his relationship with nandini won’t ever work??? The man is sick and he is an hypocrite… So he can be sleeping with the aunty but his son can’t marry the niece.Samar and nandini are not hurting anybody unlike vanraj and kavya who broke a whole family just to satisfy their passion and so called loneliness.. I agree that Samar and nandini shouldn’t romance at night but that’s not an excuse to separate them and its like the so called elders in this serial are more stupid than the young ones…. Vanraj is forming father figure but I can’t wait to see what he will do once kavya moves into that house as she has given her house to her so called ex-husband.

  11. Vanraj has no values or morals so how can he teach his son to behave? Cheating on his wife for eight years and then in their house. Samar has no respect for his father whatsoever. Toshu being the older brother should have been in charger of the house activities. No Samar should not have been romancing Nanidi until late into the night at their house. The should of had dinner and watched a movie and called it a night. The problem is these two have been longing to express their love to each other and both were scared to say. Baa will not like it because she is Kavya’s niece.

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