Anupama 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update: Anuj Addresses His Issue To Hasmukh

Anupama 2nd August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama tells Kinjal that she will not visit Shah house, but will be for her always whenever she needs her. Kinjal pleads her not to leave her alone. Anupama says Rakhi, Kavya, Leela, and even her unborn baby are there to support her. She asks her to talk to her unborn baby whenever she feels lonely. She reminds Leela that she had an opportunity to visit America when Pakhi was about to born, but she rejected that offer and sacrificed her dancing dream for the sake of Pakhi; Pakhi gave her a nice reward for that. She then tells Kavya that Vanraj never valued their relationship, gives a long explanation about the meaning of relationship to men, and thanks Kavya for supporting her when Pakhi showed her her place. Kavya thanks her for giving the meaning for her life and says she also loves her a lot. Anupama says she knows even Kavya wants a baby. Kavya says she understood the pain which nobody understood. Anupama says if it was in her hands, she would have blessed her to have her own baby, but she can’t after her daughter gave a nice reward. She asks Kavya to take care of Kinjal.

She then addresses Pakhi and says a mother can happily sacrifice herself for her child. She hugs Pakhi emotionally. Pakhi feels irritated. Anupama says she will never return to this house. Kinjal asks not even for rakhi festival. Anupama says she will never return for anything, but Shah family will always be in herits a question of prayers. Little Anu returns to Anuj with Hasmukh. Anuj asks where she had been. Little Anu says to have cream roll with nanu papa and asks if he set everything right inside Shah house as Pakhi is very angry on mummy. Anuj says they are taking her mummy home and would never return to Shah house. Little Anu says Kinjal’s baby will miss her, so she needs to visit baby often. She goes to bring water bottle for Hasmukh.

Hasmukh tells Anuj that he and Anupama are mature, but Little Anu is innocent and needs relationships. Anuj tells he cannot tolerate the brutal insult faced by Anupama via Pakhi and is heartbroken, so he will never bring Anupama back to Shah house again in life. Hasmukh asks not even to meet him. Anuj says no and says he has one complaint with him that he always somehow left the hosue whenever Anupama was insulted and never confronted his wife and son when they humiliated Anu. He says Hasmukh is always welcome at his house, but Anupama will never come again to Shah house. He apologizes him for questioning him and says he cannot control himself whenever Anupama is humiliated. Hasmukh says he should fight for his wife. Anuj apologizes him again if he hurt him anytime knowingly or unknowingly. Little Anu returns.

Anupama prays Kanhaji to keep his blessings always on Shah family. She then address Vanraj that he never respected their relationships, but today he shouldn’t have exacerbated the issue between a mother and daughter and created an unbreakable wall between them. She says her respect for him is lost after today’s behavior and says Kanhaji will never forgive him for that. She says her name was never on this house’s nameplate, but her soul will always be present here and one day she may return here and repeat Vanraj’s dialogue that Anupama is back. She then prays god to give someone conscience to Toshu. She asks Kavya and Kinjal to take care of the family and walks out of Shah house with a heavy heart describing her feelings in a poem.

Precap: Anupama cries hugging Hasmukh. Hsamukh gives her hand in Anuj’s hand and sends her away. He then confronts Shah family that they would never be happy in their life for hurting a mother’s feelings.

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  1. I was little stubborn in my childhood and sometimes used to end up hurting mumma but if I saw even a single tear in her eyes bcoz of my,I always cursed myself and apologized to her but seeing pakhi’s behaviour…I have no words at all.though it’s just a serial but even in reality pakhi vanraj and that buddhi exists.

    1. Anupama, gyan ki devi is really irritating she was, when she was being a doormat and now when she behaves stubborn and the attitude that she keeps throwing now and then.

      -She did embarrass Pakhi trying to admit the small child in her school and yelling at her at her college.
      -She wants to adopt child it’s okay but should think of her other kids as well.
      – She has been constantly ignoring Pakhi, and she is mostly all about Samar.. Samar.. and Samar..
      – She noticed the exchanges between Adhik and Pakhi but ignored and continued her irritating romance the first time all the kids came to her place.(Oh yes,I do find her sharmaoing,too much blushing, biting tongue between teeth,tapping hands on head,and sooury(×4) irritating).And on top of that, what ever is the occasion, kids get together,Kinjal’s God bharai.. this couple has to romance and dance, overshadowing everyone.Real parents won’t snatch their kids limelight each and every time.)
      Maan fans please don’t kill me for that. Older couples also romance,but there is a grace that comes with age. The way kids behaving like adults is irritating, adults behaving like teenagers is irritating as hell.
      -coming back to Pakhi and Anupama, when Pakhi came to Anupama’s house last time, she didn’t spend any time with her, instead she was busy playing nailpaint and ghar ghar with the other kid. Barkha and Adhik are taking the advantage of this opportunity, Pakhi was always mad about luxury stuff and money now she is lonely as well. This is a great opportunity for the evil duo. Instead of paying any attention to her, Anupama is busy romancing, dancing and when ever she feels like she will pick her jhola and go to Shah house.

      It’s true, the Shah people want to learn to live without her, Vanraj, Kavya and even Baa are trying hard to take care of of house, but she won’t loose her control on this house as well.
      Today they all were happily enjoying she came and the jhagda started.. Oh and Anuj, he has style, looks intelligence, money everything but he indeed is a joru ka gulam. Always running behind Anupama when does he work? Can’t believe he left Mukku alone with evil Vanraj to be with Anupama.
      Nope! He does not have to speak every where. But he will. Srsly there dances are like too much to handle. High time they behave as per their age.

      People will ask me why do I watch this show? No I don’t watch it every day. And I watch Anupama for the story of women empowerment to see how a naive women ill treated and betrayed by her husband and children rose to shine.. The day after her second marriage with Vanraj when she was shatterd,
      instead ofloosing all hope, she suddenly transformed into a strong hopeful women. That is what this show is about. d
      Disappointed to see this selfish Anupama.

      One more thing, Anupama does not even care about her friend(she came all the way to pick her up at night when she had her panic attack she didn’t even tell Devika about her new child, she wasn’t invited for Kinjals function) and her own mom. When she needs them she wants them to be around and fight for her but how many times have we seen her going to them? She took her new child to Shah house immediately but took her to her own mom only after a few days. It’s like becuse her mom does not say anything or she does not have the money or power.Anupama does not misbehave with her but ignores her the same way Toshu and Pakhi ignore her.

    2. @Peishaa.. why do you keep posting the same lengthy comment?
      It’s cooy and padying since the school admission of Anu, which was some time ago!
      I’m just reading the first line and skipping rest of your post.

    3. People who are wrong and stupid shout as much as they can. It’s because they know they’re incorrect so they feel that if they shout again and again, then atleast anybody would reply to them. But intelligent people don’t pay a heed either to a dog’s barking or to a fool’s shouting. That was the answer to your question as per me @Kally

    4. @Arushi, thanks and I agree, will ignore that person in future.
      Stupid auto correct changed some of my words like
      Copying and pasting 🤦‍♀️🤣

    5. U are too irritating

    6. AnuPama gets on my nerves. She gets humiliated all the time but yet she always goes back for more.
      She is pathetic Baais not her mother, she is a mother in law who never accepted her wholeheartedly. besides she always treated her badly why is she begging to remain in their life. Even is she is a mother she has the right to be happy and have a life of her own. She dedicated her life to her children and in-laws but she never got respect. Why should she be lenient on Pakhi when she was always at home I. The kitchen Pakhi had no respect for her because she was backwards now that she has a status suddenly Pakhi wants to live with her, she didn’t turn Pakhi away, she was only thinking of the drama from Vanraj that would ensue had she said yes to Pakhi. But it’s true she is irritating by apolologising all the time and trying to be great all the time.

    7. So true it happens

  2. Yesterday when pakhi said that she feels ashamed to be anupamas daughter anupama should have replied her back by saying that she did a biggest mistake of her life by giving birth to daughter like her because of which she is suffering today. At least kavya has improved a lot but these shahs have not at all changed. These shahs never deserved a mother a bahu and a wife like anupama and now I feel they don’t even deserve kavya and kinjal. Sometimes I feel bad for kavya and kinjal that they left their family and house for their love for their partners but in return they didn’t get that much of love and respect which they deserved.
    Anuj was right that day that kavya deserves someone better in her life and she should throw divorce papers on vanrajs face and leave him forever and lead a new peaceful life for herself so that vanraj repents for what he gained and what he lost. I feel anirudh was far better than vanraj because he is supprting kavya like a true friend even after their divorce.
    Today I agree with anuj that bapuji was always like bishma pitmah in his house as he always kept quiet and never took a stand for anupama whenever anupama was insulted by baa and vanraj. Bishma Pittman was best example for bapuji as bishma also kept quiet and didn’t took a stand for draupadi when she was disrobed infront of everyone.

    1. Bhisma pitamah had his reasons to not go against hastinapur’s king and Pandavas were living in an another kingdom he was bound to keep quiet and only follow what the king would order him to. In Bapuji’s case, he isn’t bound to not protect anupuma. It was his choice to keep quiet. Only if he had took stand for Anu earlier, vanraj and his children wouldn’t even dare to say a word against anupuma

  3. Sorry it’s Pitamah** typing mistake

  4. The biggest and best difference between Anupama and Sreemoyee is that in Sreemoyee the character of June Guha ( Kavya in Anupama) was always negative and never mend her ways till the very last episode, but in Anupama , Kavya is becoming more and more sensible and likeable day by day. The Vanraj & Family except from Samar, Kavya, Kinjal are the worst.

    1. Yes including Bapuji also. They all should suffer as worse as possible but no Satanist,cultist maker want Anupama to suffer more by making Anuj paralysed.


  5. Enough is enough. Hope & pray to Kanhaji that this Serial comes to an end at least this Wednesday. It has been a torture during the last 15+ episodes. OMG.

  6. Like Hasmukh says these PEOPLE will never be happy so it time for the writers to show them pain not Any or Anuj please please not Anupama

  7. Reverse UNO card.
    Vanraj is paralyzed

    1. That is the greatest possible way to teach evil gang the lesson.

  8. After watching Saturday’s episode, I wrote that Bapuji is the first one to leave Anupama alone whenever she is in a tough spot and I guess writers read it and today Anuj said the same thing to Bapu ji 😅😅😅

    Kavya’s character is developing really well❤️

    Anuj and Anupama needs to come out of their bestest behaviour and need to behave as per the situation.

    I really hope Anupama don’t return to Sha house and watch them suffering.

    Pakhi and Toshu should suffer only then they will know the value of a mother.

    Honestly I have no words for Pakhi. She has crossed all the bars of misbehaviour.

    Choti Anu is cute and far better than the two spoiled brats.

    I hope the stories stating Anuj going into coma are rumours as I don’t want to see it happening.

    Bring the real faces of Barkha and the team and also please bring back Mukku.

    Enough of negativity. Show some good and happiness in the show. It’s much needed right now.❤️❤️

  9. In pakhis case vanraj is also against pakhi meeting adhik and so is anupama so that they have in common. Even if vanraj blamed anupama for everything at least in this regard he should have ganged up against pakhi with anupama but no he decided instead to confront anupama. Now it will interesting to know since anupama is out of the picture how will he control pakhi? Who will he blame now?

  10. One thing that stood out today, Anupama didn’t speak to Baa properly!

  11. Reverse UNO card.
    Paras Kalnawat in, Adhik Mehta out

  12. A selfish mom, thankless daughter, arrogant dad, I agree pakhi is very rude, but she is lost, her parents hav separated,living vit different partners, she needed her parents more, baap ne zindagi barbaad kardi, maa ne bhi…

    1. @,XX..I disagree. It WAS Vanraj who ruined his marriage, had an affair for 9 years, sometimes bedding Kavya in his own home!
      Anupamaa was loyal to him, tried to keep the kids grounded but Vanraj overode her decisions.
      Anuj wooed Anupamaa for a long time before she married him and did not have relations with him before marriage, she is entitled and free to remarry anc van marry whom she wants.
      Pakhi is her own worst enemy, needs to always be the entre of attention. If she thinks she’s old enough to leave home, get married etc then she’s old enough to know better.
      Baa also did not help Anupamaa when dealing with the children.
      Anupamaa was just an unpaid servant and baby machine to Shah family.

    2. Very correct 👌

  13. Happy that Anupama will finally stop coming to the hell house. I hope she sticks to her words and stays happy in her new marriage. Hoping nothing happens to Anuj. Not sure why the writers need to hurt Anuj so often. Time for MaAN team to tackle evil Bharkha and Adhik you are actually responsible for instigating Pakhi to go against her own mother.
    Stay strong MaAN!!

    1. They want to show good religious ones always suffer I guess.
      Here goes Vanraj Shah, her wife(Kavya) might not be understanding rituals properly/has filed for a divorce, but he is going strong!.
      Here comes our Anupama she followed all the rituals, chanted 1000 times, fasted 100000 times, still V bhai cheated!
      Now also she chanted Mahamrityunjaya 1000 times, still Yamraj is around the corner looking for Anuj/Samar!
      They need to decide, they want to show rituals success/failure!
      Lagta hai Anupama eclipse/grahan ke din paida hui thi.
      Its phenomenal how rituals paralyze/keep occupied crores of mass with this or that fear during eclipses/other events!
      Bhai if you keep scaring us in the name of tradition/rituals, how shall we explore/understand/improve?
      Its blind following with fear that’s all, nothing good can be done if we follow blindly like this.

  14. Next 20 episodes

    Hasmukh is going to have heart attack n hospitalization. Ms. Mahan will come running to take care of her Bapuji, pushing off Leela and Vanraj out of her running feet on the way.

    Shahs would not have $$. Anupama will argue w Vanraj about how Hasmukh is her father also & give 5 lectures about the relationships. Anuj will pay for operation. Barkha will taunt Shah family & the drama continues.

    1. Very true and now fedtive season is coming so again the dumb makers will show that Shah’s and Kapadia’s celebrate Ganpati festival together. Offcourse with dramas and fights
      Back to the square one. Gyan ki devi will give lecture why both her families are important for her.

  15. The show has lost its charm without paras. The plot of mother son duo was ace part of the show.Now the show just seems like unbearable timepass.even if the makers get 100s of ppl on behalf of paras they will apparently fail.

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