Anupama 17th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Praises Anupama During His Interview

Anupama 17th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kavya gets her boss Mr. Dholakia who scolds for being late and says Kinjal informed that she will be heading today’s meeting. She says she is on the way; complains Vanraj that she is the first MIL who has to obey her MIL and leaves kissing Vanraj and loudly shouting I love you baby. Bapuji in a jovial mood asks Baa why she is calling him baby, if they are planning a baby. Baa says now a days, young couple do that. Kavya takes Vanraj’s car asking him to hire a cab. Vanraj fumes. Bapuji messages Mansukh for bikeand informs Vanraj that he he can take bike. Baa encourages him that his interview will go well and he will get a job for sure. Vanraj touches there face, says howmuchever a child grows, he needs parent’s support always. Once he leaves, Bapuji tells Baa make a popcorn baby. She says okay baby, walks to home temple and prays god that Vanraj’s whole family works, so he should also get a job.

Anu reaches school and greets watchman. Watchman says she came after many days. She says she was on leave and gives mangoes for his daughter. He thanks her and says she remembers everything. She says how can she forget such a lovely child. He says even children are missing her and ask him daily about her. She says she will go and meet them. Peon gives her signature book. She asks if she can get a name change form as she wants to change her name from Anupama Shah to just Anupama. He gives her a form, and she fills it. Student happily runs and hug her and request not to take a long leave again, they have made a greeting card for her. Samar calls her and says they need to visit factory for dance academy planning, so he and Nandu will pick her up after school.

Vanraj attends an a job interview. Interviewer says they need young blood who can grow the company aggressively and themselves grow professionally during the process, but people of his age lose their passion to work, so he may leave. Vanraj says he knows a 46-year-old woman who is not much educated and spent 25 years of her life in kitchen and taking care of her family, but today she teaches in a school, takes online dance classes, and is planning to open a dance academy; if she can do all this, why can’t he; company is not run only by young blood but experience is also needed; all his young candidates and him have only passion, but he has both passion and experience. Interviewer says experience doesn’t guarantee growth. Vanraj says youth doesn’t guarantee innovation and walks out of cabin.

Bapuji watches a movie. Baa offers him popcorn and excitedly reacts on movie. He says they are watching a third movie today and didn’t watch so many movies in their youth. Baa laughs. Rakhi walks in commenting how romantic. Baa asks if she is taunting, she should mind her own business. Rakhi says she finished her work and came here and is not jobless like Samdhiji. Bapuji says there is a difference between joking and mocking people. Baa taunts Rakhi back. Rakhi says she came here for a serious talk. Jigna returns holding grocery and tells Baa that she will prepare pakoras for her and Bapuji. Baa asks her to relax and have water first. Kinjal presses her hands due to pain, drinks water, and tells Baa that she will prepare food for them and black coffee for mom. Rakhi yells that they made her another Anupama and is forcing her to prepare theplas.

Samar and Nandini take Anu to their dance academy venue. Anu says she felt really good meeting students after a long time. Samar shows her dance academy plan. She excitedly describes how she will decorate the place. Nandini says that’s so cool. Samar jokes. Nandini says that’s a poor joke. He jokes that once they earn, they won’t be poor and mummy will set the floor on fire. Anu explains her ideas to speed up the work and start earning. Samar and Nandini praise her. She says that is the beauty of being a house wife.

Baa warns Rakhi not to interfere between her family. Rakhi yells that they are forcing her petite daughter to work like a servant by sending their bahu to work outside and not calling back their servant Jhilmil to save a few bucks. Kinjal says she is doing it by her wish and if mummy finds out, she will not let her work. Rakhi says her happiness will ruin her life. Kinjal asks what is wrong if she works in her own house. Baa stops Rakhi and says Jhilmil has gone to her village, she and Bapuji prepared dough and cut vegetables, they are old but not useless, they know how a tired person feels after a day’s of hard work. Rakhi shouts why can’t she hire a full-time maid. Kinjal takes her to her room.

Vanraj calls Kavya, and she disconnects call repeatedly. He fumes that she didn’t even call and inquire about his interview and is disconnecting his calls. Back at home, Kinjal confronts Rakhi. Rakhi says she will turn into naukrani from bahurani soon, she is her only daughter and doesn’t deserve all this. Kinjal says she likes her family and loves to work for them. Rakhi says she has become Anu and soon Toshu will become like Vanraj and will force her to leave her job and stay at home. Kinjal says that will not happen. Rakhi says Toshu has Vanraj’s blood in him. Kinjal says then why didn’t she become like her. Rakhi hopes she becomes like her and asks why can’t Kavya work, she has become Anu completely. Kinjal stops her. Rakhi says Anu will not let her do household chores, but Kavya will force her to work and grab her position in office, she has to concentrate on her job also and should hire a full-time maid.

Anu returns home and shows student’s gifted cards to Baa and Bapuji. Bapuji says she is so good that everyone love her. Anu says she had been to factory to check dance academy venue with Samar and Nandini, they are still busy planning with their friends and she came early to serve Baa and Bapuji tea and snacks. Bapuji sadly says she did right. Anu asks what happened. He asks if she will prepare tea or he should. She says she will. Vanraj returns home with a sad face and informs Bapuji that he returned Mansukji’s bike and even filled petrol in it. Bapuji says he did right. Anu notices his sad face. Bapuji encourages him not to lose hope. Baa says Bapuji is right, he should continue to give interviews and if god wants, he will get a job soon. He hopes so. Anu serves them tea.

Precap: Kavya tells Vanraj that she cannot do household chores and will hire a full-time maid. Anu says getting work from a maid is also a big task. Kavya says she manages a team in office. Anu says she should manage even her house then. Kavya says she will as to become a good bahu, one doesn’t need to be a good cook but be smart.

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  1. Interesting, thanks

  2. For the first time I like Kavya and agree to her you need to be smart to run the house no harm in hiring maid to do the housework

  3. This show is so disgusting. It shows men as some kind of Gods who are not allowed to do domestic work. Disgusting that they have taken Kinjal’s character and shown her take up household work instead of showing her career growth. Has Paritosh come home to make tea in the middle of his work day? It’s pathetic.

    1. @Ayer ,

      Totally agree with you . Why can’t Vanraj manage the household chores till he finds a job ? I don’t understand why this is a women’s duty . Everyone in a household should pitch in and help .

    2. So true…I mean, if bapuji can cut vegetables, why can’t Vanraj and Toshu work in the kitchen?

  4. This show is ping no where. How can kingal mom come every day and interfere. Why is Anupama giving lecture , if she wants to be maid then let her be. If Kavya can afford then why not.

    1. She should come every day because Kinjal is acting really stupid. She has real and tangible worries for her daughter

  5. Interesting episode

  6. I like how Rhaki takes very good care of her daughter. She opened her eyes while she was carried away in Anupama’s current. In a good household everyone is happy and relaxed . Woman happiness doesn’t exist in serving others, sacrificing time and rest and comfort is a silly idea . Kavya is smart and knows how to support herself very well and makes sure to do whatever makes her happy . Now it is silly that Kinjal wants to walk the same road that ruined her MIL’s life .

  7. Intresting Ep

  8. Don’t want to argue but show is amazing maybe your taste in watching shows is not great.

  9. @Ayer your right but the show is not disgusting, if it is then in what sense??

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