Anupama 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update: Hasmukh Voices His Misery To His Family


Anupama 3rd August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama walks out of Shah House. Baghon Ke Har Phool Ko Apna Samjhe Baghbaan… song plays in the background. She recalls the time spent there. Kavya cries hugging her and says whenever she needs a friend, she should remember she is always there for her. Rakhi thinks children have become enemy and sautan has become a friend. Anupama cries hugging Hasmukh. Hasmukh offers her taramind candy, then gives her hand in Anuj’s hand, and blesses her to be always happy with Anuj. Anuj takes Anupama and Little Anu with him. Hasmukh cries waving them bye. They reach home. Anupama says she wants to be in car for some time. Anuj nods yes. Little Anu offers her water bottle and walks in with Anuj.

Anupama feels distress recalling Pakhi, Toshu, Vanraj, and Leela’s bitter words. Barkha gets upset when she learns from Ankush that Anuj is going to make some announcement. Anuj walks in with Little Anu. Sara asks about Anupama and pampers Little Anu. Anuj asks Sara to prepare him some coffee till he freshens up and informs family that he really wants to make an announcement.

Rakhi asks Shahs if she can get some black coffee. Kinjal asks her to stop her drama. Rakhi says she will have coffee at her home then and leaves saying she will return tomorrow with her bags to stay at Shah House till Kinjal’s delivery. Hasmukh says people send devi from their house happily requesting her to return next month, but his family insulted devi and asked her to never return again; he should have died before seeing his daughter being humiliated and kicked out of the house by his family; he prays god to kill him right now. Leela asks why is he saying that. Kavya offers him water and says Anupama would feel bad if something happens to him. He drinks water. He tongue lashes Pakhi and Toshu for misbehaving with their mother and says they can never live in peace even for a day without mother’s help. Hasmukh tells Vanraj and Toshu that they will never get a job when they insult a laxmi often, he will never forgive them for their act and they all will repent their whole lives for their heinous act.

Anupama continues to feel distress and walks inside home. She notices a happy Santa toy in her room and opens it to find Little Anu’s note to calm down and come out as she and Anuj are waiting for her. She walks to them smiling. Little Anu cheers up saying mummy is happy. Anupama says its because she got a happy santa toy from someone. Little Anu asks her to visit her light tent if she is happy. They all 3 spent quality time together cheering each other. Vanraj tries to check Hasmukh’s BP. Hasmukh warns him to dare not touch him. Vanraj says they are concerned about him. Hasmukh says he doesn’t mind dying and asks how could he allow Pakhi insult Anupama when Anupama never let anyone insult him. He asks if he would watch silently if someone insults his mother. Kavya asks why didn’t Vanraj slap arrogant and shameless Pakhi.

Precap: Pakhi breaks down and asks Vanraj why didn’t he stop her from insulting her mother. Anupama says she will not visit a place where Anuj and Little Anu are not respected. Pakhi says she wants to apologize Anupama. Vanraj sensing her intention says she need not apologize or visit Anupama’s house.

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  1. This anupama is total piece of shit… She will return back on rakhi festival .. no self respect at all

    1. Exactly! Festival season on the way. She will celebrate Rakhi, Ganpati , Janmashtami festivals at Shah house, after bapuji health issues she will be back to Shah’s. Kapadia’s will be invited since Pakhi will apologize. Again back to the square one.. once again drama will start among them and mahantaki devi will keep giving gyan why both the families are important for her.. Ravanraj and Leela will change for timebeing untill braindead writers find out some new stupid track!

    2. Nice fake story . Keep it with yourself. Nothing going to happen like that.

    3. @Pavi, i have written here what these stupid writers keep repeating in this show and we don’t expect anything new from them. Belive it or not. Just go through the comments on Rajan Shahi amd Bhavna vyas insta account posts and you will see the reactions from the viewers. God bless you!

  2. Wow what an exact screenplay mr. Anonymous

  3. There are fathers and then there is Vanraj Shah…. A fool who never learns from his mistakes. Always taking advantage of situations for his benefit. I wonder what exactly Kavya sees in him maybe the moustache which ain’t all that. Karma has his address…he will pay for his sins along with Pakhi and Toshu. I pity Toshu is child… getting a father who is so spineless it hurts.

    1. Jayanti seeram

      I can’t understand why the writers need to script Anupama to constantly visit the Shah residence when she only faces humiliation. Women normally faces too much rejection and humiliation in these serials. Their roles need to be uplifted and show their strength early

  4. If pakhi wants to apologize to her mother and vanraj doesn’t want her to then it will be only him to blame if pakhi becomes more rebellious and stops listening to anyone. He will also be to blame if anything happens to hasmukh. His personal ego is coming in the way of family harmony and he might regret it later.

  5. Thank GOD Anupama is not sad, she is smiling with/for them whoever loves her. That’s the spirit.
    She must not lose contact with them who loves her due to the ones who hate her.
    Tired seeing her misery, not sure why she is suffering and crying so much.
    What sucks is she suffers being good, She is not powerful because of her goodness.
    She being good is not helping her, she following all the rituals not helping her, her name chanting is not helping her.
    No other character in the show cries as much as she cries. Is it a prize for being good and pious?
    Is she motivating anyone to be like her? sadly no, she is not motivating me at all.
    Apatre daa/sneha daan is one big mistake, she need to identify who is deserving to get her time/money/love/attention/effort/consideration.
    For rest all she needs to be tit for tat.

  6. I really hope that there are some happy moments now! Enough of crying, sadness and drama. MaAN need some peace and hoping they don’t show anything happening to Anuj! Seriously Anupama needs to have some peace and laughter in her life, how long can a human being keep going thru so much pain and suffering!
    Love how Kavya is evolving in all this, she needs to kick Vanraj out of her lfe
    Writers wake up and change your writing before this becomes just another soap opera that goes on for years without any meaning

  7. Saw the promo of Anuj’s condition, Anupama has to stand firm Anuj’s warning to Barkha, Adhik n Pakhi tat they dun try to manipulate Pakhi n Pakhi cannot visit Adhik at Kapadia!! Anuj has prepave an easy path for Anupama b4 his collapse! Anu has to take full advantage of tat n control of her power to watch over Barkha, Adhik n Ankush!!

  8. And hopefully Anu will not visit Shah house again n take good care of Anuj!!!

  9. @ * Mujhe to kuch achha nahi lag raha hai pata nahi 8th August se kya honewala hai Anuj ka kuch bada accident hoga sayad main to soch rahi hoon 8th se show nahi dekhungi raksha bandhan episodes aa raha hai pehle woh dekh loon iske baad mujhe pata nahi main kya karungi.

  10. Pakhi”s apology is not a genuine one. She doesn’t love or respect her mother a bit. She only wants to apologise so that she can keep on seeing that boy. Very selfish girl.
    But all the blame, according to me is of Anupama. How can she produce such a shameless girl who lacks home training. Anupama did not train her daughter well. She has been tolerating all forms on nonsense from her. It’s so surprising that Anupama always gives advice to people and talk long sentences, but her child is so rotten.
    Now, if her apology is accepted without no punishment so that she can continue to see whom she’s eager to see, then where’s the moral justification. How we she learn her lessons.
    Moreover if Anupama set her foot in that house again all in the name of forgiveness or festival then then, she’s more

  11. Just saw 4th aug. As precap Anuj suffers paralysis

    So goodbye to this crap scripters producer’s and writers.

    Starplus is very good at constantly showing only garbage.

    Thought it would be interesting story to see how maAn fights the siblings. But this is so garbage.

    May be writers were found in garbage, hence this kinda scripts.

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