Anupama 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Update: A Special Gift By Anuj For Anupama

Anupama 23rd May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama’s vidaayi ritual starts. Samar, Toshu, and Pakhi at once deliver a film dialogue Jao mummy jao jeelo apni zindagi. Anuj dances with Anupama and others on Jag Ghoomeya Thare Jaisa Na Koi… song. Anuj offers slippers to Anupama, recalling their first meeting. Samar and Toshu say their love story started similarly and even their married life. Anupama performs the vidaai ritual and prays tulsi plant before leaving the house. Serial’s title track plays in the background. She then leaves in a car with Anuj teary eyed.

Anuj comforts Anupama and says he likes all the rituals of marriage except vidaayi ritual as its the only ritual which a bride cannot follow with a smile. He says girls leave behind their parents, but she left her babuji, baa, children, etc. Anupaama says along with tears, girl would be having a dream of spending a life with her husband and beautiful life ahead, etc..

Vanraj prays for Anupama’s happy life ahead and thinks he needs to take care of his house from hereon as Kavya would be take care of herself; he needs to follow both mother and father’s duty towards his children, parents, and Mamaji.

Anu and Anuj’s car tyre punctures. Anuj asks the driver to change the tyre and tells Anupama they should enjoy the moment between marriage and grahapravesh just like the period between engagement and marriage. She says he is getting very romantic. He says he didn’t have right to romance her before, but now he will romance her a lot and make other women jealous of her. She asks him not to make them too jealous that they become a coal out of jealousy. Rain starts. They both rush into the car and sit cozily. Tumsa Koi Pyara Koi Masoom Nahi Hai.. song plays in the background. e romantically holds her hand and gets flown in emotions when the driver alerts them and informs that he fixed the tyre. Anuj says he should have taken his own time. Anupama notices the driver taking a different route and alerts Anuj. Anuj blindfolds her and says its a surprise.

Vanraj thinks he needs to take care of Bapuji’s medications and doctor’s appointments, Kinjal multivitamins, pakhi’s studies, etc., and thinks women manage so easily, how will he. Anuj takes Anupama to his parent’s house and surprises her. She surprised says he didn’t inform her about it before. He says he had given it to mukku and hence didnt’ speak about it. He reminds her that he had told during her first visit to his flat that he stays in a small flat as he is afraid of loneliness in a big house. He says he grew up in this house and dreamt since 27 years to bring her in this house, now he has returned to this house after 27 years with her to build new memories with her, etc. Anupama thanks him for bringing her to their house. He opens the door.

Anupama rejoices seeing the new house. GK, Devika, and Shahs welcomes her with aarti and perform her graha pravesh ritual. Anupama insists that Anuj also perform ritual with her and walks in holding his hand. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.. song plays in the background. They both then pray Kanhaji emotionally.

Precap: Anuj transfers all his business and property in Anupama’s name as graha pravesh shagun.

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  1. I am still confused what was the good news Anuj was hiding from Shah Family before wedding rituals started.
    Is that this one ?

  2. Anuj’s family side relatives will soon enter the show. Then the new drama begins. At least for now they are happy that’s make it satisfying, but let’s hope they also focus on her career

    1. Whatever drama it is as long as Anu n Anuj are together all is going to be ok!!

  3. which family in the world lets other family members actually let others stay with them for a long time well mine dont and wont
    more crap storylines no doubt
    lets see ehat childish lines come up now
    so lets wll enjoy NOT

    1. How about leaving own home and staying with a bunch of strangers without any rights? Sounds sane/cool?

  4. In this wedding everything was very positive but I am sure that now anuj toxic relatives will enter and spoil the happiness

    1. I swear Anuj spoke about his uncle at one point and said his relationship with them wasn’t good?

    2. No as long as MaAn are together All is going to be OK!

  5. I think the new entries are related to Samar’s Upcoming Dulhan’s parents.

    Why nobody is thinking like that way. People are so obsessed with saying negative things always .

  6. Anuj says he gave the parents house to mukku so it is rightfully mukkus house now and not anuj so how does he bring his newly wedded wife to his sisters house instead of his own house. Are they going to now stay in this house forever as husband and wife or only to complete rituals.

    1. Mukku returned it also.
      They have another house at US for which She rush suddenly amidst wedding.

  7. Anupama threw rice during vidai, and kicked rice kalash during griha pravesh. Both to symbolise Devi Lakshmi, Even while departing from mayaka and entering into sasural.
    But how many daughters are allowed/feels responsible to help mayaka after vidai and how many dils gets the respect of goddess Lakshmi/capable of bringing actual peace/prosperity to house?
    Grains wasted un necessarily.
    Few weeks back Anupama scolded Rakhi for throwing money for nazar ritual, now who is going to scold her for this wastage?
    There was no other way she could have given this assurance?
    And do we really achieve the real goal with the symbolic ritual?
    As we progress, our rituals must become constructive/helpful/ reusable instead of pompous and wasteful.
    She could rather have planted a coconut tree to bring prosperity to house!
    And also those red water foot prints to be mopped immediately afterwards!

  8. Well… interestingly na meri bidaayi mein na grihapravesh mein.. yeh chawal fenkne wala ritual hua… but still i take responsibility of my maayka… and considered as lakshmi of my sasural… my papaji .. is as supportive as bapuji

  9. Everyone who is spreading hate just stop. #MAan is the best on-screen couple that I have seen in my life.

    1. You haven’t seen so many things in your life yet. Grow up and open your eyes.

  10. From Sagai episodes are nice, wedding episodes were so good & peaceful & still episodes are good & positive. Today’s grih pravesh scene with prem ratan dhan payo was so nice♥️♥️ Hope makers keep that positivity in future episodes. I think everything will be ok. Hope for the best.

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