Anupama 15th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Samar and Nandini Decide To Break up

Anupama 15th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anuj jokes with Malvika and GK when Anupama walks in holding her bag. Anupama says she is going back to her house. Anuj says even this is her house. She says she stayed here until he got well. GK says he wants to stop her but doesn’t have a reason. Anu says they would meet in office daily and would visit each other’s houses often, she has made their favorite snacks. Anuj requests her not to go and then says new year has just started. Anu says one day she needs to go, so why not now. At Shah house, Nandini continues arguing with Samar and asks when everyone’s mistakes can be forgiven, why not her Kavya maasi’s. Samar says mistakes are forgiven of one who repent, she should ask her maasi to apologize his mummy for betraying her for 9 years. Nandini says he has a typical mindset where only woman is blamed, Vanraj is equally guilty with Kavya. Samar says that is why he calls him Mr Shah and not papa. Nandini says this won’t change the fact that Anu supports Anuj and Malvika. Samar asks why shouldn’t she as they are million times better than her maasi. Nandini says they are all nice except maasi, if they cannot understand her maasi, they shouldn’t trouble her. She tries to leave. Baa tries to stop her. Samar says its of no use as she is being brainwashed by her maasi. Nandini says whenever her maasi does a mistake, she is the first person to confront her maasi, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t support her maasi; why shouldn’t she point out when her maasi is wrong, what is same happens to her after marriage. Samar says there is no treatment for her doubt in the whole world, and if he thinks so, they should rethink about their marriage. Nandini says she agrees. Samar says LOL, lots of like maasi like bhanji. Nandini replies LOL, lots of like father like son. They both walk away in opposite direction. Baa gets tensed and thinks she cannot discuss about it with Vanraj or Bapuji, should she with Anu, but Vanraj warned her not to involve Anu in their family issues again.

Anu sees off Kapadias. Malvika lies down in front of her and says she has to cross over her dead body. Anu asks her to get up. Malvika mimics a film dialogue. Anu says it would be weird if she stays here as people will badmouth. Malvika says let them, in fact its good. They all 3 insist her to stay back with a slogan hamari mangein poori karo/meet our demands. At Shah house, Pakhi eagerly waits for Anu’s call and says she must have not informed papa yet. Toshu asks regarding what. She says she wants to pursue her further studies in US. He says she needs to put an effort first. She asks regarding what. He says she needs to select her university and college first and then her course, then write entrance exam and get scholarship so that she doesn’t have convince anyone. Pakhi says its not easy to get a scholarship. He says if parents see their effort, they will change their mind. She asks if he will teach her. He is amazed to hear that and says its a miracle, agrees and says they will figure out something. She excitedly hugs and thanks him.

Anupama tells Kapadias that even she doesn’t want to leave their house, but if she doesn’t people will.. Anuj warns her to shut up and think of them and not the world; if not for him and GK, she should stay for Malvika as she needs her. Malvika pleads her to stay back with her reasoning. GK says people will badmouth if she stays either here or her house. Anuj also requests her again. Malvika gives Anuj’s promise. Anu agrees and asks who will prepare tea for her. Malvika happily kisses her and rushes to kitchen with GK. Anu asks Anuj if he scolded her. He says he did and will get angry if she thinks of leaving again. She asks if he knows to get angry, she thought he just knows to love. He says he does and asks her to promise that she will not leave him. She says she will not. He takes pinky promise. She needs to go some day. He holds her sari pallu and says he will not let that day come. She walks back to her room shyingly. Na Wo Inkar Karti Hai No wo Ikrar KArti Hai.. song plays in the background.

He walks behind him smiling, then gets serious and says she handled Mukku, but not only Mukku faced domestic violence, mental trauma, emotional abuse. She asks if he is talking about her. He nods yes and says Mukku suffered, even she did a lot. Anu remembers speaking to Vanraj and thanking him for coming there and supporting Mukku says he shouldn’t have come here as there is no difference between Mukku’s husband and him. He says he didn’t physically abuse her. She says violence doesn’t mean only physical abuse, breaking once’s confidence, hurting self-respect, stopping from progressing, humiliating every day, and forcing to suffocate each day is a violence; having an extramarital affair is also a violence; maybe he didn’t beat her with a belt, his tongue tortured her the most and its also an abuse; she left him, but he didn’t stop verbally abusing and humiliating her; he questioned Anuj and her relationship and humiliated her in front of her children, even that is an abuse; he should thank god that instead of ruining his life, she decide to better her life or else if she had decided to take revenge, he would have to repay for his each sin, but if she had, she wouldn’t have moved on; she thought of hating him immensely, but he is not even worth her hatred; may be she moved on, but will never forget what he did with her, so he shouldn’t do something which will force her to take revenge from him; he shouldn’t have been here to support Mukku as one who sets fire doesn’t have a right to set it off.

Vanraj says he apologized for what he did. Anu asks if he thinks apologizing 2-3 times and shedding tears 3-4 times will compensate 25 years of sorrow and humiliation; he didn’t break a glass that he broke it and apologized, he broke her confidence and existence. He asks how she wants to punish her. She says life will punish him. She says how will life punish him, he is more successful than before, is same Vanraj Shah and will always be. She says if he doesn’t change his thinking or behavior, he may get successful but will never be happy. Out of FB, Anuj says she gave him one more reason to feel proud of her. Anu gets Baa’s call and gets tensed hearing about Samar’s condition.

Precap: Anu comforts Samar. Samar says whole family shattered with one divorce, its better to break a relationship before marriage. Anu thinks if Samar is in pain here, Nandini would also be in pain. Nandini confronts Vanraj that he is worried for his ex-wife, her friend, and whole world and not her maasi. Vanraj says her maasi did most mistakes. Nandini says something next, which irks Vanraj more.

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  1. My Predications– Vanraj will be exposed, on 8th march 2022, which lead to Nandini and Samar’s patch-up and marriage next week, in which they’ll invite Devika and then she’ll plan a rommantic proposal

    1. Aayush Sengar

      Right ..🤣

    2. I feel like either a) he will be exposed before that, or b) he will be caught by babuji or Anuj and they expose everything and vanraj has to go through the entire process of asking forgiveness and having to restart everything again

    3. My prediction: by Jan 2030 baa and bapuji also will opt for divorce.

  2. Malvika- dost ho yaa koi bhi ho tum hamari ghar ki baatien bahar waalon ko kyum bata rahe thhe??
    also, Malvika- hum dono akele hain, saath main ekk team bana lete hain aur saari baati share karenge..

  3. Aayush Sengar

    Right ..🤣
    This will definitely happen ..

  4. Kavya feeling insecure is not a new thing, it is something that has been happening since the beginning of time. Yes, Kavya before was more of a complex character where she knew what she was doing was wrong, and at the same time was still being manipulated by Vanraj to stay with him. The problem here is that Kavya’s caring, brave, passionate and complex character has completely changed to a bland one dimensional character. Kavya knew how to get Vanraj, and how to make Vanraj come back to her, but afterwards Kavya kept getting insecure about her relationship with Vanraj. Kavya efforts would sometimes work, then sometimes it would not. The thing is now Kavya is completely destroyed, she does not have a job, a house, a family that loves her or accepts her, and on top of that her husband gave her divorce papers and is running away. Yes, the household did not accept Kavya at all, but the family embraced Vanraj and forgave him. I will also agree that Nadani did question Kavya about the whole affair and always tried to make Kavya realize her mistakes, and what Anupama did by letting Malvika stay at the Shah’s house was kind of eh. But at the same time I do not agree with Nadani where Anupama should be the one to take care of Vanraj and Kavya’s relationship. Anupama got the biggest betrayal from Kavya and Vanraj. It may seem that Anupama forgave Vanraj and not Kavya but that is not the case. Anupama just knows how to be civil and not to take out her anger and frustration on Vanraj or Kavya. Anupama was the one that promised Kavya at the resort that the divorce would continue to happen, and that Kavya and Vanraj will get married, Anupama supported and felt bad for Kavya when Kavya lost her job, Anupama gave up half of her dance academy to Vanraj so he can run a restaurant there. Anupama have helped both of them out, and understood both Kavya’s and Vanraj’s pain. But Anupama already tolerated so much, and the Anuj thing was just a boiling point, and she left, and was done with the family. Anupama never supported one and left the other, Anupama cared for both Vanraj and Kavya in a manner that she could have, but that is just because Anupama wants to. Anupama could have left them to struggle, and could have left them on the street. After the whole divorce thing Samar tried caring for Kavya, and babuji started to care for kavya at the resort. But Kavya was so keen on destroying this family, and ruining them she was not able to create actual relationships with them and it broke, making it harder for Kavya to be accepted in that family. I’m not saying that it is just Kavya’s fault, I believe that everyone had their faults but at the end of the day Kavya put herself in that situation. Vanraj literally ran back to Anupama after the accident, and when Anupama rejected him, Vanraj ran back to Kavya. Kavya was warned by Nadani, Anupama, Samar, Dolly, yet Kavya married him forcibly. Adding on Vanraj will never change, Vanraj character will never break because in Vanraj’s mind he is the hero of the story. IT was Anupama, then it was Kavya, now it’s Malvika, then it might be someone else. Kavya is not wrong in having insecurities, but at the same time she cheated with a married man, who never actually created a strong relationship. Kavya relationship with Vanraj was never secured, because if vanraj could cheat on his wife of 25 years whos to say he won’t cheat on Kavya where they have been in a relationship for only 9 years. They may have bonded but their relationship is built on lies, and false promises. Kavya threatened to throw the entire shah family in Jail, disrespected Babuji, used Kinjal, manipulate Pakhi, stole the house, called Anupama a chap woman, and has done many things… Vanraj also did so much worse, but it was more aim towards his wives. Like Anupama and Kavya, and now he is moving on to his next target.
    Anupama should not be involved in Kavya’s and Vanraj relationship because it’s dumb now. Anupama already warned Vanraj to not do the same mistake he did with her (Anupama). Anupama already talked and warned Kavya, Anupama did so much more and she was Vanraj’s ex who got betrayed by the both of them. Anupama already did what she could, and if Vanraj and Kavya don’t want to listen to her then that is their problem, and it should be their own responsibility. Anupama deserves to be happy, and if her happiness means not interfering in Vanraj and Kavya’s relationship then so be it. Also where is Devika? Just because Anuj is here does not mean Devika needs to be gone.
    Vanraj is never going to change, he will continue to move on to the next woman he meets after he’s done with the last one. Honestly that is something that I believe Kavya and the rest of the family needs to see. Because Anupama saw it, and she believed Vanraj’s every word, and Anupama treated Vanraj like a god, so it just seems to me that no one else is catching on. Like Ba and Kavya. Vanraj is where he is because of his own faults, and his own mistakes and his inability to see that. Vanraj is not going to ever change because he is made to believe that he is the hero of his story, and ba believes that too. Vanraj will never change, and him being good is a sign of him trying to get something, or he is planning something big.
    I’m sorry but Pakhi’s character is just annoying. How much character development is she going to go through… and how many times is she going to say her family does not love her, then gets betrayed then says her family does love her. How many times do we need to see Pakhi’s character arch? Literally Pakhi is a side character; they really don’t need to use her at all. Yeah I like having her moments, but it is just a cycle. Pakhi is happy, then she wants something, then she does not get it, she thinks her family does not want her or like her, then she manipulated by someone, she then gets betrayed by said someone, then she remembers what her mom used to tell her, then she says sorry, then she starts to believe that her parents actually do love her. It is annoying. Me being able to point this out is not a good thing, if Pakhi is not needed, and if you want to create drama stop using a character that already has shown growth and has gone through with changes.

    1. @Mystery, I agree with you and you actually captured all what I thought. I always knew that Vanraj and Kavya is not going to work because it’s premise is shaky. Vanraj never wanted to marry at first place. He was habituated with two women fulfilling his needs. Kavya already know what kind of man she was. She still chose to marry him because in her mind V cheated on Anu because she is outdated. She always tried to prove she is better than Anu. Despite Anu tried to be civil with her and even help her and V many times. But both V and Kavya ego surpassed their senses and they took Anu for granted. I am actually glad that Anu didn’t forgive him fully and warn him to stay away from Mukku.
      Pakhi didn’t understand that Anu is not stopping her from her dreams. Just like Toshu mention, pakhi didn’t have any ideas about future. She just wanted to go abroad like other are going. She needs to work to make her point so that others can take her seriously.

  5. Yeh nandu kabse maasi maasi Karne lagi 😂😂 and kis logic se Karne lagi ?!

    Kuch nahi toh samar and Nandini fighting. 😂

    Next pakhi and family fighting.

    1. Yeh sahi kaha.. Nandini used to hate Kavya. Her bonding and understanding with Samar was too good during Rohan track and prior to that as well.. suddenly they have decided this step!! Useless twists.. again instead of focusing on Anupama growth or her relationship with Anuj, now makers wants to drag it more n more..

    2. Their Honeymoon period is over.

  6. If the conversation that Anu had with Raavanraj (as shown in flashback)had actually happened, there were no signs of it the next morning on Vanraj’s face during the garden party of even afterwards
    I think this flashback has been added only to bring back the lost audience who left due to an over whitewashed Raavan

  7. Is Anagha Bhosale ( Nandini ) pregnant ?

    1. @Anonymous @Sara a big NO. She’s unmarried. Even she isn’t in any relationship. She’s little healthy doesn’t mean she’s pregnant. Stop spreading hatred for female actors. Makers planned this twist just to make SaNan relationship more strong after Patchup within few days. Neither of you know her on insta. So stop spreading hatred for that 22 years old girl.

    2. Nope neither of her follow her on Instagram because I don’t have to. It’s just a simple question not fat shaming her or showing any hatred. STOP OVERREACTING!
      She’s a perfectly healthy beautiful girl. The reason I asked is because most camera shots of her is upto to her waist/ chest usually done when an actress is expecting.

  8. There was a telegram group for Anupamaa na,which u people had made.Is it still there?
    If yes then plz send the link I will join that group.

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