Anupama 3rd December 2020 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Returns Home?

Anupama 3rd December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa tells Bapuji that Anupama is good, but not good for Vanraj as they are not equal. Bapuji says even they are not equal, he is well educated and from big city, but she is illiterate and from small city; he used to go out and work while she used to stay at home, what if he also had done same mistake like Vanraj. She says even then. He says just because he is their son, it doesn’t mean he can make mistake; what if Anupama had done same mistake. She says Vanraj accepted his mistake. Bapuji says if he murders someone and accepts mistake, will police spare him; Vanraj would have stopped all this when Anu caught him red handed, but even then he continued without repenting. Baa says she can understand, but how to make a mother understand. Bapuji says Anu is suffering and she shouldn’t increase her pain. Baa says her piece of heart has left her, how to convince her heart. Anu hearing their conversation while ironing clothes stands frozen and cloth burns. Bapuji smells something burning and alerts Anu. Anu says everything is burning, heart is burning, house is burning because of her. Bapuji says when fire catches house, goods burn, but when relationship burn, happiness burn, even their happiness is burning, but she didn’t set fire on it, so she shouldn’t blame herself.

Kavya asks Vanraj if he is hungry, should she order food. He says he is not hungry. She offers him coffee and says she knows he likes tea, but she cannot prepare good tea. She says he came to her in anger, will he return home when his anger clears. Vanraj reminisces Bapuji, Baa, and children’s anger on him. He says he left house in anger, but he came to her as he loves her; sometimes people take wrong decisions in anger, but when he takes any decision, its final.

Anu notices Toshu keeping his engagement ring in home temple. Toshu says his alliance with Kinjal is canceled, so kept it in temple and she can sell it off; papa made mistake, mummy and grandparents punished papa, but his alliance is canceled because of his parents without his mistake. Anu says this ring belongs to Kinjal and will always be. He says its impossible. He says he told even when Rakhi denied his engagement Kinjal, but it happened; he should return Kinjal’s ring when he meets her next. Baa walks in and shouts how dare she is. Baa notices Kinjal at door and shouts how dare she is to return her, her mother insulted them and broke alliance, then why did she come here. Anu requests her to calm down. Kinjal apologizes on her mother’s behalf. Baa continues that her mother purposefully preplanned everything and insulted her daughter’s in-laws, she dared to insult her, etc. Kinjal asks what is her mistake in this, she can insult her but not break alliance. Baa continues yelling at her and shuts door on her face. Anu pleads not to shut door on anyone’s face as she knows how it feels. She opens door and sees Kinjal already gone. Toshu runs searching Kinjal. Baa yells that mother insulted them and their son is mad behind daughter. Anu says mother broke alliance because of father’s mistake and they are breaking daughter’s heart because of mother’s mistake, what is the difference between them and Rakhi now. Baa yells she doesn’t want to hear her lecture and walks away. Samar says he knows how it feels when heart breaks, reminiscing proposing Nandini and she not replying and walking away. He hopes Tohsu and Kinjal’s alliance doesn’t break. Anu says it will not.

Vanraj exercises reminiscing Baa slapping him, Bapuji pulling off his nameplate and kicking him out of house after transferring property in Anupama’s name, Anu asking him to send divorce papers. He does crunches and subconsciously asks Anu to hold his legs, then realizes she is not there and asks Kavya to help. Kavya busy working on laptop says just 5 minutes. He says its okay. Kavya says she doesn’t know how many protein shake scoops he takes, so if he can prepare it himself. After sometime, Vanraj gets ready for office with Kavya. Kavya says she used dream that their mornings should be together. Vanraj says even evenings. She gets client’s call and walks away. He searches his tie and pulls out clothes from cupboard searching it. He calls Kavya and asks where is his tie. She asks why did he mess so much just for a tie. He says his tie is missing, shoe is not polished yet. She asks him to relax, she will search it, but he should do his chores himself and don’t throw his wet towel on bed as she doesn’t like it. He says he is not habituated to do all this, then says he will learn. She says one should do their chores themselves, gets client’s call asking to clear the mess. He searches tie and socks and remembers Anu, gets angry thinking why is he thinking of her so much.

Samar tells Anu that he wants to do a call center job to support family. She asks to just think about his fulfilling his dream and leave house issues on her. She sees Baa looking out via binocular hoping Vanraj will return, walks to her and asks if she should prepare masala khichdi as she likes it. Baa says even Vanraj likes it, emotionally asks if she felt same when Toshu had left home, she feels choking. Anu says being a mother she became a reason for another mother’s pain, hopes she knows how to lessen her pain. Baa says Vanraj will return for sure as he cannot stay away from them even for 2 days. Just then, Anu hears Vanraj’s car honk. Vanraj stops his car and walks in with his bag.

Precap: Vanraj tells Pakhi that he cannot explain issues between him and Anu, she can accompany him and they can live happily with Bestie Kavya. Pakhi agrees. Vanraj then holding Pakhi’s hand tells Baa that he is going.

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  1. Paakhi is an idiot – I hope someone puts sense into her because 2 episodes ago she hated her dad and didn’t want to see him.

  2. Daughters hero worship their fathers and forgive their mistakes… but as we mature and grow older we realize it’s stupid and moronic, Pakhi is a child, she’ll want to return to her mother the next day… divorce is difficult on kids. Most people are looking at this from a marriage viewpoint and not from the viewpoint of kids who just want their family to be a family. Kavya just wants to have relations with Vanraj, she’s going to learn the hard way she isn’t cut out to be a mother

    1. Safnaa Dubbash

      True and pakhi is just a child who wants both her parents as her best friend parents also had a divorce and she doesn’t want to shuffle between mom and dad. Vanraj wants to use Pakhi for his personal needs to trouble Anupama

  3. One of the writers of this show is Zama Habib who was trolled terribly her in tellyupdates, when he was doing Nimiki Mukhiya.
    I think he is a really talented writer and he is equally playing a role to write out the script well, other than the shit headed Anil Nagpal of Bhagyas

  4. I hope vanraj doesn’t turn pakhi into a maid????je is doing this to hurt anupama moresivk man

  5. No Mata aw small a child is set re sensible enough 2 knw rite nd rong

  6. He is doing all this now out of ego…its blinded him from whats right he will marry kavya and moral of the story wake up to the reality of losing a perfectly fine wife and family because hea too busy sulking over a bruised ego i look forward to that end.

  7. Anupama is really going great guns, and finally shows from both perspectives. This guy Vanraj now will realise anus value and his engaging his daughter is not to show any love , but as a vengeance wreaking instrument , a childish tantrum, where , All three would realise the priorities.

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