Anupama 23rd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Sara Questions Barkha’s Intentions

Anupama 23rd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anuj tells Anupama that he is doing all this for her as he doesn’t want Vanraj and Leela accuse her and speak to her in a high tone. He says even he has a limit to his patience and requests her to stay away from Shah family for a few days. Anupama says Kinjal is becoming a mother, then how can she let her alone in this situation; she will handle Mr. Shah. Anuj asks if she could handle Vanraj in 26 years and says Vanraj has a mental issue and not even himself can handle him; he says he is very annoyed with Vanraj’s behavior and doesn’t want to see his face at least for a few days.

Pakhi confronts Vanraj for shouting at her and says it was an accident. Vanraj shouts enough.. Pakhi replies he is enough.. Leela asks what happened, why are they arguing and where is Kinjal. Vanraj says Pakhi had gone to party at Anupama’s house and Kinjal got hurt there, both baby and kinjal are safe by god’s grace. Leela says they shouldn’t have gone there. Vanraj says she should explain it to Pakhi and says Pakhi went there by disobeying him. Pakhi says she has gone on him and says he conveniently ordered everyone not to go there, but she will visit her mummy’s house at any cost. Vanraj warns that nobody will go there. Pakhi runs to her room crying. Vanraj feels disheartened and tells Hasmukh that his children feel suffocated in his house and feel ashamed of it.

Anupama tells Anuj that she can understand him, but Kinjal needs her most at this time. Anuj asks why Vanraj blames her always and asks her to stop defending Vanraj. Anupama asks why would she defend Vanraj, its not easy for her to tolerate Vanraj and she suffered via him for 26 years, even she doesn’t want to see his face, but should she throw stone on him and misbehave with him. Anuj requests her again to stay away from Shah family for a few days as he wants her to get her out of her toxic past; says he respects Hasmukh and Leela a lot, but he cannot let Vanraj humiliate his wife often; says he cannot let her goodness become her weakness. Anupama says she will let elders’ differences keep her children away from her.

Vanraj thinks he always used to say that there is something between them that is not letting them part ways, its because they both are interfering in each other’s lives a lot; he doesn’t have problem with her meeting his children, but now he has. Anuj tells Anupama that he wants her to be strong even if he is away from her and doesn’t want her to say soooorrrryy sooorrry to anyone. Barkha says like Anupama took stand for her maika/parental hone, she will take a stand for Anuj as he is right. Anuj walks to his room recalling Vanraj accusing Anupama and Anupama apologizing him. He thinks Anupama’s problem is she tries to find goodness in everyone, but he can differentiate who is good and who is bad; he cannot see her crying and apologizing.

Barkha tells Anupama that she loves her maika, but they don’t value her and nobody stop or question Vanraj, not even Hasmukh. Sara asks Barkha to stop and end this topic now. Barkha says sometimes they need to, she doesn’t want any problems between Anuj and Anupama and hence needs to interfere; she asks Anupama if she doesn’t like me and Ankush curse Anuj often, then why shouldn’t Anuj feel bad when she is humiliated. Adhik praises Barkha’s game in mind and tells Anupama says Anuj cares for her a lot. Barkha asks Anupama where is Anuj in her happiness, her children, her maika, her preferences. Anupama walks away silently recalling Anuj and Barkha’s words.

Ankush confronts Barkha for interfering between husband and wife’s fight. Barkha says it was necessary and he will not understand. Ankush says she cannot explain or justify himself. Adhik says that man always creates problems whenever he visits them. Sara asks him what does that man mean, he should call Vanraj uncle. She says they gave Vanraj reasons both times to react and reminds that Barkha used to panic even if she and Adhik got hurt a bit and had punched a doctor once. She asks Barkha if her reaction was justified then, how is Vanraj’s reaction wrong then. She asks instead of creating more problems, why can’t she solve the earlier ones. Ankush praises Sara that she is the youngest one but the wisest.

Barkha tells Ankush Sara is a kid and immature. Ankush asks when she is mature, why did she point issues at with Anupama’s maika. Barkha says when she can point at her maika’s mistake, why can’t she point at Anupama’s maika’s mistakes. Sara says her timing was wrong and it will create differences between Anuj and Anupama. Barkha says it will get them more closer instead. Sara asks then why don’t she and papa are closer now, maybe they don’t love each other at all. Barkha and Ankush stand stunne hearing that. Anupama walks to Anuj’s room. Tu Meri Zindagi Hai.. song.. plays in the background. She sits silently on the bed and then cries hugging him tightly.

Kavya suggests Pakhi to apologize Vanraj and calm him down when he is angry. Pakhi asks why should she when Vanraj is at mistake and says Anupama never stopped her from meeting papa. Kavya says what can Vanraj do if he is not sorted out like Anupama. Pakhi says Vanraj is jealous that Anupama married rich Anuj. Kavya says they both are angry now and hence she will talk to them later. Pakhi gets Adhik’s message and smiles. Anuj apologizes Anupama for expressing his thought in front of everyone and says he cannot control himself when someone misbehaves with her. She says they had promised each other to freely express their thoughts to each other. He says his way was wrong. She says he was loyal. They both reconcile their differences and smile.

Precap: Barkha asks Anupama not to worry as there would be fights between married couple and any husband doesn’t like his wife’s ex’s presence in her life. Anupama says she doesn’t let anyone interfere between her and Anuj and says she checked bills and expenses and they are not tallying.

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  1. “How is vanraj reaction wrong then” lol true anyone else in his position who has anger issues would behave like he behaved.
    He did a lot of bad things A LOT but this time he wasn’t wrong. Blaming Anu was little bit too much.
    And Pakhi she is getting too much, she is the reason why vanraj taunt Anu that she is rich now . What kind of person Pakhi is, trust me she isn’t having any care or love for Anu, she is going there for Adhik only 🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. Pakhi is a teenager nd I don’t it’s too wrong for falling for a boy like adhik in tht age.

    2. Falling is always wrong & hurtful. Rise in love.

    3. How came u know tht??only after falling in love right??but how would she know this when she hasn’t fallen for anyone yet… Anyways it’s wrong but she isn’t guilty for falling for him as it’s not in her hand

    4. Yeah one can learn by experiencing or by looking at others.
      Till date Pakhi has seen all broken relations, at one point of time she was against relationships.
      Given her past experiences she is expected to be bit judgemental.
      And given Vanraj’s past experiences, he needs to be understanding towards Pakhi’s feelings.
      The more Vanraj will control that much more Pakhi will become rebellious.

    5. But after tht point she has seen anuj and anupama’s love which can lead anyone to try love once

    6. Even Anupama took her own time before trusting Anuj.

    7. He was wrong! How can he try to stop Anupama from meeting her own children? They’re HER children, they can meet her whenever they want, he has no right to interfere in that! They have equal rights on their children, even if they don’t live with their mom. His behaviour is just stupid and childish and is showing how immature and jealous he is. Pakhi is correct, anupama never stopped them from meeting him! His reaction and behaviour is unjustified and everyone needs to stop excusing his bhevaiour! He wasn’t right at all this time! Kinjal is pregnant and should be more careful, anupama can’t watch her every step so it’s not her fault! Anupamas house is also her children’s house so they can go there whenever they want!

    8. Pakhi is falling for lust, Not love.

      ‘Lust’ is a strong feeling of s*xual desire. In Psychology, it is an altered state of consciousness programmed by the primal urge to procreate. During this period, doctors say it is like a ‘Brain on Drugs’.

      Pure lust is based solely on physical attraction and fantasy. In the divine book Gita, in chapter 3, Lord Krishna says to Arjun that Lust is a very dangerous element. He says, Once you have fallen in lust you will become ill because of your bad karmas.

      When we are angry our mind gets out of control and it takes us in wrong path. Every one must control all ten senses. We need to control our mind by Bran and be a ruler of oneself. So by this meditation and chanting the Lord’s name we can get rid of the lust.

      Lust is a lower form of enjoyment, according to spiritual standards. Somebody with “Modern” thought, will have a different perception. But vedic scripture considers lust as an impediment on the path of spiritual life. It provides two options

      to give up totally and become a Brahmacari followed by Sannyasa with total engagement in spiritual practices.

      2. To fulfill the desire within marriage and gradually overcome lust.

      Either way, the solution prescribed is more engagement in spiritual life. by doing that the affinity we have for lust will dwindle.

      By chanting the Holy Names of The Lord and regular service to Lord Krishna one can be gradually elevated to the stage where one is averse towards lust.

    9. Lust, attraction, love whatever it is, a child will always be a child to their parents, they will always be younger than their parents and it doesn’t matter what your parents do, they are still parents and our elders and we should respect them no matter what.
      But Pakhi she has no regards for her parents and her elders, she only worship and respect money and her priorities.
      Pakhi being a teenager is not a excuse for mistakes she is committing, even being attracted to someone or in love with someone doesn’t change your attitude towards your parents and elders, they are still your parents and respect is our prime and foremost duty towards them.
      She never respected Anu now she is ashamed of her father, she is herself nothing and no one in her life yet.
      She is seriously not like vanraj cause he has a sense of respect for his parents and can not tolerate anything about them and absolutely not like Anupama 😂😂 I don’t know if she is their real daughter or adopted one lol 😂

    10. Vanraj differed from Bapuji, Now Pakhi is differing… Lets set paternity tests.

    11. @Mahi, Subha is like that only. She will argue in any case. If you say it’s night then she will say it’s day and if you are say it’s day then she will say it’s night. 😂😂

    12. Yeah felt the same

    13. When its night here, its day else where what to do nothing is absolute!

    14. I was talking about here only, not any other place.. but you proved me correct by arguing as usual😛

  2. Pakhi is right this time for wrong reasons. This vanraj has become unbearable. Please end this perverted character. Sudhanshu acting also very wooden and bad.

    1. Even in my childhood I behaved like Pakhi often and my parents had to tolerate my abnomal behaviour. Now after watching Pakhi I can realise my foolishness. I am sorry amma and appa.

    2. Anupama has equal rights on Kinjal and vice versa. Kinjal can stay with Anu is she wants, but she herself should remain careful.
      People like Vanraj are very common, they get a sadistic pleasure/sense of superiority by blaming others especially wives(though Anu is ex, he still has that habit). Kavya must demand Vanraj to apologize Anupama/file divorce on the ground of blame game and irrational behavior.
      Vanraj doesn’t have job, Pakhi doesn’t listen, Kinjal had a fall, Anupama is no way responsible for any of these, so he blaming Anupama for these proves he is mad. And finally blaming someone doesn’t resolve the issue rather aggravate problems.
      One can never be superior by blaming but one is Godly by helping to correct the situation. Hope while growing up everyone can understand this.
      Anuj must not command Anu, what to do and what not to do, he has all the rights to suggest but not to impose, Final decision will be taken by Anupama only.

  3. The symptoms Pakhi is showing, Vanaj has lived/lives all of them. When he doesn’t show any remorse on what he is/what he did/trying to change, why is he expecting Pakhi to become a saint from the beginning itself?
    He himself going insane due to insecurity/playing mind games to trap Mukku/insulting Anupama/having multiple affairs/cheating are worse than Pakhi’s mistakes. Vanraj cant preach/teach when he himself has not mastered/resolved these topics.
    Practice what you preach.

  4. Seeing anu’s reaction at first half I felt like she deserved all tht hppnd in past 26 yrs.Loved the way pakhi is showing mirror to vanraj nowadays nd just Hate the way vanraj at last pyar victim nd sympathy card after doing everything wrong.The bedroom scene was the purest nd best scene of the whole week episode.Precap was awesome😍😍

    1. Well she didn’t deserve to be treated like that. It was all her helplessness. No one was supportive. One is powerful when loved and supported else super talents like Khana (poet) lives without tongue.

  5. @Barkha, Its all about Anupama’s family, her choice, her rights? Where Anuj stands here?
    Are you blind/stupid?
    Anuj stays with his side of family. Anupama has to fight/feel guilty to meet her family.
    One of the member from her family creates problem once in blue moon and you are maniac.
    How about you staying with them as family and creating daily problems?
    Apart from going to dance academy, Anupama made dishes of everyone’s choice and packed them to office and even after coming back she prepared desi topping Pizza and took care of everyone including Kinjal.
    Who the hell took care for her choice here?

    1. I am not stupid, you are stupid. Don’t waste your time here. We are not going to change our storyline as per your imagination. We know how to develop the plot and we are working on the same accordingly. If you don’t like this show or any character just stop watching this show.

    2. You are hallucinating, all I said are facts.

    3. Facts in your dreams 😝 keep barking. Nobody is going to listen to you.

    4. So you are a dog so you think everyone is barking like you. Happens.

    5. Even if someone will Cook for her, she will give bhashan on how cooking and serving for others are good hence nobody is interested 😝 she is a fool suffering from Mahaanta syndrome.

    6. Yeah she has parampara syndrome along with mahanta syndrome.
      She fails to understand that traditions are there to make lives easy, not to cut tongue for being talented! Not to cut finger of Ekalavya, not to curse Karna for learning.
      Inhumanity in the name of traditions need to stop.

    7. When she says cooking/serving/caring/chores/fasting/worshipping/watering Tulsi ji is good, is this only good for her and bad for others?
      Why nobody else apart from her does any of these. Not only in shows, in real life Indian families also.
      All the good things are to be followed by Mom and her dil. These good traditions are not applicable for any other family member?

    8. First and foremost Shah are not anupamas family her mother kanta bhavesh and her children are her family. Bapuji and baa are equally responsible for Anupama being tortured in this family. Barkha is absolutely right in her observation about them. Leela is a demon so is vanaraj. Bapuji is a passive person who’s showing false concerns for anupama

    9. Who says Shah’s are not her family members?
      A woman can not forget that house because she has spent 26 years with them. and how can you consider only bhavesh and kanta as her family members? She left her House 26 years ago. Bapuji’s concerns are not fake. He truely loves Anupama as her daughter.

    10. After dumping Anupama in Shah hell, even Kanta Mom and Bhavesh remained passive dormant for 26 yrs… Hope people have changed for better exception Vanraj Shah.

  6. Ankush , Barkha , Sara and Adhik are not needed in this serial why the hell will they just Berge into their Anuj and Anu’s lives and then stupid Barkha actually wants them to have a share in someone else’s business I mean seriously. Would she give shares and partnership to Anuj if Anuj and Anu came to her coz they failed in US.

    It would have been better if they showed Anuj and Anu enjoying their lives alone after marriage and entering their new dream house alone. Why on earth would they just come like that and not even inform Anuj what has transpired and just join him in his house his business and then demand to have shares and be partners

    How on earth would she want her brother whose not even a Kapadia be a partner or get some shares or anything she is really sooooooooooo stupid.

    Bring back MUKKU to straight these ass wholes.

    Don’t fight please Anuj and Anupamaa.

  7. Barkha and adhik are going to create differences between anuj and anupama now and they are going to use shah family to do it. By doing so they think anuj will favor them over anupama when it comes to decision making regarding property, business, house etc.

  8. Whatever happened to little Anu, the girl they were supposed to adopt?

    1. They forgot, I mean the makers saw the negative trend of stop adoption track and so they changed the track.

    2. Listen you guys, we don’t change track as per your discussion and suggestions. We develop storyline and plot as per story demand. We know better than you guys.

  9. Please stop this series get rid off the family so called
    Let Anupma and Abuja live a life
    Please get rid of this family

  10. Where is Malvika? What about small Anu?

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