Anupama 15th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Baa’s advice For Kavya

Anupama 15th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vanraj apologizes Anu for scolding him on the first day after marriage and reminds all the incidents. Anu reminisces all the incidents and shuts his mouth. He says he is 1000 times sorry for his 100 mistakes and 1 lakh times sorry for his 1000 times. Anu says she forgives him for all his mistakes. Advaith seeing Samar sad tries to cheer him up in his style. Samar smiles. Adi says they shouldn’t let sadness in their life again. Samar says he knows, but. Adi says he thinks he couldn’t do much for his parents. Samar says he should have stopped them or followed them, but.. Adi says children hold parent’s hands till they grow up and then draw their hands back as they love their independence, samething is happening with his parents and they want to draw their hands back from their children as it’s their last day as parents and they need privacy. Samar agrees and seeing him worried asks reason. Adi says Anu’s final reports will come today and he is nervous, he jokes with him again and laughs.

Anu learns to say sorry and says let us move ahead now. Vanraj drives car again. Adi plays bansuri in resort. Anu and Vanraj reach court. He holds her hand and she withdraws it. Alvida.. song plays in the background. Wathcman stops them and says they should reach court 15 minutes before. Anu says it’s 8:46 a.m. and they are just 1 minute late. Watchman yells to go and stand aside and gets busy with others. Anu requests to let them in, and he yells again. Vanraj warns to behave with wife. Lawyer calls and asks to come fast as they need to make entry or else divorce will not happen today. Once watchman’s attention diverts, they both walk in and meet lawyer. Lawyer thanks god that they reached on time and asks them to sit. They both sit nervously reminisces the quality time spent together. Alvida… song plays in the background again. Lawyer calls them.

Baa asks family they should think what will happen after divorce. Anu and Vanraj walk into judge’s room. Lawyer asks them not to be nervous and sends them to judge. Judge checks their papers and asks if they want divorce. They both nod yes. He asks if they both agree. They nod yes again. Judge says its written that she doesn’t need money, property, or alimony from him, if she agreed under pressure. She says no. He asks them both to sign on divorce papers and offers pen to Vanraj. Vanraj holds pen with shivering hands and drops it down remembering their happy moments again.

Precap: Judge grants Anu and Vanraj’s divorce. Adi gets worried reading Anu’s reports and thinks how to inform this bad news while the family is going through Anu and Vanraj’s divorce.

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  1. I just feel like the show is dragging its plot till next week… but I had a couple of things to say. Kavya will never feel secure because Vanraj is not the type of person that will make someone feel safe. When Vanraj was being really disgusting with Anupama. He kind of made it that Anupama had to earn her spot in that house, where Anupama will make one mistake and she will be thrown out of the house. This is something that had been happening up until the affair was discovered. I just feel like Kavya will not understand this point until they get closer to their wedding, where she will realize that she had made the biggest mistake. The second thing that I will add is that Kavya and Vanraj should get engaged but wait to get married and have the premise be that they are saving for a wedding. Then having Kavya move in to that house and having both Vanraj and Kavya deal with everything together. Where both of them have no where to run and where they both have to be together and need to handle things. Where Kavya will start to have second thoughts. I feel like this would be better since then it will show Kavya what Anupama what she has been through and kind of want to back out of the relationship.
    3rd thing is that now that Anupama is divorce that Anupama goes to work, goes to her friends and hangs out with them. Where she starts to be there for her mother. Where she learns to be alone, and how she deals with trauma. I feel like Anupama should have fun a little bit before things take a serious turn so it will be like a fresh of air. I also feel like Anupama should also stay away from the shah house, that if the kids want something they go to Anupama so then it will show another dynamic. That just because a family is rich, or lives in a nicer home are a perfect family. That a family is where people are kinnd, where they understand each other pains, where they do not taunt, yell, make excuses, or lie, or where they do not make one person more superior because they bring in money. That everyone in that house hold is respected, and that everyone loves and cares for each other. Since because Anupama’s mother and Anupama has a really good relationship and where they are not toxic. Where ANupama’s mom will tell Anupama where she went wrong and where she is rigght. Because that is a healthy relationship.
    Lastly I am glad that Kavya and ba did not fight cause if they did i would have pulled my hair out. Just because you yell, taunt, scream does not mean that you are correct. A civil human should be able to talk about their feelings without yelling. but that is what I think, What do you think?

    1. Same old boring story infact they should show how she fights kavya n takes her husband back

  2. Shaheera Khan

    i agree with you Meets ,what’s her and her children’s right she should have fought for that if she is being a strong woman but they have made her a mahaan atama.i just read the wu dont even want to listen her big lectures.

  3. I guess Advait will be her new love

  4. Bhavana.Kapadia

    Anupama or any sensible woman will never continue relationship were there is no base of love.

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