Anupama 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Bapuji’s Stern Decision

Anupama 18th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama serves jalebis and rabri to Bapuji to cheer him up. Mamaji enters. Bapuji walks to him and asks if he came to meet him. Mamaji cries hugging him and says he came to stay with him and requests Anu to give him a place somewhere in her house, but not separate him from his jijaji. He asks Ramanuj/Anuj to recommend. Anuj says his name is Ramanuj. Anu says its his and Bapuji’s house. Mamaji jokes. Samar brings breakfast for them all. Anuj recites shayari seeing them happy. Vanraj calls Mamaji. Bapuij asks not to pick it as he doesn’t want Vanraj to know what happened here, he doesn’t want Leela and Kavya to be in more trouble. Kavya enters and says Vanraj will not find out if he returns home with them. Baa walks in next. Bapuji remembers her humiliating him and feels aback. Anu holds his hand and comforts him. Anuj tries to leave. Kavya says its okay as issue is in open now. Anu also remembers Baa humiliating Bapuji and asks her to come in. Baa remembers Kavya brainwashing her bring Bapuji home at any cost and not let Anu win.

Vanraj calls Kavya and when she doesn’t pick call, he thinks why nobody is picking his call and decides to return home. He reaches home and asks Toshu if everything is fine. Toshu says yes, he will get him tea. He asks why nobody is at home. Toshu says they have gone to temple for new year celebration. Baa holds Bapuji’s hand and says let us go home. Baa holds Bapuji’s hand and says let us go home. She orders Anu to eave her husband’s hand and tells Bapuji that they should sort out their differences at home. Anu tells Bapuji that she can stop a father but not a husband. Bapuji frees his hand, sends Baa and Kavya out and locks door. Baa pleads to open the door. Bapuji says its a wall between them. Baa justifies that whatever she did was because of the injustice she suffered. She blames Anu that her husband and grandchildren left home because of her and even her daughter is not in talking terms. Bapuji says he supported her for years and now they will die alone. Baa continues beating door and continues cursing Anu. Bapuji opens door warning her that she will see not even see his dead face if she curses his daughter, drags her in and asks what she wants to say.

Vanraj asks Toshu why family is not yet back from temple. Toshu says they must be stuck in traffic. Bapuji asks if any taunts are still left. She justifies that she got angry when he left her hand and held someone else’s hand. Bapuji says she was wrong. She says he forgot her sacrifices. He says he remembers everything; she spent whole year in 2 saris but ironed one, he had empty wallet but lived with pride because of her, he had sweets everyday because of her, his son respects him because of her, but she also humiliated him and her brother doesn’t want to see her face because of her, her children left her alone on festival day because of her; her bad deeds ruin everything in seconds; her arrogance and bitter tongue broke him down and humiliated him to the core, etc. He says he always prayed god that his pride’s lifespan should be longer than his body’s lifespan, but she ruined it. He continues confronting her and shares good words of wisdom.

Baa asks him to return home and taunt her. He says he will not go home now, he is alive today because of her daughter. Baa continues. Anu asks her to calm down. Baa yells at her to shut up. Bapuji warns her not to say anything to his daughter and says he wants to live freely and laugh and hence he cannot come with her; she was with him for 50 years and showed him happier days; he did mistakes and she corrected them, now he doesn’t have courage to tolerate her nonsense anymore. Kavya asks what if Vanraj returns and questions. He says they should tell his father died and touching Baa’s feet pleads to let him live in peace. Baa leaves. Kavya gets Toshu’s message that Vanraj returned home and panics. Anu says tell him that Bapuji has gone out. Vanraj asks Toshu if something happened in his absence, checks Bapuji’s medicine box and asks why didn’t he take 2 doses. Toshu lies that they gave medicine from strip. Vanraj asks what is he hiding. Toshu excuses himself.

Precap: Vanraj warns Baa to not enter his house after what she did with his Bapuji and takes oath not to have even a drop of water until he brings Bapuji back home. Baa pleads Anu to convince Bapuji and bring him back home.

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  1. Sheer torture! Side tracking the entire story and deviation from on Women empowerment to DIL bashing. A few seconds of worry witnessed on Kavya’s face was the only solace. Please show right values and morals. The good is being punished for the past two weeks and the evil enjoys !!!

  2. Next Episode is basically Cruel peoples being cruel with each other

    1. 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

  3. Keep Patience. It’s a serial not a web series.

    1. 🙂 I have patience now to wait and watch. Team Anupama Thanks again.
      Loved Bapuji when he said support your daughter and DIL, let them manage, enjoy their management don’t poke your nose and bad mouth them.
      This should be broadcasted, telecasted, campaigned more and more.
      This is not a new tradition. Its a part of our culture.
      They say when one cross 50, have the ‘van’ added to their age(Ekyavan-51), they should go for Vanvas.
      Vanvas tradition has stopped for good reasons but elders need to understand that its time for their spiritual growth and guidance.
      They need to stop being materialistic, they need to become spiritual masters and as @Amar says they need to really grow up, who can understand, forgive and ignore.
      We had another tradition for teens, Brahmacharya.
      Childrens should not be under the shadow of their parents or elders who can force them to be like them. Here Vanraj a bad father due to the same reason.
      Childrens need to reach new heights according to their potentials.
      Brahmacharya also stopped for good reasons, but we need to understand that we have to give our children that space and liberty for them to grow and explore.
      We had everything in place, our ancestors were great, they were so advanced.
      Not sure what changed, and when we started following blindly.
      Now see the audacity, folks just impose in the name of tradition or ritual without even explaining,
      And I know how dangerous it it to follow blindly without understanding.

  4. Wow baa assassinated anu’s character , humiliated her and what all . but at last Anu being maahaan again forgiving baa . What baa did is hella unforgivable . It makes me think is it even worth it for Anuj to waste his time on her ? Anuj , Devika and Samar have tried to explain her numerous times . But no no no no no no She has earned a degree in Mahaanta . This time baa dosent deserve forgiveness . She deserves to be miserable . Begging , asking for help . I wanted kaavya to make old hags life hell . par Anu maahan devi hone de na . You know tried and refused production pointed out this but everyone were bashing him saying they are promoting woman empowerment . But sorry to say Anu amazes us with her decision but one month later its all back to square one . SINISTERS DONT DESERVE TO BE FORGIVEN

    1. Absolutely @wolky, I’m done reading the episode, don’t feel like watching the serial. You said wrong Anupama didn’t gain degree, it’s too less for 26 years of torture, she has done PDH, Doctrate etc in mahaanta. She is the one to blamed sometime I feel. For once makers show that she got angry and wild against torture, the very next episode shows she is back to square one crying and sobbing and helping her enemies.
      This Vanraj is another character and Kavya I’m speechless. Serial has gone haywire.

    2. No
      Being Mature means you Forgive More.
      Being fully Matured is when u Ignore.

      As Anupama said she will never frogive Baa for humilating her Father. She can help Baa, can be kind to Baa but will never forgive or Forget what she did.
      Her character is supposed to be the Kindest of all. You can be angry or Sad with your Mother is she does something like this but will you be able to be strict when your that mother falls terribly..devasted? You will feel the pain unless your heart is of stone.

      Anupama’s character is of a more sensible woman. She will not forgive Baa and Vanraj and Toshu for their terrible acts but she cannot be hard if something terrible happens to them or any other person.

      This is not a Mahaan culture
      It’s called Humanity
      If the person in front forgets Humanity then also one shouldnot trash Humanity instead should remind the person about Humanity.

      Anupama’s character is not of a revengeful lady like Kavya,Rakhi. She just ignores and move one which pricks harder to the ones who expected her reactions. That’s the best lesson not a mahaanta. She believes god is there for judgement of each and everyones fate

      If Anupama is Mahaan also, then she is. Atleast she is not boasting or Trying to be Mahaan. She is natural. She was like this always. Even Swami Vivekananda was also Mahaan. So was that bad or Anupama being Mahaan is bad cause she is just a daily soap character?

    3. @Josephine : Yes she is now a professional in Maahanta . The makers are hellbound to make her god so that people like her . For being loved female character you dont have to be maahan . Just being progressive and pointing out wrong is the perfect female lead . It just waste for characters like Anuj , Devika and Samar to awake her when she is readily to forgive those who have insulted her

    4. The people make humans god. They have problem to treat humans as humans.
      Being a good human is the passing marks
      Being a better person is the average
      And being a great person is the full marks.

      The world is so degraded that it will be enough if atleast we can be a good human. Great Human is very far. That’s why we are adviced to be a good human atleast. We are not told to be a great person or great leader cause it’s very tough route and hardly some people cracks it with lots of efforts and sacrifices.

      Anupama doesn’t acts Mahaan(well if u think she is Mahaan). She is real. She doesn’t fakes atleast.

    5. @Amar people like old hag baa , Assraj , Homewrecker Kaavya and Trashu dont deserve humanity . THEY JUST DONT DESERVE . Imagine you being in place of Anupama . Humiliated , belittled for 26 years , taunted for hanging out with your friends , never being appreciated for your sacrifices and worst part being betrayed and character assassinated for just spending night out due to no other option . NO ONE WILL TOLERATE THIS SHIT . Lord Krishna killed Shishupal when he crossed all the limits . Now tell me is this good nature or Maahaan ?

    6. Exactly its been said in bhagwat geeta that .. if standing for the right calls for us to go against our people we should do it .. cause that is our dharma .. and nothing and no one is more important than dharma .. besides thinking from baapujis point of view right now going back would do more harm to his mental health given the fact that he is a heart patient.. so os vanraj’s concern and baa’s whatever shit more important than baapuji’s mental peace .i dont think so ..cause if baa really cared for him she would have let him be where he is happy that is with anu.. she wants him back for herself and her son.. her tiny brain does not understand the dynamics of her own husband’s mental health . A bit out of context but ut reminds me of a punjabi quote..” ISHQ DI MERE MITRAN PEHCHAAN KI .. MIT JAAVE JADAUN ZID APNAAN DI” .. baap definitely doesn’t get that

    7. I said na
      There are countless of such sinners.
      Anupama abandoned Toshu, abandoned Vanraj, in last episode said she cannot forgive Baa for this deed.

      She is none to do judgement to these people. She don’t take revenges. She just wipes her tears out and move on ignoring them.

      But if these people beg for apology, why shouldn’t she forgive. Even Ram also Forgave Ravan. It’s not peaceful for you only if u don’t forgive and held grudge against anyone.

      I know u, me cannot do this so easily but that’s doesn’t mean it’s a thing not to be done😃

      Rest it’s your choice. Your choices makes your identity.

    8. @Amar : Sorry to say I will not forgive . I believe SINISTERS should be punished .

    9. Please don’t be sorry. Its okay pal.

    10. I think main problem is Shah House never leave Anupama as she is. Anupama is trying to detach every toxic things but some or the other pulling her. Its all on Bapuji whether he wanna go home or stay with Anupama. Anupama can just ask everyone to stay peacefully and don’t pull me into your every problems, leave me at my state. I believe thats what Anupama wants now.

      She can take strong action but it will ignite more and more. It will strech to end like Mahabharat which she never want even in her dreams.

    11. @Neha : Baa loves her son . She just cares for him . She deserves a DIL like kaavya

    12. Wolky dolky agreed Anu has no self respect how can she keeps getting humiliated time n again n forgave again n again🙄its basic human dignity
      as the saying goes if u dun hve self respect how u want ppl to respect u back? No wonder Kavya n Baa push all blames on her!!! They very well know Anu always keep quiet n forgive easily.

    13. Anupama sabse jyada irritating character hai is serial me

    14. Anupama serial me anupma sabse jyada irritating character hai

    15. We all are sinner.
      No need to trust me. Trust the Masters they all have said it.
      Jesus and the woman taken in adultery is the greatest reference.
      As @Amar correctly quoted, Masters like Jesus Christ, Swami Vivekananda, Shri RamaKrishna Paramhansa, Saint Kabir, Mere Sai have mastered it.
      Punishing the sinners often causes more trouble. Many innocents gets hurt in that process, for example culprits family members who might be innocent are troubled the most.
      Punishing should come as last resort when nothing works.
      But as I have always seen, a loving determined heart always changes the environment for better.

    16. All the masters have mastered humanity and they are promoted to divinity.
      As @Amar says its enough for us if we can stay or become humans at least!

    17. @Wolky Dolky, Anuj and Anupama are sinister for society and as per society.
      We know inside out of their story, so we are pitying.
      In my native it would have resulted a straight honor killing.

    18. @Amar, I stay with my MOM and MIL both. For me also its a daily drama. More than shahs.
      Yes though I can get angry or become upset with them but I can never break away from them.

    19. @Subha I understand. Just because some people fail to become good humans, they suffer and drag good people too into their sufferings cause or else it will not satisfy their Ego.
      Honestly I don’t know the right solution. ANUPAMA serial might help with it but we have to keep patience and see how the show resolves and ends. Then we should judge and give Verdicts

  5. Why have the makers sidelined Anuj, poor thing. Once again Vanraj would meet Anupama to convince babuji to return back home, Anuj would again be a spectator. Why are the makers giving so much time for Vanraj and Kavya scenes. Something goofy. Anupama is using his friendship I feel sometimes. I shouldn’t be saying it, but I have a feeling.

    1. You and your negative thoughts will spoil your brain.

    2. ok but Anu is not taking advantage of his friendship . She is just not appreciating the people who take stand for rather giving importance who dont deserve

  6. Again and again family drama.
    Today fight, tomorrow forgiveness, other next started celebrating and end of celebration again fight starts and cycle repeats. No power in Anuj’s character now.
    Funny thing is whenever anu gets humiliated, devika , Samar and Anuj give her lecture. After that anu’s expression like ‘ maine decide karliya mujhe kya karna hai. Ek aurat ko bahar nikal kar apni pehchan banani hai.. etc… That time I feel like come on anu, you are going right. Then when someone from family comes crying anu be again like ‘ye mera parivar. Mujhe is parivar ne pyar diya, main inhe nai chod sakti’ 😂😂

  7. Vanraj is not a good husband. But he is a good son . I like the way he stood up against baa for his father. They say na a human tongue doesn’t have a bone so you need to be careful before using it.

    1. Exactly! I have been saying this for long. He is a good son and a good father which nobody has disputed in this show so far. He was a terrible husband and deserves Kavya who is as selfish as him and will put him down unlike anu. He is a grey character

  8. Arey cheeee…. Ab m aur upset hogai precap dekh k…. I’m taking a few days break .. from anupama.. jab focus anupama k growth pe aaega then will start again.. till then ta ta …. Have fun guys

    1. Please stop normalizing abuse. He has been emotionally abusing everyone in the household, including his children.

      He is not good in any way

      Also, he abusing and threatening his own mother is anything but good

  9. You are not showing Anupama as a human being. You are showing her as a goddess, a super deity. Bcs nobody, no human on this earth has the capacity to forgive upto this magnitude. You are showing us how to become stupid and eat shit. How many times will you get marched upon. No no no. I don’t subscribe to this.
    Anyway, let’s not run more than our shadow. I like to see what they do of Anupama and Anuj. Bcs that is the straw that will break the camel’s back
    So, Anupama, please think of yourself sometimes. Bible love yourself as your neighbor, not more than your neighbor
    Love yourself first please. And loving yourself means going with that proper gentleman not this rogues

    1. Anupama does love herself that is the reason, she was able to come this far. If she hadn’t loved herself and thought only of her family, she would be the same anupama whom we knew before affair revelation. Anupama rarely compromises with her self respect now. She moved out of the house and is moving on. So let’s see what happens later….

  10. Spineless men , Babuji and Mamaji
    Maybe that is why Vanraj is mean to his women , as a proactive step , the man doesn’t want to be controlled !!

  11. Now Anupama will tell bapuji to go back and he will put condition for her also to comeback and for his happiness she will return and everything back to square one wow

    1. If Anupama,go back to that house again, no point of watching this serial movie again it’s useless. The producer should find a way not to allow Anu go to that house again.

  12. Guys! Anupama just took a big step leaving home, because of all the insults she had to bear. She stood up against baa various times. So I think, it takes time for anupama to leave and ignore baa. Also, anupama always thought of baa as her mother, though she humiliated anupama. I know anupama always respecting baa is unrealistic, but I think when you worship someone as god and love them unconditionally, and they humiliate you in return, you would be sad but wouldn’t stand up against them. We all feel like anupama is being mahaan and baa as irritating, because the makers showed us both positive and negative points about baa and anupama. But, for anupama baa was always right and god so it’s natural, she accepts baa.
    It is recently, that anupama actually started going against baa. Anupama recently left home, signed property papers, showing she no longer cared about baa.
    Coming to vanraj. I am very glad he stood up to baa. Anupama is right. Vanraj is a very very terrible husband but a good son. I wouldn’t call him best son because he cheated on anupama with kavya. He really worked his ass off all his life to make sure his parents are happy.He even loves dolly and whole family a lot. But his stupid ego will make him a ravanraj.

    1. Very good.
      Only few understands Anupama.

      And if also Anupama is great then she is great. Nothing to taunt about a compliment. She doesn’t acts or fakes or boasts her Greatness.

  13. Glorifying evil characters like vanaraj leela toshu and above all kavya is nauseating. Why should Anupama and anuj be humilated by such people. Really nonsense and defies logic

  14. Actually vanaraj is responsible for everything and he’s glorified as though he’s god. Baa was used by vanaraj and kavya to fight their battle against Anupama and anuj.He and kavya are the real evil characters.
    Makers no nore glorifying ravantaj

  15. It appears the makers are hell bent in pitting Anupama in direct competition with God when greatness is concerned. Story moves one step forward five steps backward. What happened to women empowerment with high sounding narratives? Anupama Madam, can you please reduce shedding tears at least by 50%…all our sympathy has dried up.

  16. This serial has lost its plot. There is so much of negativity, so much use of abusive language.. The serial is not going forward. And Anupama is getting on my nerves with her rona-dhona and her show of ‘mahaanta’ and forgiveness etc…. The character of Baa has been exaggerated. We had expected to see more of Anuj and Anupama going to greater heights in their mission. But, the serial is stuck. Dont think i wanrt to see more of this ‘tamasha’. Baa, Toshu, Vanraj and Kavya- ‘Bhaad mai jaye’. For heaven’s sake, the makers of this serial need to have a reality check on where the serial is going!!!

  17. Too much women empowerment of kavya, kinjal , baa and pankhi….
    MIL can rule, beautiful women can marry anyone’s hushband, daughter can be stubborn and get whatever she wants and have license to rule.
    Except Anupama – serial shows no other women needs empowerment
    and in real life and real world every one exist in women shown all character, Baa, Kavya,Rakhi, Pankhi, Nandini , Devika and Vanraj’s sister. But anupama is unreal and imaginary charcter which never have born in world in past or present.

    except anupama. Every women empowerment is shown.

    1. 😂 you are right in the show every woman is empowered except the heroine ! Except that there are real voiceless Anupamas existing in our societies and they are the silent majority .

  18. The makers should see wagle ki duniya and madaam sir. The topics and all what they show is so relatable. The topics and all are been relatable

  19. Uff…the precap was disgusting. Now Vanraj will emotionally blackmail Bapuji to return to that manhoos Shah house which Bapuji left for good. He will use his tool of stopping food and water intake to built up pressure. Bapuji will give up in a day or two and will succumb to all the tortures. Then that dirty old hag will again be back to her same trashy venom spitting hag. Infact looking at the hag’s crocodile tears Anupama will forget the whole issue and will actually want to help her.Anupama and her Mahaantaa are all the more toxic than Baa or her trashy team. I hope this time Anupama will only offer a shoulder to Baa to cry and sympathise with her but not help her. I wish the whole family desert the 4 cheapsters and make thier own living at a better place, even though a small abode.

  20. Anupama stands in a situation where she can’t be envied ! She’s trying to bring peace to Babuji’s life out of her love and gratitude, but that ignorant serpent of a woman has pushed everyone into a dark tunnel in her quest to make life miserable for Anu .

    1. Yes exactly.
      Anupama just want peace. Thats why she gave up properties also cause she know she could earn it again. But this jealous people can’t digest it and want Anu to burst out again so that they can point her bad behaviour and all..

      Solution: Anupama should get out of this situation / resolve it so that she could get out of this sooner and then mingle with Anuj on their job. Cause I don’t find any other reason after this with which Kavya and Vanraj will again confront Anu..They got everything they wanted.

      Vanraj may have Splits. But Anu will straight ignore

    2. Exactly! But the makers keep getting her involved with them sometimes her sons and their partners , Pakhi and now Babuji!
      They should come out of this idleness and work out a good plot concerning her social growth , her education and career development otherwise no one would be interested in all the shouting and weeping going on for 2 weeks by now. Kafi jagda yaar.

  21. I would like to shout out my admiration to people in this forum , you’re respectable amusing and funny, actually coming here for the comments is more amusing than the serial itself ! If only the production have a peek here they’ll gain many ideas to energise their lagging plots . Love you all

    1. Love you dear!

    2. All your comments are nice read dear.
      I had some thought about your external oppression and now I have forgotten about it!
      Majorly I agree with it and also want to add that internal fears/objection/lethargy hinders us more than external.

    3. Thank you dear Subha 🌸 I appreciate your kindness . I agree with you that internal fear is always the basic obstacle , but internal fear is precipitated most of the time by oppressive upbringing , or unipolar dominancy families or growing up in the middle of familial conflicts where one tries to please everyone to avoid hostilities and turning into a ghost amidst the process! There’s a lot to talk about this but I fear boring our mates . But basically I guess my point is there.

    4. You are correct buddy.
      I guess Gurkula system was better for a fearless upbringing of children away from conflicting environments. But it had its own issues.
      I totally agree that oppressive environment has detrimental effect, but still there is a ray of of hope, when one uses own brain, listens to own heart, acts soulfully, the external factors, the whole universe work in harmony. GOD has given those uniqueness to stand out in harmony with everyone.
      Now I remember, I forgot to reply you while watching Shiddat movie, which came as an advertise on one of Anupama’s episode!
      I got insomnia like Pri after watching it. Couldn’t understand the ending, went back and forth to see if I have missed something. Man at least Jaggi could have fallen in some unreachable unexplored island and would have met Karthika after 20year in Veer Zaara style…. Nothing nothing nothing happened 🙁

  22. Hello
    And good evening.

    Totally agree with points raised
    For god’s sake
    Get the script right

    The wrong doers must be punished
    Baa behaviour is not acceptable nor her constant taunts and all blaming on Anupama
    Even she has moved out
    They blame her
    Are the public that stupid
    What greatness are you showing ?
    Time to end as all those Mils out there will think they have a right to do what they are doing
    And secondly why is everyone running to Anupama
    Can’t they solve anything themselves.

    Baa cursing Anupama never missing a opportunity and Kavya poisoning constantly against Anupama
    What has she done so far that baa believes in her and not the women who sacrificed 26 years of her life serving this idiots

    This show is going beyond joke and sorry but Baa must not be forgiven
    Let her pay her Karma
    And Anupama must not allow those 4 idiots around her

    That god she moved out and now show some happiness in her life and her success after leaving that toxic house.

    Let the idiots suffer at wrath of Kavya and let s see how much she does.
    If Kavya is so educated what she wants s doing for greed is so cheap
    Vanraj cold Anupama a gold digger but the he’s Married is one.

    Vanraj has showered utmost harrassment and abused
    No one should put up.with this mahanta.

    It’s not acceptable at all
    They are getting away with broad daylight

    Vanraj and baa gave bullied and to add Paritosh as Nd Kavya
    What right are the to doing

    Seen some promos they want Anupama back to Shah house and her to marry Vanraj etc

    What crap

    Losing interest as it’s going on and on and this miserable women with her abuse is ruining the show

    Show Anupama and Anuj getting on well
    And under normal circumstances she goes back.

    After reality she is divorced and no connection with family no matter what love or respect
    This has been over exaggerated as in reality no human being would accept this level of torture as can drive one to either suicide or mentally ill.

    How come writers have not put Vanraj and baa behind bars as what they are doing and have done is Domestic violence.

    Baa us a bahu of the house and so is Anupama kavya and Kinjal.

    After Divorce Anupama should have moved out no matter how much love And respect she had .

    Now let’s s see how much Kavya wanted everything of Anupama that she does for Her V.

    What Vanraj did is acceptable but Anupama didn’t do anything and was hurled and accused and the vulgar language used for her character and Kavya adding more salt to it not looking at her own self

    Please do not let Anupama return to that devils hell hole and let Baa serve her karma

    She must not be forgiven.
    Need to see how her Kindness is letting her fly high.

    No more mahanta
    If she has self respect than she will stay a mile away from all those 4 people and not allow them in her house

    Baa needed a slap on her face as well like Toshu.

    Overall no women in their right mind should accept this level of torture or abuse.

  23. Baa shud NOT be forgiven..Pls don’t let Anu return to shah house bcz of Babuji..enuf is enuf..Instead of MaAns relationship development, baa n bapuji angle started..just dragging n showing fights/drama everyday..can’t see so much of anus mahaanta n doing baa baa all d time..respect her is ok but at d cost of self respect..pls stop it writers..baa dusnt deserve it..glad bapuji gave good lecture to baa tdy

  24. It’s not Anupama’s mahanta but stupidity . There is no bonding between her and her mother .

  25. Very disappointed with the end that Baa crying on shoulder of Anupama and saying from the promo that she got used to her fir 26 years etc
    Bull shit
    No right to taunt and abuse and this is were Vanraj has learnt and Paritosh the idiot good for nothing

    Baa cursed Anupama left right and centre at every angle
    Dies not deserve no sympathy
    Let her blo*dy rot and realise her mistake

    Anupama on the other hand nerds to toughen up
    She should not return even to mitigate or solve their problems
    As Vanraj had said she doesn’t have anything tondo with family so why are all running for help
    Let’s see how great.they are at resolving problems

    Anupamaa should focus on her career, her women empowerment in a productive way
    This is not women empowerment by taking and digesting all the abuse
    No one must stand tall
    She took a big step and moved out

    Let them eat their own words
    Writers should not throw all at her house
    She is independent women

    Leela,, Vanraj Kavya and Paritosh no sympathy
    They can stay on streets who cares

    The biggest question is why is Kavya utterly jealous of Anupama and Anuj realtionship and blaming everything on Anupama writers give some break and credit to the good people

    No more dramas from this foul mouth lot.

    Really fed up watching
    As clear message is not there for women who are suffering in silence even to this days with Mil like baa and Dil like Kavya ( vice versa)

    ( Speaking from personal experience, lucky I escaped and enhanced my life with support from my husband but to this day my mil did all she could and now when the tables turned no one to look after her and trying to revert back but too late )

    Damage done can not be reversed

    Same way the 4 idiots need their cumuppence

    What you sow you reap

    No common sense
    To humiliate Anupama Baa didn’t think what is right and wrong a grown up.woman just her blo*dy mouth and dictatorship.

    Give and show some strength for women to come out of their suppressed status and shell and are able to deal with situation

    Not more showing of mahanta
    Anupama needs to be stern
    Enough she was suppressed by bully boy Vanraj and Baa

    Want to see some action and no crocodile tears

    I wish Kavya gets a just b of Maid and Vanraj a Peon or road swipper as too much pride and ego
    And what they s the good fir nothing Paritosh doing moping around
    If he was a man enough he could have gone and looked for another job whybis he back
    He should not be suffocating as he had a problem with his mother who has moved out.

    All the idiots need to look at the mirror for the abuse they have done to Anupama
    Without any reason

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