Anupama 14th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Toshu learns Kavya-Devraj’s truth

Anupama 14th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kavya looks at Devika. Devika turns back and Kavya hides. Everyone is dancing in the function. Devika drags Anupama and Vanraj in center. They look at each other. Kavya looks at them. Toshu takes their video. Nandini says she can’t talk to Samar, but can talk to Toshu. She tells him that she wants to talk about something and takes him outside. He thinks she wants to complain about Samar. She says it’s about Vanraj and Kavya. He might not trust her because even she didn’t trust when someone told her. But then she saw with her own eyes and heard from Kavya’s mouth. He tells her to not go in circles and just say it. She says Vanraj and Kavya have an affair. He’s shocked. He asks if she’s gone mad. She says she wishes it was a lie, but it isn’t. Kavya accepted this herself. He says he cannot believe this. She must be misunderstood or she’s doing a prank on him. Kavya and Vanraj are good friends. He further tells her not to say this rubbish to anyone else. He walks to leave. She says the day when Devraj and Anupama are getting married, Devraj will marry Kavya also. He stops and comes back to her. He tells her to say this is a lie, a joke. She says it’s hard to trust her, but he must trust her. They have to stop Kavya and Vanraj. He needs to tell the truth to Anupama.

Kinjal asks Samar if he saw Toshu. Samar can’t see Nandini either. He sees them outside. Mamaji stops him from going outside, asking to dance.

Toshu is still not able to believe. Nandini asks him to go temple with her. Kavya has registered her and Vanraj’s name for marriage. He looks at Vanraj and Anupama and gets emotional. Samar sees them leaving on a bike and wonders what’s the matter.

Everyone claps. Anupama feels shy. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in Devraj’s kurta’s button. Baa asks her not to break this mangalsutra now. Devraj tells her not to worry and takes it out for her. Dolly says they can’t re-use mangalsutra in wedding. Samar says dad already thought plan B. Devraj is confused. Samar says he went to get some stuff from car and he found a new mangalsutra. Kavya is shocked and mad. She looks at Devraj. Anupama asks Devraj is that for her? He is silent. Samar says he’s marrying her, so obviously it’s for her. Devraj’s sister tells him his choice is great. Devika asks him to keep Anupama happy like this. Kavya thinks Anupama already has all wife’s rights. She only had this mangalsutra for her and she took it away as well. Anupama snatched away her mangalsutra, but she will snatch Devraj from her. She will marry him anyhow.

Kinjal asks Samar about Toshu. Samar says he and Nandini went somewhere. He called her and he was hearing some bell noise, so maybe they went to mandir to get some stuff for puja. Kavya hears it and wonders why they went to mandir. She decides to go there. Anupama stops her for a photo.

Toshu and Nandini come to registrar. Toshu is shocked seeing Vanraj and Kavya’s name in the register book. Nandini says now he can trust her. She is an outsider, so she can’t do much. She tells him to tell the truth to Anupama. She deserves to know it. He’s still in disbelief that Vanraj can do this. He says Vanraj can fight with Anupama, get upset, but he can’t betray her. Kavya must be blackmailing him. Nandini says they both are matured. She suggests him to talk to Vanraj. Maybe from fear of getting caught, he drops his plan of getting married to Kavya.

Kavya is trying to call Nandini. Nandini comes there. Kavya asks where she went. She says to fix things and goes inside. Now Toshu comes and looks at Kavya. He goes inside without saying anything. Kavya fears whether Nandini told him everything. Toshu looks at Anupama and Devraj. Kinjal comes and asks where he went and what happened to him. He says he’s having a headache and will take medicine. Sanjay comes and asks Toshu why he looks disturbed. Toshu goes to his room. Sanjay follows him. Toshu tells him everything and says he’s very confused what to do. He asks Toshu to be careful. It’s about his mother’s happiness. Toshu says that means you knew? Samar comes and asks what did he know? Samar asks Toshu what’s the matter. He saw him going somewhere with Nandini. Toshu leaves. Sanjay tells Samar some things need to stay till elder son only. Samar wonders what’s the matter and he hopes this doesn’t affect Anupama’s happiness.

Toshu comes to Kavya and says how dare you. Kavya asks him for coffee. He says what? She says she figured why they went to mandir seeing him with Nandini and seeing his face. She tried to explain to Nandini as well, but she didn’t listen. She hopes he listens to her. He says Vanraj is a married man who has 3 children. She must have forced him. She asks he thinks anyone can force Vanraj? He says they can’t marry legally. She says him to go and tell police. Along with her, Vanraj will also have to go to jail. In fact, they should tell everyone and this way he will also know whether it’s one sided love or not.

Precap: Kavya informs Vanraj that Nandini told the truth to Toshu.

Update Credit to: Sona

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