Anupama 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Scolds Pakhi For Her Mistake


Anupama 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu asks Pakhi if she knows how crop is grown and if she saw farmers and fields. Pakhi says she saw happy farmers in movies. Anu says its parent’s mistake that they show children an easy life and take them to London on vacation instead of a hard working farming growing crops or else Pakhi wouldn’t have asked to throw away whole food. Pakhi yells if its her fault that she didn’t see fields. Anu says she saw her papa working hard to earn money and describes how they used to chant in childhood that one should fill the plate only which they can finish. Pakhi stands arrogantly. Anu gives her 3500 rs and asks Pakhi to burn it. Kavya tries to interfere. anu shuts her mouth. Pakhi yells what the yell, she is not mad to burn the money. Anu says she already burnt it. Anu shows her and her friend’s wasted pizza, milkshake, and other food and says out of 4200 rs worth food, they wasted 3500 rs worth food; she can’t even throw it to dogs as it will spoil their tummy. She continues tongue lashing Pakhi and says she would have ordered food which only she can finish. Vanraj asks not to exaggerate the issue. Anu says it has already exaggerated, why didn’t he stop when he knew its Pakhi’s order. Vanraj says why would he. Pakhi arrogantly asks if her friends should have gone hungry. Anu says they don’t send even a postman hungry from their house. Vanraj says its okay. Anu says just like pampering children, they should scold them for their mistakes. Pakhi arrogantly says she didn’t do any mistake.

Samar asks if she is so dumb to not accept her mistake or she doesn’t want to. Their argument starts. Pakhi starts crying. Kavya yells at Anu that she with her typical middle class mentality made Pakhi cry and loves seeing everyone crying. Baa scolds and shuts her mouth. Vanraj shouts its enough now, he will not tolerate his daughter being scolded for a mere 4200 rs. Anu says its not about money as she never scolded her children from breaking any stuff mistakenly, its about wasting money and not realizing mistake. Vanraj says Pakhi is a kid and will learn slowly. Anu says they need to teach Pakhi now itself and she has to take responsibility for her mistakes and correct them. Argument continues. Vanraj shouts its enough now. Kavya yells she is making such a big issue for just 4200 rs, she will pay it with tip. Anu says she should pay her husband as its his cafe. Vanraj shouts lets end this issue right here and walks away. After sometime, Vanraj confronts Anu for creating a drama for a simple issue and says her dance academy is running well, but his cafe hasn’t yet, so he needs a peace of mind. She asks he should keep quiet and not talk to her when she doesn’t want to and walks away from there.

In the evening, Anu with Samar cleans Pakhi’s wasted food remembering today’s drama. She asks Mamaji to have dinner. Mamaji says he is not hungry and will have milk. Baa also says same and asks Anu to feed rest of the family. Kavya yells that nobody wants to have dinner because of Anu. Pakhi gives 2200 rs to Vanraj saying she took it from her piggy bank and will repay the rest soon. Vanraj asks not to do that. Baa scolds Pakhi for her rude behavior and warns to slap her if she shows her arrogance. Kayva yells at Anu again for that. Anu warns her not now and asks Pakhi to have dinner. Pakhi says she doesn’t have any money to pay and walks towards her room. Samar confronts her. Kavya interferes. Samar warns her not to interfere between siblings and walks behind Pakhi. Kavya then yells at Anu that she created a rift between family. Vanraj yells at Anu that his daughter is hungry because of her. Anu says Pakhi is also her daughter and as a mother, she knows when her daughter is hungry and would have been in Pakhi’s room with thali now. Vanraj continues blaming Anu and Baa. Anu says if they will not correct her, then who else will. He targets Samar next. She asks why he targets Samar always for wrong things. He warns if Samar hits Pakhi, he will not spare Samar. She challenges that Samar has her upbringing and will not do any mistake.

Precap: Bapuji sees Vanraj distributing his cafe’s pamphlets to public and feels sad. Anu says there is nothing wrong in it. Rakhi’s friend taunts her that her samdhi is distributing pamphlet on road. Rakhi fumes on Vanraj and Anu.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Losers and duffers.. 4200 rs isn’t mare idiot
    Anupama is toooo mahan this is the result. Disgusting

    1. Just 4200 rs !! Its about wastage of food . She and her friends litreally wasted more than half of the food . She knows her father has just started his cafe .

    2. Ek episode mai rakhi ne kaha tha ki vanraj ki annual income 15lakhs hai matlab monthly 1.25 lakh par jaisa inka ghar hai aur ye log functions karte hai aur kharcha karte hai usse kabi laga nai ki vanraj ki monthly income 5 ya 6 lakh ke niche hongi, aur ek baar mai 4200 uda dena kuch jada nai hogaya khandaani rich to hai nahi ye log, 4200 choti amount bi nai hai aur kisi bi parent ka reaction thappad hoga jada se jada 500 kharcha karti wo ***************** khud kamaane lagao us licchad ko tab akal aaegi khana bi waste hua aur paise bi coffee to khud bana sakti hai na bada bolti hai mai to apni coffee khud banati hu 14 15 saal ki ghodi hoke apne lie snacks bi nai bana sakti na khud ko khana serve kar sakti bas chillane aur tamasha karne batado isko naagin ko, middle school ke bachhe tak ko apne lie beverage aur kuch gine chune snacks banane aate hai kam se kam instant noodles, bhel, salad, aaloo poha ya baghara chawal to banahi sakti hai na apne lie high school ke bacche to itna to ana hi chahiye.

    3. I literally laughed out too loud when I read “ghodi” 😂😂😂
      That’s exactly what my mother says 🤣

    4. One of the universal words used by parents

    5. 4200 doesn’t matter she is wasting food just take one bite from each food they cannot even finished that food so why they ordered that much amount

    6. You are right but i was pointing out that they were never rich that they can say 4200rs is a small amount which it is not, food wastage is another thing, they should make her eat all the leftover, who behaves like this, first you spend too much money and then you waste food also. Her attitude is wrong

    7. What a idiot comments. Everything is not money it’s wastage. Where vanraj is struggling to sell one cup of coffee. Vanraj role is third class.loser

    8. Bhai ye batao koi chiz costly ho ya no ho ya free mai hi mili ho especially food item ap waste nai karoge na, aur paise important hai apke survival ke lie vanraj ka nuksaan hua na aur khana waste hone se double hogaya nuksaan, usse better utna hi mangwate jitna khasakte hai kam se kam waste nai hota khana, and dekha jaye to agar khana waste nai hota to itna bada issue bi nai hota

    9. Money is as important as food, money helps you get food, no restaurant would be kind enough to give you food for free.
      So be it 4200 or food
      Wasting either is wrong.
      I am sorry if other people on this forums are very rich and can’t relate to her comment. But in my household it’s a big deal to waste money.

    10. Even mine

    11. When you are struggling to make ends meet and when you are trying to build a better future for yourself then everything is about money.

  2. It’s Vanraj that spoils his little girl… then when Pakhi has attitude towards him he blames Anupama… like girl please.

  3. Well I dont think anupama is wrong here. She is right. She didnt care about money but about the food that was wasted. My mom would do the same if I was pakhi. Maybe she would even slap me loll :)). But, pakhi is going too far now a days. Being too arrogant. Good thing anupama is scolding her, instead of talking emotional things that dont make sense.

    1. Anupama is right

  4. I am glad anupama said it was her and vanraj’s mistake and that they are the reason why pakhi is the brat she is today.
    I am also happy that baa and anupama didn’t give in to her.
    Pakhi is thick skulled just like her father.
    Indeed she is his daughter.

  5. Forgot to mention I loved samar’s reaction too.
    Tera IQ zameen par hai and ego aasman par 🤣
    And sweety ne mummy ki nahi suni nai apki nahi sunuga 🤣

    I think anupama should actually make pakhi pay for all her meals , even her coffee for a week.
    Because she refused to eat dinner because she doesn’t have enough money for that.
    Then why should she get breakfast for free the next day ?
    It should be a regular thing.
    Pay and eat
    In 2 days she will get back on track

    1. I totally agree with your points this should be done

    2. Thank you 😊

    3. 😂love samar in today’s episode.

      Kal jab iss pakhi ko bhool lagegi aur ye khana mangegi tab Anupama ko paise mangne chahiye usse😏😏 bata attitude dikha rahi hai “mere pass aur paise nahi hai” and jo paise vanraj ko de rahi thi wo kaun sa kama ke laayi hai toh wo vanraj ke paise na

    4. I liked baa in today’s episode. Every point of her was very right.

    5. True. It’s high time that Pakhi get a strict lesson of life

  6. My mother would have let me hungry whole day if I will wasted this much food and money and instead of saying sorry show attitude to them and beahave rudely to them just like Pakhi😈

    1. Same here daat alag se aur jada hi gussa agaya to shayad thappad plus agli baar se paise nahi milenge kharch karne aur jo paise mere pass hai wo bi lelie jaenge when you cannot respect money you will not get any

    2. Same here. Main aise badtameezi karke attitude dikhungi to mere mummy papa bhi yahi kahenge ki bhukhi reh rhi h to rahe

  7. I really hope this time Anupama doesnt back off from making Pakhi realise her mistake!!! I hope she doesnt start saying sorry!!! As for Vanraj, he is still an arrogant guy, he just started his cafe, its still strugling & yet he acts as if he owns a big 7 star hotel that he can afford to give away food for free!!! Kavya, Kavya, Kavya just shut up!!! You have your V, concentrate on him & stop shouting, we want you to keep quite for few days!!! I just wish Anupama will leave Pakhi alone, without any support or any pampering!!! Maybe then she will realise her mother’s worth & also see that Kavya isnt intrested in her nor love nor care for her, she is just using her to hurt Anupama!!!

  8. Whatever Anu said is right today. It’s not about money. It’s about wastage of food and Money over stupid things. If I would have been in Pakhi’s place my mummy not just have scolded me but would have slapped me 4-5 times for insulting the food and money which anyone earns with hard work be it with small income or with big salary package. My papa would have also scolded me. Though he didn’t raise hand over me because I’m a girl but didn’t hesitate to reprimand me for my mistakes. Even I’m most pampered child of family but that doesn’t mean ki meri family wale meri badtameezi bardaasht karenge. And from today’s episode it got proved that Ravanraj Shah can’t change. He’s taking Pakhi’s sides instead of scolding her. He’s saying it’s not a big issue. Are hamare parents ne aaj tak humse ye nahin puchha ki beta tujhe paise kis liye chahiye. Jab bhi kehti hun ki papa kal ye kaam hai to college se aate time kr lungi, college mein is baat ki fee chahiye etc. Aur papa turant de dete hain. Even my parents will compromise with their own clothes but they want that me and my brother wear best clothes. Par agar hum paise ko faltu udaenge ya khane ki insult karenge to para to high hoga hi na. Even my dadiji didn’t raised hand over me and pampered me most but even she used to scold me on my misbehaviour and my brother also. Even Leela scolded Pakhi for her arrogance today. And I thought ki Pakhi ko lagta hai ki bade bhai ya bhabhi ko use daantne ka koi hak nahin. Par ye soch bhi Ravanraj Shah ki gift hai. Even my elder brothers and bhabhi scold me and no one interfere. Samar is Pakhi’s elder brother. Elder brother is like a father. And in do ke beech almost utna hi age difference hai jitna mere aur mere bhai ke beech. Still itne bade bhai se sirf badtameezi karti hai. Mere bhai ko to 2 thappad milte hain. And Ravanraj Shah is saying that if Samar hits Pakhi then he’ll not spare him. Like really? If he has forgotten that when Kavya sent Samar to jail on false accusation of hitting her then this Ravanraj Shah said that Samar can never hit a woman/girl. If it was for his respect in society that his son has landed up in jail out of false accusation by his girlfriend or just to show Anu that he has full faith in his set. Double standards. Means the spoilers which I read has some truth inside it. Ravanraj Shah is Kutte ki dum jo kabhi seedhi nahin hoti

    1. Completely agree with you, everything ypu said was to the point.

    2. Very very right iss kutte ki dum kabhi seedhi nahi ho sakti totally agreed with you

  9. When pakhi was living with kavya that time she(kavya) was like pizza aadha kha ke phek diya. Papa ki job chali gai hai u should save money and paise ped pe nahi lagte and all and today all this wastage of food and money is small thing for her🥴😵

  10. This Vanar Raj will never change. He started showing his true colors again and I’m sure very soon he will kick Anu out from her academy and I definitely think she deserves that for her Mahanta.But I feel bad for Samar and Nandini, it’s their hard work after all.

    1. If he does so then definitely Samar will kill kick out his cafe. As it’s his hard work with Nandu. They forgot day & night in establishing this academy. Samar ne pehle bhi kaha hai ki jab bhi ap(Ravanraj Shah) mere saath apna rishta sudharne ke liye jitne kadam aage badate ho apni ego ki wajah se usse just 2-3 times steps pichhe hat jate ho jisse hamare beech ki diwar badti jati hai. Aur Samar to academy mein Ravanraj Shah ke true colours dekh jagah dena hi nahin chahta tha. Wo to Bapuji, kinju aur nandu ko laga ki wo sudhar gaya aur sirf Anu ki khushi ke liye beman se jagah de di

  11. I do agree that food or money should not be wasted but at one end they are crying for 4200 and food but other end all of them are wearing designer outfits. Everyone wears new clothes every day without repetition, whether there is any occasion or not. Right from Bapuji to Pakhi all of them are up-to-date. Females are wearing full make-up all the time. Nobody can say this family is suffering from financial crisis. Marathi version of this serial is much better.
    Writers are so confused that any character changes colour anytime, faster than chameleon (except for our mahaan Anupama devi and bapuji)

    1. I agree, Family ka setup hi weird hai… Anupama is acting Mahaan (unrealistically). Kabhi to real life jaisa action le… hamesha gyaan ki barsaat karti rehti hai.. Vanraj is a mute character now… Pehle har time tamasha karte rehta tha.. ab Kavya ki bakwaas sunkar ‘surprise’ expressions dene ke alawa kuch nahi karta as if Kavya is doing something new…

  12. If she would have to order from somewhere else where she had to pay money, wont she think twice about spending 4200… spoilt Brat. Another question is why cant Baa do anything.. She just sits and order, if Anupama was not at home and she knows Kavya, then she could have made something…..

  13. Pakhi has gone totally out of hand. Anupama could never control her becoz Pakhi and toshu were always Vanrajs favorite. He never stopped them from insulting Anu instead he laughed along and thought his super intelligent kids are doing something great. Ba also never said anything to them. Wasting food and showing attitude to elders kids should be disciplined on the spot. Anupama should ignore Pakhi and not run to help her for some days. In a few days kavya will lose interest in Pakhi and will take her to task at that time let Vanraj deal with them. No comments on irritating Kavya all should just ignore them. Let Pakhi be hungry and here on let her do her share of work at home.

  14. T.H

    Enjoy and love reading you guys’ comments @Pri and @Zena! You two kinda mention everything that comes in my mind after reading the updates so I don’t need to comment anymore actually 😂

    Will comment today though 😁

    Firstly, I feel like both Anupamaa and Vanraj are responsible for Pakhi’s spoiled behavior. Anupamaa pampers Pakhi more than she should, scolds her very little and whenever Pakhi misbehaves she thinks that she is young and it is a normal thing for a teenage girl. Which is totally wrong. But yeah today she was strict and whatever she did was right! I like it. I hope now Pakhi learns a lesson and before wasting any food or misbehaving with elders, she thinks 100 times. I feel Vanraj is responsible because Pakhi is more likely a daddy’s girl so she learnt from him and acts like him. Arrogant and rude. And Vanraj NEVER corrected her nor he let Anupamaa do so when she made mistakes. He always treated her like a princess and let her do anything she wants. As you see today, and also if you remember, even when she got a smart phone, Anupamaa didn’t like it but Vanraj let her use it and scolded Anupamaa instead.
    Secondly, the writers should make Kavya’s dialogues a bit smooth. She keeps on yelling and shouting everywhere which we audiences don’t like at all. I wish her character becomes like before. Strong, independent and simple. Only thing to change is before she was doing an unforgivable act and now I want her to support and become a well wisher for Anupamaa. I know this would never happen but I just wish so.

    1. First of all thanks for considering my comments good. And whatever you said is absolutely true. Kavya’s yelling feels like kaan fadu type. And considering teenager’s misbehaviour as a effect of their age is absolutely wrong. Aise to wo kal kisi ka murder bhi kr de to kahenge ki is umar mein ho jata hai. Sahi mamle mein lagaam isi umar mein kasi jati hai. Yahi age hoti hai jisme hum bigad bhi sakte hain sudhar bhi sakte hain. Bas parents lagaam den. Hamare parents ne bhi hum pr rkhi. Aur ab bhi. Ye nhin ki 21 ke ho gye to har cheez krne ke liye free. Aur papa ki princess to har ladki hotis hai. Main bhi hun. But ye to nahin ki papa badtameezi sehen kr lenge. Ravanraj Shah khud hi nahin sudhara hai to bigdi beti ko kya sudharega. Par aaj jo Anu aur Baa ne danta wo bahut pahle ho jana chahiye tha. Aur jaise aj Pakhi ko daantne se Samar ko nahin roka waise hi pahle bhi nahin rokna chahiye tha. Aakhir bada bhai hai aur bada bhai father figure hota hai. Meri mummy bhi yahi kehti hain ki tere bade bhai bhabhi mummy papa ke jaise hain. Unhen tujhe daantne ka pura hak hai . Aise hi tujhe tere chhote bhai ko kyunki badi behan maa jaisi hoti hai.

    2. Pri what you said is very right this is an age when kids can go wrong. It is responsibility of everyone in family to correct the wrong on the spot. Most girls are papas princess. Fathers will do everything possible to make her wish come true but that does not mean if you misbehave he is going to support you for your misbehavior. For me a look from my pa was enough to know that I did wrong. At the age of 40 also if I make a mistake my mom today also scolds me. She says your kids will learn seeing you so you have to watch your step. It’s not only Anupamas fault but Vanraj and Ba are equally responsible. Bapuji should be blamed for keeping quiet everytime these kids and Vanraj misbehaved with Anupama. Anupama should stop saying the word SORRY. Ask Vanraj to take full responsibility of Pakhi

    3. True. I didn’t knew ki ap mujhse itne bade ho. Main to just 21 year old girl hun. Par mere parents ne bhi meri teenage mein mujh pr lagaam rakhi taki sudhari hui rahun, ab bhi aur ab mere bhai pr bhi kyunki ab wo ek teenager hai. Meri dadiji ne bhi mujhe daanta ye nahin ki laadli hone ki wajah se galat baatein sahin. Isi sakhti se hum sudhre hue hain. Ravanraj Shah should stop pampering her. And apne jo kaha sahi kaha galti sab bade logon ki hai ki laadli hone ki wajah se kabhi kuchh kaha nahin. Aur bhai ya bhabhiyon ne samjhane ki koshish ki to rok liya. Kitni badtameezi se bol rahi thi ki nandini aadha chips ka packet khati hai, main tera sar phod dungi etc. She crossed all limits today. Are couples ek dusre ka jootha kha hi lete hain. Mere bhai bhabhi bhi khate hain. Stupid ladki apne bhai se bolne ki bhi sharam nahin. Humein seedha thappad milega. Bhaiyon se to nahin kyunki wo samar jaise hain ladki pr haath na uthaane wale. Pr mummy to hain na. Aur Ravanraj Shah ke against aaj Samar aur Anu aaj chale gaye to wo fir galat ho gaye, yahan tak ki aaj uski nazron mein baa bhi galat ho gayin. Double standards. Galti pr daant to raha hai nahin ulta jo samjha raha hai usi ko suna raha hai. Aise logon ki wajah se hamari generation ke kuchh bachche bigadte hain aur naam badnaam puri generation ka hota hai.

    4. T.H

      True! What Anupamaa did today, she should have done that a long ago. And as you said, elder brother is like father, yes I agree, Samar has all the rights to scold Pakhi, teach her what is wrong and what is right and nobody should stop him from doing that.

    5. Thanks for considering my comment good & this has become my second family 😊 i come here every now & then to read, intrect & comment

  15. I have started liking Pakhi nd Toshu’s character in the resort but it seems like they are going to be same as they were earlier… Both of them just think about themselves only… They will never change not even Vanraj

  16. Finally Anupama told off to Pakhi and even Vanraj. Kavya she can’t handle if someone else takes center stage for one episode. First time I liked Baa too. The way she told Pakhi that she will give her a tight slap. And is like how dare you even Vanraj too. And she stood firmly saying yes i will. I liked that, she should have done that to Vanraj long back. Anyway I am happy that they highlighted the issue of wasting food.

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