Anupama 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama Consoles Annoyed Samar

Anupama 17th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar dances aggressively venting out his anger remembering his fight with Nandini. Anu with Baa rushes to dance academy. Baa asks Anu to do something as she cannot see Samar’s in pain. Anu tries to stop Samar, but he continues dancing and then falls down. Malvika and GK get concerned for Samar when Anu leaves home worried after Baa’s call. Anuj says they could have called him, he would have accompanied Anu. GK says Anu went in a hurry, she is capable of handling any situation. Malvika says yesterday Anu’s birthday party spoilt because of her, today she has to handle Samar’s issue. Anuj says Anu told that a mother is on a 24/7 duty like a soldier and hopes Samar and Nandini’s issue is solved soon.

Anu comforts Samar and feeds his water. Samar repeats his and Nandini’s relationship is over now. Anu says its relationship and not a video game to end. Samar hopes its like a video game where he can restart. Anu says when he doesn’t want to lose a game, why will he give up on relationship. Samar says Nandini has changed now and doesn’t understand him. Anu says even he is not understanding Nandini, Kavya is her maasi/aunt and she cannot see wrong happening with Kavya. Samar says he didn’t do anything wrong with Kavya, then why is she fighting. Anu says even Mr Shah did do anything wrong with him, even then he fought for his mother with Mr Shah; he should look from Nandini’s perspective to understand her. Samar asks even when Kavya is wrong. Baa says whenever Kavya did wrong, Nandini stood against her, but this time she feels Kavya is wronged. Anu says this time she is a bit; they all have someone to share there loneliness with like Baa has Bapuji, Samar has Nandini, she has them all, but Kavya feels lonely. Samar says Kavya herself is responsible for her condition, they still support Kavya, but Nandini thinks they are troubling her.

Baa says he should reconcile his differences with Nandini, but not thinking of cancelling their alliance. Anu says when he fights with Pakhi and Toshu and reconciles with them, why not Nandini. Samar says Kava has problem with his each family member and he doesn’t want his situation to be like Vanraj’s where he is stuck between family and Kavya; with one divorce whole family shattered, he doesn’t want to worsen the situation and hence wants to end the relationship before any worse situation arises. Anu shocked hearing that says similar fights happen often. Samar says he wants to prepare for Malvika’s event, so she should go. Baa asks Anu to leave him alone as its waste to explain him. Anu thinks if Samar’s condition is so worse here, Nandini would be feeling same.

Nandini thinks why doesn’t Samar understand her when she is speaking for a woman; he used to feel good whenever she used to support Anu, then why is he angry when she is supporting her maasi. Baa tells Anu that a mother worries for her children 24/7, someone’s evil eyes/nazar fell on their house as all relationships are breaking slowly. Anu says relationships are made strong or weak based on their behavior, Samar’s relationship is going through a turmoil because of his parent’s lives. Nandini continues crying thinking Samar instead of supporting her got angry on her, he should accept that even his family can be wrong.

Anu returns home. Anuj says he was about to call her and offers her water. She asks if he was waiting for her. He nervously says yes. She feels good and prays Kanhaji to protect their bonding from any nazar. He goes to prepare tea for her. Vanraj remembers Anuj and Malvika’s words and thinks he needs to fulfill his dream at any cost. Anu and Anuj’s moral gyaan class starts. Anuj hears Anu and says Samar’s opinion will change once he calms down. Anu says opinion will change but not a decision, she is worried about Samar’s fear regarding marriage; people marry not thinking that they will divorce in the future, even she and Vanraj didn’t, Samar has seen his parent’s divorce and is in fear. Anuj says that is why Pakhi reacted when seeing Bapuji and Baa’s fight during their wedding anniversary. Anu says they should learn from their mistake but learn wrong. Anuj says he read somewhere in childhood that thinking can change but sanskar/morale will not change, Samar got sanskar from her and he will realize his mistake soon. Anu says tea is really nice. He asks what about tea maker. She says very nice. He says tea consumer is best, thinks he wants to discuss a lot, but she is tensed now and hence he will in the morning. Next morning, they both prepare breakfast in kitchen. Anuj on the other side tells Anu that Samar maybe acting mature as marriage is a big decision and he doesn’t want to hurry.

Next morning, Vanraj notices Samar’s mood off and thinks what happened to him. Nandini walks in and says Vanraj is great. Vanraj asks what happened. Nandini says people get concerned for even strangers while watching TV news when they are lost, he is not even bothered a bit when his wife left home. Vanraj asks her to calm down. Family gathers. Nandini asks if he would have sit calmly of Baa or any of his family member left home. Vanraj says enough. Nandini apologizes him for rude tone and asks why he says he is concerned for his family. He says he is. She asks if Kavya is not his family member. Nandini asks when he is worried for his family and even their friends, why not her maasi. He says they all didn’t do so many mistakes which Kavya did. She says she remembers him doing similar mistakes. He says he doesn’t want to argue with her, truth is Kavya left home as a conspiracy to gain everyone’s attention. She says its his selfishness. He angrily shouts her name.

Precap: Samar angrily throws away engagement ring. Vanraj tells Nandini Samar may be different from him, but a same blood run in their veins. Anu confronts Vanraj for worsening Samar and Nandini’s fight instead of reconciling them. Vanraj says it deserves to end. Anu warns him that Samar is not Vanraj and Nandini is not Kavya.

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  1. I can see you

    I have a feeling Malvika already knows about Vanraj’s game… and she and Kavya both will drop a bomb… because till date in the news.. it’s saying malvika and kavya will drop a bomb, not Vanraj..
    and to all the people who are asking why is Nandini, caring about Kavya… well, that’s because they have blood… no matter how much a dog wanders it returns his home… even, Anupamaa, no matter how much MAHAAN she tries to be, she do care about her maternal family.. so why not Nandini, maybe she ne’er realised, but as soon her aunt left her, she felt guilty?????

  2. now, anupamaa is also, a buisnesswoman, yet she’s thinking about Samar, and Vanraj was still thinking about how, business to be buisnessman——a TiGeR nEvEr ChAnGeS hIs StRiPs
    I mean he was egoistic, that how can man of the house return and woman, is out… and then, there is ANUJ <3 , who patiently waited for Anupamaa, and still didn't question her, rather made her a tea
    and if Samar, can't hear anything against Vanraj, why can't people expect the same for Nandini… I bet if Pakhi becomes Kavya… Vanraj will be like
    I am the most unlucky father… abeyyyyy, koi is uncle ko KARMA ka matlab…

    1. yesss, and even in the morning he was like.. Anupamaa sambhal legi
      and as far as Samar is concerned, he is such a mamma’s boy that he’ll break the laptop if he reads our views on tellyupdate on this show, because this show just entitled with Vanraj’s name, not because we are criticizing Anupamaa

  3. when Anuj said, “bahot kuch bolna chata hoon, lekin abhi tum pareshaan ho, kal baat kkaroonga”
    I was like…. kar diya is janam main propose πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

  4. Sense less show with no story. Characters are so shallow that they will beat even chameleon in changing colours. No depth in characters.

  5. Uff kitna drag karte hai episode 😩.
    They have so many contents to show still they are dragging like cheap shows.

  6. Samar isn’t related to him, yet.
    Still, Anuj: β€œMujhe acha nahin lagta mere rehte hue wo sab kuch akele sambhae”
    Samar ka β€œacha pita”: #Anupamaa sambhal legi!
    and yet, Sudhanshu thinks he is the hero,
    also, Samar broke-up with his girlfriend, because she insulted that man… who said, #Anupamaa sambhal legi!, on seeing Samar worried??? RIP logic

  7. Palchin

    Anuj said bohot kuch bolna chahta hu.

    Arey sab kuch to bol diya except I love u. Wat left to say.

    I think samar is not angry coz nandu said against v. He’s angry and hurt coz she pointed at his family. All members.

    Kinjal requested v to think again abt kavya.

    Baa and bauji also worried abt v and kavya relation.

    Indirectly pakhi and Samar also don’t want one more divorce.

    Anu also said v to take responsibility of kavya.

    Then wat else nandu wants.

    Baa(she may change her colour again) who never wanted sanan relationship, also agreed knowing that she can’t b mother (baa is from old genaration, took time to accept. Don’t know abt in future as makers can do anything)

    Coz of V’s fault nandu is spoiling her relationship.

  8. PRECAP- Samar breaks the mirror by throwing his engagement ring exactly as Ravanraj threw Anupamaa’s Ghunghroo in ep-103, and then nandini stumbles out of the house, exactly as Anupamaa, after Ravanraj shouted at her in ep-1
    like, wtf???,
    and in the last scene, Pakhi and Paritosh’s facial expression were like, ‘Nandini ke baat main point toh hai”,
    and Kinjal and Bapuji were like, ‘Nandini, are you even listening to what u r saying”
    I feel like souls in their bodies have transferred, here and there..

    1. Soul and bodies have transferred here and there….LOL.
      Nandini/Samar/Anupama ke baat mein saare points hein.
      Who wants a divorce after marriage and why to marry if involved parties are not ready to change/adjust/accept/respect/protect/care and stay loyal?
      Marriage vows are serious but problem is only pundits understand it. And we after spending money on marriage ceremony, get ready to spend money on divorce proceedings!
      Instead of these bhari bhurkum rituals if two individuals and their families can understand that they are just increasing their social circle legally to love trust and help each other, many things can be resolved.

  9. They are losing audience in the efforts to white wash and justify a evil character like vanaraj. Once you lose audiance it’s very difficult to get it back. It happened with sreemoyee as well after a point. People started hooting and lampoon the serial. Untimely it had a most unsung end. With people actually celebrating its conclusion. Even Anupama will have the same fate if they don’t keep consistent plot.

  10. Palchin

    V himself told baa that dont drag anu in family matters, let her live her life. And now ‘ Anu sambhal legi’πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. exactly, like what the hell?? and the way he said, Nandini main tumse behes nahi krna chahta shows, he knows deep down it was his fault

    2. acha… since you r registered scroll up, there u see POLL ZONE, click on that and create a poll, of playing 90’s music or new Maan soundtrack

    3. Palchin

      @tree hey… I tried but only I can post a update abt that topic by saying to vote by commenting.
      Poll zone is not getting created, don’t know why

  11. Hey guys write a rant on anupama please check it out…

    1. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  12. Now the show is getting irritating by each passing day.. useless exaggeration .. forcefull songs interpretation for wasting timeslots.. and seems like everybidy is getting multiple personality disorder or bipolar the way they change their chracter ..ppl started skipng episodes and the way it’s going will leave soon

  13. From toshu and Kinjals separation which was supposed to happen now it has gone to samar and nandini which was never expected. Storyline keeps changing as if makers are looking for audience reaction as to what angle they can follow. Where is rakhee btw?

  14. All in all Kavya doesn’t deserves any sympathy or forgiveness she snatch her friend’s husband, and aftr married she plotted against family members to go against Anu, taunted, humiliated n insulted Anu ( aftr wat she did no to Anu shows no repentant at all )n worst of all stole her husband’s family property!! She felt insecured bcoz wat she had done to ppl she is afraid ppl might be like her steal her husband! Remember wat you did Heaven is watching!! ( chinese saying ) Now tat Vanraj wanna divorces her, she refused n still blamed others other than herself!!πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ I agree wit Samar he is better off without Nandini coz she only cares abt her aunt but nvr sees frm the POV of Samar!! Why when Anu is being bullied she keep her damn mouth shut???????? Now she still sides the culprit tat made her supposed to be MIL suffered??? Just get off Samar’s life for goodness sake!!!

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