Anupama 17th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Malvika And Anuj Leave Everyone Surprised

Anupama 17th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama calls Anuj to find out if he had medicines. He enters hotel and picks her call. She insists him to have medicine right now. He says there is no water here. She asks if he is in a desert that he is not finding water. He says he is in a hotel, takes water from waiter, and eats medicine. She asks him to have another one and advises him to take care of himself when she is not around him. He says he wants to say something if she doesn’t mind. She says she doesn’t feel bad with any of his words. He says for the first time feels that he is not single acts nervous like a teenager. She also acts nervous and disconnects call. Kavya takes Anu aside and asks her how V organized such a big party. Anu says she doesn’t know anything. Kavya says V shares everything with her. Anu says god promise Mr shah didn’t inform her anything and just invited her and Anuj for party. Kavya says he didn’t inform even about Malvika and she fears if she is his new girlfriend. Anu remembers seeing Malvika’s call on Anuj’s phone.

Vanraj meets his family and asks if they are eager to know what he is doing. Bapuji asks why don’t he. He says he will in a proper way and gives credit to his family and friends for his new success. Kavya says he took everyone’s name except her. He says even her. Event starts. Dancers dance on Aaj Ki Raat Khona Hai Kya Paana Hai Kyaa. song Vanraj dances with them. Malvika joins him. He unveils Vanika team works logo and says he and his partner Malvika have started this new venture where they will open 4 new restaurant and change the meaning of F&B industry. He introduces Malvika who walks on stage and whistles. Everyone clap for her. She hugs Vanraj and says they are going to rock it. Kavya feels jealous seeing that. Baa asks Bapuji why that girl is hugging their son. Bapuji says its a business etiquette. Mamaji jokes that Vanraj is doing smuggling as he said partner in crime. Bapuji says its a proverb.

Malvika says they will rock as a business couple. Kavya burns in jealousy and thinks she will murder Malvika. Nandini says she meant business couple and asks her not to get jealous. Kavya thinks she got only her V to do business. Vanraj introduces Malvika to his parents. Malvika sees Anuj, runs and happily hugs him leaving everyone in shock. They both show their different emotions. Anuj says he missed his Mukku. She says even she did and loves him. Anu stands shocked aside. Anuj recites shayari. GK showers his love on Malvika next. She seeks his blessings and she jokes to bless that her car or laptop doesn’t breakdown, she doesn’t get traffic, etc. She then complains them for coming late. GK jokes he saw ladies of his age and stopped at another hall. Malvika says she cannot punish GK, so she will punish Anuj. Anuj says as she orders. Vanraj thinks how are they related.

Precap: Anuj and Malvika dance. Malvika asks Anu if she doesn’t know about her. Anuj says he didn’t want to hide anything. Anu says she has trust and even questions.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. How long are they gonna drag one plot…

    1. In sreemoyee, Anu confessed her love after 200 epeisodes

    2. as much as they could…
      creators dont drag it… it becomes boring

    3. As long as TRP is maintained, channel doesn’t interfere.. ultimately the viewers have to suffer.. makers keep stretching and stretching

    4. Exactly

    5. I feel it is his sister or daughter
      Pls it should be

  2. As a financially stable, independent woman, I want 2 meet Vanraj in personal, and know, what kind of charm does he have that every woman falls 4 him

    1. 😂😂😂😂

    2. 😂😂😂

    3. Seriously men being womanizer and women being aphroditic is the new cool.
      ‘Matrvat para-daresu’ gayi bhad mein !
      We had such nice learnings to maintain brahmacharya ashrama till grihastha ashrama, and to consider everyone apart from own wife as mother. but all are forgotten.
      Symbolically worship everything instead of practicing anything. Hindutwa rocks!

    4. Me too.. 😂
      Also, has vanraj given this lavish party only to inform his family??? Launching a new venture would be more imp to Malvika & she should be throwing the party & introducing Vanraj as a partner but here the makers r really too obsessed with Vanraj Shah…

    5. Hey Kavya, how long you have plan to play jealous good for nothing wife? Please do join you partner in crime Rakhi dave asap. She can help you gulp property but she can’t give you job? Do join her and keep Vanraj under control and make sure he makes bed tea for you.

  3. Guys, stop comparing this show 2 sreemoyee here’s Y,
    – sreemoyee didn’t have cancer
    – Kavya’s nephew was pakhi’s love interest, and Nandini was actually widow, of divorcee samar’s BFF
    – Paritosh and Kinjal actually divorce, and Kinjal then live in the same house with her ex-in laws
    If u want 2 compare this show compare it with Aai Kuthe Kay Karte because both the shows are directed and produced by RAJAN SHAHI

  4. Vanarraj ka popat ho gaya end mei🤣

  5. What’s with this suspense. Just reveal it who really is she. Mostly her relative not her ex or something.

    1. Anuj’s stepsister

  6. such useless stories from the show
    anu please get a grip bunny boiler
    vanraj go for it have s*x eith malvi
    kavya see what happens b*t*h
    toshu go to hell
    samar snd nandini have a baby and leave

  7. I am just happy when I saw yesterday that Rajan sir, said “To the most good positive rishta Anupama, ThuThu Thu.” for Rupali when she posted the welcoming of Aneri Vanjani. This is going to the three big smiles group Malvika, Anu and Anuj. That is the best and I think with this positive, cute vibe she can give some life into her brother and Anu love story well I mean making it a little easier for Anu to express herself. But let’s see what Kavya and Vanraj and Baa will do. Thank God Malvika is my friend at this point we’ll personality and I just could not see Aneri play a bad character, 🤣😊

  8. Malvika is Anuj’s younger sister

  9. I am sorry but i am really confuse right now. Is it Aneri going to play positive character or negative? As i saw yesterday and today epi it seems to look like she is playing a positive character.

    1. Positive that is what Rajan sir said on instagram to the post of Rupali when welcoming Aneri.

  10. So the whole episode has just finished on introduction of one character and yet it is still not revealed who she is to Anuj or how Vanraj found her.

    1. Vanraj found her in just about a week or 2 weeks time & planned everything.. Miracle Miracle Miracle…
      Whereas Anuj & Anupama r still busy with paper works & planning…

  11. Oh its good to know Malvika is positive !! Tats enough coz dun want any more dragging of MAAN coming together!

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