Anupama 25th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Pakhi Chooses Vanraj Over Anupama

Anupama 25th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu confronts Vanraj that she waited a lot thinking that he would marry Kavya and end their relationship, but he doesn’t want to be either of Kavya or her, hence she took a decision of divorcing him. Baa says a wife sacrifices her life for husband and is nothing without husband’s name. Anu says she is right that a woman is nothing without her husband’s name, but should be; she will try be a mother, daughter, and DIL without being a wife and will even die trying it; there won’t be anything half in her life. Vanraj asks Toshu, Baa, and Pakhi that everyone does mistakes and even he did, he just wanted to return to them as his family is important to him, but Anu’s arrogance and ego is important to her; he apologized Anu in temple and requested to punish him, but she doesn’t want to forgive him. Anu shouts to stop and says he wanted to return home and she never stop him from returning home and follow his duty of a son and a father, she will never stop him from meeting them as only 1 relationship ended and rests are intact; he can allege her anything but not say that anything is important to her than family; he always alleged others for his mistakes; he went to Kavya as he had problems with her and said she was unfit for him, illiterate, uncultured, and smell masalas; he returned here alleging Kavya that she didn’t take care of him and now he wants becomes my husband again and alleging me for not letting him become one; either gharwali/insider or baharwali/outside, man thinks only woman is at mistake and even woman accepts it as she is taught to become great, but she doesn’t want to become great and just wants to be a human; she doesn’t need his money or anything; they lied for 25 years and she has good memories along with bad, so he shouldn’t spoil them and reply to his divorce notice soon. Vanraj says his lawyer will reply to her legal notice and he will break her arrogance soon, she made a mistake by challenging Vanraj Shah and he will show her want he can.

Pakhi says she doesn’t care who made a mistake, but she wants her always; by filing for a divorce, mummy forced her to choose between him and her, she chooses him and wants to go with him. Vanraj walks away holding her hand. Baa cries pleading him not to go. Bapuji stops her. Anu runs behind Pakhi and stops her. Vanraj says when she broke the house, people will shatter for sure. Pakhi says she wants to go with papa. Anu says she needs her mother’s blessings when she is going out of house. Pakhi says she doesn’t hate her, but she is not understanding what she means. Anu says papa loves her and he will never stop her from doing anything, she should take care of herself, she is worried as she is going away from her for the first time, she shouldn’t trouble papa. Vanraj says if her chatting is finished, they will leave as they are getting late. Anu stands asking Pakhi to take care of herself while car leaves. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Anu returns home. Baa yells first she kicked her son out of house and now her granddaughter.

Anu enters Pakhi’s room and cries looking at her stuff. Ek plays in the background. She cries profusely holding Pakhi’s school bag. Baa walks to her and throwing threads towards her says Pakhi united these threads thinking her parents will stay together; she broke the house and should break these threads also; she saw other women breaking others house, but not herself breaking her own house; if she has a heart or stone in her chest, her husband and daughter left home, even then her heart didn’t melt; her son did so much for her, apologized her so many times, fought with Rakhi, etc., even god would have melted with this, but she didn’t; she is not the first woman to bear all this, but she is acting so much. She continues yelling and alleging her.

Vanraj returns to Kavya’s home. She asks where was he. He says Anupama sent him divorce notice, so he had gone home. Pakhi walks behind him. He says he hopes she doesn’t mind. Kavya reminiscing Vanraj telling that his family and children are most important to her says Pakhi is her bestie and she doesn’t mind. She asks Pakhi if she should order pizza and sits with her chatting. Vanraj looking at divorce notice thinks Anu spoke a lot today, but they say sau sunar ki ek lohar ki, she should wait for his attack.

Baa continues that there is an age to fight, she became Niruprai and didn’t fight when she had to and is fighting now in Niruparai’s age; she has become saas now, people speak when couple divorce, pity when parents divorce, and laugh when saas and sasur divorce; this age is of going to pilgrimage and not going to court; she burnt her own relationship; she will realize when Pakhi won’t be married and blamed saying she must be like her mother, she didn’t even think once and broke her house. Anu asks if she betrayed or him. Baa says he. Anu says he betrayed and made mistake, then why she is teaching her; she is repeating same words to accept betrayal as she is a woman and ruin her self-respect for her husband. Baa yells what will she do with her self-respect, she should forget it and concentrate on her family. Anu says woman lives on love and self-respect, love is gone and she will be gone if her self-respect is gone. Baa yells to stop these words, people will laugh on them. Anu says people laughed even when Vanraj left with Kavya. Baa says she slapped Vanraj and ended the issue. Anu asks to slap her also and end the issue; the society she is talking about didn’t come to share her pain, wipe her tears or encourage her, then why would it come to question her; when the society doesn’t care about her, even she doesn’t care about society; she wants to live with dignity and breathe freely, rather than being referred as left by husband, she wants to be referred as she left her husband; Pakhi’s parents won’t be divorce, she is divorcing her husband, woman is taught to suffocate always, but she has to learn to breathe freely and she is learning same. She returns her Pakhi’s threads and walks away.

Vanraj, Pakhi, and Kavya enjoy pizzas. Pakhi goes to bring cold drinks. Vanraj says its a matter of 2 days and Pakhi may return tomorrow itself. Kavya says its okay, she doesn’t mind with Pakhi’s presence. Vanraj says she and Pakhi can sleep on bed and he will sleep on couch. She says she has rolling bed and Pakhi can sleep on that. He says it would be awkward. She says there is nothing to feel awkward, Pakhi knows we are together and even at home he and Anu had separate room. He hopes so. Pakhi thinks Anu must have sent Pakhi here so that she and Vanraj shouldn’t spend time together, but Vanraj returned to her after a lot of difficulty and she will not let him a reason to go.

Samar meets Nandini and says its not easy to accept mummy and papa’s divorce. Nandini says if 2 people are not compatible with each other, its better they divorce. Samar hopes mummy stays happy after divorce. Nandini says society cannot see a woman happy. His friends standing nearby taunt that they can’t see Samar’s happiness. Samar warns to be in limits. They say he should have taught his father and laugh that his father left with a babe leaving his illiterate mother, etc. Samar angrily trashes them. Neighbors gather. Mamaji noticing that calls family out. Toshu and Kinjal join them and trash goons. Goons run away. Neighbors discuss this family has drama each day, earlier father and now son. Samar angrily walks home. Rakhi watches drama and smirks. Family rushes behind Samar and asks why he lost his calm, he didn’t even fight when Pakhi was bullied, what happened now. Anu asks Nandini what happened there. Samar reminisces goons insulting Anu and says if they insult his mother, he will trash them repeatedly. Anu says people are habituated to taunt, they can’t shut everyone’s mouth. He says he can break their mouth then and walks to his room. Kinjal tells Anu that Samar’s anger is valid, she will speak to him and everything will be alright. Rakhi enters saying really? Toshu checks Samar’s injiuries and thanks god that nothing serious happened, he will handle goons. Samar says he will accompany him. Tosu says his elder brother is enough to handle them and hugging him consoles him. Rakhi comments that after father left home, son became a goon and may murder some day. Kinjal says nothing of that sort will happen, its those goons’ mistake as they were rubbishing about mummy and papa. Rakhi says oh is it. Baa asks if she will not feel bad if someone insults her father. Rakhi says her father didn’t have an affair, his girlfriend didn’t come to her house, or her parents didn’t divorce; if drama happens, people will laugh, clap, and whishle. B aa says she will slap her. Rakhi says she can understand Anu’s pain, her business head informed that Vanraj returned to Kavya’s house with Pakhi, now Samar fought, how can Anu tolerate so much; she even heard Anu sent divorce notice to Vanraj; she is really great; if she didn’t have back pain or Anu’s feet are not dirty, she would have touched her feet. Kinjal says she told this sarcastically, but mummy is really great. Rakhi asks if greatness is bigger than family, divorce in this age, society will not let her or her family live in peace. Kinjal stops her, but she warns to let elders speak. She continues that she thought this family just does drama, but found today that this family even does goondagiri; she accepted alliance unwillingly, now she is ashamed to call Vanraj as her samdhi and soon she may have to visit police station seeing what happened outside today. Rakhi yells at Kinjal that they way Kinjal got involved in a fight with family, she wouldn’t be surprised to get a call from police station to pay bail money as Shahs cant afford it. Anu says she should stop coming here to stop hearing people’s taunts; Samar is a kid and will understand that people are habituated to taunt, she will not back off from her decision and will be stick to it.

Precap: Samar confronts Toshu for considering Anu wrong. Toshu says mummy is doing wrong and tells Kinjal that Rakhi is right that they should leave this house. Anu says nobody has to leave this house because of her, she will leave instead.

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  1. Yes anupama please leave. Leave those selfish arrogant shits. They don’t deserves you. I really really want anupama to answer back this old witch”properly ” I’d have kicked her

  2. Yes anu leave this selfish people they don’t deserve u.

  3. Anupama please just leave this house. You deserve better

  4. Esther Musimbe

    This time let Anupama leave the house they’re not human being she need to start her life as for baa she deserves a daughter in law like kavry .let Anupama go why can’t he give her divorce he should sing those perpars and let her be free.

  5. Hadiza Barau Abdullahi

    Yes pls Anupama,leave those ungrateful people and move on in life and be successful.

  6. Yes, Anupama, it’s now you come. Very good. Please leave that house for good. But always look back for Samar and Grandpa. The rest are foolish people. As for Kinjal, she can take care of herself. And if Toshu cannot assume the role of a good husband, then, she should go back to her parents house. Bcs Tochu may take after his father.
    And I’m sure the moment Anupama leaves the house, Vanraj will come back with Kavya and that spoilt brat. It’s now we will see drama

  7. Yes anupama please leave that stupid house please just go.

  8. Suwaiba auwal

    Yes, just leave anupamaa don’t change your mind

  9. Suwaiba Auwal

    This is the time and just leave

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