Anupama 16th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Special Invitees In Anupama’s Haldi Ritual

Anupama 16th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mamaji asks Anuj if he and Anupama share their household chores for 6 days, what about 7tth day. Anuj says they will go out on weely date night. Kinjal asks Toshu to learn something from Anuj. Toshu says Anuj is giving a tough competition to half of the country’s boys. Mamaji jokes he is glad that he is single. Everyone laughs. Anupama says she doesn’t know if she did some good deeds in past and present life that she got such a good life partner like Anuj who imagines Annapurna, maa Saraswati, and maa Lakshmi in a woman and consider his wife a true life partner and value her hard work and true identity, and not like someone who criticize woman that she smells masalas even after her whole day’s hard work in the kitchen, etc. Everyone gets emotional hearing her long emotional speech. Anuj wipes her tears. Anupama thanks him for giving her respect. Everyone applies haldi to her while Vanraj and Leela sit frowning aside.

Anuj with Samar waits for special guests. Special guests (eunuchs) visit in. Anupama recalls their blessings last time. Eunuchs say nobody invite them for special occasions. Anupama says they are her friends as one who blesses is a friend and who one betrays is a world. Eunuchs perform her nazar and dance around her and Anuj. Anuj then offers them money as a gift. Eunuch says friends gift during wedding and not take it from them. She performs nazar again with money to distribute among poor. Devika says Anu and Anuj’s marriage is really an example for everyone. Anuj thanks them for coming. They bless them again and walk away. Kanta taunts that one who were not even related blessed the couple and someone didn’t even respect 27 years of relationship, they should understand it. Hasmukh says let it go.

Devika tells Anuj let us go now. Anuj says one minute. Malvika says Anuj doesn’t want to separate from Anupama at all. Anupama and Anuj thank everyone for participate in their wedding and happiness and making their special day more special. They emotionally praise each person’s sacrifice and help them and pray god that people who want to have a second chance in life should get a family like theirs. Hasmukh cries emotionally. Devika and Malvika gift wedding dress to Anupama while Toshu, Samar, and Devika gift a wedding dress to Anupama saying there should be equality in everything. Anuj says he will be Anupama’s husband after marriage but will be her children’s buddy always. Anupama realizes he is acting on Vanraj’s reaction and thanks him. Malvika drags Anuj from there while Anuj waves bye to Anupama. Anupama feels shy thinking about her wedding tomorrow.

After some time, Leela prepares turmeric milk in kitchen yelling that wedding should finish as soon as possible and Anupama get rid off her house soon. Anupama bumps into her and haldi falls on her. She thanks Leela for applying haldi on her. Leela says it fell by mistake. Anupama hugs her from behind and says she will always be her mother and she wants her mother to attend her wedding and bless her. Leela stands silently. Kinjal and Pakhi plan to get Anupama for her wedding tomorrow. Anupama feels emotional. Kinjal’s baby kicks her and she gets tensed. Anu explains her its normal and feels happy for her. Pakhi starts crying seeing a mother’s care and hugs Anupama.

Vanraj notices Kavya happy and questions why she is happy in her sautan and enemy’s marriage. Kavya says Anupama was never their enemy and always helped him; she is just trying to be happy in Anupama’s happiness as she doesn’t have a reason to be in her life. Vanraj says people will laugh on her. Kavya says let her, Anupama, and people be happy and suggests him participate in Anupama’s happiness as there are many women who thrive for happiness. Kinjal tells Anupama that she needs her help in every step of life. Anupama says she is with her and then stops remembering about her marriage. Kinjal says its okay if she cannot be with her all the time and requests her to visit her often and hold her baby for the first time as she wants Anupama’s qualities in her baby.

Precap: Anupama assures children that she will never change for her children even after her marriage. Malvika informs Anuj that she needs to return to USA today. Anuj says he will not marry without her presence.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. My Dear Mukku

    Mukku ko Khatron ke Khiladi ke liye jaana padega pata tha par atleast shaadi tak rehti😭.

    1. Shah family me ek se ek paagal khatron ke khiladi bhare hai.. udhar bhi khel sakti hai πŸ˜‚

  2. Anupama can’t be everywhere at a time. Kinjal and Toshu should brace up and take care of their own kid by themselves. She’s not your maid.

    1. Kinjal was asking for Anupama’s love, care and blessings. Isn’t it normal? If a girl marries and goes into another family then also she wants her mother to be with her at every stage of her life, right? Being with anybody doesn’t mean staying with them forever, but it means that they always support each other.

    2. Some people won’t understand this thing and Anu’s love for her children and her children’s love for her and will keep villianising them like Abhimanyu villianises Aarohi always but Abhimanyu himself is one of the most egoistic, fake, toxic and obsessive male lead of ITV.

    3. Yes @Pri!! I support that statement πŸ’―. Abhimanyu is so full of it! His face is so old and wrinkly due to bearing a grudge against his father. He feels he is a perfect ITV hero. He is so wrong. Akshara is just immature and naive otherwise she would marry him. A man who is just a bag of issuesπŸ˜’

    4. Oh maids care in your family or whoever cares become a maid?

    5. Correct
      Nowadays Maids also demand very much.

    6. @Bot, lets see once ur dad dumps ur mom and after divorce also your mom works like a maid at her in-laws place along with her lover. Would like to ser your reaction.

    7. HIJ please no personal attack on someone. The issue is about Mother children bond not ex in-laws.

    8. @Pri, first tell the same to ‘Bot’ because he did personal attack on Vaijyanthi comment.

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    11. @Duplicate HIJ, you mean just like Bot and (Duplicate) HIJ? 🀣🀣🀣
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    13. I am very much happy with my job as an ERP consultant. atleast I am not a commission agent for B-Tex.

  3. “Malvika informs Anuj that she needs to return to USA today”… All of a sudden, As if no visa or preparation needed. Travelling to USA is just like travelling from Mumbai to Pune for the writers. Any time you decide and proceedπŸ˜€πŸ˜€
    Now they will wait for Mukku to return.

    1. You are a fool to say that.Marriage shooting already done today and almost everyone knows it.

    2. Not done. Actually it started yesterday morning. Rupali am posted her head jewellery, Ashish and Jassi shared a reel in which they were wearing peech colored outfits. I really wished that makers should give Pagdis to all boys in marriage. Thank god they gave it. Because boys with open heads without pagdis look incomplete in marriage as it’s a sign of culture. Moreover Alma Hussein started shooting on Saturday night because she showed that iconic (3 Thu)Β² board that’s present on DKP sets because of that 3 Thu wale uncle Rajan Shahi. The scene which came in precap was already shooted before Haldi Track. Means Aneri told her decision before Haldi track itself and makers were already hunting for Anuj’s cousin and cousin-in-law and a parallel female lead opposite Paras. So by next week all 3 characters will come. Hope so this new girl will support Anu in the same way in which Anu’s younger DIL always supports her in every version of Sreemoyee. And Anuj’s cousins shouldn’t be like Jethi Maa of Sreemoyee who used to hate and humiliate Sreemoyee earlier. Hope so they won’t insult her. And I wish next they shoul focus on Anu-Samar making their Dance Academy successful without anyone’s support and Anuj also making his new business successful along with #MaAn and #SamarPriya love stories.

    3. Oh is it? Thank God. And sorry to hurt your feelings πŸ˜€

    4. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€…. Indian serials are pathetic… πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€… I agree in Indian serials we dont need any visa to travel to any part of the world. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. No documentation.. Nothing

    5. Lol. Realistically, business visas are given for different durations than vacation ones.
      Vacation ones are valid for 3 or 6 months!
      Makku may have USA citizenship and an OCI, so no visa required.

    6. If you have a US Visa, you can pick up and leave like Mumbai to Pune – FYI!

      The VISA is for 10 years, multiple entry

    7. if u r regular watcher of this serial, then flash back pls, Anuj and Malavika are US returns and had multiple visa


    8. Yes. They are NRIs. While Anuj relocated in India Mukku keeps running from here and there. So she’s having multiple running visas with her with long duration of expiry. She came back after 10 years. Still she’s running means she’s having a running visa

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  5. My one and only brother is getting married but I have to leave for the US.

    1. Because Aneri is quitting to participate in Khatron Ke Khiladi and this precap was shot even before Haldi sequence. Now Ashlesha and Rohit will come as Anuj’s cousin and cousin-in-law. Hope so they don’t turn Jethi Maa of Sreemoyee. And Priya should also be a better version of Nandini

  6. I have just been watching Shaurya aur Anokhi Ki Kahani on Hotstar and OMG…..what an amazing show. Why the hell did they cancel this and yet stupid Bakwas and completely senseless shows like the Bhagyas (JKundali, Kumkum & Lakshmi) and also rubbish like Udaariyan, and most of the Star plus shows like Yeh Rishta and Yeh chahatein & also please let us not forget the utterly boring Parinieeti are still going on……Crazy and Mad!!!!

    What is wrong with the audience and their obsession with senselessly storylines that do not go forward and always affairs, multiple marriages, memory loss, stupid ML &FL, villains never getting caught and saas-bahu crap keep going on TV. Yet beautiful shows with unique stories get taken off.

    What an utter disappointment!!!!!

    1. If Shaurya and Anokhi have gone more then surely they would also try out these silly tracks which you hate to strech the story and make more episodes. It’s better that they ended with the central story only. They didn’t ruined it. I think its fair.

  7. @Kamal if you are here please say this HIJ no. 2 to stop. Last time he listened to you. We don’t want garbages. If you do so,help us, you owe our respect. If not then also it’s ok.

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    19. Kan khol ke sun woh ghar Anupama ka he. wo jab man kare jaigi, tujhe nahi jachti to vanraj se saath nikal le. us ghar se vanraj aur baa ko nikalna h, baki sab thik h.

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  12. Here is the comment from duplicate HIJ from 29th April 2022 update. As per this comment this person has claimed she is a girl:
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    Yahan pe tere se bade log hai aur mai bhi terese badi hoon for sure. I know. Apni baat agar decently rakh sako to rakho warna bhaad mai jao. Aur dobara aise alleging comments mat rakhna.

    1. Oh Hello.Being a Girl doesn’t mean that she cannot give gaalis and all. You are such a s*xist person now. s*xist Chutiya.
      And atleast we Girls don’t abuse in that level like you boys do. And For your Info, digging at past, how much more time waste will you do. I hope you get Paid for that. If not then don’t play nasty tricks here.
      What are you getting by doing this. Always Name Calling me every other time.
      Even after I try to end up a matter calmly, u again cook up another issue.
      What’s problem you have? This kind of Obsession even my stalker also might don’t have.
      Get a Life man. I already said if you are Beefing, dont name call me, I already ended way ago.
      Your Assumptions doesn’t make me your Dear Bot.
      You only calling those Bots to ruin this forum or You only changing IDs and coming here

      If you really can observe you also have seen that there have been two successive comments one from me and another from bot at the same minute in previous page.
      Its not possible to type and change ID and again type and then messages will shown at same minutes exactly.

      You are big big liar that you observed how similar our typing styles are
      My foot.

      Whatever you do, God Is all above us and she knows how wrong and you and if you don’t stop sooner, this she can’t do anything but the above She will definitely get you bad omen

    2. Not a curse
      But an Ultimatum.

    3. Everything has a limit. And you are on streak of Obsession. I will be cool in 5 minutes but because of your nasty deeds, you will end up in despair for sure. Just wait and watch.

    4. Ji bhi hai you are a guy. Who says two successive comments one from you and another from bot at the same minute can not be posted? You just need to copy and paste and that you have done you overconfident fool. You are such a b*s*a*d

    5. Do you have any evidence that you are alleging.
      I don’t need to prove that anything. Already you proved urself you are insane. So yes, you are s*xist and I see you claimed to be here since March. You claim to have so much proofs, screenshots then whynot show them up.

      I am the First HIJ here and yes I chose this name after ABCD posted commented and EFG, which is before March . And you have no skills , no guts to prove anything you allege. You are just a loser. If you were front of Me then I would have broken your teeth straight away.
      The chats you showed up, proves nothing.
      You justing wasting.
      For Now I accept that you are Hitesh.
      Now happy?
      Now I am also not those Bots you are playing with.
      Now what more? Want me to change name? Is that your real moto?
      Well f**k off. Your name might be Hitesh. You may use HIJ. But I will use it too unless I wish to change. And you are none to call me duplicate when I am being HIJ much before than you.
      So you have only one option that is Peace out.

    6. Bsdk teri g**d fatt gayi hai aur tu kuch bhi bhauk raha hai kutte. You can not prove that you are a girl and you are not ‘Bot’. Not only Bot but you are only Boss and Pops.
      I habe given enough proofs. Do whatever you wish. Get back to the mental asylum that is correct place for you.

    7. Lol why I need to prove being a girl. What would you do with that?
      If I ask you to prove How are you a boy what would u do. Just yell out My name is Hitesh and I give gaalis very much, I troll people,etc.

    8. I will call you duplicate HIJ. Do whatever you can. ” If you were front of Me then I would have broken your teeth straight away.”
      Lol and still you claim you are a girl.
      You will break my teeth and I will watch silently ki bhai aa mujhe maar. Bsdk i am not wearing bangles, understood?. Teri g*”d me dum hi nahi hai is liye ladki ban Raha hai.

    9. Duplicate my foot. You are Duplicate who are using my ID name after me. You can be Hitesh but I am HIJ and your name is Hitesh not HIJ and you only said na ki there can be more people having same names. So take this like it. Even if my name is not starts with any HIJ.
      Someday if you meet another Hitesh would you call that imposter or Duplicate. It’s serious allegation
      And dodging the fact that you cannot prove that I am the bot on previous page doesn’t mean you will continuously allege that and everytime any bot shows up to you, you will just slammer my name there.
      It’s too cheap.

      Better u accept the fact or see your life in despair.

    10. M*c teri g**d me ek keeda hai ego ka jo khatam nahi ho raha hai is liye tu b*t*r*d baar baar marvane aa jata hai shameless. Kabhi ladki banke kabhi boss banke kabhi Bot banke. You are a cheap loser understood? Get lost and f*”k off. I will keep writing comments with HIJ.

    11. Gaand to teri jalti hai tabhi fake allegations lagake bas bhaag jaata hai.
      You also know ki you can’t prove. So you just say rubbish and run away. You are proving yourself only Cheap and more Cheap by using these words. I don’t expect any respect behaviour from boys like you cause people like you cheap.

      I am not Bot but it’s a funny fact that whenever a bot will hit you, you will be saying about me which don’t even relate to that point.

      You are Weak. You need this allegation card to play with me. If you have Dum, if you really Not Duplicate and name is HIJ then play real, without this allegations or any abusive words.
      I bet you will lose.
      You can’t prove your words
      Neither you can prove that you have been here before me.

      You lack senses.
      For once if you consider this bot is random person, not me, and knowing this fact, will you still name call me?

    12. Lol. Tomorrow I meet another Hitesh I will accept but here you kept challenging me that I am not HIJ. First of all you are not a girl. You are confused about your gender. It is your birth defect or you decided for s*x change operation later on? Anyways ask your parents what your gender was at time of your birth n then decide. Take your own time miss HIJ or mrs Bot. πŸ˜›πŸ˜›
      But dont make defective programs otherwise you will lose your job for sure.

    13. Who are you to decide my gender?
      And how does that helps you?

      Telling someone that this is not your gender instead the opposite one
      Is that your Mother taught to you? Or I say your Family Culture. If that so then ok
      I will not argue more with you. Rest all will believe I am girl, you can keep calling me Boy and deciding others.

    14. You illiterate will teach me what to do and what to not.

      But since I can I advise you to go to my friend Doctor with Your Family and get checked.

    15. Tell me when did you undergo s*x change surgery ? I guess on 29th April. Before that you were a guy. Did you change your gender in your official records? Aadhar, PAN card etc?

    16. I don’t know.
      Maybe in your dreams.
      Very Weird Fetish you have. Eww.

    17. Tera friend doctor hoga woh bhi teri tarah copy karke doctor bana hoga jaise tu gawar fake certificate le ke programmer ban gaya gutterchhap programer. Kya fayda aise doctor friend ka? End me jail me hi jana padega usko.

    18. So jab tu paida hua tha tab ladka tha ya ladki? Forget about operation.

    19. Hmmm.
      Continue with your Strawberry World.
      It’s no use of explaining to a mad drunkster.
      And so Bye

    20. actually
      Government should fast find out the Dug sellers to stop this kind of disorder people like you having nowadays.

    21. Sadly government won’t listen to mentally sick people. Better luck next time.

  13. so no mukku no shaadi
    As i said earlier makers don’t know the storyline after Anuj-Anupama marriage
    So they are dragging……………………………………………..
    Btw guys what would be story after their marriage………………
    Just for fun…………..Bapuji wil forgot to take medicines ……..Anu ran to shah house and say i knew that u forgot ur medicines here is is baapuji …………..emotional looks……………………..BGM…………….. πŸ˜‰
    or Kinjal feel pain she comes and wherever anu there is no pain………………….. again after face cut off……bgm………………
    Baa and uski mahan beta close up shots ……………mamaji jokes(now we are not getting laugh)……………..
    Bachata anuj uski wish to puri hogaya Anu se Shaadi but i don’t what will happen after that…………
    So to make all this in form makers will drag few more episodes………………
    hum to rukna padega guys

    Sorry anupama fans if i talk more………………i said just for fun

    1. Rishi, Yeah you are absolutely correct and these brainless writers will exactly show the same in future. Poor puppet Anuj always will be hiding behind Anupama pallu.

    2. Ab pata chala tera kyu jalta h. u r not able to digest that Anuj is following Anu.
      u dumbos praise wife following husband to forest but not other way around.

    3. Dekh HIJ
      Again another bot.
      Beef with it or Ignore it, do whatever, I will not interfere your way but just dont name call me.
      Target bot.

    4. @Bot good joke.. aur suna..

    5. Yes you have only written that comment with another Bot just to prove you are correct but you are such a brainless guy that people will easily understand your blunder. So don’t try to give lame excuses and examples of other Hitesh etc. F*”k urself

    6. See don’t try to fool me

      I know if I don’t write then also you will blame like on the previous page that I left and started using bot

      And if I write then you will Overthink.

      Since Overthinking is bad, so I will go with the first case only.
      I understood that you are just a kid you like to fool around. You will Troll me by whatever means cause you hold Grudge and you ego is high.
      I guess my Ignorance will be the best medicine for you also, I will try to not let you overthink like this.
      Godess looking there. She will play Karma very soon. Do Abuse much u can today, play this Blame Game over and over, call me boy, duplicate
      It’s good that you only will be called Mentally Unstable.
      Yes, please do it, today, tomorrow ,till you reach Asylum.
      Please Continue.
      You will neither understand anyone nor listen to no one.

    7. Late but realised that you are just like other pest , just want to troll me by whatever means. So even much I try to accept you, you will be keep trolling insanely.
      I say, not say u will call me duplicate and tag everytime so that I get triggered and start Beef here.
      I thought you to be a bit mature that after joking you will reconcile but no. You streched it too far that it’s been very Very Toxic now.

      Since you already insane and I don’t want to be the cheapest person like you, so I am done.
      Continue with your Creepy Strawberry World.
      While I am promoting myself to a peaceful Commentor like others here.

    8. @bot
      i don’t mind if husband follows wife yeah in marriage both are equal they need to support each other
      here i’m saying here in this fiction show as anupama never leave her ex-in-laws house

      What about anuj he waited for his love 27 years and now too anupama go and tackle shah family issues. this time is for anuj-anupama to live
      and why u are not saying anything about Kavya rightnow she is DIL right she want to take care off shah’s family
      Don’t mind i think literally u like Vanraj sort of guys …………….

    9. Still. You didn’t accept that you are a guy🀣🀣🀣 and you are saying I am having ego. Kisika ego itna bada hita hai ki khud ko female bana de?

    10. Hmm
      You may assume I am boy no problem. Let it be boy.
      Doesn’t affects me anyway.

    11. Fine so you are a guy. Fine
      Thanks for your confirmation

    12. Girl ko boy bulwane ke liye bhi kitne rote ho.
      Nowadays boys cry more than we girls. Hih

    13. abey Rishi, mera bas chale toh me woh Vanraj, Baa ko nikal ke phekta tha. saala unke wajah se sara kachra faila hua h. Anu ka ghar h wo jaegi aegi, tere ko kya? uski koi galti nahi wo kyu jaegi… Sapolo ko dudh pilake ghar me rakh ke nautanki chalaya h. ye bapu kuch karta nahin, Satyagrah kar satyagrah… papion ka saath chod.

  14. HIJ and HIJ
    HIJ – You are Hitesh.
    HIJ – you are not Bot.
    Now end it.
    Enough for today.
    Just Stop for God’s sake

    1. @Geo.. one more thing.
      HIJ is a girl🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  15. twadi pendhi fudaa
    both shut the f**k up
    bullcrap comments
    but very entertaining NOT fudu animals
    enjoy your banter and orgasmns

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  16. @Duplicate HIJ now you became saint and giving long lectures and karma and goddess and bla bla bla. Bravo!
    you are trying to look innocent in front of others but you are not ready to accept that you are a guy. I gave your past comments here to show you the mirror that you were saying that you are a girl but you are not. And to hide this you are giving long lectures and allegations against me that i am beefing. Wow!
    Great man. Keep it up. I dont need to go to asylum but you surely need to get admitted ASAP.

    1. I am girl that’s what I am sayingπŸ˜‚
      If you say I have no teeth, ok, doesn’t changes reality anyway.
      From now for you I am boy. I don’t care what you believe. Nor it affects me in reality. Nobody here cares also. Who are you trying to prove to?
      Fine now?

    2. mental patient πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

  17. Ok since you are just jumping from one allegation to another and its been a loop now, I am breaking this.
    Whatever you wanna do, assume, let it be and you don’t need my approval, just directly give Verdict since nobody here cares and nor i from now.

    cause I cannot treat your mental status. If you pay me I will get your ass burnt, but not free anymore.
    Give some time to heal your parts also.

    So bye.

    1. Thank God.

  18. So hereby HIJ duplicate has declared that he himself is a guy, who claimed she is a girl on 29th april 2022. So henceforth we will call him Mr Duplicate HIJ.

    1. @HIJ
      Firstly,You cannot order us.
      Secondly, enough of Beefing.
      Thirdly, if we can accept that your name is Hitesh and you are not copying name then we can accept also that the other Hij is girl and also not these bots.

      Fourthly, using slangs to anyone or Personally Attacking are Prohibited here.

      The other Hij stopped it and so you too.
      You shouldn’t be seen continuing this next day.
      If she is saying she is girl then we believe it.
      End it today only.

    2. @Any, I have already ended it. Thanks
      Hope he will also not repeat it tomorrow.

    3. And ‘Personally Attacking are Prohibited here.’
      This applies to him as well and you should have told him after his very first comment itself. Anyways I trust you but I wont believe he is a girl because I have been observing him since long.

  19. I usually don’t comment much but
    @HIJ you cannot slang to anyone on public forum like this.
    Its not right. @HIJ should end it here only.
    If she says she is a girl then she is. You cannot give mother slangs to a girl like this.
    And why to prove her opposite gender? Means why to do that. It’s such an insult to other women here.!!😬😬

    Wher is the Admin of this page?
    Why there is so much offense!!

    1. @Sus, the matter has ended today. And atleast I wont be repeating from now onwards.

    2. Good night everyone and sorry from my side.

    3. Sus I do not support HIJ or Hitesh but I really have doubts if that HIJ is a girl. I guess you have not seen his earlier comments. He has abused me in past and thats why I had stopped writing here. Dont be judgmental pls.

  20. tank u tank u tank u tank u tank u tank u
    anupama the poem reader what dialogues
    tank you
    tank you

    1. Soori soori πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

  21. Can you guys take all this chat somewhere this is ridiculous πŸ™„

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