Anupama 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Hasmukh Makes A Shocking Request To GK

Anupama 28th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

GK asks Devika if she didn’t inform Anupama that she left a big project to attend Anupama’s wedding. Devika says Anupma will her if she informs Anupama about it. GKJ says she will incur so much losses. GK says profit and loss happen in business and not in friendship; parents and siblings are chosen by god, but they choose friends like Anupama chose her and did a lot for her; people think she fights with people for Anu, but Anu stood by her whenever she felt alone and encouraged her to fight; sometimes only asking if she is fine is enough; not only project, she can leave the job for Anu. GK gets a call and looks shocked. He informs Anuj, Malvika, and Devika that he is going to get pooja items and leaves. Anuj jokes at GK went to look at a cute aunty who visits pooja item shop. Devika and Malvika joke they should also get GK married. He scolds them to concentrate on #MaAn wedding.

Kinjal notices Anupama lost and says she will not ask what Vanraj said her, she should just ignore it. She shows her selected an engagement sari for Anupama and Pakhi shows her selected matching jewelry. They talk about makeup. Anu stands silently. Kinjal notices something is wrong and messages someone.

Kavya confronts Vanraj that if he went to remind Anupama of her responsibilities. Vanraj says he told her that even after marrying Anuj, she cannot forget being my children’s mother and her first priorities should be my children. Leela says he should have discussed it even at home. Vanraj says it’s between parents. Leela warns him not to teach her as she is his mother and knows his thinking and why he went behind Anupama. Kavya asks why. Leela asks Vanraj to think about Hasmukh at least and not increase his BP. Vanraj says his brian nerves will burst if he thinks about everyone, he always listens to Leela and Hasmukh, but this time he will not listen to anyone. Kavya warns him not to do anything harmful in anger. Leela suggests him that it’s better to maintain calm than venting out anger on himself, he should let her handle this is issue as Hasmukh and his children are on Anupama’s side. Kavya backs Leela and asks him not to mess up things, just chill and enjoy. Vanraj determines to destroy Anupama’s happiness.

Hasmuk tries to drink coconut water but fails. GK walks to him and asks what’s happened to him. Hasmuk gives him Anu and Anuj’s promise and asks him to keep the secret between them. GK hesitates, but agrees on his insistence and asks what happened to him. Hasmukh says it’s time for him to go. GK scolds him not to say that. Hasmuk says they can fight with everything except time, truth is his time is nearing. Anuj finds GK’s car near the garden and searches GK. Hasmuk emotionally says it’s time to go on 4 shoulders. GK says they should inform about it to the family. Hasmuk asks him not to as it will hinder Anupama and Anuj’s wedding. GK says he will take him to the best doctor. Hasmukh says he doesn’t have money. GK scolds him that he is even Mukku’s mummy and they have a vast business empire. Hasmukh agrees. GK says he will then take Shah family to a psychiatrist as they cannot do anything without a melodrama. Anuj notices GK driving car away with Hasmukh and thinks they must be planning a surprise for him and Anu.

Shah family gets ready for Anupama and Anuj’s engagement. Leela joins them. Kavya says even she will not miss a party at home after a long time. Rakhi enters and says even she is not going to miss it as she cannot miss a Shah family drama. Leela hopes her mother reaches soon and ruin Anu’s happiness. Pakhi asks about Hasmukh. Samar says he has gone out. Leela thiks he is wasting his time. Doctor checks Hasmukh’s report and says he needs an urgent heart surgery. Hasmukh says he wants to delay it for 10 days until his daughter’s wedding. Doctor says he may die before that. Hasmukh gets adamant and says he is ready to take that risk. GK says if something happens to him, Anu’s marriage may stop. Hasmukh says he lived his life, but Anu has just started living her life and he will not hinder her happiness.

Pakhi, Dolly, and Kinjal get Anupama ready for engagement while Malviaka and Devika get Anuj ready on the other side. Sang Sang Rahenge Janam Janam.. song plays in the background. Samar walks in and says boy’s family must be coming. Kinjal asks her to wait till they make arrangements and walks away with others. Anupama and Anuj feel happy looking at the engagement rings and think the moment has come. Rakhi asks Leela why didn’t boy’s family arrive yet. Leela yells at her. Kavya asks where had Hasmukh gone, he looked very tired. Leela says its because of Anupama. Anuj enters in style with Kanta playing drum and GK, Sanjay, Malvika, and Devika cheering up. Leela and Vanraj stand frowning seeing that.

Precap: Anuj hugs Vanraj and warns him to stop playing mind games with Anupama as he will not let Vanraj’s toxic words affect their relationship. Anu eagerly waits to see Anuj.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Nice Episode 😊

    1. Bapuji should not die there is lot of msg from his character.

  2. So babuji is risking his health for Anu’s wedding. I understand the sentiment behind this but it will definitely going to create more problems for Anu after the wedding if something happens to him. It will give the Shah family chance to attack Anu and sadly she will think herself responsible too. Did anyone know what happen in Sreemoyee?

    1. bapuji dies and baa bans her from getting in the house…
      trust me.. I’m not exaggerating… I know bangla and I’ve seen the show

    2. No no
      Bapuji doesn’t dies and Baa though Tongue lashes Anupama but later begs before her to amend her deeds

  3. the whole comedy show should stop
    end the show with all deaths
    end it so so stupid show
    start a new show woth bettwe actors and better storylines for the youth

    1. Ok ok? Anything else?

    2. nothing else to add YET

    3. Agreed Tees, only Samar and Kinjal should survive, they should marry, Samar will happily accept Kinjal and Toshu’s child. Then this comedy horror show should end. Let all other characters die in this pathetic serial. No bhashanbaji no drama no ronadhona.

    4. agree there kamal
      the story lines are useless
      the actors are getting too lame
      samar and kinjal yes should marry
      the way the comedy show is showing women as weak clingy and me me me is so sad women are strong but the showmakers show them was weak
      also how many faces can a man make when anuj the puppet was homding poem readers hand i counted 4 different funny faces lol

    5. I won’t comment on the rest of your points, but, wanting two people considering themselves as brother and sister, to marry, is just disgusting. Please think once before saying anything and don’t let a show affect your mood.

    6. True. I pointed out this several times who wants SaJal as Couple that they both consider each other brother sister and even Kinjal tied Rakhi to Samar. How can they think of this. Every relationship has some dignity. Atleast RS didn’t ruined dignity of any relationship like other producers who ruin dignity of each and every relationship. And if Samar vowed to take responsibility of parenthood for his brother’s child will it mean that he should marry his sister-in-law(let’s forget about this fact that he considers Kinjal as his sister)??? The answer is no. Devar-Bhabhi , Jeth-Bhabhi, Jija-Sali are one of the purest relationship of this world. And Ekta mata and her blind followers producers made it a trend in ITV to let these people marry each other by ruining the dignity of these relationship. Parenthood doesn’t mean that the person who’s taking the parenthood responsibility of that child should actually become his/her mother/father. This can be fulfilled by being as Chacha, Tauji, Mausi, Bua, Mama even as Dada Dadi and Nana Nani also.

    7. Oh
      So Tees is none other than Kamaal🀣
      Nice supporting each other via different accounts

    8. @Bot
      Sorry but you failed this time as well.
      first of all I am Kamal and Not Kamaal.
      Kamaljeet Kaur is my full name. Better luck next time. But next time you come with proof of ip address if you feel both of us are same. I challenge you.

    9. Well whatever spelling is
      You Kamal or Tees or Whatever just what Arushi said ,show some maturity while saying something rather than trying to win a verbal battle or English Battle.

    10. @Kamal, you mean BossDK failed? Poor overconfident soulπŸ˜›

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    12. @Bot forget about spelling mistake, don’t change the topic. Keep your moral gyan on maturity with you.
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    13. Kamal or Tees,The reason I said that because both of you said Samar and Kinjal should marry which is totally Ridiculous. Only same person can agree totally with that and have exactly same thoughts.
      See you and Tees have commented almost same thing with same idea.
      Everything cannot sarcastically accepted,But i said sarcastically guessed only that you two are sameπŸ™„

    14. Bot alias BossDk ka baj Gaya baaja. I offer my condolences to youπŸ’πŸ’
      Rest in peace.

    15. @M.A ye beesdk, teesdk, bees mar khan, tees mar khan @Kamal ka kachra karte h.

    16. Bot, FYI, earlier also I had wished that Kinjal and Samar should marry eachother because of their understanding and maturity level. That loser Toshu is 2nd Vanraj and he doesnt deserve nice girl like Kinjal. Kinjal loves shah family thats why i had thought about this solution. Find out old written updates and you will see my comment.
      Now say, Challenge accepted or not? Will wait for your answer with ip addresses of Tees and mine.

    17. For your info sir,every episode comments till last week have been deleted.
      Thank you

    18. @Bot, if you are not Boss then why are you tensed? Something is fishy.

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    28. Lagta hai Anupama serial ke curse ka tere dimaag pe gehra asar hua hai. Jaldi se doctor ko dikha de aur shock treatment karva le. meri chinta mat kar. Apna dimaag sambhal pehleπŸ˜›πŸ˜›

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  4. Ritika is one very practical character, who knows how to be happy, let it be at the cost of other’s emotion/wellbeing.
    She didn’t think even once before ditching Vanraj, now also she doesn’t have any hesitation when she wants to divorce her current husband and come back to Vanraj.
    She didn’t/doesn’t have any consideration for Vanraj’s parents/wife/kids, only she wants to be happy.
    Trust me Ritika, no one can be happy by running behind happiness/by ruining lives.
    Happiness comes automatically when you make others happy.
    Vanraj has same pole affinity! His love interests are like him, self centered and egoistic!

    1. Mysterious Person

      Hey, Is there any character named Ritika in the show. Who is she.

    2. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

    3. Ritika is Varaj’s college time sweet heart, in Anupama namaste america, streaming on disney+hotstar.

  5. Why cant bapuji expel Baa and Vanraj out if they are creating nuisance?
    As a series Anupama is close to heart as the family stood by the dil and disowned the son as he is/was guilty.
    Now also it has to punish/curb/isolate the guilty.
    There shouldn’t be partiality between son and dil, if they are saying dil is the family member, she has to accept every one and sacrifice her identity also, then what exactly they are giving in return ?Only Bad duas for being happy?
    If any of the family member gets divorced due to any XYZ reason, don’t we get them remarried with a suitable candidate?
    What is so abnormal if Shah family is getting their dil/daughter remarried as their son Vanraj is not a marriage material due to bad influence of Baa and ego problem.

    What is so abnormal if Shah family is getting their dil/daughter remarried as their son Vanraj who cheated for 8 long years, not a marriage material due to bad influence of Baa and has ego problem.
    Let this society prove that they are not making women fool, this system wants women to invest their life on a bunch of people who aren’t/can’t be her own! Is this a joke?
    Few messages expected loud and clear from Anupama
    1>To accept dil as family and give her rights as family members, she shouldn’t be treated like an unpaid slave.
    2>To make daughters educated, empowered, to encourage prenups, spread awareness regarding alimony and child maintenance as we have already seen that good all giving bahu like Anupama are also failing
    3>sufficient punishment/mend/curb/counselling for the culprit irrespective of gender/age/dil/son.
    As Bapuji says rituals are important and have significance we should not make fun of it, but rituals become automatic jokes when their intended intensions are not fulfilled.
    4 persons are needed as witnesses of engagement and to show that bride is not alone, they will support her whenever she will need them and groom need to stay alert/loyal/honest.
    Instead of 4 if 400 people come from bride’s side and 4crore shagun also given, this ritual has no significance if the bride/groom doesn’t stay loyal.
    More than making the rituals more pompous/elaborate, I just wish if we can focus on the intension behind the rituals and get stick to get that done.
    We worship Tulsi daily, but the greenery is vanishing rapidly.
    We worship Ganges daily in can, but 70% of our water bodies are polluted.
    We worship mother earth, but our soil quality is worrisome.
    We worship devis, but don’t accept daughter/dil.
    We do all marriage rituals lavishly, but divorce rates are increasing!!! Anupama herself is the example.
    Are rituals really helping?
    We have rituals and traditions for a reason, we have to understand the meaning behind it and work towards to achieve it instead of following it blindly without understanding it.

  6. Oh no just when anu and anuj are finally getting some happiness in their lives then something happens to the one person who cares about anupana and has control over shah family. Of course as usual anu will be blamed for this also and as good natured as she is she will accept the blame also.

    1. So good natured people accept the blame?
      That is why they fail, they need to put it back on the actual culprit.
      In any case its an age related health issue and Bapuji’s bp/stress is increasing due to Baa/Vanraj, Bapuji has to announce it boldly before they can plan the attack.
      And also Anupama&Co need to plan marriage like a celebration instead of it looking like a burden.

  7. And one one thing, thanks infinity ton that Anu’s MOM came with Anuj as barati, she looked so jovial πŸ™‚ , thank you.

  8. I again started watching the serial coz some positivity was shown, but they are making ot negative again with ill health of Bapuji

    1. But that’s naturalπŸ˜…

    2. Anonymous, what an observation! You are genius πŸ˜›

  9. So guys anyone watch Namaste America ANupama episodes
    How is the story and episodes

    1. Its honest pic of society, good girls are cheated/exploited and bad girls cheat/exploit.
      Parents never suffer if the daughter is empowered. In laws also wont suffer if they assist dil to excel, even in house work also, but sadly in laws never support in anything, they just want to boss around, which never work.

    2. Yeah because of society and motherhood and some other things not everyone some of in-laws will not happy if their daughter-in-law works
      Some things can’t change if husband supports his wife society will call Joru Ka Ghulam and if he supports his parents he called male chauvinist. Husband want to balance between her spouse and parents
      In some cases everyone was not perfect , May be women is wrong or man. If they are good and perfect couple should respect each other and sort out their issues

      For example my parents support my sister-in- law as she is doing job even my mom helps her while she got WFH last year as she works much time as covid no maid my mom managed everything as little help from mt SIL & me and my brother too sometimes where we are free

    3. Sounds like your parents are too broad minded, Me personally don’t like parents managing everything without any help.
      I believe they are ageing they need to relax and simultaneously contribute.
      Despite holding/not holding a job everyone irrespective of gender/age need to contribute towards family else no point having a family if one cant spend time for/with it.

    4. Yeah subha as my father retired but you know moms will never retire kuch na kuch they will work and manage home
      me and my brother use to say don’t take much stress but she will not listen even we have maid but mom will recheck everything and she was the boss of kitchen and no one gonna enter there πŸ˜‰
      Yeah little help but she cooks food for family . she loves it
      Yeah my dad respects mom and asks and takes Maa ki suggestion bhi
      me and my brother grow up looking my dad and dad says if you love and respects your wife ur kids too behave well with their spouses

  10. Bapuji shouldnt really die . They will spoil the show.
    I believe bypass surgery does happen and people survive. Bapuji is one person that has control over the Shah family. They will spoil the show if Bapuji dies.

    No no no just let Samar and Kinjal have the brother and sister relationship. Let they be some respect for a Dewar and Bhabi relationship. Its a relation thats so clean and pure. Some dignity guys .
    Dont ruin it.

  11. Bapuji shouldnt really die . They will spoil the show.
    I believe bypass surgery does happen and people survive. Bapuji is one person that has control over the Shah family. They will spoil the show if Bapuji dies.

    No no no just let Samar and Kinjal have the brother and sister relationship. Let they be some respect for a Dewar and Bhabi relationship. Its a relation thats so clean and pure. Some dignity guys .
    Dont ruin it.

    1. If bapuji dies or not i can’t comment on that but Anupuma should not interfere in shah family
      he rmother want to give her relity check that dont interfere there

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