Anupama 17th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Anupama and Vanraj’s Wedding Ceremony


Anupama 17th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kavya pleads panditji to wait until her groom/Vanraj comes, but Pandit says muhurath already passed and he cannot wait more. He returns shagun items and leaves. Vanraj messages her that he cannot step out of house today and she should not harm herself in anger. She drops her mobile and shagun thali in a shock. Anirudh reaches there and holds her while she collapses. Vanraj and Anupama’s wedding ceremony starts. They both walk to mantap as groom and bride with family. Taare hain in the background. Kavya wakes up and asks Anirudh what is he doing here, if Nandini informed him. Anirudh says Vanraj fooled her again, she should realize that marriage is not a child’s play, he is still married to her and Vanraj to Anupama, Vanraj will never accept accept and is just playing with her, people forgive one who makes mistake and not fools, she has made herself a fool. He continues and asks if she agrees he will marry her again right there, he may scold and fight with her, bu he will never leave her.

Toshu and Samar bring garlands embedded with their and Pakhi’s childhood photos. Nandini reaches hurriedly and relaxes seeing Vanraj there. Vanraj imagines Kavya there and gets tensed. Anu gets emotional seeing children’s photos in garland. Samar says it was Bapuji’s idea. Baa jokes he doesn’t get her auto, but got this nice idea. Nandini says good Vanraj uncle didn’t go to office today. Sanjay says how wouldn’t let Vanraj go as it is a question of his sister’s happiness. Anu emotionally says she is lucky to have such a family and hopes she gets same family her 7 lives. Mamaji jokes. Baa wishes happy 25th marriage anniversary and asks to exchange garlands in style. Samar and Toshu lift Anu and Vanraj. They exchange garlands. Kinjal encourages them with others, Rakhi gets angry noticing that. They then sit for next ritual. Anu’s mother starts ritual of washing Vanraj’s feet. Vanraj stops her and requests not to touch his feet. She says she did it 25 years ago. He says he was her damad then, but in 25 years he became her son, so she will not touch his feet. Anu gets very happy hearing that. Mother washes his feet with milk and water without touching them.

Anu thanks Vanraj for everything. Vanraj thanks her for tolerating him for 25 years and he is nothing without her. Toshu tells Nandini that good Kavya didn’t come here, else he knows what to do. Nandini says she sent Anirudh uncle to temple. Anu sees him checking mobile repeatedly and asks if he is calling Kavya, she didn’t reach yet. He lies that he is messaging boss. In temple, Kavya receives Vanraj’s message, throws her flowers and leaves in taxi to Vanraj’s house to confront him. Anirudh realizes that she went to Vanraj’s house and calls Nandini to alert her, but her phone is away as she is busy watching rituals.

Precap: No precap today.

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