Anupama 27th July 2021 Written Episode Update: A Food Critic Visits Vanraj’s Cafe

Anupama 27th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rakhi tells Vanraj that except his old customer, all his customers were sent by him and if she had not sent them, he had customers numbering Kavya’s relatives during his and Kavya’s wedding. Kavya says her relatives didn’t attend her wedding. Rakhi says exactly zero, asks Shahs not to stare at her as she was trying to help them and offers cash payment saying she will not let her samdhi and samdhan on road. She hopes someone will react. Vanraj returns her money and asks to get her brain treated to know that every person standing on road is not poor. She says attitude and poverty don’t walk together. He replies even Radhi and shame doesn’t walk together. Baa fumes that earlier she used to shamelessly visit their house and now cafe. Kavya says its okay, they should accept money. Vanraj says he cannot accept Rakhi’s money. Kavya asks Anu to explain him as he only listens to her. Vanraj warns her to mind her tongue as he can bear losses but not Rakhi’s money. Rakhi says he can take ex-wife’s help but not current samdhan’s money. He says just shut up. Kavya says when he can take Anu’s help, why can’t he take Rakhi’s money. Rakhi says she will distribute money among beggars then. Kavya says they incurred expenses in feeding her people and takes money from her. Rakhi walks a but and stops. Shah family disperses. Rakhi thinks her first target would be shutting this cafe, Shah family’s frustration will increase if it is increased and then Kinjal can be out of that hell into paradise. She will then shut Anu’s dance academy and destroy them alll.

Back home, Kinjal apologizes Vanraj for Rakhi’s drama. Vanraj says she shouldn’t apologize as its not her mistake. Kinjal says like parents apologize for children’s mistakes, she is apologizing her mom’s mistake. He says she need interfere in elders’ issues. Kinjal sees hair oil and offers him head massage. He says she is also tired returning from office. She says its okay. He says thanks beta. Baa with Anu notices that and says she took years to accept bahu as beti, Vanraj is faster than her. Anu says she is lucky to have such a good bahus. Baa says she will miss Toshu and Kinjal if they leave the house. Anu says it is better to be close by staying away than staying together with bitter hearts.

After sometime, Nandini worriedly rushes to Shah house and informs them that she has a news which doesn’t know if its true. Samar asks what happened. She informs them about food critic Mansi Jain who visits a new cafe according to their online request, hence she had uploaded a request online and Mansi is visiting their cafe today. Youngsters rejoice. Baa asks what critic means. Vanraj and Samar explain in detail. She says if critic eats food for free and then gives negative rating, then its better not to invite her. Vanraj says just like she cannot stop cooking fearing fire, he cannot stop critics from reviewing his cafe. Kavya says if Mansi gives negative review, they have to shut the cafe. Kinjal asks if she is sure its Mansi Jain. Nandini shows photo. Samar says Mansi likes traditional food. Baa says they prepare traditional food itself. Vanraj jopes there shouldn’t be any problem.

Back to cafe, Vanraj tastes chef Vinod’s dishes and says he needs to improve. Vinod says Anu taught all the dishes and he hasn’t learnt them completely yet, so Vanraj should call Anu for a day. Anu asks Samar and Nandini to help Vanraj in cafe as Mansi Jain in coming. They agree. Kavya walks to Anu and says chef is unable to prepare her signature dishes and this day is very important to her and V and if Mansi Jain gives negative review, they have to shut the cafe; so Anu should help them today. Anu says she can’t today. Kavya yells she herself helps usually and today when she is requesting help, she is showing attitude. Anu ignores her and puts on her music headset. Vanraj tastes Vinod and Baa’s dishes and says it doesn’t have Anu’s touch. Kavya continues shouting at Anu and raises hand. Anu holds her hand and ignore her again. Kavya walks away shouting if it goes wrong today, she will be responsible. Vanraj nervously wanders in cafe waiting for Mansi. Kavya complains him that Anu herself helps but today is denying to help even after her personal request, she is showing unnecessary attitude and taking revenge. He asks her to stop as he is already tensed. Baa tastes him another dish and he says it doesn’t have Anu’s touch. Anu is busy teaching dance to students. Mansi enters and takes table. Kavya asks him to do something. Anu finishes her dance class and asks students to go with parents and if it rains, come back and sit in. They agree and walk away. Baa and Bapuji hope Mansi doesn’t order Anu’s signature dishes. Kavya also hopes same. Mansi orders Anu’s dishes. Kavya yells she knew Anu will shut this cafe. Anu walks in and says she is preparing the dishes.

Precap: Vanraj entertains Mansi by singing. Mansi says she needs a cover pic before leaving. Vanraj calls Baa and Bapuji, but Kavya stands with him. Vanraj requests for positive review. Mansi says he will find out tomorrow.

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  1. Why Rakhi is hell bent to destroy her daughter’s happiness in the name of being overprotective mother. In my language it’s not overprotectiveness rather I will term it as Rakhi’s obsession to make her daughter like herself who doesn’t has heart. But Kinjal is just opposite. And mana ki Ravanraj Shah ne bhi use bahut humiliate kiya hai past mein. But shuruwat to Rakhi hi karti thi na . Aur agar koi mehnat karke paise kama raha hai to kyun use barbad karne par tuli hui hai. Aur Anu ne kya bigada hai. Sirf munh band ho toh kiya tha jab uske character par sawaal uthae gaye. Chup rehna aur drama wahi karta hai jo characterless hota hai. Aur munh band wo karta hai jo pure character ka hota hai. Aur agar Rakhi Dave sirf Anu ke jawab ki wajah se uski academy band karana chahti hai to us hisab se to Anu ko Rakhi Dave ki coaching destroy karni chahiye. Badtameezi karti to wahi hai na. And Rakhi Dave kuchh bhi karle chahe hook ya crook strategy le atleast Academy to band hogi nahin. Thank god ki aj 2nd Ravanraj Shah aur Pakhi scenes nahin the . Pr aj Kavya ne drama kiya. Anu uski slave nahin hai jo uski baat nanegi. Uska man hoga to wo kategi nahin hoga to nahin. And I wonder Nandu ko Baa aur Ravanraj Shah pahle kyun accept nahin kar rahe the . In logon ne uske,Anu aur Samar ke saath itna bura behave kiya tha past mein tab bhi wo unke baare mein sochte hain. And I think wo critic positive review dengi because of Anu’s food not because of Kavya and Ravanraj Shah. And I read that Dr. Adi is coming back. Let’s wait for official confirmation. If he comes back then there will be positivity again instead of this daily drama. Specially I loved his bond with Anu and Samar. And I wish Anu,Sanan aur Kinju kuchh dinon ke liye baahar chale jayen for peace of their minds. No shah family scenes,no kavya scenes,no Rakhi Dave scenes. Just these 4. Aur agar Vanraj claiming legal rights over academy wala spoiler sach nikle to Samar should also claim legal rights as he’s also legal heir of Shah property. Sabse best to ye hoga ki Bapuji karkhana wali property Anu aur Sanan ke name kar den taki Ravanraj Shah ke munh par ek slap lage.

    1. Yes I agree with Pri. Now they should show Anupama taking revenge of every insult of Rakhi and destroying Rakhi’s coaching class. Rakhi aur Toshu dar dar bhatakna chahiye. Tab yeh kamini Rakhi ko pata chalega ki bhikmange kya hote hai. Toshu ko bhi aukat pata chalega ki he is good for nothing.

    2. Since baa is dominant in the family and she is from old ethics… She needs time to accept…and it’s about her grandson..she will not want any compromisation
      Comming To Vanraj..He has Mood Swings more than a teenage Girl..Henpecked sometimes Dominant..Forget him
      (*Kavya Ignored)

  2. Rakhi’s character is now irritating. She used to have a point in doing things but now its dumb. Rakhi thinks that Kinjal is living in a dump and wants to move her into paradise not realizing that Kinjal wants a family. Kinjal wants a family that will spend time with her, that she can take care of, and does not want to be alone. When Kinjal was living with Rakhi she wanted a mother that would give her attention, that would care for her and would take care of her. Kinjal got that with ANupama, who treated her like a daughter, where she gave love, time and attention to Kinjal, which is what Kinjal wants. Rakhi living in high standards, and thinking everything is business does not see the values in relationships. Rakhi only sees them if it benefits her. Paratoish is following Rakhi with a blind eye because Paratoish wants that luxury of living without hard work. Paratoish always hated his mom, never caring for her and when Paratoish started to follow Rakhi he stopped caring for his father. I am just done with Rakhi’s character, she wants to destroy 7 people’s lives so her daughter can go to a place where she is going to be alone again. I understand Rakhi is needed, but why make her I don’t know horrible. Like Rakhi usually holds a mirror in front of people showing who they really are… Now why is she on the path of destruction? Rakhi talks about making sure her daughter’s needs are met yet doesn’t know that her own daughter wants a family… like what the hell. Rakhi does not understand that of Kinjal is put in that flat alone she will go back to being sad and being upset all the time. Paratoish is just dumb and annoying.
    Kavya begging Anupama to help, Kavya saying that its her and her “V’s” shop is laughable. That woman kept talking about how it would fail. Like this is super confusing.

  3. Never heard of such things like food critics visiting small cafes.
    Maybe Rakhi will bribe her to give negative comments

  4. Makers are repeating same thing, showing evilness of Kavya and greatness of Amupama. For a change cant they show a food critic visiting suddenly and gives positive review? What is the meaning if the critic informs in advance and they prepare good dishes?

  5. Exactly, dont know why rakhi is turning more evil now. It is understandable if she wants kinjal and toshu away from shah house. But, for that she shouldnt destroy all of them . What rakhi doesnt know is shah family is in problem, kinjal will not leave them alone like toshu did, instead she will the first one to be there for shah family. rakhi could’ve convinced her daughter somehow to move away from the shah house instead of destroying them. Too irritated with her.
    And why the hell is anupama silent again. Kavya raised her hand yet she doesnt say anything. Anupama should’ve slapped kavya back. Atleast I am glad that anupama is not taking shit from kavya. she is not listening to any of them.

  6. If something good happens it is becoz of kavya and if something goes wrong it is becoz of Anupama. What a joke kavya. When will Shah family selfish people know the worth of Anupama. Kavya now wants help from Anupama but for pic she wants it. Know words to say about kavyas behavior. Vanraj and kavya are really useless.

  7. First of all I hope Advait doesn’t returns with more overacting and silky sliky Hair..Anupama aur Baa Saheli lagti hai
    Kavya doesn’t have 2 rupees Patience also…haath uthayegi badi aayi…Her Topmost goal of her life must be Slapping Anu so hard that she Fall on Face, outside the house 😂
    Rakhi will get a comeback from Kinju baby only like Pakhi doing with Anupama
    I think by this week only Pakhi will reprimand her deeds
    But will Toshu?…LOL..Never
    I hope every local spoiler proves wrong…even if they write their own stories, they can’t make some better ones to read
    Anupama going great..mind your Work but always Help the needy ❤️

    1. Best is Gossips TV’s insta page. They provide authentic spoilers. Not like tellychakkar and it’s copy cats who lives in their own world and give stupid spoilers. Rarely any spoilers comes true. But Gossips TV’S most spoilers comes true

  8. Only complications not any improvement

    1. Exactly! Too much of toxicity.. 😥
      Can’t they show some positive events happening?
      And Anupama is living with educated husband and children for so many years. All of them can speak fluent English but she can’t even pronounce ‘Sorry’ or ‘Thank you’ or ‘Please’ correctly! 🙄 She can improve herself while growing professionally.. but makers are stuck with faltu drama and fights between Kavya and others.. 😡

  9. Now it’s more if skipping then seeing 27 mins serial done in 5 mins. Too much negativity. People want to get entertained but show something good and positive instead of fighting, slapping and being vindictive all the time. This serial started on a good note but now gone down drastically. I don’t understand why do they have to show leads suffering can’t they show them happy and villians and vamps enjoying

  10. Fai from Maldives

    This series is becoming very boring as always rakhi behind everything is always interfering daughters married life. Is this really how Indians are???

    1. Nope, Indians are not like this. This show is far from reality and the dumb makers are obsessed with negativity and unnecessary melodrama. Noone can be as great as Anupama and as evil as Kavya or Rakhi..

    2. Am liking the way Anupama is pulling away from Vanraj & Kavya though still a long way to go but atleast theres some provement!!! The only think i hate right now is the fact that after everything Kavya did she still gets away with it & enjoying hardwork of other people!!! When the cafe was getting started she was against it, she even said it wont last as its a stupid idea but now when its going well she wants to mark her ownership & say its mine & “V” hardwork!!! She wants all the credit & all the exppsure when it was Anu’s idea, Samar & Nandini haedwork!!! In short its okay to be evil & bad rowards other & enjoy theit hardwork!!! Thought now that Kavya is claiming her rights on the cafe it will fall but here we can see she is the boss & she goes around shouting, insulting, disrespecting & expecting others to do the hard work & help them!!!

    3. Kavya is soon becoming a free loader and A good digger

  11. I just can’t stand how Kavya is getting away with everything when everybody(including ex husband and his wife) is ready to pounce on Anupama for silly things!

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