Anupama 19th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Kavya’s New Maid

Anupama 19th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama with Kinjal serves breakfast to her children, Baa, and Bapuji. Bapuji scolds Samar and Toshu that they have gone on Vanraj and just eat instead of helping Anu and Kinjal. Kinjal says let it be as they will increase their work load instead. Samar asks if Bapujised used to help Baa in kitchen. Baa says he used to think peeling onion is help. Samar says he will will help by serving himself. Bapuji jokes again. Vanraj munching bread toast sadly watches his family enjoying sumptuous breakfast jovially. Kavya asks him how is the breakfast. Baa says let him come out of the shock of her preparing breakfast early. Kavya’s hired maid Geeta walks in playing on mobile with her bag and asks if this is Kavya Shah’s house. Kavya says finally her new maid came. Baa says this is Vanraj and Anupama Shah’s house, didn’t she see the name plate outside. Geeta says she forget checking as she is busy updating her social media status. Pakhi asks if she is on social media. Geeta says she is a hifi maid. Kavya informs Baa that Geeta is their full-time maid who will stay with them 24 hours. Geeta asks can she discuss her terms and condition first. Kavya asks her terms and conditions. Geeta says she was told there are only 2 people, but she can see even old people here. Baa scolds her that she can perform garbha on 6 songs continuously. Kavya says she needs to serve only 2 people and rest will serve themselves. Geeta says she needs her own room, will not share her charger with anyone, will not eat whatever they eat. Baa asks if they are hiring her or she is hiring them. Geeta says she doesn’t like interruption and after work she will watch her favorite TV serials. Baa says she will not let her touch her TV. Geeta says she will watch online as she is a hifi maid. Kavya accepts all her terms and conditions and asks her to start work from today.

Baa calls Geeta and touching her head says she takes oath on Geeta that if Kavya’s maid creates any issues, she will not spare her. Children laugh but stop seeing Vanraj. Baa comments that Kavya’s maid is weird like her. They discuss that their privacy is gone for a task with Geeta’s stay here 24 x 7. Kavya takes Geeta to kitchen and explains her work, then seeing Anu instructs her that she will work for only her and her husband and will not follow any other’s instructions. Geets nods okay. Kavya gives her apron and warns her not to clean her hands with her clothes. Geeta says even she needs to have same food, so she takes utmost care of hygiene. Kavya asks her to prepare breakfast and walks away. Anu asks Geeta to ask her if she needs her anything. Geeta arrogantly says she herself will find out. Anu offers her tea. Geeta gets impressed and thinks she worked in so many houses, but nobody offered her tea in their own cup till now.

Kavya informs Vanraj that she informed Geeta to prepare breakfast for them. Vanraj asks how can she keep a maid 24 x 7 here as everyone will feel uncomfortable, she would have asked him or Baa once before hiring a fullt-time maid. She says he should get habituated like he did 25 years ago when Anu came in his house. Vanraj says Anu was his wife. Kavya says she was working like a maid, he will get comfortable even with Geeta like Anu soon. Geeta serves them breakfast. Kavya asks Kinjal to go alone to office as she will have breakfast and then come. Geeta serves them lotus root sabji. Vanraj starts coughing. Anu rushes to him with water and says he is allergic to lotus root. Kavya says she didn’t know. Anu says she ahd informed her during Rakhi’s party. Kavya reminisces the incident. Anu asks her to write it down if she can’t remember. Geeta thinks Anu knows more than his wife and asks Kavya why didn’t she inform her about it, she would have been blamed else. Kavya shouts shut up. Geeta says she doesn’t like attitude if its not her mistake and she will complain against her in union, then nobody will work for her. Kavya apologizes Geeta. Family laughs, and Baa mimics Geeta. Vanraj gets a interview call that they are waiting for him. He asks Kavya why didn’t she inform about this call. She says she denied them as its a small start up company and she will manage until he gets a good job. She walks aside to pick her boss’ call.

Anu walks to Kavya and says regarding Mr Shah’s job. Kavya says she shouldn’t show her right on her husband as she got his house and not her husband. Anu says she doesn’t want to show any right on her husband, but she cannot her children’s father’s and Baa/Bapuji’s son’s insult in front of them as her children will not respect their father following her, so she wants her to maintain a decorum at home. Kavya yells to stop lecturing her. Kavya says protecting her family’s interest is her duty and she is doing same. Vanraj walks to them ready for interview and tells Kavya that he is going for the interview in a small company as he thought its better to get a high designated job in a small company than getting a low designated job in a big company. He looks at Anu, and she approves it with her eyes. He leaves. Kavya warns Anu to stay away from her husband. Anu says if she had to be near him, she wouldn’t have left him. Anu says she is boasting as she got a part of the house. Anu says she is bothered about house but not about family, she should think of winning family’s confidence.

Vanraj visits his friend’s cafe and says even small companies need young blood. Friend says he went through same situation and hence he took loan and opened this cafe; says if he is so desperate, he can work in his new cafe near his house as a sales marketing head as its difficult to get a job at their age. He takes Vanraj to show him new cafe’s design. Nandini with Samar sitting in the same cafe worries for Vanraj. Samar says he was so arrogant and insulted mummy when she got 5000 rs bonus, one has to pay for their sins in the same life. Nandini hopes Vanraj’s problems solve soon or else it will affect their whole family.

Kavya orders Geeta to serve snacks to Vanraj when he returns home and gives her wifi pasword. Geeta asks what will she do till then. Kavya says she needs to serve only 2 of them and nobody else and should rest till then. Kinjal offers lift to Kavya in Toshu’s car. Kavya agrees. Baa recites a poem against Kavya. Geeta laughs. Kavya yells at her not to insult her in front of maid and walks away yelling. Children walk away. Anu ready for her job requests Baa to stop calling Kavya as maide ki katori in front of children. Baa says if she doesn’t control Kavya, their hearts will break like their house.

Precap: Vanraj informs Baa and Bapuji about his new job offer in his friend’s cafe. Bapuji says he is happy to see him smiling after a long time and suggests to accept it. Anu also smiles in approval. Kavya opposes his decision and says he will not do a small job. Vanraj says he is not seeking her opinion but informing her as Baa, Bapuji, and Anu already approved him.

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  1. Wth!Like seriously. I feel Rakhi is right. They will turn Kinjal to be the next anupama. Why don’t Vanraj, Paritosh and Samar also cook food themselves? And this mahaan Anupama doesn’t even support Kinjal and tell her son to work. If a woman is not working then it’s acceptable that she only does household work but definitely not in the case of a working woman. Why should Kavya give food to Vanraj? He can cook it himself as he doesn’t even have a job. Even if he gets a job eventually then also he and Kavya should work equally in kitchen. But this Vanraj is asking Kavya what’s the need to hire a full-time maid. Agar khud kar pao kaam tab bolo Kavya ko.

  2. I have a couple of things to say… why is everyone upset with the maid… they expect Kavya to be Anupama… where a woman constantly cooks and cleans… and why is Vanraj comparing Anupama to Kavya… what point is he making? When was with Anupama he hated everything about her and lusted over Kavya, now that he has Kavya the woman of his dreams he is chasing Anupama. Like what the hell… they make Kavya be the villain but Vanraj out himself in this mess… Vanraj made promises that he can not keep, he continuously mocked Anupama, always pointed out the fact that Anupama only knew how to cook… and now those are the same qualities that he uses against Kavya. Vanraj is using Anupama to kind of shape Kavya into Anupama.
    There are so many people that are living inn that house and that Anupama can not take care of so what is wrong with having a maid. They are seeing it as a curse or something really bad but what is wrong with keeping a maid that will help around.
    ANupma is shown to be this Devi… this perfect woman. But I think that the makers have complete forgot what the whole point of Anupama. You had Anupama in that house so that drama will store up in the show… but forgetting the part that Anupama growth. Anupama still does work for everyone, that Anupama does go to work but then comes back home doing everything for everyone. Paratoish, Pakhi, Samar, Ba, Babuji, Kavya, and Vanraj can sit and eat at the table but Anupama and Kinjal has to serve everyone… what sort of back wards logic is that. Where the Bahu has to cook and clean while everyone else is free to do whatever they want. Like what the hell… the writers still use old time logic but present it in a way that it is new thinking when really it is not. Why do they not have ANupama just doing her job and grow. Where she is not in the kitchen all the time, where she is not cooking all the time, where she is not doing something for someone in the house. Maybe have her go out with her friends, where she doesn’t give anyone advice, that she doesn/t do her big speeches, that she walks away when Vanraj and Kavya are fighting, where she does her own thing and does not do everything for the family. That Kinjal feels like she needs to cook and clean but why is no one telling that she needs to focus on her career more… that Kinjal can take a break…. But no. The Bahu needs to be the submissive ones that even after a long day at work they need to cook and clean while the men can sit down and enjoy their food like come one. Maybe have everyone support each other… where the men learn how to cook, where ba actually helps for once. Where Babuji tells Anupama firmly to stop doing chores and to relax. This show has backwards logic

    1. I also wanted to add why are the episodes super useless… last week it was just them coming home, and most of it was just outside of the house… then it was night time for like 2 episodes… then they showed three episodes of just one day and then now they just shows this morning… like there is so much unnecessary drama… and wasteful episodes.

    2. Agree with you @mystery

    3. Nobody is forcing you to watch this show. Writers know their job better than you. Remember, It’s just a fiction. If you want to see the reality switch to documentaries but stop spreading negativity here every day giving your uselss knowledge.

    4. @Mystery
      Don’t understand why you watch the episodes if you have a problem with the story and the writers.
      None forces Anu or Kajal to cook and serve food.
      what is the big deal about cooking for the family and serving food to the family?

    5. Absolutely!! I agree with you. What is the harm in cooking for your family. In England, we all have to do what Anupamaa does. Work, look after the house, cook etc. We dont have the luxury ,like in India to have maids. We have to do everything. Sometimes the husband helps, and sometimes they dont. That’s the asian culture we live in..

    6. What culture? We simply can’t accept injustice sugarcoated in the form of culture. If mens can’t cook, they shouldn’t either marry working women or they shouldn’t eat food. Simple. If cooking and serving isn’t a big deal then mens should also cook.

    7. @ruhi lol ruhi,you are damn right. if men don’t want to cook, then they should not eat.kinjal and kavya are working just like toshu and v. Then why only and kavya and kinjL should cook!

    8. @Mystery

      I completely agree with you . Honestly don’t see why they are making such a big deal about having a maid .

      I hope the writers can get their time machine working so they can return from the 15th century.

    9. I liked the house-help a lot … her personality is refreshing

    10. Why are you soo negative…she is just giving her opinion thats why theres a comment section!!! Some of us likes reading the comments & if opinions werent needed i dont think Tv shows will be rated & some of them loose or win the spot!!! Its fiction that affects soo many people who watches, it leaves an impact on peoples lives that even others change for better or for worde based on what they watch on Tv!!! The show is the one spreading negativity that cheating is okay, a woman can never break free nor grow no matter what!!! Everything she stated is right if you dont like you have the option of skipping!!!

    11. And if you are soo keen on all episodes on the comments section youll see almost everyone doesnt like the path the show has taken!!! It was suppose to ahow how a housewife gets unappreciated, mistreated & limited to kitchen only to her breaking free & climb the ladder of success to make a difference!!! But unfortunately soo far we’ve seen Anu still stuck on the same life over & over!!! Cooking & taking care of the family aint bad but when poeple take advantage & see you only as someone whom they can benefit from then thats wrong!!!

    12. @Anupama fan ,

      Where is the logic in that ??? If Kavya wants a maid and can afford one, then she can hire one .

      In olden times women used to burn themselves after their husband’s death . Sati was also part of Indian culture, that doesn’t mean you follow it blindly . We have come a long way from there and we need to change our thoughts and progress with time .

      Individuals in a commited relationship should share responsibility and support each other . Vanraj is trash 🗑️

    13. @Shree Yes, vanraj is acting like a man baby. Everyone should serve him. Why can’t he make the tea for himself?

    14. @Riya ,

      Seriously !!! It’s not even like he is busy or ill. Complete man child !!!😡

    15. I am sorry that I have my opinion… I understand people cook for family I do to… but this serial shows only that Bahu’s cook while the men sit around or the daughter of the house just sits and watch aka Pakhi. But of you guys are hurt and I am sorry and I won’t comment again.
      I know now that my opinion should never be posted online.

    16. @mystery hey, don’t feel bad. People are different. Some people have no idea how to act decent in a public place like this. Your opinion was sensible. Keep posting your comments

    17. You need not say or feel sorry because u are right. Keep commenting.

  3. Kavya's bestie

    I’m so sick of this. Feel so bad for Kavya. They’re constantly bullying her 24×7 in that house, even the so called married and soon to be married “kids”
    Kavya should seriously file a mental harrasment complaint against them. And this vanraj used to be all mushy mushy with her when they’re not married and now when she’s his wife he’s treating her like sh#t. Kavya should seriously consider moving to a different home. I think Kinjal is also trying to trouble Kavya at her workplace. Huh.

    1. I think the one at fault here is Vanraj & yes though Kavya is evil sometimes i feel she is pushed into being soo!!! She was a very sweet lovely woman who at some point was supporting Anu like that time where she told Anu to accept the job, where she told V to leave the house on Anu but the constant rejection, taunts & insults from the family changed her soo much & the one getting her wrath is Anu!!! Vanraj is the biggest culprit, if he was doing right by Kavya, stop comparing her to Anu & set boundaries for everyone imcluding himself i dont think Kavya would have turn this evil!!! But all the time he runs away, vent his anger on everyone & act the victim & in the process Anu, Kavya & the whole family suffers!!!

    2. 2 advices:

      1. Don’t watch the show if you feel bad.

      2.If you feel bad then go to the producer/director and tell them I want to be Kavya and if your really good you might get the role so you can get them arrested.

  4. Kavya deserves this because she wanted to kick out family members from their house. Didn’t you watch her scenes with Rakhi in the resort where she was saying that she will remove all members after marriage? In fact Vanraj’s family should file a case against this arrogant lady called kavya. She is shameless. Vanraj is most confused and uselsss character who doesn’t have decision power at all.

    1. Man, you have a brain. Kavya deserves her ‘V’ getting angry at her.
      @Kavya’s Bestie thinks Shah family get angry at Kavya for no reason.
      But they get angry because Kavya make them angry. Duh!

  5. Why can’t toshu and vanraj take responsibility of houehold chores too. Kavya and are working just like them. Honestly, is this family expects women to work 24 hrs non-stop? Vanraj wants a wife like anu and a gf like kavya. Not kavya but vanraj is the villain here

  6. Why there are always comparisons to be made between Kavya,Kinjal & Anupama.
    Kinjal being an educated person should focus more on her career & then she can do household chores accordingly taking time into consideration.
    Kavya was right that it is difficult to handle both household chores & office work & a woman who can handle both can do both but what’s the need of comparison in Kavya & Anupama when Kavya can hire a full time maid within her reach of salary whereas if Anupama can handle both then she should do that rather than lecturing as not every woman as be a lot skilled in cooking.Is any man asked to do job as well as handle home also?

  7. Hey!why you people fighting on a serial. Let it be. There is simple logic in life “live and let live “.I think you all should do yoga,just breath and smile you know why because it’s free.

    1. Of course it’s just a serial but it reflects the mentality of ppl and generally ppl are inspired by tv shows so instead of promoting these backward thinking, these shows must try to show equality.And by commenting here, I just wish that atleast someone change their backward views because to make a change, we can start by trying to educate as many ppl as possible. Even if in one house, this inequality ends then that will make me happy.

  8. I have nothing to say about VANRAJ but as a woman I don’t feel pity for KAVYA at all…..She betrayed such a nice husband like Anirudh who loved her truly, made affair with a married man(Vanraj) and broke the house of another woman(Anupama).Kavya deserves all these things that are happening with her(in this house & in her life)……..THESE ARE THE CONSEQUENCES OF HER SIN. So I don’t feel pity for her.

  9. Why there is fuss about cooking. Is it a rocket science which men cannot do? I don’t have luxury to keep maid at home and I cook according to my convenience . I ll cook for a day for 3 days and then not worry about it . It’s a problem with people who want fresh cooked food 3 times a day everyday .

    1. Even i don’t understand the concept agar apko 3 time fresh khana chahiye khud hi bana lo chalo breakfast aur luch samaj mai ata hai par jo lunch mai tha wai hum dinner mai nai khasakte. Chalo roti ka samaj sakte hai fresh chahiye par sabji to sube ki bani hosakti hai na, i know people jo snacks mai idli ya dosa bi khaenge phir 2 ya 3 hrs baadkhana bi khaenge bhale hai idli ka batter bacha hi kyu na ho, are agar noodles ya ya koi dusra chutur puturwala item bi bana hona to bi inhe khana khana hi hai are bhai khul bana lo ya phir bahar se chutur putur khalo ye double mehnat na hogi jabardasti ki.
      Kabi kabar teeno time fresh khana samaj mai ata hai jaise kisi meal mai apko kuch special ya different khana ho par rozkon karega baki kaam bi hota hai ghar ke exercise bi karni hoti hai padhai ya job bi hota hai logo ka. Dekha jae to khana banane mai sirf roti ka hi jhanjhat hai, aur is family mai koi bi male apne haath se kuch bana ke kyu nai kha sakta kam se kam chai coffee paratha khichdi chane ya moong ka chatpati upma poha ye to bana hi sakte hai usme bi alas aur apne ap ko serve karne mai kya problem hai.
      I am happy ki vanraj chota hi sahi par job to karega aur khush bi rahega.

  10. Shows are not expected to be realistic, otherwise they won’t serve the entertainment purpose, yet they shouldn’t be marketing stupidity! What’s the big deal that Anu can do household chores and Kavya cannot !!
    Kavya doesn’t do compromises with what she desires . She’s committed to her career, she wants a certain prestige for her spouse , that is why she doesn’t accept that he takes small jobs , and this is not wrong . She loves modern living more than submitting to cultural moulds and this is realistic nowadays.
    Kavya and Anupama come from very different living concepts with different education, background, so a comparison is not valid and boring too.

    It is ok to be a simple traditional housewife who takes life one step at a time , it is also ok to be an ambitious stylish contemporary woman . Life choices should be personal as each style serves a good purpose.
    I feel that the makers need to work on the basic plot that attracted us to the show, how one can rise after betrayal, how you can repair your soul and move on for a better life . Show us how moving away from a toxic spouse is a good riddance.
    People need to see the importance of self appreciation and that it is not wrong if you work and worry more about yourself than the others and how happy and peaceful one would be by doing this.
    Stop the faltu comparisons and stupid backward details.

    1. Kavya should learn then!

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