Anupama 30th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Anuj Confesses His Love For Anupama In Front Of Vanraj

Anupama 30th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kavya day dreams about Vanraj and Anuj fighting and prays god not to turn this dream true. At Shah house, Nandini informs Kinjal how Rohan is stalking her and says if Samar had not gone out with his friend, Rohan wouldn’t have misused this opportunity and tried to scare her. She fears that she will lose Samar and even tried to explain Rohan, but he can go to any extent to separate her and Samar. Kinjal asks her to relax as they all together will tackle this issue. Nandini says they can find a solution which Rohan does in front of them, but what about one which he does behind them. Kavya asks Anu if she got Anuj’s call. Anu says no and fears if they both started fighting. Kavya says even she is fearing same, so they should go and check. Baa switches off lights murmuring that without Anu, she has to switch off all the lights, good Vanraj and Kavya has gone to spy on Anu and Anuj. She sees Nandini’s photos and tries to pick them when Kinjal stops and sends her in and picks them hurriedly.

Inebriated Anuj and Vanraj start dancing energetically on Hum Dono Hain Alag Alag.. song. Anu shocked how did the world changed suddenly, Kavya says they are drunk, Anu says don’t know about Anuj Mr Shah never touched alcohol in years. Youngsters who spiked juice with vodka think these uncles drank their spiked drink. They both start dancing on Tere Pyar Me Meri Jaan Ye Kya Hogaya Hai.. song. Kavya joins Vanraj and dances with him. They then dance rolling on floor on Oho ho ho.. Punjabi song and remove their shirts. Vanraj gets romantic and takes Kavya aside. Anu and Kavya drag them out of club. They both express their love for each other and say they are each other’s friend and brother. Kavya says don’t know what happens to men after getting drunk, she will record video and show it to him tomorrow. They get into lift and continue their drama. Kavya and Anu gets angry and order them to sit on floor until they get some help.

Once they leave, Anuj says I love Anupama. Vanraj asks what did he say. Anuj repeats. Vanraj asks if he is talking about Toshu’s mummy, dance academy Anu. Anuj says yes. Vanraj asks his Anu. Anuj says not his, his is Kavya. Vanraj says yes, he is right; then forgets and asks what were discussing. Anuj repeats I love Anupama. Vanraj repeats his questions and asks when did it happen. Anuj says 26 years ago on 23rd July 1995 at 3 p.m. Vanraj says even he didn’t know Anu at that time. Anuj says Vanraj didn’t understand Anu and he didn’t forget her. Vanraj asks how didn’t he forget her since 26 years. Anuj says he tried a lot to forget her, but a lamp of love doesn’t extinguish. Vanraj says he is a poem and asks him to recite a poem. Anuj recites a poem. Vanraj praises him and says he had 25 years and why didn’t he love Anu. Anuj asks why? Vanraj says Toshu was born after marriage, then fight, then divorce, everything happened except love. Anuj asks why didn’t he love Anu in 25 years. Vanraj says even he is thinking same, their thinking matches; there was no love, but something was there which is still now. Anuj says it shows up. Vanraj asks if he doesn’t have any problem. Anuj says no. Vanraj asks when he and Anu don’t have any problem, then why Vanraj has problem. Anuj asks him to ask Vanraj. Vanraj says he will phone Vanraj and laughs.

Anu with curd heads towards them questioning god that she wanted to see a lot in a day but not this much. Vanraj tells Anuj that he married Anu in 1996 and Anuj met Anu in 1995, what was he doing for 1 year. Anuj says he gathered courage for 1 year and then using his friend Bunty’s scooter he went to Anu’s house, but he was left behind. Vanraj asks from whom. Anuj says from Vanraj, his scooter left behind Vanraj’s house. Anu and Kavya continue walking towards them.

Precap: Baa gets angry when Anu doesn’t pick call. Rakhi provokes her. After getting sober, Vanraj taunts Anuj that he doesn’t know what all happened last night, but if he and Kavya were not present, Anuj’s night would have been awesome.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. According to precap Vanraj doesn’t remember the conversation… Then how was this episode necessary for the storyline?
    Or was it just for fun?
    I’m growing more n more anxious for Maha episode

  2. For Anupama’s sanity, it is best that she moves out of the house, but highly doubt that would happen, but would love to see that.

  3. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Thank goodness it was imagination ๐Ÿ™
    Vanraj may not remember anything now….but eventually something will resurface about the evening’s activities ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜ฌ

    1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      Oh….and btw….Kavya seems to be manipulating Baa in getting away from household chores๐Ÿ™„ among other things?? I guess Baa might be afraid of her attitude ๐Ÿ˜ ….. come to think of it…. maybe maide ki katori can give Anu some pointers on how to be more assertive in making decisions when it comes to Anuj ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜ฌ

    2. @Yolande if vanraj does not remember the evenings drunken confession then you can be sure that Kavya will. The other woman will always have the upper hand in relationships.
      Baa is used to mentally torturing Anupama therefore it really would be great if she leaves that house. Kavya can become buddies with her after and may even need that shoulder to cry on when she actually experiences Anupama’s life, without Anupama. Tough.

    3. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      @Ak….Kavya is used to manipulating Vee and now she is doing same with Baa.
      Let’s wait and see how long Baa tolerates her haughtiness ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  4. So it was just for fun to show so-called Ravanraj Shah’s so-called good side and soft corner for Anu in drunken state. Seriously??? Though I understand no one can withstand alcohol who doesn’t drink it. As in our family also no one drinks it neither anyone smoke. But what was the point to show it. Just for Fun??? If it was for fun then I loved their cute Talli Dance very much. But are makers Ghajini?? On Samar’s birthday he was shown 23. Means 1998 born. Nandu is shown 3 years elder to him. Means 1995. And She calls Toshu Toshu Bhai since beginning. Even in April side episodes Samar called himself 1999 born. They’re totally confusing audience about Anuj-Anu’s college, Anu-Vanraj’s marriage and ages of Samar, Nandu, Toshu and Kinju. It’s good Nandu’s pic came in hands of Kinju. Even I wished the same that Bapuji, Kinju or Samar should get their hands over pic. And I read updates that post blame game and character assassination drama of Anu in Sunday’s episode when she returns back to Ahmedabad, she’ll leave house along with Samar and the mother-son duo will live temporarily at Anuj’s house till they find a new home for them. This will be so soothing that both Anu and Samar will leave house. Both always bears taunts, blame game and character assassination by the family. It’s good. Now Selfish Gang will realise their true worth. And who said that if you becomes old then you should not help in even small household chores. My Dadiji was elder than Baa at the time of my childhood. Because my papa is youngest among his brothers. Still she was having much self respect. She didn’t let my mummy do all household chores. She used to do those things which she can do. Even she encouraged my mummy to sit at our workplace our shop. And asked her not to worry for me and then for my brother also. She used to take care of us when we used to come back from school. Sitting idol was intolerable to her. And she did what she can do until the arrival of her last time. But Baa she even hasn’t completed 50 years of her marriage. And acting like 90 year old grandma. Even 90 years old Ammajis doesn’t sit idol. I used to like Baa after she started taking stand for right things. But now she’s worst. She’s good for only that person who obeys her son. And both Anagha and Paras aka Nandu and Samar shared sneek peek to upcoming fight sequence through their stories and reels that Rohan will send some goons to attack Samar and one will even try to kill him. But they’ll fight bravely. Hope so Rohan exits soon. And if update is true then I’ll be very happy if Anu Samar leave the house.

    1. Wow …Finally its happening .. Anu and samar will leave that toxic shah house for real . I dont care if babuji asks Anu to not leave . He should first asks his wife (baa)ng to stay in her limits……..

    2. See Samar is 23 just now and Toshu is 24..gonna be 25 soon.
      Forget Nandini. Nandini maybe older than Toshu by 1yr but since Toshu is Samar’s big bro.. In that sense she calls him bhaiya… Rishton ka sense…

      Makers are not Ghajni here..its U are using brains a little much more. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคซ

      About saas.. In our Bengal, no Saas boss around and order bahu.. Instead they treat like their own daughter… Pamper very much.. Tell bahu to keep sleeping rise late in morning… Work well… Packs tiffin.. Etc.

    3. See I don’t know about bengali culture. As I’m from UP. And my dadiji was an exception in her generation’s UP saas. But I’m not using brain. Kyunki marriage agar 1996 mein hui thi to 25 years 2021 mein pure hote. But it happened in 2020. And about Nandu calling Toshu bhaiya she’s saying him bhaiya since the time she wasn’t even friend with Samar and they both just used to fight with each other with their LOLs and PJs. Aur kar kar ke 21 ki Anagha ko kitna bada dikha denge makeup se. Uske is age ke childish looks kitna hide karenge. So that’s why I said. And this thing every fan knows that makers are Ghajini. First they didn’t mentioned about 1dt year of Anu’s college. Just mentioned her 12th pass. But now they’re showing her 1st year college dropout. And college date, marriage date and ages of SaNan and JalTosh are also part of their Ghajininess. Even on Insta everyone is saying the same thing. And I’ll be very happy if that update comes true and Anu Samar leaves the house.

    4. Where did u read that update??

  5. Vanraj did have a soft side even without being drunk. In previous episodes he did confess to kavyabsaying he still has some attachment to anu. I think vanraj’s ego always takes control of him. He personally did want anupama to succeed in life. Many times, he srated that. But as bapuji revealed, since childhood he was taught that women are weak and stuff. So, he couldn’t accept when anupama and anu are close.
    By the way, I really liked today’s epsiode๐Ÿคฃ. The way vanraj and anuj danced. Omg!!. Though anuj and vanraj have opposite personalities, I would like them to be friends. Anuj and vanraj would make good friends. So does kavya and anupama.

    1. Yes. That’s the spirit Man

  6. The Precap..Do Vanraj mean to say it would be not awesome with him and Kavya presence, it would be foursome ๐Ÿคจ

  7. @Amar true I belong to a bengali household n actually I have seen my grandmother helping mom even at 65 age n doing school teaching too n even my mom helps her in school work with me n specially on sundays my grandmother forces my dad not to disturb my mother n let her sleep till 8 in the morning

    1. Yes
      Even if Bengali Serials show cunning Saas…Bossing around bahu.
      This is not Bengali culture
      Non Bengalis have Saas Bahu traditions that after Bahu comes..Saas Retires and Bahu takes’s time for Saas to have some Seva from bahu

    2. Not in all non bengali homes. At least in my home. Neither my Badi Ammaji retired till the time she was bedridden nor my Dadiji till the time she was bedridden for last 4 and a half months of her life. Even then they tried that they should stand up on their feet again. They were those women who faced all dofficulties of life by stepping together with their husbands.

    3. Ya things are changing. I know๐Ÿ˜—

    4. Sorry I didn’t meant with every Non bengali households

  8. Rene Fernandez

    will Anupama get pregnant with Anuj’s sperms ?? It would be nice to see such a huge age difference and the love of the existing 3 big kids of Anupama for their new born sister/brother .

    1. U mean like the movie Badhai Ho

    2. Too early to think of that and bit weird to put it that way but I’d love that story line
      Hopefully we’ll get to see it

  9. ReneFernandezsicko

    @Rene Fernandez, you make me sick

  10. I am watching Anupama show only to see anuj and anupama Jodi..really impressed by anujs selfless love for aanupama…i just hope that the show not to be the same as sreemoye apart from their marriage track…i felt really sad when i got to know that in sreemoye rohit(anuj character) is diagnosed with terminal disease after marraiage….i hope that track wont happen here….cant imagine that sequence with anuj……

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