Anupama 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Emotional Family Support For Anupama

Anupama 19th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama emotionally tells Bapuji that they have only 2 days left for divorce and will not waste it crying. Bapuji asks if she informed Samar about divorce date. She says she couldn’t seeing his trophy and will later, says cake is ready and they should call Baa and cut it. He says she already slept, so they shouldn’t disturb her. She says they shall cut the cake tomorrow then. He says they can cut it daily, grabs few choc pieces and runs away.

Samar enters Pakhi’s room to show his trophy when he sees her crying and asks reason. She hugs him crying vigorously and informs that mummy papa are getting divorce in 2 days. Samar is shocked to hear that and says mummy didn’t inform him yet. Pakhi gets Toshu’s video call who wishes for Samar’s trophy and says he will get raksha bandhan gift for Pakhi. Samar informs him that mummy and Mr. Shah are getting divorced. Pakhi requests him to stop their parents’ divorce. Toshu is shocked and says papa didn’t inform him about it at all. Samar says let us respect their parents’ decision. Pakhi says today is sibling day and she is lucky to have them as her siblings. They all 3 bond well. Samar feels sad that mummy didn’t inform him about divorce.

Samar meets Nandini who says she just found out via Kavya that uncle and aunty are getting divorced in 2 days. He says he is not fine. She says even she wasn’t when her parents divorced and didn’t know what to do. He says mummy hid the this truth from him. She says that’s because Anu aunty wants to protect him. He says that is not fair and he is feeling weird. She suggests to make the remaining 2 days special for Anu and whole family. He says she is right, mummy did so much for them, they should give her so much happiness that she should change her decision of leaving them. She asks him to go and spend time with family instead of her. He thanks her and says she explains and solves his issues so easily and leaves throwing flying kisses on her. He returns home and tells Anu that she told that he is best friend and they never hide problems with best friends, then why did she. She says sorry. He says he was so engrapsed in his life that he didn’t see her sorrows. She asks him to stop crying. He says let us be happy for the remaining 2 days and offers her ghungroo. She says not today as sorrows come uninvited repeatedly and they tell fake smile to tell sorrow that they are not at home, but some day they have to face it. She cries emotionally hugging him.

Pakhi writes a note to universe to keep her parents happy after whatever decisions they take, she was selfish to wish only for her and is wishing for the first time for her parents, she needs happiness in her parents’ lives. Samar noticing that wipes her tears and says now he can say that they are lucky to have her. He also writes a letter. After sometime, Pakhi blindfolds him and takes him to living room to cut a cake with Anu and Nandini. Anu says she was sad, but sent away sorrow and brought happiness back, etc. He cuts cake while Pakhi and Nandini sings congratulations and for him. He feeds cake to Anu, then holds his leg due to leg injury. Anu asks how did it happen. He says during dance practice. Nandini says Samar is very brave. Anu says like mother like son and shows her leg injury. Pakhi asks how did it happen. She describes her childhood story when she got injured and her father encouraged her to fight with pain and achieve her goal, says she learnt it from her father. He says he learnt it from her and hugs her. She asks to teach it to her again then.

After sometime, she passes by Vanraj’s room and stops reminiscing Kavya informing family about divorce. She tries to knock the door, but stops. Koi Faryaad Tere Dil Me Dabi Ho plays in the background. She returns to her room and tries to sleep, but doesn’t get sleep reminiscing all the recent events. Even Vanraj doesn’t get sleep reminiscing the recent events. They think they have only 24 hours left.

Precap: Kavya pushes Dolly away. Anu holds Dolly and confronts Kavya that she can look good in designer lehanga but cannot be a good bhabhi.
She walks into Vanraj’s room and finds a note for her.

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