Anupama 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama Brings Out Toshu’s True Colors In Front Of The Family


Anupama 15th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meenu asks Dolly if they can go out and have buddhi ke baal/candy floss. Hasmukh jokes if Jignesh was present here, he would have told Leela that he wants to have buddhi/old Leela’s hair. Everyone laugh on his joke. Toshu announces that they all forgot to select a petname for his daughter. Leela says what else than Aru. Toshu says Pari, Paritosh’s and Kinjal’s Pari. Samar jokes there will be papa ki pari memes created. Pakhi asks him to shut up. Rakhi thanks god that Anupama is silent and not reacting. Toshu tells Kinjal that he will be the world’s best husband and best papa, will get whole world’s luxuries for them, and will work so hard that he may come home late or may go out of Gujarat on tour and stay from them. Rakhi and Anupama recall his fake promises. Toshu asks Kinjal not to doubt or get angry on him. Kinjal says never ever. Toshu says he can sacrifice his life but cannot betray his Kinjal.

Anupama warns him to have some shame. Rakhi tries to get her from there saying Anupama is unwell. Vanraj stops Rakhhi and says let Anupama speak. Kinjal asks if something happened. Anupama says sorry to Anupama. Anuj asks if she is alright, what has happened. Rakhi tries to stop Anupama. Vanraj says let Anupama speak. Everyone insist Anupama to speak. Anupama starts her long speech. She says giving good morales is a mother’s duty, but accepting it or not is in child’s hand; her son didn’t accept her morales. She hopes her son wouldn’t have born and says Toshu brought a disgrace to her, did a sin and doesn’t even repent on it. She says he had called her characterless and she had felt ashamed of him then, now she feels disgusted on herself that she gave him birth.

Kinjal asks Anupama what did Toshu do. Leela asks Anupama why is she cursing her son. Anupama says she would curse more if she hears what Toshu did. Leela asks Rakhi to take Anupama in. Vanraj stops her and says Rakhi was upset on Toshu and now Anupama is, he wants to know what Toshu did. Toshu says he didn’t do anything its nothing. Anupama asks having an affair with another woman, spending time with her in a Rajkot hotel room lying as going for a Mumbai interview, and not being around Kinjal when she needed him the most is nothing? Kinjal shatters hearing that and asks Toshu if its true. Rakhi blames Anupama for ruining her children’s lives. Toshu warns Anupama to stop lying.

Anuj says Anupama never lies. Toshu shouts at him to stay away from their family issues. Anupama warns him to behave with her husband or else he will bear her wrath. Vanraj says Anuj is right that Anupama never lies. He says Rakhi’s silence and Anupama’s words revealed Toshu’s sins, how could he betray Kinjal. Rakhi says Toshu is following Vanraj. Vanraj says his issue was different. He asks Toshu why he learnt mistakes from him instead of hard work and respecting parents. Toshu says there is nothing like that and tells Kinjal that he loves only her. Kinjal asks him to take their daughter’s oath. Toshu stands silent. Kinjal says it means its true. Anupama says thank god that Toshu didn’t take his daughter’s false oath; men are amazing that they lie on other’s daughters but don’t on their own daughter.

Toshu shouts at her to shut up and says he doesn’t even know that girl’s name, he was frustrated without a job and Kinjal’s pregnancy and mood swings and he slipped off; he didn’t have any affair like Vanraj and Kavya, it was just a manly need; he loves only Kinjal and just got carried away like Vanraj and anyone would do, its normal and every man does it. Anupaam gives him a tight slap. She holds his collar and asks if its normal for men, then why isn’t it normal for women; he doesn’t even consider infelidity as a sin, its a big issue for a woman; a betrayal is a betrayal; his acts scratched her old wounds, she will not let him betray Kinjal; wife is not a footwear that he wears different ones inside home and outside, wife is a tilak which is worn on forehead.

Precap: Vanraj slaps Toshu for his sin. Kinjal says even she will have a fling. Toshu shouts at her. She warns him to dare not shout.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. I bet its a dream..makers have to drag this track for months

    1. Hope so… Enff of this dramas now

  2. It seems like her dream

    1. YEAH HOPE SO..

    2. Your english is bad but msg is good.

  3. I came here to see if it was a dream but looking at the precap it seems it’s not. Loved this episode!!

  4. Omg.. hope this won’t be a dream.. good anupama didn’t remain silent.. she should have given toshu few more slaps.. how disgusting his thoughts.. πŸ™„πŸ˜πŸ€¨πŸ˜–

    1. Toshu should die, Anupama should die. End this lecturebaji. Its enough now.

    2. Anupama over reacting. Does not make sense

  5. Toshu is more worse even then vanraj. Although vanraj was wrong at least vanraj loved kavya as he was not happy with his relationship with anupama due to compatibility issues and at least he told kavya about his married life but here toshu betrayed both the girls together to fulfil his own desire. I think his new girlfriend sanjana might not be aware of his married life and by looking at his way of justification it seems like sanjana is truly in love with him but he only used her for his lust. I hope she enters his house soon and give him a tight slap for using her like an escort.

    Vanraj and Anupamas marriage was an arranged marriage but toshu and kinjal had love marriage then how can toshu stoop that low to betray the one whom he loved once? Today it’s clear that he married kinjal only for her looks and high class background as he wanted to get a high class status and thats the reason he was so desperate to shift to penthouse leaving his family behind.

    1. I agree with you 100%.


  6. If the episode is legit then people assume it dream.

    I Appreciate today’s episode very much. Very Unexpected but it’s real.

  7. Finally Anupama has done the right thing. Now if this is a dream then the dream will carry on to the next episode according to precap so we all hope it’s not a dream.

    1. But dreams in Anupama only last a couple of minutes or half an episode and it happens in the beginning or end. So I hope it’s not a dream.

  8. What VANRAJ DID WITH KAVYAE WAS.NOT.LOVE!!!!! please let us stop whitewashing infidelity with this stupid love talk. Vanraj cannot love anyone but himself that is why he broke a clean hearted woman like Anu
    Anu was not talking to Toshu today. She was speaking to Vanraj. That was 26 years of pent up emotion. That was directed at Vanraj. And HOW DARE Vanraj raise his hand to Toshu? What a COMPLETE hypocrite. Your son will mirror what you do, including the bad. You can’t pick and choose which attributes your son will learn. Toshu is a product of Vanraj’s upbringing. Period.

    1. Not defending vanraj’s act at past at all,but whatever crimes he did towards his wife he did it as a husband,today he raised hand to Toshi as a father.If today he hadn’t raised hand to him,you all would’ve said that vanraj isn’t even opposing it.

    2. No @ Mahi. I wouldn’t have said anything of the sort. I expect Vanraj to be ashamed of himself and take up at least some of the blame for Toshu’s actions. Not only for this infidelity but everything else! He has NEVER for one day TRULY apologised for the role he played in f**king up his children’s lives due to his poor representation of what a family man should be when it comes to building and maintaining relationships. He has never apologised to Anu for destroying her whole life, to his Father, for insulting his upbringing. I’m with Rakhi on this,He doesn’t have the RIGHT to slap Toshu! He has done a number on those kids and these are the rewards of his actions. Imagine excusing Vanraj’s action with something ad nonsensical as “at least he *loved* kavya”. So does it mean that if Toshu confesses that he *loves* his girlfriend and not Kinjal that will make it suddenly..better?
      And did you also notice how makers are trying to whitewash Kavya’s character too? Isn’t it laughable.????
      .Anu can even hug and give her compliments. I understand Anu can be a sweetheart to the point of absolute foolishness even, but This is just too unrealistic please. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ let’s not forget that kavya was a so called friend of Anu who was fratenizing with her husband for goodness sake,Considering that Anu is still not over what they(Van and Kav) did to her and rightly so. Its unrealistic to be this accommodating to an insufferable person like Kavya. She is equally a culprit and her character will always be negative in my books. She practically played an active role in pushing a woman out of her home so she could come in.that is disgusting. It is not love when you build it on the ashes of someone’s pain. It will forever be reprehensible.i can understand Anu striving for cordiality with Vanraj as he si the father of her children and so they will forever remain connected, no sense being angry with him indefinitely but is it necessary to be so loving towards kavya. She can be civil at the very least,if that but no need to go beyond that.She(kavya) will forever be only a dusri aurat, a cheat, a liar and an adultress and Vanraj is still yet to bear the full brunt of his Karma for what he did to Anu. No matter what makers try to do, we the OG fans of the show will NOT FORGET who the real villains are.

    3. Yeah on that note I agree with you,vanraj must feel guilty and blame himself for this bcoz he is the main reason behind this.Hopefully now he will get a reality check as now it’s happening to o kinjal whom he considers as a daughter,now he will feel the pain(Although kinjal doesn’t deserve all these at all).

    4. Yes @ Mahi. We can only hope πŸ™πŸΌ. I want Anu to receive her closure from Vanraj. He couldn’t give her anything in all the years they were together. He can at least give her this much

    5. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

      Vaijyanthi at least she is better now she did changed! She did not committed something tat are unforgivable!! Dun hold the grudges on ur hand for too long it will burn you!! Let it go!! For God’s sake!!

    6. Yeah Vanraj neither regretted openly nor was punished sufficiently for his antics.
      Though Anupama’s life went for a toss, there was no visible loss for Vanraj, So Thoshu thought its normal.
      But what is more worrying that he couldn’t understand his mother’s pain and struggle.
      It just shows that Thoshu is very selfish and Kinjal need to be very careful while planning her life with Thoshu. Thoshu can’t care for anyone.

    7. @Subha, Toshu never understood his mother’s pain because his father’s upbringing and teachings,Bumpstead of all, his Father’s ACTIONS taught him to think men being rude,insensitive,unfaithful etc to their wives is cool. He practically GROOMED his children, Toshu and Pakhi especially to DISRESPECT and DEBASE their mother. Remember when they used to laugh at her? Make fun of her? At the dinner table, telling her she smelled like spices after slaving all day in the kitchen over a hot stove to make sumptuous and delicious meals for them. That man Vanraj has still yet to grovel and cry and beg for Anu’s forgiveness. It is unfair of us as viewers to expect Anuj to enable the brunt of what Vanraj did to Anu. Anu DESERVES Vanraj’s atonement for her to have the chance to heal properly. Poor woman has been moving around with her wounds trying her best to make everyone happy ALL HER LIFE. Nobody,not even babuji or samar has ever told Vanraj about kneeling before Anu’s feet for months or even a year or longer or possible to let her know how truly sorry he is. But that is of course..if he even IS truly sorry. You know Vanraj and his Narcissistic ways. So entitled and tone deaf. Just like his dumb pathetic barbie doll dusri auratπŸ˜’πŸ˜’

    8. @Vaijaya, Thoshu no doubt is negatively impacted by Baa/Vanraj/society mentality, he has always seen men getting away with all sorts of inhumanity.
      Still there is something called Vivek/Conscience/Humanity which lacks in Thoshu.
      An adult should take the responsibility of own mistakes instead of blaming others, its of no use.
      Lotus comes out of mud. And butterfly out of caterpillar, so growing out of the adversity is nature.

    9. And yes, Vanraj’s apologies are long pending. He has to beg forgiveness daily.


  9. So incompatible arrange marriages run for 26yrs with no mood of husband to get divorced!
    And love soaked marriages last for 1yr?
    Only because of Anupama this Vanya are out of jail else they would have killed each other.
    No one has right to love a married person especially when he/she has children and the spouse is still in love with the person.
    Before marriage/before having children make your desires /wishes clear, because these betrayals ruin lives.
    I am still angry on Kinjal only for her desire for a child that to with Thoshu!
    It requires highest level of maturity to handle another life.
    It’s disheartening to see that Kinjal took this decision just out of emotion and the child will go through the most painful trauma now.
    When the woman carries, she carries the gene/part of all the ancestors. She by default becomes mother to all of them. They will again enjoy/sense/love/live the life because of her. So respect/love her.
    And at the same time provide the father like security/protection to her.
    Abandoning/cheating the mother of own children is the sin of highest order.
    And the cheater cheats/cuts own part/children just like murkh Kalidas who was cutting the same branch where he was standing.
    Take care of own child, it’s your/your ancestors gene.
    Ruining own life doesn’t make any sense.
    I love/respect my sister in law very dearly, as she carried my genes as well. My twin nephews have some resemblance with my brother/sil/mother/dad and with me as well!
    Appa loves them dearly and happily note that wonderful God’s particle everywhere.
    Aham Brahmasmi tvam cha.
    Don’t betray/hurt/cheat self.

  10. Kanika53

    Did expect Paritosh to say Anupamaa is lying. Obvs he would say that as he thinks he will get away with it. And after reading Precap for next ep, Kinjal is right, if she has a fling, Paritosh will shout at her, but if he has a fling, it ok? Glad Anupamaa gave him tight slap. But Rakhi ? She wanted the truth to come out.. now what’s wrong with her? She does not want to let Baby Aarya grow up without a father? But tbh, Aarya will know when she grows up that her father did that to her Mom. She is a baby now, but she will support her mom like Samar supported Anupamaa.

  11. Anupama let Vanraj enjoy with Kavya, so who is she to stop Toshu from enjoying his life? And Kinjal’s character, had so much hope and now is a mother and a stay at home wife. Whatever happened to the independent working, western dressing Kinjal?
    It’s so sad that modern women’s identity is to being the indian dressing, being a mother and a stay at home wife.

    1. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

      NRI Anupama lets Vanraj enjoyed wit Kavya bcoz she sees no point in clinging to Vanraj as he definitely dun loves her n was open abt it! But here Toshu keeps saying he loves Kinjal n will be her best husband n best father in the world while admitted to Anu tat he is not remorseful of his fling claimed it is normal!! Tat is wat made Anu furious!!

  12. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

    Why is Rakhi trying to defends Toshu by trying to divert to Vanraj by pointing Vanraj’s fault?? It doesn’t cover up the fact tat Toshu is wrong or diminishes his wrong doings!!! And also doesn’t make Kinjal feels better by pointing out Toshu is following Vanraj footsteps!!

    1. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

      Remember Toshu was so protective of Pakhi when he saw her wit Adhik!! So other people’s sisters or daughters are not precious?? Dared to say he didn’t even knew her name???

  13. Hat’s off to Anupama’s acting in this episode.

  14. Hat’s off to Anupama’s acting in this episode.

  15. Characterless Baap ka Characterless Beta.

  16. some people were saying Rakhi Dave is a better mom than Anupama when Pakhi insulted her.
    But after knowing Toshus truth she wants to forgive Toshu and wants Kinjal to give him another chance. Anupama might not best mother but she is certainly a mother who will go against her kid to stand up for the right thing

  17. please makers dont make Kinjal stay in shah house. Dont repeat the same thing what happened to Anupama. She should leave the shah house with her daughter and live her life. She doesnt need to stay in the toxic house with that Baa who will curse her that she didnt forgive Toshu

  18. Anupama went against her own son and stood up for her daughter in law giving her the choice to make the right decision. This Bapuji and Baa failed to do it after finding out about Vanraj s extra marital affair. Thats why Anupama is above people like Rakhi Dave,Baa and Vanraj shah

  19. Anupama went against her own son and stood up for her daughter in law she became that support to Kinjal which she didn’t get from her in laws. Hats s off to her for going against her own blood and taking the right decision to expose him in front of everybody so that Kinjal doesn’t become another Anupama.

  20. Rakhi Dave validated Toshus belief that Anupama is wrong for exposing him by accusing Anupama of spoiling their Childrens happiness and breaking their home. I was like wtf are those dialogues. I was highly disappointed with her character today because before this i hailed her as an epitome of feminism.

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